Rosato And Associates: Accused Part 38

"Sorry, Ma." Anthony puckered his lower lip, with regret. "I'll keep trying with them. They might be able to find them, but we can't take a chance that it's in time for the wedding."

Mary's mother deflated into a chair, and her father frowned. "ANTHONY, I KNOW IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT, BUT WHAT'S MARY GONNA DO FOR A WEDDING DRESS?"

Anthony faced Mary, shrugging unhappily. "Sorry, babe, you'll have to pick out your own dress. The silver lining is that maybe you can take your friends along, and my mom and yours, when you go shopping?"

"Of course," Mary answered, but suddenly caught a suspicious twinkle in Anthony's dark eyes.

And she realized that she had met her perfect match.


It feels great to be back with the women of Rosato & a.s.sociates, and my first thanks in these acknowledgments go to my editor, Jennifer Enderlin; my agent, Molly Friedrich; and my a.s.sistant and bestie, Laura Leonard, who encouraged me to write the Rosato series on a more routine basis, and from now on, there will be a new Rosato every year. Ladies, thank you all so much for your encouragement, faith, and vision.

As for the research aspect of the novel, I'm a former lawyer, but criminal law wasn't my field. I seek out help when I need it because the facts matter, especially where the law is concerned, and I was lucky enough to find some brilliant and kind souls. A huge hug and enormous admiration to Jennifer Creed Selber, Chief of the Homicide Unit of the District Attorney's Office, who gave me her time and expertise in the clutch, and who is so astoundingly impressive that she should be fictional. Thanks, too, to Ed Cameron, also of the D.A.'s Office, who answered all my questions with good humor and kindness. It goes without saying that any and all mistakes herein are mine.

On the defense side, thanks to my legal team of attorneys extraordinaire Glenn Gilman, Esq., now in private practice, and Daniel Stevenson, Esq., of the Defender a.s.sociation of Philadelphia, both of whom helped me a great deal with the legalities that I forgot and/or never knew. I adore and admire you both, gentlemen.

Thanks to the folks at SCI-Graterford Prison in Graterford, Pennsylvania, especially Superintendent Mike Wenerowicz, and Wendy Moyer, Sgt. Randall H. Lacey, and C.O. David M. Weaver, as well as Gina, Tracy, Becky, and everybody else in the superintendent's office. Thanks to Peter Zimmerman, architect and beekeeper, who inspired the bees plotline. Someday, I'll get the nerve to get my own hives. For spot-on trusts-and-estates advice, thanks to Margaret Sager, Esq.

Last but far from least, thanks so much to the brilliant and amazing Dr. Sandy Steingard, who's been my bestie since high school and who grew up to be one of the most prominent psychiatrists in the country. Sandy kept me straight on the psychiatric details, and I owe her for that, and for being such a wonderful and loyal friend for so long.

A big thanks to St. Martin's Press, starting with the terrific John Sargent, Sally Richardson, Matthew Shear, Matt Baldacci, Jeanne-Marie Hudson, Steve Kleckner, Brian h.e.l.ler, Jeff Capshew, Nancy Trypuc, Kim Ludlam, John Murphy, John Karle, Paul Hochman, Stephanie Davis, Sara Goodman, Caitlin Dareff, and all of our wonderful and energetic sales reps. Big thanks to Rob Grom, for designing a wonderful cover to last an entire series. Hugs and kisses to Esther Bochner, Mary Beth Roche, and Laura Wilson, and the great people in Macmillan Audiobooks. I love and appreciate all of you.

Thanks and big love to the amazing Lucy Carson and Molly Schulman.

Finally, love and deepest thanks to my daughter Francesca, my brother Frank, my Mother Mary, and my late father Frank, without whom there would be no DiNunzios, because my family is at the heart of their family.

Also by Lisa Scottoline.

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LISA SCOTTOLINE is a New York Times bestselling and Edgar Awardwinning author of twenty-one novels. She has served as the president of Mystery Writers of America, and her recent novel Look Again has been optioned for a feature film. She is a weekly columnist for The Philadelphia Inquirer, and her columns have been collected in four books and optioned for television. She has 25 million copies of her books in print in the United States, and she has been published in thirty countries. She lives in the Philadelphia area with an array of disobedient pets. Visit or follow Lisa on Facebook or Twitter.

This is a work of fiction. All of the characters, organizations, and events portrayed in this novel are either products of the author's imagination or are used fict.i.tiously.


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