Enticed! Part 7

The door to her room silently slid open, and a figure slipped inside. He stared, in shock, at the scene on the bed. Tamara was naked, moaning, writhing under an unknown dark haired man, who was pounding into her with his rock-hard erection. The scent of s.e.x was heavy in the room, and the unseen visitor gaped as he watched Tamara squirm, her b.r.e.a.s.t.s jiggling erotically as the man above her slammed her repeatedly, groaning with pleasure. Tamara was pulling at her own nipples, licking her soft lips, moaning unashamedly.

The new arrival, Tryan, found himself hardening despite the fact that he was furious beyond measure that someone else had gotten her first. He watched her voraciously, itching to get his hands on her, to f.u.c.k her the way the dark haired man was f.u.c.king her right now. He rubbed himself as he watched them. Her deep moans of pleasure were having their effect on the dark haired man as well, and he groaned loudly.

"Tam, Tam, I'm going to come..." he said in a roughened voice, "I'm going to f.u.c.king come inside you... You'd better be ready..."

"G.o.ds... Yes, Aaron ... f.u.c.k me ... f.u.c.k me... I want to feel you come inside me..." she moaned, her words setting off dark spirals of pleasure in Tryan as he watched, hidden now, behind a dresser in the corner. He pulled his manhood out of his tunic, and began to stroke it as he watched.

Aaron's body trembled, and he gave a loud, long moan, shooting himself inside her. She gasped at the feel of it, and moaned herself. Aaron collapsed beside her on the bed. Tamara languidly gazed back at him.

"That was fantastic," she whispered. "Now that I know what s.e.x is really like, I'm convinced that I must have more of it." She gave a soft giggle. "I love it."

Aaron laughed. "I want to take you with me when we leave this planet, Tam. You can experience so much more than this place has to offer."

"Yes!" Tamara shouted, "Take me with you, Aaron. I want to leave."

He tweaked her nipple, and smiled. "First, I have a job to do, then I'll come back here for you. Can you leave tonight?"

"Yes, oh yes," Tamara gasped with joy, kissing him hard and pa.s.sionately on the lips, "I'll be ready."

Aaron reluctantly sat up. She followed him. He began gathering his clothes from the floor, dressing while she watched him. When he was back in uniform, Aaron grabbed his rifle from the chair, and turned to face her. He couldn't resist leaning over, and suckling her nipples one last time before kissing her mouth. "I'll return soon, I promise," he whispered, and climbed back out, the way he came.

Tamara sat staring at the window, rubbing her aching nipples thoughtfully. Then, with a sigh of pure joy, she flopped back onto her bed. Her body tingled sensually from all the attention he'd given her, and she felt sleepy, so she let her eyes drift closed. Only for a moment, then I'll prepare to leave this place once and for all...

* * * * The next thing she was aware of, was a mouth, sucking at her nipples. She smiled. "You're back, so soon..." she purred, arching her body so his hands could grip her better, "Oh, G.o.ds ... f.u.c.k me again, before we go..."

A low, "Mmm..." came from between her t.i.ts and she giggled.

She felt a hard male member pry her legs open, and she moaned. "Oh yes, f.u.c.k me, f.u.c.k me hard... Please..." she put her hand to her soft, throbbing p.u.s.s.y, "Oh, I'm so, wet for you..."

Lips grazed hers, and she was impaled on a velvet shaft, over and over. She moaned, feeling her b.r.e.a.s.t.s move with each thrust. But something was different about this time. It was as pleasurable as the first, but, as Tamara rocked her body against his, she realized, this wasn't Aaron!

A loud, gasping moan came from the man above her, and she recognized him.

Tryan! He was the one f.u.c.king her now! But apart from being disgusted, as she thought she would, the very fact that he was here, slamming himself into her over, and over ... it was wickedly erotic!

"Oh ... Tryan..." she moaned, his name on her lips rich and full. She gyrated her hips beneath him. "f.u.c.k my mouth first..." He stared at her a moment in shock. She giggled, knowing her t.i.ts wiggled enticingly. "Please, Tryan, f.u.c.k my mouth.." she moaned.

