Enticed! Part 11

Aurora shrugged. "Ten copper coins and two silver ones."

The lamp holder jerked his head, and Aurora was grabbed from behind again, relieved of her pack, staff and book, which vanished into the darkness. She tried to see what became of them, but she could only see the third shadowy figure move a little and figured he must have taken them. Presumably to search.

The leader stepped forward, shining his light on her better. The man behind her kept a tight hold on her arms as the man peered into her face. He wasn't bad looking at all, she decided, and so far, he'd been relatively decent with her, for a criminal anyway. He grinned, looking her over.

"She's right," a new voice said from the dark. "Just trinkets and change. Although that silver pendant she's got on looks like it might be worth something." There was a dull thud as he tossed her possessions on the ground. "Appears to be some kind of domestic servant."

The leader smiled. "We won't take your stuff."

Aurora smiled back, relieved. "Thank you."

"However," the leader said, reaching out a leather gloved hand to touch her cheek, "I hate going away empty handed, so to speak." His eyes flickered over her face, as his hand moved down to push her cloak aside. His gaze followed the path of his hand as it grazed her shoulder and moved over her chest. She automatically stiffened as his fingers brushed her nipple, and traveled down to cup her full breast. "I think we should have a little fun, then you can go on to your inn."

Aurora swallowed nervously. "And if I don't want to?"

His hand tightened around her breast slightly, and he began to knead it. "You don't have a choice."

She bit down a groan. What he was doing felt very good, and a twinge of frightened excitement went through her. She squirmed a bit, and the hold on her tightened. She felt breath on the side of her head, and then lips on her ear.

The leader chuckled. Handing the lamp to the third man, he cupped her other breast, squeezed them both, and said, "let's get her back to camp first."

The man behind her nibbled her ear, then grunted an affirmative. She was picked up, slung over his shoulder, and carried into the trees, the other two following.

The bandits camp was small, well-hidden in a shallow cave. The third man stoked up the dormant campfire just enough so that the cave was lit with dim, dancing shadows.

Aurora wasn't set down until her abductor reached the back of the cave. She was able to get a look at him, finally.

He was huge, with a bearish build and appearance. He grinned at her, and reached out grope her as he removed her cloak. "She's got huge t.i.ts," he growled, tugging at the front of her dress. She tried to push his hands away, but wasn't very successful. Instead, she heard a tearing sound as the laces of her bodice began to give way. The giant stepped closer to her and yanked harder, still grinning. She lifted her hands to attempt to cover herself.

The leader of the men watched as his fellow tore open her bodice, and chuckled as her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were finally exposed, tumbling soft, large and round, from the front of her once st.u.r.dy, modest traveling dress.

"Ancestors," muttered the third man. "Look at that." He walked over, reached out and grabbed Aurora's left breast, flicked his finger over her rapidly hardening nipple, squeezed her, and yanked her towards him, mashing his lips against hers. The large man grabbed her other breast, tweaking the nipple, and as his companion was thrusting his tongue down her throat, he knelt and caught the huge, dark nipple in his teeth, and began biting and sucking her.

She gasped, groaning as flashes of lightning like pleasure and fear shot through her body. These men were harsh on her tender b.r.e.a.s.t.s, but the pain only seemed to make it more erotic, and she felt the thin panties she wore become wetter, until her own hot juices were running down her legs beneath the long, concealing fullness of her skirt. Opening her eyes, she saw the handsome leader leaning against the wall in the half-light, watching, grinning, a large bulge indicating his extreme interest in the scene before him.

She squirmed, her eyes having trouble focusing as the giant slid a hand under her skirt, and slowly up her leg, as he continued to suck and bite her nipple. The other man's probing kisses had now worked their way to her ear, where he nibbled and sucked her earlobe, and he began to whisper, his rasping, hissing voice telling her in detail what he planned to do with her, as well as what he wanted to see the others do to her.

"She's wet," the giant said, laughing softly. "She's hot and really wet."

He tore her panties off her and began exploring her p.u.s.s.y with his large, thick fingers. She gasped, moaning, and he chuckled, sucking deeply on as much of her breast as he could fit in his mouth. She cried out, squirming, her back against the wall of the cavern. The third man chuckled, hissing, "you little s.l.u.t. You like this, do you?"

She groaned softly, shaking her head.

The giant suddenly shoved three thick, meaty fingers into her, and she screamed. Laughter filled the cavern, as her body began to shudder with each hard thrust of the large man's hand. He added another finger, and she cried out again. He laughed, bit her t.i.t, and added his thumb.

"Get her down on the ground," the leader said suddenly, "and get that d.a.m.n dress off her." He approached them as they dragged her to the floor, drawing a short knife.

