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Great Tyrannical Deity Chapter 105: Special Mission

Solefist looked at Shi Li with shock as the latter continued to exude a terrifying aura. Seconds later, the latter's aura weakened, returning back to its previous state.

" you believe me now?" Shi Li looked at Solefist with a somewhat smug gaze.

Solefist recalled the aura Shi Li released a whlie ago. With the aura, he could estimate his combat prowess and for sure, he knew it was really high.

In the end, he sighed. "Okay, I believe you." He then looked at Shi Li straight in the eye. "I still can't believe that you're the kid I gave the technique to. Heaven must be working its mysterious magic right now."

Shi Li nodded. "I also can't believe that I found the creator of the technique that easily." All of a sudden, confusion filled Shi Li's face. "Wait a minute. The old man...wait I mean you told me that you were killed for creating fake techniques and letting people cultivate it."

Solefist nodded back. "Correct, I was killed. I'm currently many people. To be honest, if you haven't become the sect leader, no one would know that I'm still alive."

Shi Li was surprised. "What do you mean by that?"

Solefist frowned for a bit as he recalled his past memories. Shi Li looked at his eyes and saw that there were traces of fear, anger, and melancholy.

After a while, Solefist explained, "Well...Since I've reached the Deity realm, a lot of things seem simple to me so I can create Primordial and Chaos grade techniques without a problem. One day, I decided to make a technique as a gift for a good friend of mine, but what he didn't know was that every level of technique increased his hidden injuries until it was so bad that he wasn't able to move his body and control his qi."

Shi Li shivered. 'Man, is that even a fake technique? Anyone would kill you for doing that!'

Solefist then continued, "Well I gave it on a day where many people gave other people stuff as jokes. It could possibly be the Peak Chaos grade tag that made him think that it was real."

Shi Li almost coughed up blood. 'It's like April Fools, but taken to a higher level. This man is extremely crazy.'

"So, once he knew that it had those effects, he called his friends to kill me, then his friends called their friends to kill me, until I lost about 90% of my combat power. Heck, even my body wasn't spared," Solefist frowned.

"At the moment, I'm just an ethereal soul. I don't have a vessel to place my soul in. Those bastards didn't even think I was still alive!"

'Well, you did do that. Of course they wanted to kill you,' Shi Li sighed inwardly.

"So here I am, talking to you, coincidentally giving you a special mission," Solefist looked back at Shi Li.

Out of nowhere, a notification sound rang, which Shi Li heard loud and clear. He looked around to see where it came from and found that it came from the interface of the world.


[Special Quest]

[Title]: Crafting a Godly Empty Vessel

[Description]: Solefist wants you to make him a Godly Empty Vessel to possess since he's just a soul. Many people know that the body and soul are interrelated in terms of recovery. The materials needed to find it may be hard, but once you complete it, it'll be all worth it.


Obtain a corpse of a Immortal realm or higher - 0/1

Obtain Azure World Genesis Water - 0/1

Obtain 100 supreme-grade qi crystals - 0/100

Obtain 10 ultra comprehension leaves - 0/10

Obtain a deity awakening leaf - 0/1


Deity grade battle technique, [Reverse Genesis]

Deity grade movement technique, [Solaris Flight]

Deity grade body cultivation technique, [Overbearing Godking Body]

Special innate physique, Boundless Qi Vessel

Special innate physique, Seamless Heaven Earth Connection

Special innate physique, Zenith Strength

Special innate physique, Zenith Mind

Special innate physique, Phoenix Drop Reincarnation

1,000,000 supreme-grade qi crystals

100 ethereal comprehension leaves

Deity awakening leaf

Would you like to accept?

Yes / No


Shi Li's jaw dropped from too much shock. The rewards of the quest was too amazing. If he got all of them, he would become the strongest person in the universe in an instant!

Solefist looked at Shi Li's expression and smiled. Coughing lightly to catch Shi Li's attention, he said, "Do you accept the quest?"

Shi Li looked at Solefist as he waved his hands back and forth. "This is too sudden. I can't! The rewards are going to be useless in my body!"

Solefist shook his head. "That's not possible at all! If you can cultivate my masterpiece, then the rewards suit you! Your rewards will also suit you bloodl-" Solefist shut his mouth as he knew he was saying too much.

"What did you say at the end?" Shi Li came closer to Solefist.

Solefist dryly laughed. "Haha, nothing at all. But do you accept my quest?"

Shi Li sighed as he knew he wouldn't get his answer at the previous statement. But he still thought that it would be a waste on him. "I want to, but you know my strength. At most, I can fight against Grand Dao realm cultivators. The things you ask in the quest seem so far from reach. Do you really think I can get them all?"

Solefist nodded. "Of course you can. You still have a lot of realms to pass through since I can sense you've just reached the peak of Qi Creation."

Shi Li nodded, since it was true that he was just at the peak of Qi Creation. The cultivation technique Solefist created gave him the power to fight against Grand Dao realm cultivators at the moment. But that was all gonna change soon enough.

He continued, "Also, it would seem suspicious if Youfeng or Zhuhun did it. You might not know this but, they're my disciples. So if someone catches wind of them finding those materials, people will head straight to them and kill them."

"At the moment, they're in secluded cultivation, plus their realms are low to fight against those cultivators. You're definitely the perfect person for this with your extremely low realm."

'Is that compliment or an insult?' Shi Li didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"So you're saying that I should act low-key as I collect those items?" Shi Li asked.

"Indeed. Well if you're still not sure if you'll accept the quest, then have this," Solefist pointed a finger towards Shi Li's forehead as a faint purple beam was shot.

All of a sudden, Shi Li's mind was filled with Solefist's figure as the latter demonstrated a set of techniques, with each one more terrifying than the previous one.

Once the final technique was used, the power it held had the ability to crush worlds with one blow. As he remembered the set of techniques, five words filled his head.

Incarnation of the Heavenly Fist.

Gradually, Shi Li came back to reality as he looked at Solefist.

"So? Do you accept?" Solefist bit his lips as he waited for his answer.

"Sure," Shi Li nodded as he looked at the technique Solefist gave him. "As long as you teach me how to use it properly."

Solefist laughed with happiness. "Of course, of course, I'll teach you to the best of my abilities!"

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