Tryan pulled his member from her wet, female lips., and pushed it between her pink mouth's lips with a grin of immense satisfaction. So he wasn't the first. He still had his chance to f.u.c.k her silly... And as her lips closed around his c.o.c.k, he shuddered. Her tongue was brushing the head of his shaft as though she were an expert at this! Her fingers rubbed his smooth skin against his rock-hardness, and her lips slurped at the slick wetness that covered him. She pulled him out of her mouth just long enough to whisper, "I like the way my juices taste on you, Tryan... It makes me so wet..."

He moaned. "Let me f.u.c.k your mouth, Tamara, I like it in there..."

She slipped her lips over his c.o.c.k, sliding it slowly into her hot, wet mouth, taking as much of it's considerable length in as she could. She let him slide in and out of her mouth, feeling his b.a.l.l.s slapping her chin, as he moved faster and faster. She sucked at him as he entered her, loving the sharp sound he made as she pulled on him with her own suction.

Tryan moaned. He pounded Tamara harder as his orgiastic pleasure mounted. His moans became louder, and she pulled him out just as he exploded with a fountain of white liquid on her face and ample chest. She smiled, licking the whiteness from her lips, rubbing it into her skin, fondling her b.r.e.a.s.t.s. He backed off, watching her. Her hands worked her nipples, which became like pebbles under her touch. She kneaded the large globes, rubbing his juices into them, squirming as she did.

With a grin, he put his lips to her nipple, pulling at it with his teeth, hearing her gasp of pleasure as he chewed on her. His c.o.c.k was hardening as he sucked her t.i.ts, and he knew he'd slam into her p.u.s.s.y soon. Her hand found him.

"G.o.ds, you're huge," she said. "I've never seen one so big."

Tryan looked up at her. "You've seen one before?" he asked, interested.

"I used to watch the young men pleasure themselves," she said, unashamedly.

He laughed, looking at her b.r.e.a.s.t.s. "Well, I haven't seen b.r.e.a.s.t.s like yours in a long time, Tamara. They're quite large, and firm and I've wanted to touch them ever since I first saw you." He grabbed a soft globe in his hand, kneading it. "Especially since the day I saw them for myself."

He put his mouth to her, sucking her. She moaned.

"Tamara, I'm going to f.u.c.k you now," he finally whispered, changing position, his erection at the ready. "I'm going to do it hard and fast, and I'm not going to stop until I'm quite finished with you... Understand?"

Tamara moaned at the sound of his harsh voice. She nodded a split second before he entered her. His frenzied pounding was nothing like what she'd previously experienced... He slammed her hard, his hips grinding as he drove his member into her soft body. Tamara gasped and moaned, her body moving as he moved within it. The bed was banging against the wall in time with his banging against her. His groans were getting louder, and louder.

"Oh G.o.ds, Tamara! I want to f.u.c.k you! I want to f.u.c.k you hard! Do you want me to?"

"Yes..." she moaned.

"Then say it!" he ordered, slamming his shaft ever faster, and harder into her.

"I want you to f.u.c.k me, Tryan!" she screamed, "f.u.c.k me hard! G.o.ds, f.u.c.k me! Please!"

Tryan was moving as fast as he could, and he began to tremble. He groaned, and Tamara knew what was coming. She smiled. When he exploded, she moaned, soft, and low and long. Spent, Tryan collapsed on top of her, enjoying the feel of those huge t.i.ts of hers mashing against his chest. A soft gasp escaped her.

"You were every bit as incredible as I imagined you'd be," he told her. "Your body was made for this kind of thing." His lips claimed hers, and she let him taste his own juices as she kissed him back.

"I love this," Tamara said. "I think I'm addicted to s.e.x."

Tryan rolled off her, gazing at her damp, naked body. "I want you to stay here, and let me show you all the pleasures of s.e.x ... there are people who would just love to meet you, s.e.xy Tamara."

Tamara looked at him. "How do you knowa""

"I was here when he f.u.c.ked you. I wanted to be the first, but he stole you from me."

Tamara's lips dropped open. "You a" you watched us?"

He grinned. "d.a.m.ned erotic too."

She felt new dampness between her legs at the thought of Tryan watching Aaron and Tamara's s.e.x play. She moaned. "You liked it, huh?"

"I jerked myself off just watching the two of you."

She thought about that, as well. He was looking down, between her legs, and smiling.

"Your p.u.s.s.y's getting wet again, Tamara. Do you like the idea that I watched another man f.u.c.k you?"

She moaned softly. He laughed.

"I watched him slide his long, hard c.o.c.k into your wet, hot p.u.s.s.y..." he whispered feverishly in her ear, accompanied by a long moan from her. "I watched him pound you and pound you as you screamed under him."

