Commushou no Ore ga, Koushou Skill ni Zenfurishite Tenseishita Kekka Chapter 8

In the bathroom of our house, after heating up the water, we would then adjust the temperature of it using cold water and we would save the water for later use in a storage of water like way.Then we would pull it to the bathroom from outside and the hot water is acc.u.mulated inside the bath tub.While Marle-san was heating up water outside, I who is being carried by Fillianess-san together with Aretta-san is now waiting for the water to heat up.Because the changing room and the bathroom are inside one room, everyone is still wearing their clothes. This place around here is different from the modern bath.

「Yaay ~, the preparations are done ~. Ah! I’ve gotten sweaty….」「Marle-san, for you to the wood on the fire while dressed like that…..I apologize for entrusting that job to you.」

Since Marle-san’s appearance is that of only her wearing cloth armor, the sweat gathered and clung to the fabric……I wasn’t aware of the destiny that I was facing which, is the feeling when getting to see a scene where after school club activity girls in their P.E. uniforms get drenched in sweat.For a moment, there are soot sticking to her face but Marle-san doesn’t seem to worry about it.I really got to say my grat.i.tude to Aretta-san for such a girl while I express my grat.i.tude to her repeatedly.This relationship of trust, Is it the thing called Close friends…….how enviable.I gotta make a friend like that too.

「Since their house has a tall wall surrounding it, we can ease our mind from the worry of being seen outside~.」「Yes, that’s right. An aristocrat’s residence must be like that.」

Marle-san is such a hard worker huh.Originally, I wonder if she does housework to support a large household?Nevertheless…..Fillianess-san’s chest has been hitting my cheeks for a while now with a sound effect of Poyo~Poyo~.If I was just a little bit grown up then I would certainly have a nosebleed right now.Even for pure and unadulterated babies, they would also gradually reach their limit.

「Now then…..shall we go inside. Marle, Aretta, shall you two enter first? I’ll take care of Hiroto while you two are bathing.」「Okaay. Some way or another, one would value the baby first right, Raijin-sama?」「You’re saying stuff like that again Marle-san….Fillianess-sama is a shy type and that’s why she possesses delicacy.」

While reproving Marle-san, Aretta-san started to take off her clothes that she was wearing.In the middle of that scene I who is on Sage mode while looking at it have at last became aware of the situation.

【「That’s right, they still haven’t taken it off……..BATHROOM = NUDE isn’t it….!」】

While mother is wearing her clothes, she would leave me submerged in the bathtub (aru). However these three have no choice other than to enter in the bathroom with me.




「It’s always tied up because of my habit…….fuu…~ Now it’s become all twirly. 」「Your hair truly has a great volume as always huh, Marle-san」「Before you soak it in the hot water, I’ll wash it for you. Since I’m the one who always washes it.」「No No, it’s alright.」

When Margit-san undid her braids and her curled hair reached up to her waist. Though that hair of hers had a hidden exquisite feel with it, The hills on her chest which were like rockets really stands out……thus when I look at Filiannes-san’s height, The things above her chest weren’t visible to my line of sight.

「I also would want to straighten my back like Marle-san but……just what do you do to make it like that?」「At the time when I was still a baby, my mother fed me lots of breast milk which was her way of raising me ♪」「Marle-san’s mother also has a tall back too right?」「There’s also a family of Giants huh….oh, that was too much. Sorry Marle.」「Nah ~ When Raijin-sama tells a joke, my chests becomes relieved.」

Because Marle-san’s movements are large while she’s talking, a certain part of her body is bouncing up and down with a sound of Barun Barun~. If it is slapped like that then it would deal a considerably painful damage……Is it that thing called Breast slap? No, I’m not even sure if there’s a word like that that exists.

「Hiroto-chan too, if you drink a lot of breast milk right now, then you would gwow a wot mow yu nooow ~」 (TLN: She speaks in baby talk to Hiroto [, then you would grow a lot more you knooooow ~])【「Whoa!…..S-So high! too high!」】

Marle-san received me from Fillianess-san and she suddenly carried me up.It was the same way Rikardo papa carried me though it also has the same height when he carries me too.And as she lifts me up, her hair that was covering a part of her body slipped away from the thing it was hiding with the sound of Harari~The cherry blossom season has finally arrived for the two white mountain’s summit. People would already understand what I’m talking about with those description.

「……………..」「Ah, He’s neatly frozen~. Was it scary? It’s not scary at all~ 」「The thing about using baby talk is alright, right?…..Just leave that to me, Marle-san. Marle-san is a person who occasionally falls down so it’s quite dangerous.」「Aretta-chan, Are you planning on monopolizing Hiroto-chan as a……Ah, Raijin-sama, what’s the matter?」

Fillianess-san is poking the elbow of Marle-san which is restraining Aretta-san.

