Spirit's Paradise And The Idle Another World Life Chapter 21

I have a free time, after finishing all what Noms the spirit of earth had told Me,  even though they said that I should prepare an environment to live, But what should I do?

…….all the things that I can make now are from rocks, I have wood, but I want to keep that for fuel….let’s make a swimming pool.

swimming in this d.a.m.n hot weather is a good Idea, I first thought about swimming in the fountain, but swimming in the water that I use for drinking is little bad, also I can just have Rain to use the pool water for the field later.

“Dine, I’m thinking of making a pool, is that okay?”

“there is a lot to spare even if Yuuta-chan wasted a little”

since there is no problem with the water supply then I can make one, and if I’m going to build one then should elaborate on it, otherwise it will be troublesome when removing the water later, I want to make it so that it covers my whole body, so 1 meter and 50 centimetre depth is enough.

I also want a place to lie down in it, so I should 30 centimetres shallow s.p.a.ce……as for the size of the whole pool, 5 meters is good, it like a large bath, but just being immersed in water is quite different.

this is getting fun, since I may expand the field more so I’m going to make it in the opposite side, I should make a ca.n.a.l too. though I can use the magical bag to carry the water, still having a ca.n.a.l is a lot cooler.

I dug a hole at the opposite side of the field and put a large rock in it, then used the shovel to dig the rock and make it look like a pool, there is no helping with little water leaking, so I added as many rocks as I can at the gaps,……. oh now I also have a s.p.a.ce where I can lay down.

“fufu, Yuuta, it looks like you are having fun”

“ah, Sylphy, yes it’s actually fun, so far all that I did was for the sake of living so I was desperate, the pool is just for my amus.e.m.e.nt so it won’t matter even if I fail”

“I see, that right, you got the time to make something so fun, good for you”

“yeah, since it seems that I will be able to live somehow”

in reality, there are so many things that I don’t have, so making a pool is the only thing that I thought about doing, I took out a rock and started to reshape to look like the letter U

I might need others at different places, so I should make extra

after gathering enough amounts, I started digging a ca.n.a.l to the fountain while adjusting the angle and placing the U-shaped rock in it, also I put a stopper at the fountain and the ca.n.a.l, it’s complete.

“now I will release the water”



I removed the stopper and the water flowed strongly, my tension raised and I chased the water, Bell and Rain also came after me, they seem to have fun.

the water flowed into the pool, it splashing strongly, a pool was made in the land of death, this might be a historical moment



“yes pool, it’s a place where you can swim and immerse in water, it cool and fun”


“the fountain is a place to drink water from”

it seems that they don’t understand well, since spirits can just play at the fountain so it’s not so different for them

“it’s amazing to think that there is a water ca.n.a.l in the land of death”

“yes, also soon there might be field, to be able to do this in the land of death, Yuuta you are amazing”

I got praised somehow, it’s true having water flow in the red land is something. but for me making pool is more amazing

“rather than me being amazing, it just the tools that are amazing”

if I didn’t have the cultivating tool and didn’t meet the spirit then I would have been dead

“cultivating Tools are indeed amazing, but Yuuta also think about a lot of things, so you should be proud of that”

“j.a.panese regards humility as a virtue, we don’t say I’m amazing”

though in my delusions I’m amazing

“with that virtue then you can’t live in this world, if you hesitated then all will be taken from you”

“The virtue of the j.a.panese … ….”

Different world …… it’s too stingy. …… so if I don’t act strongly it only means I’m showing my weakness and will get eaten, I should be careful when I reach the town.

“Yuuta-chan, if you hesitated all your achievements will get stolen from you”

even the air headed Dine is warning me. I feel somewhat humiliated, but that also means that hesitating can be deadly in this world

“ok, when I get to the town I will try to act strongly”

“yes, and if someone fight you always fight back, when you reach the town that means you have already contracted with me, I will deal with them all”

“Bell will also deal with them”


“ara, then one-chan will do her best too”

somehow the spirits look dangerous, and also does that mean I will contract with Dine too.

