Magic Sometimes Happens Part 43

'You are?'

'I'm certain about you.'

So on the day it was my grandmother, my parents, some relations, Pat's children and our friends, including Tess and f.a.n.n.y, who were as thick as treacle nowadays.

Joe and Polly bounced around and grinned like naughty pixies from the moment they got out of bed. My mother made a special effort to be nice to Pat, and actually she almost managed it. The children had begun to melt my parents' hearts, so I was fairly confident that soon we'd all get on.

Charlie wasn't there, of course, which grieved me ...

After Pat and I were up and breakfasted and dressed there was no bridegroom-not-seeing-the-bride or any of that superst.i.tious nonsense we escaped from everybody else and walked around the garden where Mum's Jacques Cartier roses had been flowering all the summer. I don't know how she managed to persuade them to do that. Other people get one early flush and then the season's over, more or less.

'You two, are you coming?' called my father from the kitchen doorway. 'You're going to be late!'

'Daddy's fussing,' Patrick murmured. 'So I guess we should go have this wedding? But, before we leave, I need to give you something.'


'It took a while to get it back.' He handed me a memory stick. 'I didn't check it out, of course it's private but it should all be there.'

'Oh, Pat! You mean it's-'

'Yes,' he said. 'I thought you'd like your sister to be here with you today.'

About the Author.

Margaret James was born and brought up in Hereford and now lives in Devon. She studied English at London University, and has written many short stories, articles and serials for magazines. She is the author of sixteen published novels.

Her debut novel for Choc Lit, The Silver Locket, received a glowing review from the Daily Mail and reached the Top 20 Small Publishers Fiction List in November 2010 and in the same year a Reviewers' Choice Award from Single t.i.tles. The Golden Chain also hit the Top 20 Small Publishers Fiction List in May 2011.

Margaret is a long standing contributor to Writing Magazine for which she writes the Fiction Focus column and an author interview for each issue. She's also a creative writing tutor for the London School of Journalism. Magic Sometimes Happens is Margaret's fifth novel with Choc Lit.

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Anxious to have adventures herself, Ca.s.sie joins the ATS. In Egypt, she meets up with Robert, and they become engaged. However, war separates them again as Robert is sent to Italy and Ca.s.sie back to the UK.

Robert is reported missing, presumed dead. Stephen wants to take Robert's place in Ca.s.sie's heart. But will Ca.s.sie stay true to the memory of her first love, and will Robert come home again?

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