Enticed! Part 8

Jocelyn groaned as he pushed against the entrance to her body, stretching her, sliding against her c.l.i.t, rubbing it, sending tingles through her already tense and over-sensitive body.

He moaned softly too, pulling back, away from her. "I-I can't." he managed, "Not yet. You'll make me come if you keep moaning and squirming."

She looked at him. "Philo..." she breathed, "You've got me aching now ... you're the tease..."

He chuckled. "As pleased as I am to hear that coming from your mouth, little peasant, I'm not ready to be finished with you yet. We have time and I plan to thoroughly use your body tonight, until we're both satisfied and you'll be begging me to f.u.c.k you again, any time we're together."

Jocelyn moaned. "I'm not a peasant. Not anymore."

He slid down to his knees and moved between her legs. "You'll always be a peasant, Jocelyn dear. But don't think I hold that against you. Peasant stock, in your case, is a good thing." He grinned. "You should know, your t.i.ts are legend in the court."

Jocelyn blushed.

"You think Asher and Lucian don't talk? And your lovers from the Cliffside house?" He chuckled again, gazing at the rosy dark flesh of her p.u.s.s.y, licking his lips and probing with his fingers, to a renewed groan of pleasure from Jocelyn. He licked her and she cried out. "There are many men in the court and some women too, who would love to sit where I am right now."

He grinned and lowered his mouth to her p.u.s.s.y, beginning to lick the warm, wet, engorged flesh, then to suck it, as Jocelyn squirmed and writhed in pleasure. He slurped at her, plunging his tongue into the dark, hot, pulsing recesses of her body, playing with her c.l.i.t, her lips, sliding up to plunge in and out of her a.s.s. He enjoyed the sounds she made, the fresh hot female juices that continued to flow out of her, the squirming of her body.

Jocelyn was squeezing her own t.i.ts, pulling on her nipples as Philo ate her out, thrusting against his tongue, quite happy with herself, having decided that this was much better than being bored at that stupid ball and that she really didn't care if Asher found out or not. She didn't think he'd mind really, especially if he was talking about her t.i.ts to the members of his inner council. Maybe he wouldn't care if she f.u.c.ked every one of his friends. Maybe she actually would. It certainly would be a lot more fun.

She shuddered as she began to o.r.g.a.s.m again, bolts of electricity shooting through her body from her p.u.s.s.y and radiating to the tips of her fingers and toes. She screamed, shouting, "I'm coming again, oh yes, yes! Suck me hard! Yes!"

Brodie laughed and continued to suck and nibble her, swirling his tongue in the fresh hot come that came rushing out of her, swallowing and sucking again. He loved burying his face in p.u.s.s.y, sucking and tongue-f.u.c.king women, bringing them to o.r.g.a.s.m as many times as he could. Jocelyn was very good at coming easily too. He tweaked her c.l.i.t as he raised his head and was rewarded with a renewed shuddering climax which had her screaming his name in a frenzy of ecstasy, her large t.i.ts quivering enticingly as she came.

"f.u.c.k me now," Jocelyn moaned in a hoa.r.s.e voice as he rose above her. "I'm so hot, I'm aching to have that big c.o.c.k in me..."

He grinned. "Not yet..." He sat down next to her and pulled her up into his arms. "You can have my c.o.c.k but in your pretty little mouth, first."

They kissed again, deeply, groping each other, then Jocelyn slid down between his legs.

"Oh..." she murmured, "That's good." She leaned over him and licked the clear wetness off the head of his c.o.c.k. "I like giving head."

He chuckled, watching her. "So I've heard. Show me how good you are at it."

Jocelyn groaned softly, running her hands over his c.o.c.k. It was nice and hard and a deep reddish color. His smooth skin felt like silk as she caressed him, drawing her hand up and down, cupping his b.a.l.l.s, also smooth. "Mmmm," she breathed, running her tongue over the smooth skin around his b.a.l.l.s, then sucking one into her mouth to the groan of amazement and pleasure from him. She sucked him a little, then the other, then moved her lips slowly up his shaft, to engulf him and slide him down her throat. He groaned louder, starting to work his hips, as she slid up and down, sucking him hard, moaning as he began to thrust against her, harder. His fingers twined in her hair and he started f.u.c.king her mouth as she sucked him.

She moaned loudly, slurping his hard, wide c.o.c.k as he slid back and forth inside her mouth, grunting with the effort. He realized he was about to come and yanked out of her mouth with a jerk.

"I need to f.u.c.k you," he growled, pulling her up.

She panted, nodding, as he pushed her against the back of a chair and shoved himself deep into her p.u.s.s.y. She screamed, thrusting against him as he began to pound into her, grunting and growling as she screamed and writhed, coming suddenly, then in waves, each time she did, her body squeezed his thrusting c.o.c.k, which only served to make him come harder and more powerfully. He shot everything inside her, slamming into Jocelyn until he was quite finished.

