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Don't fear of darkness 1 Chapter 1: The life is not a fairy tale.

Poland, the outskirts of Częstochowa, present times.

The morning came too early, as usual. My alarm clock, lying 2 meters away from me, started playing Justin Bieber's "Baby" song, which I hate from my deep heart, and everyone will probably confirm with that the more you do hate something, the more willingly and quickly you want to get rid of it. I hastily turned off this roar, unjustly called music.

"At 8:00 my shift begins ... eh."

Complaining in my mind that I can not sleep anymore, I went to the kitchen. As a standard, I took out the cut bread and made a few sandwiches for breakfast, and put two in the box, for work. At this point, the butter knife I put too close to the edge of the countertop began to wobble and fall . Seeing this, I automatically pulled out my left hand, but ...


The knife fell to the floor, vibrating for a moment.I looked at him, then looked at my left hand ... or rather the stump that had once been her.I smiled bitterly.

(Heh, it's been so long time and I'm still not used to it.)

I shook my head and bent to pick up the knife. Thinking about it will not help me. I ate my meal quickly and then went to wash and change clothes. When I was ready to leave, I took the keys from the house and shouted:

"I'm going to work."

Without waiting for an answer, I left. I always say the same, although I know ...

That no one will answer me.


I looked on time in my phone and breathed a sigh of relief.

It was only 7.50, this time I was not late.

I entered a small grocery store, with the oh how original name "Vegetables and fruits." At the entrance, a man greeted me in 50. He wore long jeans and a slightly stained light blue shirt. Both his face and voice irresistibly associated with the bulldog. More importantly, he was my boss.

"You're late" the man said indifferently.

"Ha? What are you talking about? I have still 10 minutes to my shift"

The man changed his tone to a more pointed voice.

"You still have 10 minutes in your time, but in the time that the rest of the country uses is 8.50. Again, you forgot to change the time on the phone, I guessed?"

"Yyyy ..."

"I guess. I'll deduct it from your salary later. Now put on an apron and sit behind the cash register."

"Andrew, I am closing earlier today, so convert the money and you are free now."

Hearing this, I smiled and quickly miscalculated money and then closed the revenue in the safe. I was about to leave when I remembered one thing.

"Mr. Waldek, regarding the coming wednesday ...."

What ... Aaa, do you want to be free then? No problem, in the end you did not pick up for the last month. But try to be late again and you will be able to look for a new job, understand?

I nodded and ran out of the store. Waldek saw this, slightly snorted and sayed to himself:

"If this boy had so much energy after coming to work and not at the exit it would be great."

(Although after this it's still better he has the power to do anything) thought the man.

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