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Do You Remember My Name? Do You Remember My Name? Chapter 26

Do You Remember My Name? Chapter 26

Chapter 26 The next day, every time Feng Fei passed through the corridor, he would look at He Hao with a puzzled expression. He lamented the fact that life was unpredictable. Like for example, at first it was him who was punished to stand outside because of receiving a love letter from someone, now it was He Hao. Feng Fei felt regretful that there were no suitable successor and at the same time, also found it unbelievable, that this person would actually be He Hao. So, he wanted to take advantage of this matter to tease He Hao. Unfortunately, He Hao had a gloomy face and didnt even speak all day long. But Feng Fei was still willing to take the initiative to ask him about the matter. "Can you tell the details to your buddy?" Feng Fei was standing next to He Hao, his brows furrowed as he asked, "Which class is the girl? It was so unexpected." He Hao gritted his teeth and stared angrily at Feng Fei, really wanting to eat him raw. "Talk to me ah." Feng Fei's hands were in his pockets and he was leaning against the wall, looking handsome and unrestrained. But standing next to He Hao made him looked even more satisfying. Feng Fei said seriously, "Really ah, If I were you, Id reply." He Hao squeezed out the words between the gap of his gritted teeth: "Fuckoffforme!" "The next period havent started yet, Im not in a hurry." Feng Fei was really thinking about He Hao, most people who fell in love have this habit, they would like to persuade other people to fall in love as well. Feng Fei continued on saying, "Atleast see if the other person is really sincere. He Hao fiercely hammered the wall with his fist and angrily roared: "What sincerity?! It has nothing to do with me!" Feng Fei nodded: "It truly has nothing to do with you ah!" He Hao froze, he was a bit surprised. Just as when he was about to say something, Feng Fei cursed: "Wasnt the previous incident specifically related to me in some way?" The matter beforehand still lingered to Feng Fei's mind, so he said: "The dean is an idiot! What do I do when someone writes me a love letter? Just because Im handsome and likeable, he would blame me? Really sick he even wanted to know who wrote it. However, you handled this matter very well. Brothers should be like that; selling out everyone just because they think that theyre going to be caught, is way too boring." He Hao broke his silence and let out a desolate smile: "Hehe The dean didnt give me any opportunity. He didnt even ask who wrote the letter to me, he just directly punished me to stand." Feng Fei was surprised: "You originally intended to sell people out?! I didnt see this one coming ah Xiao He Hao, you are an animal!" He Hao held the mouthful of blood1 in his mouth, swallowed it down and didnt dare say any words at all. But Feng Fei lamented a few more things before turning back to the classroom. "He Hao really want to stand for a day?" Hai Xiu couldnt help but to ask, "And dont blame him ah" Feng Fei shook his head and sighed: "To die under the peony flower, to be a ghost is also romantic.2" Hai Xiu asked restlessly: "You were you happy the last time? When someone wrote a love letter to you?" "The last time? Im happy ah." Feng Fei's voice was relaxed, "Wouldn't I be happy when someone personally refused to help sending the love letter to me?" Hai Xiu instantly felt happy again upon hearing it. Feng Fei pinched Hai Xiu's cheek and laughed: "Right in front of your face, I threw the love letter outside without even bothering to read it, and you still dare to be jealous?" Hai Xiu dodged to the side and whispered: "Stop it He'll be back in the classroom tomorrow morning?" "If it was to be a full day, then it would last until tomorrow noon. But if, as long as no one was watching, he could come back, so long as the dean wasnt paying attention." Feng Fei thought about the next words to say, "Teacher Ni doesnt really care about this matter. That is, this punishment of standing outside is just to give the dean some face. If the dean doesn't mention him tomorrow, then he will be able to return." Hai Xiu quietly prayed that the dean would forget this matter tomorrow. Unfortunately, not only did the dean not forget, he was also completely angered, and decided to strictly investigate and made a disciplinary verdict. The next day, the student affairs posted a full disciplinary notice, it was mixed with a new rule that made the students most likely to faint. It was stated that third year high school students were forced to have a night self-study. In order to give the students a better night time study environment, the school started to organize a night self-study from first year high school. Every day, every classes would have a specialized teacher keeping watch, it would start from 7 o'clock and ends at 10 o'clock. But to come or not was up to the person themselves, after all there were some students like Hai Xiu who