Jocelyn slumped over the back of the chair, weakened and shivering from the force of the f.u.c.king and the climaxes she'd had.

Brodie grunted, pulled out and, grabbing Jocelyn, dropped onto the couch, bringing her with him. He pulled her into his lap and kissed her deeply, fondling her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, pushing her back into the sofa, covering her with his body, kissing her. His c.o.c.k stirred a bit as he slid between her legs and slipped back inside her as she gasped.

He chuckled, whispering, "I guess he likes it too much in there."

Jocelyn moaned softly and he began kissing her again. She could feel his c.o.c.k slowly hardening inside her and she squirmed a little.

"d.a.m.n, Jocelyn," Philo breathed. "Not many women can get me hard again this quick. And I'm pretty good at it. I'm of a mind to f.u.c.k you again."

Jocelyn didn't have much to say, she only moaned as he began to thrust against her, grunting softly, his chest rubbing against her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, his tongue plunging in and out of her mouth, making her breathing come quickly again as she felt him get harder and harder with each stroke. This time he took his time, f.u.c.ked her slow but hard, driving her near to the edge of insanity with the slow but steady rhythm of his pumping and slow swelling that filled her. She was squirming under him, groaning as equally slow and filling waves began to flow through her body, searing already frayed nerves, forcing her to thrust against him, pushing him deeper into her. She came several times before he did, in a hard, shuddering gush that filled her to leaking with his come.

She groaned softly. He didn't move to pull out of her, just lay atop her, smiling lazily at her.

"You're a d.a.m.n good f.u.c.k," he murmured, kissing her breast. "d.a.m.n good."

Jocelyn sighed, smiling back at him. "So are you. Worth the risk, I think."

He chuckled. "I said you'd want more."

She giggled softly. "I do. So, are you going to boast about me?"

"Perhaps. But only to the right people."

"Good. I like to know someone still appreciates me."

He laughed. "If you'd like to know everyone who does, or would like to, I can introduce you, you know."

She considered that. "Can we get away with it, do you think?"

"Sure. I know some n.o.blemen who are dying to f.u.c.k you, Jocelyn. Want to see how many you can take on at once?"

She blinked. "Ooh. Is that safe?"

"It will be." He kissed her breast again. "I'll do anything for a chance at these again."

She giggled. "I love it when you kiss and suck my t.i.ts."

He smiled. "Yeah, I know." He sucked a nipple, grinning as she groaned and squirmed. "I can make you come again, but I can't f.u.c.k you right away, I'm afraid."

Jocelyn groaned as he kissed and sucked both her b.r.e.a.s.t.s. "Maybe we shouldn't ... oh yes ... do anymore ... right now ... oh yes, suck my t.i.ts... Suck me! Hard!" He suckled and nibbled her nipples, kneading her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, squeezing them hard as Jocelyn growled and writhed beneath him. She came quickly and he smiled, watching her.

"Oh yeah," he whispered.

She opened her eyes and looked at him, smiling sweetly. "That was nice. Introduce me to your friends. I'll f.u.c.k them all if they want."

He laughed. "What, now?"

She blinked. "I don't know. Maybe." She thought a moment. Why the h.e.l.l not? What else was she going to do tonight? Her husband wasn't looking for her, and what would he care? As long as he didn't find out, it didn't matter. Even if he did, she didn't care. She smiled. "Yeah. Sure. If there's anybody left at the ball."

He grinned. "We'll find someone." He grabbed his clothes and began to dress. She got up and found her gown, looking at the front, where it had gotten wet. She tilted her head and muttered something under her breath. The spot vanished, the wrinkles fell out of the fabric and it looked as though it had never been crushed in Philo's hasty removal. She slipped it back on as he watched.

"It's a shame to cover such a work of art as your body," he commented, "Especially those gorgeous t.i.ts."

She giggled. "Well, I can't go out naked, can I?"

"I don't have a problem with that."

"Of course you don't."

She smiled, adjusting the collar of her gown to fall dangerously close to the tips of her nipples, revealing an expanse of cleavage that was lower than before. "I want to be enticing."

He grinned, eyes fixed on her chest. "That will definitely entice, pet."

She stepped up to him and he cupped her b.r.e.a.s.t.s in each hand, rubbing her nipples until they peeked out of the top of her neckline. She moaned softly, covering herself. "If we do this, we'll never get out of here again."

He chuckled. "Okay. Let's see who we can find to satisfy your l.u.s.t."

Jocelyn giggled, knowing he loved to watch her b.r.e.a.s.t.s jiggle, and walked out in front of him.

THE STATE BALL Part II Jocelyn and Brodie went first to the banquet hall, where a crowd of people milled about chatting and eating. No one seemed to remark them as they wove in and out, looking for Tanek Jana.s.si.

