Legend Of The Perfect Emperor Chapter 28789197812843020

Chapter 28789197812843020

================================ SPOILER ALERT! ================================ This place contains information and spoilers from the latest chapter! ================================ READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION! ================================ [Important Characters] 1. Tian Yi - Also known as Shuyi. Most handsome man in the Universe. 2. Meng Xiang - Currently 10 years old and Tian Yi's 'Little Sister' 3. Caiyi - A fake vessel of a somebody in the Realm of Gods 4. Feng Li - Tian Yi's mother 5. Tian Qiang - Tian Yi's father 6. Yu Bing - The most beautiful woman in the Qing Shan Continent ================================================================ [Cultivation] Mortal Realm~ Mortal Spirit Stage Profound Spirit Stage Heavenly Spirit Stage Spirit Ascension Stage +++++++ Immortal Realm~ Profound Immortal Stage - when a cultivator can start flying Heavenly Immortal Stage Ancient Immortal Stage Immortal Ascension Stage +++++++ Sovereign Realm~ Profound Sovereign Stage Heavenly Sovereign Stage Ancient Sovereign Stage Divine Sovereign Stage Sovereign Ascension Stage +++++++ Monarch Realm~ Spiritual Monarch Stage Heavenly Monarch Stage Immortal Monarch Stage Ancient Monarch Stage Divine Monarch Stage Monarch Ascension Stage ??? ??? ??? ================================================================ [Pill Ranks/Grades] Ranks~ 1 to 9 Grade~ Low-Grade(90% impurity)- Very many black spots on the pill(impurity) Medium-Grade(65% impurity)- Many black spots. Double the Effect of Low-Grade High-Grade(25% impurity)- Little black spots. Double the Effect of Medium-Grade Top-Grade(5% impurity)- Very little black spots. Double the Effect of High-Grade Supreme-Grade(0% impurity) - Spotless pill without any impurity. Triple the effect of Top-Grade Perfect-Grade(0% impurity) - Pill Miracles will appear. Quadruple the effect of Supreme-Grade ================================================================ [Spirit Arts Master] Info: Spirit Arts Masters are favorites chosen by Heaven itself with only one appearing every 1,000,000 births ??? ================================================================ [Spirit Body] Info: A Spirit Body is a special body that can only be obtained through birth with a 1 in 100,000,000 chance a heaven-defying body. Cultivators with a Spirit Body are mostly if not all geniuses in their own way. Some Spirit Body owners may be able to cultivate faster than others while others may have complete resistance to a certain element. ??? ================================================================ [Universe] There are nine 'main' Heavens in this Universe. Each Heaven has their own unique Spirit Realm, Mysterious Realm, and the Realm of Gods is connected to all Nine Heavens. [Three Realms] The Three Realms consist of the Spirit Realm, Mysterious Realm, and the Realm of Gods. 1. Spirit Realm is the lowest realm with the lowest quality of Spirit Qi. 2. Mysterious Realm is a dangerous place where mythical and ancient monsters roam. 3. Realm of Gods is a place where True Immortals and Gods roam; it is a Cultivator's paradise. In order to get here, one must traverse the Mysterious Realm and find the entrance. The Realm of Gods is, unlike the other two Realms, connected to all Nine Heavens, so everybody will arrive in the same place no matter which one of the Nine Heavens they came from. [Continent] Ninth Heaven~ 1. Qing Shan Continent 2. ? 3. ? 4. ? Qing Shan Continent Four Ancient Lands- 1. Azure Phoenix Sect 2. Ancient Dragon Sect 3. Divine Serpent Sect 4. Heavenly Tiger Sect ================================================================ Author's Thoughts BaiSiwa The glossary will become more in-depth as the novel gets older. Subscribe for advance chapters! https://www.patreon.com/BaiSiwa

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