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The Rise Of Chapter 49: So Soft!!!

Just as Elder Wade announced the start of the match, Alder's face turned serious as he turned towards Rodney and said, "I just remembered something".

Rodney's attention changed to Alder when he saw how serious Alder face looked.

"what is it?" Rodney asked. From what knows, Alder was always calm and collected. He is only serious in dire situations.

'Did something happen?' Rodney thought.

When hearing Rodney, Alder looked at the stage and then turned his head towards the waiting area and said, "We still hasn't agreed on which one of your daughters, you placed on the bet".

Hearing Alder, Rodney's face twitched. He almost vomited blood in anger.

'you still want to discuss it' Rodney thought.

He still remembers the horror caused by it. His sister trashed him and released the anger caused by Alder.

Esvele was angry because her husband and her brother agreed on the marriage of her son without telling her.

Seeing Rodney's silence, Alder said, "Why are you saying anything? We must decide now. So, that there is no confusion in the future since they are twins, I don't care which one you decide on"

Just as he finished, Alder felt a chill in his spine. He quickly turned around to find the source of the chill.

Alder quickly found the source, but his face turned pale. The source was his wife Esvele.

Just when Rodney was going to lash at Alder, he saw Alder's sudden reaction.

When he saw that Alder's face was pale and the source was his sister, Rodney's face brightened with a smile.

Rodney's ego was satisfied. He knows that Alder was stronger than him, while he was at half-step sky stage and couldn't defeat Alder in an actual match.

In the past, when he was talking to Leland, he heard hints about Alder being afraid of Esvele. At that time he thought it was a joke but looking at the situation now and the condition Alder was in while looking at his sister, he confirmed it.


Rodney coughed to gained Alder attention and said, "Both Nadine and Carla are my darling baby girls. I can't bear to let even one of them leave from my sight. So, I let my sister decide who among them will be the one"

"this" Alder didn't know what to say in response to Rodney.

"Do you have any problem with my arrangement?" Rodney asked with a smile.

"NO, absolutely not. We shall let Esvele decide that" Alder replied. He knows that Esvele heard everything Rodney said. He already made the bet regarding the marriage for his son without consulting her and if he denies Rodney's arrangement now, he knows that she will never forgive him.

Back on the stage...

The one fighting Lloyd wasn't Nadine Felix but her twin Carla Felix.

The battle between Lloyd and Carla was already started.

Carla attacked Lloyd furiously, but Lloyd dogged. She couldn't even touch him.

As they were fighting, Lloyd observed something.

'why does her presence feel different?' Lloyd thought.

Lloyd didn't know about Carla and thought he was fighting Nadine.

Nadine was a calm presence. She was friendly while Carla was opposite to her.

'Her presence is so cold' Lloyd thought.

Lloyd didn't know that in the ice phoenix clan, both the sister was famous because of their personalities.

Nadine had a warm nature while Carla had a cold nature.

'Hell with it. I should defeat her first and have a talk with Leland' Lloyd thought as he charged at her instead of defending and tried to punch her in the stomach.

Seeing the fist coming towards her. Carla tried to dodge, but it was too late. So, she tried to stop the attack by counterattacking it.

Carla attack didn't stop Lloyd's attack but deviated it from its original path. The originally intended location which was the stomach suddenly changed to the chest.

Lloyd wanted to withdraw his attack but it was too late.

Receiving the attack on her breast, Carla screamed in pain as he was blasted off the stage.

'so soft' Lloyd thought as he could still feel the sensation of her chest on his hand.

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