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Don't fear of darkness 2 Tragedy need only one moment

Poland, 2 years earlier.

"Hey, do not push!"

"Just calm down, I'm not pushing myself, I just do not have space."

"Is it my fault that you have such a big ass?"

At that moment the quarrel was interrupted by a man's voice.

"Kids, stop at the moment or I am turning the car over, and the oceanarium you will be able to see only on leaflets, understood ??"

We looked at each other and murmured:


"Yes, Dad."

Dad looked at us and sighed.

"Really ... Andrew, you're almost 18, and Marcelin you're 16, and you're acting like you both were in kindergarten."

Our mother spoke from the seat next to the driver

"Lukas, you know that we've been going for 3 hours so they will argue with any reason."

"Ehh, you're probably right, which does not change the fact that their screams do not make traveling so pleasant."

Dad did not say anything anymore and focused on the road. Mom would say we should not annoy him anymore. Marcelina just take resent and turned to the window.

Only an hour, I thought

Suddenly I heard a squeak of tires. I looked through the windshield and saw a car that was on the front with ours. Father tried to pass him, but it was too late. My sister and mother shouted, and I stretched out my left hand to cover Marcelina. I heard the crash ...

And then everything was absorbed by darkness.


At the moment when I regained consciousness, I felt pain from almost every part of my body. I tried to move, but the sharp pain made me realize that it was a bad idea. I slowly opened my eyes to see the situation.

Seeing this, the woman in white shouted:

"Doctor, this accidental patient regained consciousness!"


It took me a moment. I was in the hospital. I tried to say something, but the nurse hastily stopped me.

"You are seriously injured, please do not move and say nothing."

I ignored the woman and in a weak voice asked the doctor:

"What...exactly...happened?" The doctor looked at me, silent for a moment, and answered me.

"The car you rode hit frontally against the other one car, and now you're in the hospital."

"...I understand." I frowned, seeing that the doctor had a slightly strange expression on his face. Thinking about this moment, I asked the next question:

"Doctor ... what about my parents? And sister?"

After this question, the doctor fell silent again, this time for longer. He looked at the nurse standing near me, and she nodded slightly. The doctor looked at me again. He opened and closed his mouth several times before he spoke.

"Mr. Andrew ... at to your family ..."

"What ?! What happened ???"

The doctor took off his glasses and looked straight into my eyes.

... Your parents died on the spot ... and your sister died 2 hours ago. We tried to save her, but her injuries were too extensive.

At the moment I was stunned. My family ... is dead? No ... Impossible! It's not true !!! At that moment, I forgot about any pain. I stretched out my left hand to grab the doctor for the tailcoats and shout him in the face it was impossible, but right now I understood ... why my whole body did not hurt.

I stare my eyes looking at the stump what starting from the elbow. The doctor gave me a moment to get used to the view and then continued:

"Your hand was too damaged to save her, I know that you used her to cover your sister and that's why she had a chance to survive . I understand that this is terrible news for you, but ..."

From that moment I stopped listening and just stared blankly at the wall.Later policeman came to me wrote and down a report. The only thing I remembered was the fact that the driver of the second car was also died, and the accident was caused by a broken tire.

Because of one moment and one **ing tire ...

My world was in ruins.

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