“ah, do I really need to fight that much?”

“it seems that Yuuta doesn’t understand this, but contracting with great spirit is amazing. it’s like a miracle, you should have more confidence, no matter what, the one who will end up crying will be the opponent”

what? was sylphy always like this? she seems so eager to fight?, it looks like if we fight the opponent will be in bad position, I should give an atmosphere of being strong in order to avoid battle as much as possible, maybe I should get my self Mohawk Helm and a shoulder pad?

but the contract with great spirit is considered a miracle? sylphy aside, for me Dine is but just big breasted one-san……..

since the only ones I meet since coming to this world are spirits, so normal sense maybe little different from people of this world.


“oh, the water gathered, thanks, Bell”


looking at the pool it’s already full.oh, I forget about the sunburn, I should at less make something to shade from the sun when laying.

I took out a rock and put it at the side of the pool bed, and cut the top of it to make some dent, and used wood branches to make some shade, well this is better than nothing

“now it’s time use the pool”



Bell and Rain are getting excited even though they didn’t know what it’s about. my tension also rinsing, I should control my self so that I don’t repeat the same mistake I did at the sea.

I took off my clothes quickly and dived into the pool with just my pants on, Yeah it feels good




Bell and Rain also came jumping beside me and splashing water, since water moved that mean that they used magical power, is that okay?

“take this”

Bell and Rain started to run when I sprayed water over them, when I chased after them they started to fight back using magic.

“wait, that not fair”

“air bullet”

air bullet came at me pricing through the water, I dived and avoided it, when I showed my self, a water bullet hit my face, it had quite the power, attack with a time lag, Rain what a frightening child.

“Hey, don’t use magic for playing, come here”

Sylphy and Dine called out for Bell and Rain and scolded them, I’m saved

“Yuuta, you at fault too, because you got so excited those children used magic”

“I have no excuse”

I thought that I need to stay calm, but got excited, Pool is a frightening place

after the lecturing over, I led down in the bed that I made in the pool, this is nice, being immersed in the water under the shade, it feels like this is the first time that I managed to relax since coming to this world.

“it feels like you are enjoying it”

“yeah, I made a quite good thing if I say, you should try it too sylphy”

“Ufufu, I’m good for now, I will try it when I feel like it”

that a little disappointing, dose spirits wear swimsuits in the first place. Bell is wearing leaf-like clothes, it little different from her usual attire.

“sylphy, can spirits enter the water with the same clothes that they are wearing?”

“clothes? ah, since our clothes are made with magical power so there won’t be a problem even if we get in the water with it”

“haa!, so you can change freely?”

“yes, if we have a clear image then it’s possible”

ho, that means if I can tell them accurately about the types of clothes in j.a.pan then, we can make that kind and different kind of fashion shows,……I will do my best to tell them about it when I get some time to spare


Dine came out jumping out of the pool with both of her hands open, she looks so certain that I’m surprised

“wow, I got very surprised”

“I thought you will”

the great spirit of water is nodding with a full smile. it seems that she doesn’t get my sarcasm at all. she has a simple personality. Turning to Sylphy, she averted her eyes away as usual. it seems that Sylphy gave up completely about dealing with Dine.

I returned to relaxing after calming Dine down. it’s troublesome having to listen to her hotly talking about the amazement of water. I already got the importance of water Before I made the well.

that was frightening, it was like death was getting closer and closer with each time I drink water, had I drunk the sake it would have been very difficult to move, so it was a really dangerous situation.

I heard Bell laughing voice, turning my head at that direction,  I saw her come sliding in the ca.n.a.l, and with splash she jumped into the pool, looking at her, she is riding above Rain.

I see, she came down the ca.n.a.l while riding on Rain, they both seem happy laughing together.

“Bell, Rain, is it fun?”

“it’s fun~~”


Bell raised both her hand while fully smiling, Rain is. .h.i.tting the water to express her enjoyment, I’m glad that I made the pool.

I looked around while floating and relaxing in the water, if I can improve the environment a little more, then the land of death might become a paradise.

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