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Do You Remember My Name? Do You Remember My Name? Chapter 2

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Chapter 2:

The first period quickly passed, after the teacher left, Hai Xiu took out his test papers, preparing to sort out the two questions he answered wrong. Halfway through that, he heard someone chuckled above him as that someone looked at the name in the test papers.

"So your name is really Hai XiuThat's an interesting name.

Hai Xiu suddenly looked up and found a tall boy standing before his desk, he was startled and leaned back. Hai Xiu opened his mouth but could not say anything.

Feng Fei saw Hai Xiu's face clearly, he whistled in his heart, it looked really pale.

Seeing Hai Xiu's good-looking face, Feng Fei deliberately wanted to tease him, so he leaned down and asked: "Are you joking with me? How did you give my paper to someone else?"

Hai Xiu understood instantly, this was the boy who sits by the window! He should be calledHai Xiu's brain short-circuited, forget the name of this person, but the thing was that he definitely gave the wrong test papers!

The confidence hed built up before instantly collapsed. Hai Xius heart beat restlessly, why had this person come to find him? Was he angry? Had this person called him to settle an account with him, because he made a mistake on giving the wrong test papers? How could that be

Hai Xiu felt that the tall boy's body was very close to him, his presence made Hai Xiu more anxious and those unpleasant memories from his junior high school resurfaced. His heart started beating faster and his face was getting paler, he wanted to rush out through the door and run away.

Feng Fei felt Hai Xiu's tension, his straight eyebrows knitted, puzzled by the scene in front of him. What was happening?

Feng Fei remembered this transfer student, he was quiet everyday, for a month. How could this transfer student not even remember his name?

As a bn coand as a member of the school's basketball team, Feng Fei was confident that others would quickly remember his name. He could not believe it and asked, "I'm asking you. How did you deliver the wrong test papers? Do I look like He Hao?"

Hai Xiu did not know what Feng Fei said about He Hao, he was only subconsciously nodding. Feng Fei laughed in spite of trying not to, "II looked like him?!"

Feng Fei straightened and looked at He Hao then back at Hai Xiu, he then unwillingly said: "You dont really know my name?"

Hai Xiu originally had the inability to communicate properly, confronted by a strange boy, he had completely lost his verbal skills. He didnt know what Feng Fei asked, so he just nodded over and over again. Feng Fei, on the other hand, didnt even have a temperament, laughed and leaned forward, causing Hai Xiu's face to become paler even more.

Feng Fei smiled, bent over and took Hai Xiu's pen. He opened the notebook, wrote his name with his slender fingers and said: "Look clearly, Im called Feng Fei. Write it ten times so you wont send the test papers wrongly again."

The bell rang. Feng Fei returned the pen to Hai Xiu, seeing Hai Xiu's dazed expression, he thought it was somewhat amusing so he gently flicked Hai Xiu's forehead, "Don't remember it wrongly cause Ill ask you again on the next meeting."

Feng Fei leisurely returned to his seat while Hai Xiu gawked for a long time before slowly reacting.

Hai Xiu hastily opened the book, his mind was blank. What just happened a moment ago? Did that guyjust told him his name?

Hai Xiu breathed a sigh of relief. He had handed him the wrong paper. Did the other partyonly came to inform him about that fact? It seemed that it got physicalHai Xiu rubbed his forehead.

Hai Xiu vaguely remembered that the boy and the other class' students fought in physical education, his impression was that the boy was a bad-tempered student.

But a moment ago, he didnt look like he had a bad temperament.

Hai Xiu did not dislike the person, but thinking back at Feng Fei's body leaning down, it was scary. Hai Xiuwas still not used to others being close to him.

He shook his head fiercely, he tried hard to forget what happened and concentrated on listening.

After the third period, the students went down to the sports field in two's and three's to do some light exercises. Hai Xiu sighed, this was his favorite time of the day, because he didnt have to participate. And everyday, at this time, the big classroom was only for himself. He felt very relaxed.

Hai Xiu's mother informed the teacher at the time of admission, that it was not convenient for Hai Xiu to be in a crowded place. The teacher didnt understand what does that even mean, but agreed to it.

Hai Xiu helped the students on duty to wipe the blackboard, watered the potted plants on the windowsill and returned them to their original position.

There was nearly half an hour for the PE class, enough for him to sort out the two questions which were a set a multiple of choices and a cloze. Hai Xiu flipped the test paper, he was thinking about what to do when he suddenly heard a voice behind him, "You dont have to do gymnastics exercises?"

Hai Xiu was frightened and he almost jumped up, he turned and was surprised to see that there was a person behind him.When did that guy gets behind him?