Her hand slid slowly down her smooth stomach towards her increasingly wet female flesh. He chuckled. "Your t.i.ts were bouncing as he went in, and out and in, and out... You were wiggling around, and you loved it... The harder he slammed you, the more you wanted it..."

Tamara's fingers found herself, and were poking in and out as he spoke. She began to writhe. His lips took a nipple, sucking on it.

"I watched you, Tamara," he said, raising his head to look at her. "I stroked myself, and wished it were me inside you like that, probing you, f.u.c.king you..."

Tamara gasped, waves of sensation crashing over her body just then, and she screamed. He laughed, watching her body's trembling finally cease.

"Words..." she whispered. "Even words can be erotic."

He nodded. "Now, we'lla""

"Tryan!" came a yell from outside the room. He looked up. One of the sentries he'd placed to insure n.o.body bothered them.

"What?" he snapped irritably. "I'm busy!"

There was a crash, and shouts, very close.

"Come here!" the sentry yelled, "Quick!"

Tryan jumped up, grabbing his tunic. He threw it on hurriedly, glancing back at Tamara on her bed.

"I'll be back," he said, and vanished through the door.

That was the last time Tamara saw Tryan.

Aaron, however, true to his word, returned for Tamara, and took her back with him to his ship.

That, however, is another story...

THE STATE BALL Part I Jocelyn was bored and restless. She had agreed to dance with Brodie because he had been there and now, as she danced with him, she wondered what the rest of the tedious evening would be like. Rarely did she even come to the city for the state b.a.l.l.s her husband held every several months, because he never paid any attention to her and her regular lover was busy doing his job.

Brodie was taller than her, wide shouldered, big for a Dirandan, almost chunky, but he seemed to carry the additional weight well. He was about her age and not unattractive by any means, if you liked them nearly savage. He had large dark eyes and dark brown hair, pulled back into a ponytail at the nape of his neck, like all n.o.blemen. He was smiling rather lasciviously at her.


"Hm. What?"

"I said, I like your gown. Didn't you hear me?"

She blinked and smiled. "No, I'm sorry, I didn't."


She shook her head, not noticing the way his eyes dropped to her chest when she did. "Of course not."

He chuckled, enjoying the view. Her aquamarine gown was of a thin, shimmery fabric that clung to every curve of her body, with an off-the-shoulder neckline that rode low across her voluptuous b.r.e.a.s.t.s. How the Director could ignore her was beyond him. He had been very interested in Jocelyn from the first time he'd met her, some years ago. He'd never had the opportunity to spend much time alone with her, something he planned to remedy tonight.

"I think you are," he said thoughtfully. "So am I. What say we find a nice quiet place and chat or something for a while?"

Jocelyn looked at him for a moment. He was glancing down at her b.r.e.a.s.t.s every few seconds and far from irritating her, it was exciting her. "Or something." she said quietly. She was enjoying his attention. The evening was beginning to promise not to be so boring after all.

Philo Brodie smiled at her and walked her off the dance floor, quickly guiding her into the wide hallway that connected it with the banquet hall. Several corridors lead off from it and he directed her into the longest one, to a door at the very end. They stepped inside.

"The Blue room," Brodie said. "Do you like it?"

Jocelyn nodded, realizing Brodie knew these areas very well. "You have a.s.signations often, Margrave?"

He smiled. "Often enough." He cupped the side of her breast as he continued to lead her into the room, slowly beginning to ma.s.sage it as he did.

Jocelyn gasped softly, pushing his hand away. Suddenly she wasn't so sure she wanted to let this man have his way with her.

"Don't worry, Jocelyn," he said easily, touching her again, ma.s.saging her full breast with the whole of his hand. Putting his other arm around her waist, he pulled her to him, easing her down onto a large, soft, dark blue sofa covered in velvet. He licked his lips and lowered them to her cleavage, kissing her. She moaned softly, squirming. She was nervous. She didn't know Brodie very well but was beginning to believe the rumors she had heard about him.

"I don't think this was such a good idea," she said, gasping as he nuzzled her skin. He moved a little more, on top of her, so he was pinning her down on the sofa. He put one leg between hers, pushing her down onto her back, tugging at the neckline of her gown, rubbing his thigh up against her. She squirmed, protesting.

