Don't fear of darkness Prologe

France, year 1134

Although the night had already come, the stars in the cloudless sky threw light, which pierced through the darkness of the forest. At that moment the forest seemed to sleep, and apart from hooting owls nothing disturbed his peace. Just then ...


Between the trees one could see the running figure. Thanks to the light shining through the trees, the figure could see pass, roots, stones and falls to some extent.

In her hands she kept a small blanket that protected her only treasure and the reason why she still had the strength to run. At the moment when the glow fell on her face you could see her appearance. The woman had blond hair in a shade of wheat and delicate features, but her tone was unnaturally pale as a result of continuous flight and wound in the abdominal area through which she lost a lot of blood. However, the most important feature of her appearance were her eyes. They had a pair of beautiful, dark-blue eyes, as deep as the night around her. At some point, the woman staggered and not to falling over leaned against the stone next to her. However, the moment she touched him she understood ...

That it was not a stone.


It was undoubtedly fur, and his owner, alarmed by the touch, immediately woke up and jumped up to 3 meters to assess who was crossing his terrain. The woman immediately understood that the animal in front of her was a wolf. In this, as well as surrounding forests were not uncommon, but recently, due to the limited number of food and constant battles for territory, they were getting more and more aggressive. Those wolves who survived were much stronger than their usual counterparts. The woman wanted to escape immediately, but after a while she understood that she was surrounded. Another 3 wolves left the trees, cutting off the way back. The animals slowly approached her, and the blood on her clothes signaled to them that their victim was injured, so it would be easy prey. The biggest of them, probably the leader of the packet, came out before the rest and prepared to make a fatal blow. Anyone seeing this situation would say that the result of this clash is obvious, but the woman did not feel fear for him. The moment the wolf leapt on her, she raised her hand and whispered in a low voice


Suddenly the light in the shape of lightning flew from her finger and pierced the animal through. The wolf fell dead immediately. The others, seeing how easily their alpha was defeated, knew that they were not an opponent for the woman and hurriedly escaped. However, she did not feel satisfaction and even peace. Those who pursued her were much more dangerous than any beasts, and such a weak spell as "BÅ‚yskawica" did not qualify for them even to the category of joke.

At the moment when she thought about it she heard the noise from behind. She saw the approaching lights of torches and the human voices were more and more distinct. In the crowd of torches you could see several strange luminous balls orbiting around several people. This view frightened the woman simultaneously while motivating her to run faster. Her destination was not far away.

Unfortunately, she was noticed.

"Here! Catch this bitch!"

"Stop or if we get you, we'll break every bone in your body!"

"Take her!"

Despite the bold promises, most men, not being sure of the area before them, did not run at full speed, so the woman managed to keep the distance. However, for those few people around which these strange balls were circling, the distance between them and the escaping woman was not a problem. They stopped and began to enchant their spells.

In one moment the forest filled with a cacophony of thunder, explosions and whistles. The woman feeling the threat hastily raised the barrier around her and tightened the blanket tightly. Trees in the blink of an eye turned into a pile of splinters. The woman managed to get out of this magical hell, but one of the spells broke through her shield, seriously hurting her hand.

But that was not important. Her goal was already front.

After leaving the forest, she stood in the clearing, where there was an unusual stone circle. She immediately ran toward him. She stood in the middle of the circle and in spite of the pain she grabbed her necklace with her left hand. The circle gently shone and the woman heard an indifferent voice:

"Memento mori."

She answered:

" Carpe diem"

At the moment when she said the password, a pentagram formed in the circle, and from its center a pedestal grew and on it stood a crystal which was the core and rudder of the teleportation circle. The woman grabbed the crystal to determine the coordinates of the transfer. However, it was then that her persecutors fell out of the forest.

Seeing the actions of women, the faces of the men were concentrated.

"Damn, teleportation circle!"

" Stop her!"

The soldiers pulled out bows, and the wizards prepared spells. The woman did not have time to enter the coordinates so without a moment's reflection activated the teleport. Random transfer is very risky, but a better risk than a certain death. The circle flashed with a bright light, and the woman disappeared in this radiance, and a second later to the place where she stood the hail of arrows and spells fell. A few people swore at this sight, but they could do nothing. Two men came to the circle to explore him.

"What we do?"

"What do you think? Maybe she managed to escape now, but if we study the crystal, we'll find out where she moved. After that, she's hurt so I will not be surprised if she dies before we find her."

At this comment the first man looked at the second seriously.

"Our master does not tolerate unfinished work. We have to be sure that she is dead. "

"Yes, yes I understand that," he said "So instead of saying so, take this cristal and-" Suddenly, the face of the magician became deadly pale. Seeing this, his companion looked at the crystal and also turned pale. The crystal took on a black color, and both knew what it meant.


... fled!

However, he did not have time to warn anyone. A gigantic explosion swept everyone, both soldiers and mages. After this explosion, the forest fell silent again.


Several hundred kilometers from the place of explosion, a portal was formed. The woman who fell out of him was all in blood. She knew her time was running out. She looked at the blanket. in which there was a plaintiff why she had gone through so much. She tilted one hem and looked at the small, innocent little face. Due to the fact that she exhausted her magic, she could not keep him in a dream state anymore. The child, unaware of what was happening, looked at familiar face and smiled sweetly. The woman also smiled, but remembering that she was chased by her time, she immediately got up and took the child.

(I need to find a some village) she thought.

Ignoring the pain, she moved forward. This time she was lucky, because less than a kilometer further she found a small village, which consisted witt less than 10 houses. She reached the nearest house and knocked on the door. After a moment she heard a voice from inside the house.

"What kind of son of bitch are knocking in the middle of the night?!?" A fat man came out of the cottage. He was about to call out who woke him, but when he opened the door he saw the bloody woman lying in front of him.

"Christ, Lord! Janina, get up! The woman is lying here, probably dead."

"What are you **ing about, old goat!" A woman's voice shouted. She followed her husband thinking she was talking about mad things, but when she stood next to him she screamed terrified at the view.

"What we do?" The man asked.

"H-how do I know? Check, maybe he's still breathing."

"Um ..." The man approached the woman and was about to touch her when he suddenly heard a weak voice

"... ease ..." The man was a little surprised, but he understood that it was the voice of a wounded woman.

"Miss, what happened to you? Can we somehow help ...?" The woman interrupted him with a weak gesture and pointed to the blanket.

"Please ... take care of ... him." The man looked at the blanket and saw a childish face in it. Despite his confusion, he nodded.

"Okay, we'll take care of him."

The woman smiled weakly.

"Th...ank... you."

After these words, the woman's breathing stopped.

(Lord Faramel ... Lady Lilo, your child is safe, now I can stand before you with the knowledge that I have fulfilled my duty.)

The man, holding the child, looking at the dead woman without a word. The only thing that was heard in the area is the crying child.

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