Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 0

Chapter 0

Translator note: There are many, many spoilers in this. I translated the cast of characters how the author wrote them, read ahead at your own risk! One more time, just for emphasis: BEWARE SPOILERS! Read ahead to the next chapter which is chapter 1 if you started from this. Seiji Haruta (M): The main character of this novel. The original Seiji was a NEET that had been exiled from his family. When Seiji transferred to Genhana High School, he used the alias of Seigo Harano.Mika Uehara (F): Seijis landlords daughter. Was once stabbed to death by Takao Yamamoto, then saved by Seijis save/load ability. She likes Seiji.Takao Yamamoto (M): A blond bully at Genhana High School that was seriously injured by Seiji during an attempt at murder. Later taken away by Okubo Yoshiaki and transformed into a zombie, and finally slain by Seiji.Rika Amami (F): The store manager and owner of the confectionery store that Seiji works at. She gave Seiji a button that burst from her shirt.Natsuya Yoruhana (F): A young mistress/scion who is the student council president of Genhana High School. The first Yin Yang Master that Seiji meets. She won a duel against Okubo Yoshiaki with Seijis assistance.Hitaka Shuho (F): Genhana High Schools student council vice president. One of Natsuya Yoruhanas Spirit-branded retainers. She acts cold towards people she doesnt know well, and is unskilled at communication.Rana Kirin (F): Natsuya Yoruhanas second Spirit-branded retainer. Shes a middle school girl that enjoys wearing cat ears, and is affectionate towards Seiji.Kazufuru Ooike (M): Genhana High Schools student council secretary. He believes himself to be better than others, and his target is to make Natsuya Yoruhana fall in love with him.Kahei Watari (M): Seijis classmate, a delinquent. Saved by Seiji during an incident.Takashi Kobayashi (M): Seijis classmate, a delinquent. Saved by Seiji during an incident.Chiaki Wakaba (F): Mika Ueharas best friend. A tomboy in the drama club. After meeting Seiji through Mika, she became Seijis good friend and received his assistance with the matter of her ex-girlfriend.Hideya Aizawa (M): The tennis club captain. Defeated by Seiji in a tennis match.Shiina Shiho (F): The vice president of the drama club. Strict yet gentle, she works hard in maintaining the drama club. Her special abilities include hitting people with books and forceful retorts.Anya Saigenji (F): The drama club president. The legendary person who revived the drama club. She has a habit of "capturing" students. Often lectured by Shiina.Shika Kagura (F): Possesses the "Reapers Curse" that will bring misfortune to everyone around her. She became Okubo Yoshiakis temporary Spirit-branded retainer and ended up dying. Seiji saved her, and she became Seijis adopted sister.Kaho Miyamoto (F): Seijis classmate. A fat otaku girl that was helped during P.E. class by Seiji. She worked hard to lose weight, and wishes to become friends with Seiji. Excellent at cooking.Mayuzumi Amami (F): Rika Amamis cousin. The creator of the super popular anime "Honey Candy Girl." Her pen name is Peach-sensei, and she has severe androphobia. Her cousin Rika encouraged her to have a date with Seiji at the school festival.Cat-loving Flying Fish (F): Seijis only spectator for his live streams. A NEET otaku girl. Seijis younger sister.Kaede Juumonji (F): A young mistress from a mafia family. Saved (?) by Seiji while being chased by her fathers subordinates. Fell in love with Seiji at first sight. Currently working as a nurse at Genhana High School.Hoshi Amami (M): Rika Amamis nephew. Seijis junior from work at the confectionery store. A boy who has a cute and lovely appearance. He once committed suicide due to his family problems. Seiji saved him using the save/load ability. He worships Seiji.Rion Amami (F): One of Hoshi Amamis older twin sisters. Secretly abuses her younger brother. Controls and blackmails other people at school. Later defeated by Seiji, and begins to change herself for the better.Kotomi Amami (F): One of Hoshi Amamis older twin sisters. Secretly abuses her younger brother. Controls and blackmails other people at school. Later defeated by Seiji, and begins to change herself for the better.Michirou Juumonji (M): The leader of the Juumonji mafia group. Kaede Juumonjis father. He wishes to befriend Seiji.Zankita Juumonji (M): Michirou Juumonjis eldest son. He loves fighting. He challenged Seiji but was defeated, so now hes resting in a hospital.Hisashi Juumonji (M): Michirou Juumonjis youngest son. A true otaku whos also skilled in other areas. Has similar interests as Seiji, and they became friends.Karen Miyamoto (F): Kaho Miyamotos older sister. She has unbelievable I-cup breasts. She wishes to have a better relationship with her younger sister.Yui Haruta (F): Seijis older sister. The person who exiled the original Seiji from his family.Saki Yoshizawa (F): An editor working for Thunderbolt Literature. Mayuzumi Amamis good friend that got to know Seiji through Rikas introduction. Currently helping Seiji to publish his novel.Haruka Shimizu (F): Chiaki Wakabas ex-girlfriend. A student at Koaki High School. Has complex feelings for Chiaki.Tetsuo Sakaki (M): Haruka Shimizus younger cousin. The ace member of Koaki High Schools karate club. Has an arrogant personality. After angering Seiji, he was knocked unconscious by him.Kyosuke Akanishi (M): The karate club captain of Genhana High School. Was once under the control of Rion and Kotomi Amami. Has now been freed.Mai Houjou (F): Natsuya Yoruhanas maid. The former student council president of Genhana High School. Took good care of Seiji and Shika.Okubo Yoshiaki (M): Natsuya Yoruhanas duel opponent. He tried to take advantage of Shika Kaguras "Reapers Curse" but was foiled by Seiji. He couldnt accept his loss in his duel with Natsuya, so he attempted to kill everyone by blowing himself up. Finally defeated by Seiji.Ayami Himiki (F): The judge presiding over Natsuya Yoruhana and Okubo Yoshiakis duel. She has a husky dog Spirit-branded retainer.Yukari Asamiya (F): A first-year high school student at Genhana High School. Gave Seiji many love letters and tried confessing to him but was rejected. She resolved to start from being friends with him.

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