Tanek was standing in a shallow alcove near a large, dark window, a gla.s.s of wine in one hand, talking to a couple of n.o.blemen. He turned as they approached. "h.e.l.lo, Margrave Brodie," he said, nodding, his eyes on Jocelyn. He gazed at the smooth swell of skin exposed by the low neckline of her gown, smiling appreciatively.

"Tanek," Brodie said, "I'd like to discuss something with you, if you don't mind."

The two n.o.blemen Jana.s.si was talking to were now smiling at Jocelyn and enjoying the view as much as Jana.s.si was. Jocelyn stepped closer to them.

"Sure," Jana.s.si said, walking over to him, "What's up?"

Jocelyn was preoccupied with Adar Theron and Barak Avarona, so she didn't catch Brodie and Jana.s.si's conversation. Both men were looking at her in such a way that she was getting hot just standing there. "h.e.l.lo," she said as she got close enough to reach out and touch their arms. She ran her fingers over their sleeves lightly. "How are you doing this evening?"

The group of them were in a secluded corner of the banquet room and the lighting was so diffused that no one really noticed them. While Jana.s.si and Brodie talked, Jana.s.si glanced over at Jocelyn every now and then with a sly smile.

Adar smiled at her. "Bored. You?"

"The same. At least until Philo and I found something much more interesting to do." She giggled softly.

"Ah," Barak said with a grin. "He finally got you to agree to one of his little 'chats' in the antechambers?"

Jocelyn nodded. "He mentioned that I might like to 'chat' with some of the other councilors, since there apparently is an interest."

Adar chuckled. "There is, at least on my part."

Barak reached out and ran a finger over the exposed flesh of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s as Adar leaned over to kiss her. Jocelyn moaned softly. Barak lowered his head to kiss her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, cupping one with his hand and kneading it, as Adar cupped the other, rubbing his finger over her nipple. Jocelyn kissed Adar back, feeling Barak expose her nipple, immediately beginning to suck on it as Adar pushed the neckline of her gown down, freeing her breast. He stopped kissing her and moved to suck her nipple into his mouth, groaning softly as she squirmed, tangling her fingers in their hair, pressing their heads to her b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

Brodie whistled low and Jana.s.si chuckled. "Looks like you weren't kidding. She works pretty fast." He shook his head slightly. "Not like those two were exactly difficult or anything."

Jocelyn's moans were getting louder.

Jana.s.si walked up behind Jocelyn, wrapping an arm around her waist, kissing her neck and cheek. She leaned against him and turned her head to kiss him. He immediately took her mouth with his own, plunging his tongue in and out of her, groaning softly, the feel of her b.u.t.t b.u.mping against him as the other two sucked her t.i.ts getting him hard and anxious.

Brodie considered the scene with a grin. They were working up to a nice three-way but the banquet hall wasn't the best place to do that, even in a darkened corner.

Jana.s.si lifted Jocelyn's gown with his free hand, feeling her naked a.s.s and sliding his finger deep inside her very wet, soft p.u.s.s.y. He grunted a bit, kissing her and quickly freed his hard erection from the front of his pants, careful to keep them up over his hips as he adjusted his height to hers and plunged into her from behind. Jocelyn gasped sharply, then let out a low, deep moan as Jana.s.si began pumping her, hard and fast.

Adar and Barak kept sucking and squeezing her t.i.ts as she groaned and shuddered from Jana.s.si's thumping. Barak lifted the front of her dress and knelt in front of her, licking and sucking her c.l.i.t, drinking in all the wetness and juices she leaked all over his face. She groaned again, even lower, knowing she was in a public place, not wanting to scream even though she was coming fast and hard now. Shudders raked her body as Jana.s.si came inside her and moaned in her ear, thumping against her until he was completely finished with her.

Barak continued slurping at her engorged c.l.i.t until Brodie's soft but urgent voice reminded them that they could play more at his villa and they needed to go there now, before they got caught by the Director.

Jocelyn moaned softly as Adar sighed and stopped suckling her and Barak stood up, kissing her deeply. She licked all her come off his face as he moaned softly. Adar kissed her then and then Jana.s.si.

She adjusted her bodice with shaking hands, giggling nervously when she realized she'd let Tanek Jana.s.si, who was pretty close to a complete stranger f.u.c.k her from behind without even being properly introduced. She turned, trembling, still hot and wanting more. Jana.s.si let her lean on him.

Brodie chuckled. "We have to get out of here without attracting any attention," he said, "Fortunately, the entrance to the outer garden is in this hall. We can use that."

Jana.s.si nodded. "Let's pick up Zerra, Yarin and Nelek on the way."