Feng Fei, who was in a sitting position behind him, said: "Yesterday we played a football game, you did not participate? Why didnt you?"

Hai Xiu's heart beat rapidly, he licked his lips and tried to make his tone natural, "II dont have to do it."

Feng Fei slightly frowned and came closer, "What did you say? Why is your voice so quiet?"

Hai Xiu tried to raise the volume of his voice, "I do not, do not have to do exercises."

Feng Fei raised his eyebrow, "The teacher agreed to it?"Hai Xiu nodded, Feng Fei sighed. "Sogood students have special treatments?"

Hai Xiu did not want to say anymore, but he was afraid that someone would misunderstand the teacher. So he said with a great amount of effort, "No. No. Ihave a special case."

Feng Fei was startled then laughed out loud, he glanced at Hai Xiu up and down. "You're a guy and you have a special case? Thats really amazing."

Feng Fei's appearance was really handsome but he usually had an indifferent face, suddenly laughing like that, it was so charming like how a handsome man would be under the rain. Hai Xiu looked silly at that moment, he did not know that Feng Fei said something, he could not pick up the words. Feng Fei looked at Hai Xiu and thought it was somewhat amusing so he asked: "What do you do in the class then? Just sitting?"

Hai Xiu made an "En" sound then, "Solving the test questions."

Feng Fei could not believe it and said, "Really studious."

Hai Xiu said in a soft voice: "We're already in our third year"

Feng Fei laughed, "If you knew that were in third year senior high school, then why did you transferred?"

Hai Xiu's pupils suddenly shrank, he whispered: "I" he tried to explain more but it was not clear and his face was somewhat red.

Hai Xiu's delicate appearance and blushing face made him look lovelier. Feng Fei's hand was itching to rub Hai Xiu's head so he did. Hai Xiu retracted his neck slightly, trying to evade, Feng Fei's heart instantly itched.

At that moment, the students who finished doing the exercises in the sports field came in. Feng Fei got up and was about to turn around when he suddenly remembered something. He looked at Hai Xiu and asked, "By the way, last time I said Ill ask you about my name."

Hai Xiu had not yet reacted to the incident of being petted. Aside from his mother, it had been a long time since he had a physical contact with other people, so he was not accustomed to this feeling. He was startled by the question and immediately opened his notebook.

Feng Fei gasped: "You really did not remember ah?!"

The teacher came ahead of time, it was not good for Feng Fei to stand in front, so he pointed his finger at Hai Xiu and went back to his heat.

His desk mate Wang Peng asked, concerned: "What happened to you? Your face is red."

"It is?" Hai Xiu touched his face, and sure enough it was hot. He tried to smile at his desk mate, "I'm fine"

How could it be fine?

Hai Xiu felt a bit dizzy. Feng Fei looked at his face with a smile.

"Turn to page 97. Lets talk about the review yesterday first."

The bell had not yet rang, but the English teacher was already eager to lecture. Hai Xiu spent a great amount of effort to listen diligently.

The first half of the day passed quickly and the bell rang indicating the end of the class. The students got up to pack their things, went home to eat lunch or they had already brought a lunch box with them to school.

Hai Xiu's school was an adjacent to the University city, the residential areas were not that many. Some students were very far away from home so they brought lunch boxes with them, Hai Xiu was one of them.

There was an insulation box at the back of the classroom. Some students would put their food in there then take it out. Hai Xiu's lunch box was wrapped tightly when he took it out so it was still warm.

The school allowed the students to eat in the classroom, but around this time, not many people were willing to stay in the classroom, Hai Xiu was no exception. He took his lunch box and insulated cup, went downstairs to the school yard next to the shaded tree-lined.

At lunch breaks, the students would either go to the rooftop or the gym, so this side was very quiet. Hai Xiu opened his lunch box and began to enjoy his lunch quietly .

After eating, Hai Xiu wrapped his lunch box, picked up his English book, got up and went back to the classroom.

It was quiet and warm at school at noon, Hai Xiu mostly liked this kind of atmosphere. He walked slowly as he passed by the tree-lined road, he heard noises in front of him. Hai Xiu looked up and saw Feng Fei and the school's basketball team main players. They came out of the gym and were holding a basketball.

Hai Xiu instinctively wanted to avoid them, but before he could do it, Feng Fei's sharp eyes were on him already. Feng Fei led 7 or 8 tall boys to surround Hai Xiu. Hai Xiu's heart pounded violently and his lips turned white. He looked like a small animal surrounded by a pack of wolves. He could not even move one step.

"You" Feng Fei's eyebrows knitted. Noticing that Hai Xiu didnt seem right, he took two steps forward, and touched both of his and Hai Xiu's forehead. Looking puzzled, he asked: "You dont even have a fever What's wrong with you? Have you eaten yet? Do you have a low blood sugar?"

