Being Recognized as an Evil God, I Changed My Job to Guardian Diety of the Beastmen Country Chapter 3

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Thus, the villagers silently plowed the soil.

Their ability to work in unison surpa.s.sed my imagination to be honest. They steadily plowed a few times more land than I originally thought.

Well, they did rely on each other to live in such a harsh environment. As a result of this, they were very powerful when working together.

This was the opposite of my previous residency, the Hartmit Kingdom. In the Hartmit Kingdom, individualism was so common that the country’s framework became unstable. I didn’t believe that the citizens of the Hartmit Kingdom had bad intentions. Individualism, after all, automatically advances along with the development of civilization. It was the same for other countries.

However, if it becomes too excessive, the country will start moving in a bad direction. Influential aristocrats and warlords moved around according to their own wishes and caused the command chain of the army to fail. This eventually ended in their destruction from neighboring countries.

I held some responsibility as I was the G.o.ddess. This beast-man village will definitely become a splendid, long-lasting country—Yes, I’ll show it to them!

By dusk in one day, an unbelievable amount of land was plowed.

「Why~ We worked quite hard~」

「With everyone, it’s not that hard」

「It’s also because the drinking water is delicious」

Everyone left with refreshing faces. As they began returning home, everyone stopped by Rione’s house and offered a prayer to my alter.

That night, I appeared next to Rione.

「It was a long day yeah?」

「Thanks to Lady Faltear, I felt that everyone gathered for the first time in quite some time When I first came here, everyone still had hopeful faces. 」

Rione’s smile suddenly darkened.

「However the land was weaker than we thought and the rice we brought couldn’t be raised……Those who fell ill due to malnutrition also multiplied……The people saying we had no future also increased……」

「Ahh, everything started going wrong」

「Because the land was poor it was had to survive. If we knew the land was this poor, we wouldn’t have tried to take it……There’s no one who knows how to fight…… At best there’s only people who use bows and swing around swords for hunting……」

These beastmen have been losing for forever. After losing their pride as people, they became so subservient. In the human countries, there were elements of survival of the fittest, but I didn’t think it was this bad.

「Uhm……Lady Faltear, why do we beastmen have it so hard just because of who we are……. Are we not allowed to live on plentiful land……? 」

Were the beastmen persecuted throughout the entire continent? I gently put my hands on Rione’s back.

「Rione, people are born equal. There wasn’t any prejudice towards beastmen in my previous country. I believe that everyone who has faith can become happy」

「Is that true……? On this continent, the empire plundered pretty much all of the beastmen countries…… They say that the beastmen who remained in the old territory were all enslaved……」

There’s many unreasonable things in this world. Even still, I believe that I have to do what I can for those who have faith.

「Believe in me. I am, after all, the guardian deity of you beastmen. Using strong faith, we can make a wonderful beastmen nation yet again. 」(tln: make beastmen great again)

「Is, Is that true……?」

Rione looked over her shoulder at my face.

「That question is wrong. You are questioning G.o.d. You just need to believe in what you have to do and move accordingly」 (tln: just do it)

「I’m very sorry! I said something outrageous……」

「You don’t have to be that polite. Now, I’m sure you’re tired today so go to sleep already. I’ll make a miracle happen while you sleep.」

Before saying I’ll bring about a miracle, I’d have to fulfil my promise first. I honestly should not have said something so bashful but Rione was too brave.

I stood in front of the field. I don’t currently have anything planted so it’s just plowed soil.

「The villagers really put in allot of effort so I must respond to their feelings. And later, Rione’s feelings too」

I sprinkled various seeds from my hand. Stuff like potatoes. Finishing my preparations, I slowly spoke to the earth.

「I am the G.o.ddess Faltear. Let me temporarily borrow your powers. Now, show me that power! Grow! Grow! Grow! 」

The plants began to grow at tremendous momentum. It was a speed impossible to find in nature. Fruit trees already became higher than that of an adult. Such things couldn’t happen in nature so it had to be a miracle of G.o.d.

Smaller miracles are often called magic. As magic can be used by humans, it’s nothing special. The scale is completely different from G.o.d’s miracles.

With some more effort, insects and bees gathered from nowhere and helped with pollinating.

「Now come, there’s food here. Savor it as much as you want! So they produce nice fruit! 」

In just three hours of time, the each and every crop in the field could be harvested.

There is, however, a possibility the villagers didn’t know any cooking recipes. Shall I give them some more service?

Next morning. The village naturally made a huge fuss. There was a gift and various trees in the farm fields.

「There are edible vegetables right……?」

「I thought it was impossible for such fine trees to grow……」

「If you can eat all of this there’s no chance for starvation!」

The village was enveloped in delight and ever since the morning, people lined up one by one and prayed to the idol in Rione’s house. While anyone would pray if such a miracle happened, it’s thanks to the villager’s faith that I could use this power.

「Lady Faltear, thank you very much」

Clasping her hands together, Rione was also praying.

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