was living far away, so it was really inconvenient. However, that night self-study was a compulsory. A rule that the third year high school students couldnt help but mourn. After a few seconds of knowing about the news, Feng Fei calmed down and thought that this was not bad afterall. "How will you go home if you attend the night self-study?" Feng Fei calmly analyzed Hai Xiu's situation, "Your mother is often not at home, you cant expect her to pick you up." Hai Xiu shook his head: "She's very tired after going home everyday, I cant be troublesome and make things harder for her. Ill just take a taxi" "This is not good. Calling a taxi will take you some time, even going back home with a taxi, lets say it's less than half an hour." Feng Fei shook his head, "You still need to wash and when you lie down, it would be at 11 o'clock." "It's not that late" Hai Xiu was afraid that Feng Fei would worry about him, so he said, "Besides, it's fine if I sleep late. I dont need to sleep that much." "Don't talk nonsense." Feng Fei interrupted him, "You'll be tired all day, how can you not sleep for hours?" "Hai Xiu" Feng Fei slowly said, "Why dont you live in my house? Afterall, my house is close to the school and your travel time will be short everyday. You can also sleep more, okay?" Hai Xiu was stunned: "Live Live in your house?" "En, you can go back to your house any time ah. The thing is, your mom is always in a business trip, you just live at your home and you dont always see her. It's better to live in my house from Monday to Friday, then go back to your house on weekends without delaying your time with your mom. Dont exhaust yourself too much ah." Feng Fei's words became more and more appropriate, "Like this, you can sleep for more hours everyday." Hai Xiu still was quite unsure: "This your family" "My mom wouldnt want anyone to stay with me, but it's fine if it's you. Did you forget that my mom likes you?" Feng Fei took Hai Xiu's cellphone, "Do you want me to call auntie and ask her if it's okay?" "You should not" Hai Xiu hesitated, "This" Feng Fei stared at Hai Xiu with a smile: "What's wrong?" Hai Xiu really didnt want to trouble Feng Fei so much, but he couldnt think of any good idea to refuse him. While he was still hesitating, Feng Fei had already hit the call button. Hai Xiu was shocked, he was about to say something but Feng Fei covered his mouth with one hand. This was followed by a few words from Feng Fei to Jiang Yu Man, clearly explaining the situation. He also mentioned that his family was very much pleased to welcome Hai Xiu, Jiang Yu Man didnt hesitate and directly agreed. She repeatedly thanked Feng Fei and even said to provide Hai Xiu's food expenses. Feng Fei smiled helplessly: "You regarded me as an outsider, Hai Xiu and me are friends. This matter doesnt count clearly. Besides, Hai Xiu often helps me, does that mean I should also give him a tutoring fee?" Jiang Yu Man couldnt say anything on the other side of the phone, Feng Fei laughed and said: "That's it. Like this, we dont have to be a stranger to each other." After ending the call, he returned the cellphone to Hai Xiu: "Your mother said that she'll be at ease if youre in my house. Feng Fei sighed, "We can finally cohabit ah no, live together I meant." Hai Xiu's face flushed red: "You!" "Slip of the tongue, slip of the tongue." Feng Fei laughed, "Alright, lets go back to class immediately." Feng Fei had always wanted to find all kinds of reasons for Hai Xiu to live in his house. Now that he had a serious reason, how could he not use it? Feng Fei thought about it over and over again, and the more he thought, the more he felt that this matter was simply too good. Of course, Feng Fei who had drunk the water from the well, didnt forget who dig it3. He went to He Haos seat in the back and greatly praised He Hao about the matter. He Hao: "" Speaking of which, He Haos house was actually farther away from school than Hai Xiu's house. Feng Fei continued: "By the way, did you talk to that girl? You have helped us so much." He Hao felt physically and mentally exhausted, so he didnt want to say anything anymore. This is like coughing up blood in some Chinese novels. No, this isn't some kind of serious medical condition. It's a Chinese idiom/expression for something unbearable or when expressing anger. A Western comparison would be, Bullshit. means, dying by/for a woman, is suave/romantic even if one becomes a ghost. It kinda hard to explain. Sorry ( ) it's a reference to The Peony Pavilion, also named The Return of Soul at the Peony Pavilion, is a romantic tragicomedy play written by dramatist Tang Xianzu in 1598, and the plot was drawn from the short story Du Liniang Revives For Love. It depicts a love story between Du Liniang and Liu Mengmei, overcomes all difficulties, transcending time and space, life and death, and finally get together. A Chinese idiom which means one should not forget but appreciate the source of your happiness/blessings.

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