A tough looking guy behind Feng Fei said: "Want some glucose tablet? I have a few here."

Hai Xiu's face paled, he shook his head, trying to adjust his mood according to the psychologist who taught him that and then he said softly, "It's nothingII'm going first."

Hai Xiu quickly went upstairs. Feng Fei was bewildered, along with his teammates. "He"

His teammates shrugged, perplexed.

On the third floor, in the teacher's office's window, Hai Xiu's home room teacher Ni Mei Lin had a panoramic view of the scene. She frowned and said to the class representative, Wang Peng, who was counting the test papers: "Tell Feng Fei to come to my office later after the afternoon class."

"This noon, did something" Wang Peng hesitated for a bit, "did something happen to you?"

The students were really noisy that time so Hai Xiu didnt hear what his desk mate said, "What? Whatnoon?"

Wang Peng gulped, he did not know that Hai Xiu has an illness, but he could feel faintly that his deskmate was a little bit introverted. This noon, he was sitting across the window and saw that Hai Xiu was surrounded by the school's basketball team, but did not know what happened. Wang Peng was an honest person so he said sincerely, "Those people in the school's basketball team are quite overbearing, we all know not to mess with them. But don't be afraid if you get bullied, our class' teacher isnt afraid of those pricks. No matter what their background is. This time, the teacher saw it, if not, youll suffer more."

Hai Xiu was even more confused, "Our school's basketball teamwhat happened?"

Wang Peng thought that Hai Xiu was embarrassed and anxious to say anything, so he leaned forward and whispered: "Today at noon, they stopped you. Me and our teacher saw it, I called Feng Fei just now because of this matter, you rest assured, our teacher will"

Hai Xiu understood instantly what happened and urgently asked, "Teacher Nishedid she see them surround me?"

Wang Peng nodded, "Yes ah, I was counting the test papers in the office, the teacher saw it and called him. The teacher will probably preach at him with a few words to stop"

"It's not" Hai Xiu interrupted Wang Peng, his anxious face was red, "He did not it's not"

Anxiously, Hai Xiu could not talk properly. He stood up and said: "Teacher Ni has misunderstood ithe"

Wang Peng got confused and said worriedly: "What happened? Do not be afraid ah."


Hai Xiu's delicate eyebrows wrinkled, he hesitated then went out of the classroom hurriedly.

The teacher must have misunderstood it, so Hai Xiu's pace sped up a little faster. He had to hurry to the office and tell the teacher properly that the boy did not bully him.

Hai Xiu went up to the fourth floor and quickly walked to the front of Ni Mei Lin's office. He gave a few knocks at the door before pushing it open. Sure enough, Feng Fei was standing before Ni Mei Lin's desk.

"Teacher, he" Hai Xiu stopped for a moment. He forgot the name of the guy!

Hai Xiu's face turned red, he took a two steps forward and stammered, "He did not bully meI, at noonwe only met. He thought I had a low blood sugarI"

At that instant, silence roamed the office.

Ni Mei Lin stared blankly at Hai Xiu, after a few seconds, she turned around to look at Feng Fei and continued on saying: "So, you must give priority to the academic side since you refused to apply on the sports scholarship in some universities several times. You have to focus on the cultural classes coming up, do you understand my meaning?"

From the moment Hai Xiu stormed inside the office, Feng Fei's line of sight did not look away. Seeing Hai Xiu's cramped appearance, the corner of his mouth hooked up. Feng Fei looked back at the teacher then nodded with a smile: "Yes, I understand."

Ni Mei Lin said: "You are always been assertive. I believe that you can take a good sense of proportion this time. Thats all." then she looked at Hai Xiu, "Hai Xiu? What matters do you have?" Hai Xiu's two cheeks were red. He was embarrassed and even wanted to hit his head against the wall. His heart felt annoyed and he made a half-bow to apologize, "Noit was nothing, teacher. Goodbye" Haixiu Sea, ocean handsome, refined, elegant, graceful, performance, show In this case his name is most likely means sea performance/show since comes after sea

Fun fact- the pinyin for (hi xi) sounds almost identical to shy (hixi) bn co the most handsome boy in the class To be forced to explain something you did wrong, and usually to be punished. Cloze as in cloze test (also known as cloze deletion test) is an exercise, test, or assessment consisting of a portion of language with certain items, words, or signs removed (cloze text), where the participant is asked to replace the missing language item. Cloze tests require the ability to understand context and vocabulary in order to identify the correct language or part of speech that belongs in the deleted passages. This exercise is commonly administered for the assessment of native and second language learning and instruction.

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