Being Recognized as an Evil God, I Changed My Job to Guardian Diety of the Beastmen Country Chapter 4

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The villagers’ surprise further accelerated.

The elders were hurried out of their homes being told about the second miracle.

「The walls of Ushi’s house are covered with the writing of various ways for cooking the crops and other methods of preservation….. This could only be the guardian Lady Faltina’s power! 」

This time the people gathered at the old house and stared at the wall. The subject was the so-called recipe. Things like steaming the potatoes well, or turning it into flour for preservation. If the fruit is immature, heat it up and eat like a vegetable; If it’s ripe, it’s sweat enough to be eaten as-is. (sweet enough to be eaten as a sweet)

I also added notes to properly utilize fertilizer. The sandy soil was lacking in nutrients so if fertilizer is ignored, the soil’s quality degrades.

「What a blessing!」

「Lady Faltina is truly a G.o.ddess of harvest……」

「Everyone! Let’s make a wonderful shrine and worship Lady Faltina!」

Already gone so far, I can no longer say it’s not needed. As it wasn’t coerced but rather a sign of appreciation from the villagers, I will quietly accept. With groups of people visiting Rione’s house, she’s bound to find it annoying sometime.

A wooden shrine was completed in a few days. They seem to be good at civil engineering work.

I tried asking Rione; it seems that since beastmen originally lived in a forest, they were adept at woodworking.

「A cat-beastmen country named the Karta Kingdom, that was our hometown. The land wasn’t large but there was last peace and beautiful nature」

Rione talked about it nostalgically, but from the start this story would only end the tragedy of being destroyed by the human empire. It seems like it was only 3 years ago. If that’s the case, it means it’s been three years since they fled to this land.

「But right now, we have steady crops, a stable life, and the village is peaceful」

「Yes, truly thank you very much Lady Faltina!」

「While we’re at it, why don't we change the name of this village to New-Karta? The history of the new Karta Kingdom starts here」

「That’s a great idea!」

The words were spoken like an oracle and once it spread to the elders, the name of the village was unanimously changed to the New Karta Village. Since I first arrived, the heavy, dirty villagers’ faces brighten up considerably.

I, Faltina became firmly enshrined as the guardian deity of the New Karta Village. There was still  a strong sense customs in the air, but I’m still happy. If the belief isn’t systemized too much, I fear the gained faith will decrease.

However, there’s one thing I must say.

The nimble-fingered people created a brand-new, large statue— but it took the form of a cat-eared beastmen.

Wait a second! I don’t look like that you know! Well, I never appeared in front of them but there was that original statue of me! There absolutely was none of that cat-ear element!

I went to the temple and perked up my ears in search of answers.

「Because she’s helping us cat people, her true form possess them as well」

「That much be true. That’s why you are looking at this so much」

No, it’s not like that though……

「I’m just thinking, but maybe she also has wings?」

「Ahh, that’s possible! She must have wings to fly so far away! 」

It seems I’ve become something like a manticore…… G.o.d can fly but because it’s a form of levitation, wings are unnecessary.

Humm……It’s bad to leave such a statue but also untactful to order them around, I’d be leaving it to the villagers’ self-judgement at this point……

Life in New Karta Village greatly stabilized and several changes accompanied it.

First of all, the popularity has gradually increased. They don’t divide like slimes and multiply their numbers, so the birthrate hasn’t risen too sharply. Well, nutrition has risen to the point that children’s mortality rate will fall.

The cat-people living independently outside the village came to want life in the village.

It’s because a country has been destroyed. There’s no way refugees could be one of these colonies. Another reason is that the cat-eared beastmen were scattered.

Rumors of a wealthy village named New Karta receiving people, they steadily came.

Because an increase of population is necessary for the further development of New Karta Village, we accepted them into the village. Along with that, things like the village’s laws were made clear. It was things like setting a fitting punishment for thieves. A trial like system was also established. It can’t be helped that distrust increased as the strangers arrived. A world without any laws is strange and if anything, it was evidence that the village became larger.

However, the trial was quite an annoyance to me.

Why? Because you had to thrust you hand into boiling water in the name of G.o.ddess Faltina!

「People who speak true facts do not suffer any damage from thrusting their hands into the hot water. It’s because Lady Faltina protects us. However, those who lie will have their hands become red」

The elder said this with a serious face in front of a boiling pot to the two beastmen wanting a sentence. Stop! Stop! Both their hands will be hurt!

I quickly spoke in the old lady’s mind.

Stop these meaningless things! Also stop using my name without my permission! If so I’ll take all the crops from this village! Collect lots of evidence and make a decision after that!

「Uh……I’m truly sorry…… Stop it! This trial is immediately on hold! 」

Like this the trail where many injured people were to be expected was abolished.

However, things like laws and trials being held shows that subtle changed began occurring in New Karta Village and its surroundings. Something big may happen in the future……. Of course I’ll strictly deal with it as the guardian deity.

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