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The Rise Of Chapter 48: What's Going On?

Chapter 48: What's Going On?

Darrin who just broke through was lying there, he wanted to move but his body didn't listen to him. Darrin turned his eyes towards Derek and said, "Thank you!" His vision slowly turned black as he lost consciousness. Derek stood there watching while feeling down but his face didn't show any expression. 'Why can't you fight. You just broke through and got stronger. You piece of shit' Derek thought as he was scolding Darrin inside. When Elder Wade saw that Darrin lost conscious, he came forward to the stage and checked Darrin. "just lost conscious, nothing much" Elder Wade said as he signaled people to take Darrin back. "Derek wins this round since his opponent is unable to battle" Elder wade shouted as he declared the result of the match. Derek who was feeling bad inside and wanted to find someone to release his anger. 'Is wanting to have a nice fight, a bad thing' Derek thought as he sighed and walked down the stage. Just as he was walking back to the waiting area, a youth from the audience shouted at Derek. "Big Brother Derek, can I have a fight with you," he said. "this" Derek don't know what to say. "I also have some problem in cultivation. So, I wish I could discuss with big brother" he said sincerely. "I also wanted to fight" "me too" A large number of youngsters came forwards to battle with Derek. With a single battle, Derek helped Darrin to overcome his inner demons and breakthrough in his cultivation. they also want to improve just like Darrin. "you bastards, you... fuck off big brother Derek is a member of the fire phoenix clan. So we the fire phoenix clan members are the priority" With that, shouts should be heard from the younger generation while some engaged in a battle to decide who to go first. Their eyes contained worship for Derek as they were sparkling while looking at Derek. "SILENCE" Elder Wade shouted while looking at them. He was surprised by their actions. "Everyone calm yourself down first. I would like to fight and enlighten everyone but no today" Derek said and walked back. Alder and Rodney show this situation and was surprised. With a single battle, Derek gained the favor of everyone and they are fighting for him. "Alder looks like your son's fame increased immensely," Rodney said while looking at Derek. "Whose son do you think he is?" Alder said with a smile. Lloyd who was watching all of this was astonished. The way Derek acted today was way off than what he knows. 'something is not right' Lloyd thought as he carefully observed Derek as he returned to the waiting sit and sat down. Derek who sat down had a big smile while he looked at the youngster from before. 'He is definitely planning something' Lloyd thought when he saw Derek's look. "Big brother, you were awesome on the stage," Leland said to Derek. "Just in a day's work," Derek said while laughing. "Now then the battles will continue" Elder Wade said while looking at the audience. Just as they heard Elder Wade, everyone's attention shifted from Derek back to the stage. "Now then balls with number '4' come to the stage" Elder Wade said. Lloyd looked to the stage and calmly walked towards it and stood to wait for his opponent. 'Now then, how should I finish this battle within an instant or should I drag it for some timeI should wait until I look at my opponent and think after that' Lloyd thought as he was waiting. Just as he was waiting for his opponent, a lady wearing an ice phoenix clan dress came forward and stood before him. When Lloyd saw her, he was surprised. 'what's going on?' Lloyd thought as he looked at her. "Are you ready?" Elder Wade asked. "yes" she replied looking at Elder Wade and turned to Lloyd. 'why is nobody saying anything. Even Elder Wade is agreeing for her to participate.what the hell is going on?' Lloyd was in confusion as the person before him was Nadine Felix. 'Is her match already completed' Lloyd thought.

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