Both men held Aurora down as the leader cut away the rest of her gown, leaving her in little more than navy blue shreds of material that covered nothing. The large man continued to shove his hand in and out of her soaking p.u.s.s.y as she screamed, struggling, and the third man moved his mouth to tug hard on her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, alternating each shuddering globe, and sucking both nipples at the same time.

She arched her back, mashing her t.i.ts into his face, moaning, burying her hands in his hair, as the giant bent his head to suckle her engorged c.l.i.t. His teeth grazed it, and Aurora screamed, a powerful, involuntary shudder ripping through her hot, sweaty naked body. A gush of hot, slick liquid flowed out of her, to a deep throated chuckle from the leader, who bent to kneel beside her, watching, making sure she saw him watching.

"You're very lovely when you come," he said, grinning, "I'll bet you're really popular at home. You enjoy f.u.c.king a little too much to be new at it."

Aurora groaned softly. "I want to suck your c.o.c.k, please," she whispered, "you're driving me crazy looking at me and not touching me." She stiffened and moaned. "I need to be f.u.c.ked. Badly."

He laughed. "You're a little wh.o.r.e, aren't you?"

She shook her head. "No. But I still need to be f.u.c.ked."

He laughed, and began to unfasten his pants. "Suck me then, my lady. But be sure you do it well, or I may have to punish you."

She opened her mouth, licking her lips as one head bobbed over her huge, quivering t.i.ts, and the other between her legs. He pulled out a thick, dark shaft, damp already, and hard as a rock, and shoved it into her mouth.

Moaning, she immediately set to work, licking, sucking and pulling on him with her mouth and teeth. She sucked as hard as she could, and he groaned loudly, beginning to piston himself in and out of her hot mouth. She pulled him in deeper with each thrust, grunting a bit, looking up at him, watching the expression on his face and smiling when she could. As he pulled out, she smiled and whispered, "I like that. Are you going to come in my mouth, or my p.u.s.s.y?"

He laughed, grabbed his compatriots, pulled them off her, and grabbed her. Pulling her with him, he rolled onto his back, crushed her to his chest, and said, "you're going to get all three of us at the same time, lady."

He grabbed her hips, and thrust himself inside her, relishing her startled gasp, which faded into a low moan.

She felt herself pulled up, and something pushing between her b.u.t.tocks. Looking over her shoulder, she saw the third man straddling the two of them, grunting as he pushed his own longer c.o.c.k into her a.s.s, causing her to groan at the sensation.

"Oh G.o.ds," she whispered. "I'm so full." She slumped forward a bit, looking into the face of the leader. He grunted, beginning to pump, as the man behind also began thrusting.

She shuddered again, feeling the sensations of pounding, thrusting shafts pistoning in and out of her body, her b.r.e.a.s.t.s swinging and quivering, rubbing erotically against the tunic of the man beneath her.

Her head thrust back, and her lips fell open, only to receive a thick, pulsating shaft, salty and slick, tasting vaguely of her own juices. She opened her eyes slightly to see the giant, kneeling to one side of them, holding his member in one hand, hips working to plunge it in and out of her mouth.

Moaning loudly, she sucked him, enjoying the groan of satisfaction that came from him.

The three of them slammed into her, harder and faster, until, one by one, they came in loud yells and groans of pleasure.

Aurora sucked every last bit of come from the giant, and suckled him until he was so dry he had to pull himself away, accompanied by a sad little moan from her. She licked her lips slowly and smiled.

The third man pulled himself out just in time to cover her round, soft backside with hot white come, rubbing it into her skin with his c.o.c.k as she moaned softly, wiggling her b.u.t.t.

The leader slammed her so hard and went so deep that she cried out when he did, squeezing him tightly with her body until every last bit of liquid was milked from his softening shaft, still trapped deep inside her p.u.s.s.y.

She collapsed atop him, moaning softly.

After a while, he chuckled.

"d.a.m.n. That was worth it, I think," he muttered. "Though I don't think I want to let you go, just yet."

He rolled her off him, and withdrew. She looked up at him, weak and still panting slightly. "Oh?"

He grinned. "You're a pretty good little f.u.c.k, lady. I think we'll keep you around for a while."

Aurora blinked. "As a prisoner?"

He grinned and nodded. "Yup. If your employer takes advantage of these skills, I'd think he'd pay a bit to get you back, don't you think?"

Aurora moaned softly and nodded. "He would. I hope."

The leader ordered his clothes and stood up. "Tie her up, then. Make sure she can't get away." He picked up what was left of her dress and tossed it into the fire as the giant secured a rope around her wrists and bound her ankles.

The big guy grinned at her. "You suck nice, lady," he said, kissing her forehead. "Real good."

