Being Recognized as an Evil God, I Changed My Job to Guardian Diety of the Beastmen Country Chapter 2

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The day has changed but my innovations won’t stop! Rione was elated and returned to tell the villagers about the tasty spring water. I say the villagers were excited, but it was more on the scale of a festival. To be fair, water is the foundation of people’s livelihood. Having such a large amount of water that it comes gushing out so close to the village, it was impossible to not be pleased.

「Rione, How in the world were you able to find such a thing?」

「It’s in a completely different direction from where we usually draw water so we didn’t notice it at all 」

Everyone approached where Rione was and pestered her with questions. By the way, I was in front of all the villagers but decided not to show myself yet. If you show your form too easily, faith also decreases.

For example, meeting a king; by only seeing him for a moment in a special place it gives you a sense of excellence. If you could see him strolling around the neighborhood everyday it would be hard to have any respect.

In my case, it’s not about wanting to be seen as great but rather because their piety affects my existence.

「Yesterday, I found a dirty idol dropped in the dirt! I picked it up, prayed to it, and received an oracle which revealed the location of the spring water! It was a G.o.ddess called Lady Faltear! 」

Hearing that story, the villagers simultaneously went to Rione’s house and joined hands and offered a prayer in front of my idol. That seemed to be the style of prayer for the cat-eared beastmen.

「The G.o.ddess of a foreign country has lent us her power!」

「No, it’s not a foreign country. Let’s make her the guardian deity of this village! 」

My body became warmer. Faith towards me became stronger and I seemed to have gained greater powers.

Like this I can go scout out farther than the terrace.

However, as my story was exaggerated, the plans to construct a hokora (small shrine) for me immediately began. I’m happy but for them to get so strangely excited is a problem. With them like this, if they were to cool down just as fast it would be scary.

I spoke inside Rione’s head. (Be it a hokora or a temple it should be after the village becomes richer. Ok? Better yet, tell them to use that time to maintain the place where spring water is found.)

「I understand! G.o.ddess Lady Faltear! 」

Everyone in the village were startled by Rione’s sudden words.

「Umm, another oracle appeared! She said that right now, we should be focusing on cleaning up the area around the spring rather than working on a hokora! 」

「The G.o.ddess is truly thinking about us!」

「Amazing! A truly amazing G.o.ddess! 」

It seemed that the villagers were once again moved. Overall this village, maybe due to their numerous painful experiences, has quite a low threshold for excitement. They’re quick to rejoice.

Nonetheless, as their style was quite similar to dedicating their faith towards G.o.d like in the older days; on a whole these villagers were quite simple. I also somewhat reminisce about the halcyon days.

On that day, villagers with their hands free together swept away dirt from around the spring and created stairs enabling even children to easily draw water. Because they were poor, their power was in their cooperation. Or maybe it's just because people band together when the times are rough. However, such a question is irrelevant right now.

I also checked the village’s standard of living. They lived a modest life hunting beasts and gathering acorns.

While I say beast, it seems they can barely hunt a deer. Everyone gave an impression of being weak and unable take down a giant, wild boar if there is on the terrace.

As for agriculture, it might be because it hasn’t been long since they moved to this land, but because there is not much that can be properly cultivated. At most it would be raising crops to harvest oil from. If it was another land, you could eat collected, boiled weeds. The nutrition value couldn’t be said to be high though.

First of all is to properly secure proper nutrition. As the very least you need a self-sustaining village before preparing for normal crops.

I stretched my leg out on the terrace. No matter how sand like the soil was, there should still be crops able to be grown in this environment. If not, how do things grow in the wild?

From that conclusion, several candidates popped up. First, a member of the potato family. They grow fast and once dried, their starch becomes a versatile flour. It’s a convenient preserved meal.

Next are several kinds of melons. These should be able to be raised around the village.

Later on, they will grow to become tasty, fruit bearing trees. You can eat the fruit after it ripens but also eat unripe after cooking it over a fire.

Just taking a quick look around, there’s many options isn’t there? After establishing the proper environment for these crops, village life should become quite stable.

The only problem is that it may take quite some time to grow and harvest the crops. Should I use an oracle and a miracle here? Fortunately, as faith among the villagers is strong, I can demonstrate powers beyond the reach of human beings.

I spoke to Rione once again.

(Okay, plow the remaining land around this village. The wider the better. The guardian deity Faltear would then grant you a blessing)

「I understand! Lady Faltear! 」

Everyone was startled yet again by Rione’s sudden outburst.

「An oracle has come! Let’s plow the excess land! Something good will happen afterwards! 」

「Why would we plow such sand-like dirt when no decent crop will grow……」

「I tried that when we first arrived but it didn’t work out……」

Negative voices rang out. Well, there was one person thinking about planting seeds.

The person who came out was senior considered to be the oldest among the beastmen.

「Nay, miracles happened to Rione who believed in Lady Faltear! Should we not believe in Lady Faltear here? Even if nothing happens, we’re only moving our bodies a bit. There’s nothing to be lost here! Compared to being granted a clear spring, it’s truly a small thing! 」

Voices in agreement one by one rang out. It may be great having an elder on your side. Elders’ words increase the number of people with faith. Once in a time before religion was fully developed, the village elders led everyone in prayer.

Thus, the villagers silently plowed the soil.

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