Brodie grinned. "I'm 'pathing with them right now. They're very interested in having a shot and are bringing some of their friends. They'll meet us there." He winked at Jocelyn. "Looks like you're going to get to f.u.c.k as many as you can handle tonight."

Jocelyn shivered. "Good," she breathed in a low, sultry voice. "I'll take them all, as many times as they want." Adar groaned behind her, rubbing her b.u.t.t with his hand. "Let's get going then," he muttered. "I'm getting uncomfortable." Jocelyn walked over to Brodie, kissed him deeply as he groped her t.i.ts, and began to walk towards the garden exit. Brodie, Jana.s.si, Adar Theron and Barak Avarona followed close behind her. * * * *

They got to Brodie's villa without much trouble. It was large, well-appointed and masculine. In the parlor were Duncan Zerra, Dace Yarin and Hale Nelek, as well as four other lower-ranking n.o.blemen.

Jocelyn shuddered slightly as she was ushered into the room, surrounded now by eleven courtiers, all wanting to f.u.c.k her repeatedly. It was a bit intimidating, which made her even hotter than she had been before.

She was escorted to the sofa by Brodie, who sat down beside her and asked her if she wanted a drink. She nodded, looking around at all the men in the room. Jana.s.si brought her a gla.s.s of wine, Adar and Barak slid in on her other side. Duncan Zerra was standing behind the sofa and leaned over to nuzzle her ear and chat with her.

"So you're really okay with this, huh?"

Jocelyn grinned. "Yes, I am."

"That's really great. Amazing, but great."

She sipped her wine and lay her head back on the back of the sofa as Zerra nuzzled her ear and neck. She sighed in pleasure. He laughed softly. "Like that?"

"Mmm hmm."

He continued nuzzling, kissing and sucking her earlobe.

"Jocelyn, this is Dace Yarin and Hale Nelek," Brodie said, "I think you've met them once or twice before." Dace and Hale were older, both good looking. She smiled at them as Zerra kept nuzzling her neck. "Yes, the Minister of the Media and the Tamkantarran Minister."

Dace smiled. "Public Relations Ministry. Yes, we've met." He knelt beside her as Brodie moved to allow Hale to sit next to her. Dace caressed her leg gently. "I think we will have some fun."

Hale kissed her shoulder, then her collarbone and the swell of her breast. She moaned softly. Adar began doing the same on her other side as Duncan Zerra tilted her head back and kissed her mouth, upside down. She moaned into his mouth, feeling Dace's hand slide up to caress the softness between her legs, through the fabric of her gown. Then he moved her gown, parted her legs and was ma.s.saging her hot, wet, incredibly sensitive flesh. Her hand shook and she felt the gla.s.s of wine she'd been holding deftly lifted from her fingers, which were kissed and lightly sucked before they were released. She felt the top of her gown slide down and heard a sound of male appreciation as her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were bared to their view. A shudder of excitement went through her as she heard them, feeling lips and hands sucking and squeezing her, Adar on her right, Hale on her left. She felt around with her fingers and located each man's fabric sheathed erection, ma.s.saging them with her hands, stroking to the combined groans of each, sending vibrations through her skin. She writhed under the attention, kissing Duncan, feeling him move around so they could kiss in an upright position, him leaning against the couch and her tilting her head up. Dace continued to suckle her p.u.s.s.y, lapping at her skin and sucking her c.l.i.t. He poked several fingers into her, then one into her a.s.s as he worked, low sounds of enjoyment coming from him as she wriggled and moaned, starting to buck her hips against the spirals of pleasure rising from her c.l.i.t, her t.i.ts and her a.s.s.

The other men in the room were chuckling appreciatively, egging on their friends, remarking over Jocelyn's various a.s.sets, her t.i.ts, her p.u.s.s.y, her a.s.s, the sounds she was making, encouraging her to come.

Adar and Hale had helped Jocelyn free their hard c.o.c.ks, which she was stroking as they sucked and squashed her t.i.ts. She began to climax and stopped kissing Duncan because of the waves of pleasure surging through her. She screamed, her body bucking and shaking, as the other men cheered and shouted, watching her. Adar and Hale groaned, coming as well. Dace moaned, still sucking her, licking all the juices she leaked into his mouth. He sucked her until she stopped coming, then sat back with a satisfied smile on his handsome face.

Jocelyn slumped into the sofa. Barak handed her the gla.s.s of wine she nearly dropped with a grin. She took a drink, then looked around.

Adar and Hale were panting softly. Hale's head was back against the sofa and Adar was smiling at her.

"Very nice, Jocelyn," Brodie said, sitting casually on the edge of a large dark wood desk with a cup of beer in one hand.

Tanek Jana.s.si sat in a big leather chair on the other side, smoking a cigar and grinning at her. He was younger than she was, around the same age as her niece, Alena. She thought that Alena would be perfect for him.

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