Aurora smiled and flushed. She couldn't help it, she liked compliments. "Thank you."


Warmth trickled down over her nose, her cheeks, her icy, numbed lips, her aching forehead.

Salt liquid touched her tongue and she groaned.


She opened her eyes slowly ... gray ... misty gray...

She groaned again, blinking, trying to move. Pain shot through her shoulders and she remembered the harness restraining her.

Light began to seep through the gray and she felt a faint stab of relief, blinking harder.

Ancestors ... I'm alive. Thank the Ancestors, I'm alive.

After that crash, Talara knew she was lucky.

Colors began to make their presence known and she shifted a bit, checking her slowly awakening body, hoping everything was still intact.

Her vision swam slowly into focus and she drew in a deep, grateful breath of crisp, clean, cool air. She could make out the instrument panel of her fighter, the lights flashing red and blue and green in her eyes. She reached up, watching her red and black sheathed arm rise in front of her, to brush at the source of the blood still trickling down her cheek and into her mouth. A sharp pain a.s.sailed her as she touched the hairline of her scalp and she winced, pulling the flight-helmet off her head.

"Medic..." she groaned, her voice rough, "physical a.s.sessment."

She slowly dropped the helmet on the floor of the c.o.c.kpit by her feet and popped the restraints binding her into the form-fitting pilot's couch. As far as she could tell, she wasn't badly hurt.

"Commander Ransom, you have a minor abrasion on your right temple, accompanied by light bruising. Other than minor bruising, no other injuries have been detected."

"So my brain is alright? Why did I have trouble getting my sight back?"

"Crash chemical sedation, released into the c.o.c.kpit upon impending impact, to reduce the amount of injuries to the pilot," the computer replied. "A common side effect is temporary blindness."

Talara grumbled under her breath. "Okay. I think I recall something about that."

She looked up, through the transparent c.o.c.kpit canopy.

Outside the ship, it was green, leafy, foresty.

"Where the h.e.l.l am I?" she muttered.

"Aquila," the computer said. "Eliynar Forest."

She sighed. "Aquila. d.a.m.n. I was hoping we'd at least made it into hypers.p.a.ce before I lost consciousness."

She rubbed her forehead, opening the emergency medical compartment and withdrawing healing compounds and compresses.

"Are the Rysusi still in orbit?"

"No," the computer said. "Current data suggests they entered Jump s.p.a.ce approximately fifty-two minutes prior to your awakening, Commander."

"How about the Directorate?" she said, applying the healing compound to her head.

"No. They entered hypers.p.a.ce at approximately the same time."

"They think I'm dead, don't they?"

"I cannot answer that, Commander."

She snorted, pressing an elastic compress on the lesion and opening a packet of antiseptic cleaning pads. "Probably best. For me, anyway. For now. I'd not want to run across a Rysusi search party or something."

Flipping out a small metal mirror, Talara cleaned up the blood on her face and examined her handiwork, adjusting the compress slightly. All things considered, she thought she looked rather well. There was only a little blood matting her silvery-black hemat.i.te colored hair and she smiled.

"Are there any life-signs nearby? Natives, hopefully?"

She ran a computer check on the integrity of the craft. It wouldn't do to be trapped inside if the ship wasn't s.p.a.ce-worthy or even flight-worthy. And indeed, it certainly wouldn't be going anywhere any time soon. The hydraulics, though, were in decent shape.

"Commander, there appear to be life-signs approximately a mile away, an indeterminate number of them, indistinct."

"Indistinct? How?"

"Damage to computer systems may be responsible for reading error."

Talara sighed. "Okay. Well, perhaps they are friendlies. Aquilans, hopefully." She leaned back in her chair for a long moment. "It looks like I'm going to need some kind of way off this rock, since the damage to the ship isn't within my abilities to repair."

"No, it is not."

"Activate the distress signal and scramble it if you can. I'll take my tracker and see if I can locate a friendly somewhere out here. If you get a reply, clik me."

"Yes, Commander."

Talara rummaged around in the supply pods a moment and brought out an ammo case, her service pistol and her tracker. She attached these to her equipment belt and flipped open an armory pod. From that, she got a personal signal scrambler, to prevent any hostiles from picking up her life-signal, a small battery cell and her electro-energy whip.

Aquila was currently possessed by the infamous Rysusi Legion, though it hadn't always been so. So she was behind enemy lines. Thus the vicious, barbed, Jana.s.si-built weapon. It only helped that it was one of Talara's personal favorites.

From the last pod, she pulled a survival pack, checked it and added additional rations as well as an extra empty bottle and water purification strips.

Looking herself over, she made sure her flight-suit seal was still completely intact, which it was, the suit slicking over her lithe body like a second skin.

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