"Shh," he murmured against the swell of her breast, "No one will find out. I'm good. I promise you. And I want to see your t.i.ts, Jocelyn. Your big t.i.ts have been teasing me ever since I met you, now I want to play with them for myself." He chuckled as she squirmed in protest and his tugging made one of her large b.r.e.a.s.t.s pop free. His eyes widened in l.u.s.t and he began sucking her nipple, kneading her breast with one large hand as he yanked at the top of the gown, nearly tearing it in his urgency to uncover her remaining breast.

Jocelyn groaned, his sucking doing things to her body she didn't want him to. She wanted to go, pretend she had never entertained the idea of f.u.c.king him. Brodie was a letch, everyone knew it. He'd f.u.c.ked more of the court women than any of the other members of her husband's inner council. Rumor had it that he'd even had her husband's niece and continued to do her on a regular basis. He didn't care if a woman was married or royal or somebody's niece or not. He was sucking her very hard now, she was squirming and moaning loudly as he pushed his thigh against her p.u.s.s.y, making her wetter than she cared to be. She protested again, pushing at his head. He finally freed her other breast and he pulled his head back to take her in. He grinned, chuckling, wickedly, she thought.

"d.a.m.n, Jocelyn, those are some fine t.i.ts you have. I'm sorry I waited so long to get a shot at them."

She groaned softly. "Philo, I really don't think this was a good idea ... if my husband comes looking for mea""

"Don't worry about it. He won't. He's far too busy with that young new wife of his. He's not going to come looking for you, no matter how stupid neglecting you obviously is." He ran a hand over her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, teasing their nipples, hardening them as he did so. He chuckled again. "You need to be f.u.c.ked, that's clear."

Jocelyn lay beneath him, trembling. He was right, she wanted badly to be f.u.c.ked and he was turning her on something fierce. She just wasn't sure she wanted to be another notch in his scabbard. His enjoyment of her t.i.ts was enough to make her come on the spot, since she loved it when her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were played with and she loved showing them off. But Brodie scared her a little. He was fondling her again, teasing her nipples, rolling them between his fingers, getting them to stand up.

"You like this. Admit it."

She moaned softly. "Yes ... but please stop it..."

He grinned and rubbed a hand against her p.u.s.s.y. He laughed. "You're so wet, your dress is soaked, Jocelyn. Tell me you don't want me to suck your t.i.ts and f.u.c.k you hard and I won't. I promise. But your body seems to indicate otherwise."

He continued to rub her p.u.s.s.y through the fabric. Jocelyn moaned and wriggled beneath him. "I like the way your t.i.ts bounce when you squirm, Jocelyn." he purred, leaning down to suckle one. "Why don't you come for me, right now."

Jocelyn gasped, shuddering. Her back arched and she cried out as his words and caresses and sucking made her do exactly what he asked. Waves of pleasure crashed over her body and she screamed, gasped and shuddered as he quickly moved to hike up her skirt, pull aside her panties and plunge his hand into her hot, wet p.u.s.s.y, pumping her as she continued to come, chuckling softly.

"There we go," he murmured, watching her, "That's it."

Jocelyn groaned as the shudders subsided, slumping back into the cushions of the sofa. He leaned down and kissed her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, then began to pull the gown completely off her. "No..." she said weakly, "Don't ... we shouldn't do any more..."

He tossed the gown aside and kicked off his boots and shucked his pants, straddling her on the sofa. "Nonsense." He kissed her deeply, squeezing and kneading her b.r.e.a.s.t.s. "You loved that." He sat back and looked at her, a half-smile on his face. "Admit it."

She looked at him as he discarded his jacket and tunic. He was smooth, large, not really muscular but his bulk was well distributed around his ma.s.sive frame. She involuntarily licked her lips as her gaze slid downward. His c.o.c.k was about average length but extremely thick and hard. It oozed a clear liquid and he leaned forward, sliding between her legs, rubbing his c.o.c.k against her p.u.s.s.y. She shuddered again and moaned, consumed by a powerful desire to have that thick c.o.c.k filling her, slamming into her.

"Like it?" he muttered in her ear as he leaned over her, "Want it in you?"

"Yes..." Jocelyn whispered, "Like you wouldn't believe."

He chuckled again. "Well now, there we go. I knew you'd come around, so to speak." He nuzzled her neck. "I figured once you saw what I had for you, you couldn't say no."

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