「Marle, how about you take off Hiroto’s clothes for the time being. Since you’re much used to it than me and Aretta.」「Aright Alright ~」【「This moment is the most embarra.s.sing moment for me since I was reincarnated here」】

◆Log◆・《Margit》 has released all of your equipment。

Even I am feeling embarra.s.sed so maybe it’s even for the two of us. Even if I see the naked figure of these three…… is what I was thinking but Fillianess hid her face with both her hands. She hasn’t even taken off her Circlet too and her cloth armor hasn’t been taken off.

「Umm. Filianess-sama, then please don’t hide your face……..」「Na!…Yo-You’re wrong! It’s not like I don’t want to look, but I thought that it isn’t okay to look…..」「Raijin-sama, you’re so cute aren’t you ~。 It’s my first time to look at it this firmly so it’s also making my heart throb too ~ 」「Thro- throbbing aside……in the end, this is just for the sake of future reference right……? 」

Even though Aretta-san says that, she’s still looking at me with the l0ng slits of her eyes. Please don’t look at me like that, I’m just a 0 yr old kid.

「Hmmm…..Hiroto-chan, most likely he has this impression of having a splendid growth in the future……..」「P-please don’t look at him so intently like that! Hiroto-chan is feeling embarra.s.sed right now surely.」

Aretta-san took me away from Marle-san. It exists even though the size is modest……but by observing it closely, there is also a different flavor existing here. Well, I’m not a Breast Sommelier, what the h.e.l.l am I thinking of……..

「I-it’s not like that~ Aretta-chan. I’m not looking you know? Yep, I didn’t look at all……..Kyaaaa!!」「Ma-Marle…..!?」

Bashaaaan ! ! ! (TLN: Sound effect)Marle-san pushed Aretta-san while trembling and her foot slipped with a Tsuru sound. Fillianess-san’s voice also became empty, her balance is destroyed and her face got thrust to the water spout.

◆ Log ◆・《Margit》’s 「Happening」 skill has been invoked!・《Margit》 fell down! 13 damage has been received!・《Margit》 entered the state of unconsciousness。【「…..Is it a white peach?」】

The sight of Marle-san’s bottom was view-able to me from the bathtub, which I gave the fruit like description. That is a fruit, I can still be forgiven since it’s a fruit. This will end without her feeling that she can’t be a bride anymore….!

「Get a hold of yourself Marle-san !! Sigh, only at such a time as this are you…..heavy….」「bokobokobokoboko」 (TLN: Burbling sounds)「Aretta……This is the last resort measure, Strike her bottom. So that her consciousness would come back.」「I-I understand….Please excuse me! Sei ! ! 」 (TLN: sound effect that is being said)PASHIIIN

With the yell of Aretta-san with good power, a pleasant feeling could be felt in the bathroom with the good sound that resounded inside. The white peach shook with the sound of Bikun!, and Margit-san woke up.

「Puhaaaaa! W-what are you doing so suddenly Aretta-chan!」「That’s what I should be saying though……Haah. Hiroto-chan looks shocked too.」

I’m not shocked though, the [Happening] skill that activates with 10 points is comparatively awful……..Marle-san, she’s really lucky to be well and safe up till now.

「Mou~, Since I can’t leave it up to Marle-san, I’ll just step in the bath previously. Is this temperature already good…..」

Aretta-san carefully soaked me in the hot water. There’s no problem because it’s lukewarm……..hmm, it feels so good. Though it’s alright to just wipe me with a cloth which has been soaked wet in the lukewarm water, as I thought, it’s still best to just gradually soak in the lukewarm water. My senseless body got hot and is quickly fl.u.s.tered.

◆Log◆・《Aretta》 places you in the bath。・《Aretta》’s 「Maternity」 skill has risen! The action skill 「Breastfeed」 has been acquired。【「What…..!?」】

The circ.u.mstance where Aretta-san placed me in the bathtub, made her 「Maternity」 skill to exactly 20… what happened……!「Fuuu………Marle-san, I did it even though I wasn’t taught how to. How is it?」「Ku…………..I-If it’s me, then I can do a much better job in putting him in the bath you hear me ~!」「What are you two competing over each other…….good grief. Did the feeling of being shy already disappear…….?」

◆Log◆・《Fillianess》’ 「Holy Circlet」 equipment has been released。・《Fillianess》’ 「Blessed cloth armor」 equipment has been released。【「……..D-Danger. This is very dangerous….!」】

In the beginning wherein the bathroom was enshrouded by the steam, the girl who has a golden thread like hair and snow white skin was standing there.My brain couldn’t settle down either while it repeatedly says 【”DANGER”】. The extremely ripened fruit that developed her b.r.e.a.s.t.s have, a very artistic well-proportioned form. So as to show her disposition, it’s popping, completely disregards gravity. (TLN: I’d like to thank my friend for doing such a good job in TLing this)And her beautiful long legs which are as if G.o.d made it with a beautifully fine strokes of his pen. Though I wanted to say that I wanted to apply more muscles in it, I cannot help myself from wanting it to stay the same right now as she gets stronger. Of course when the years pa.s.s, the Fillianess’ figure that I know would be gone, though the way things are going right now cannot stay as it is for all eternity.

【「Explaining a 14 year old like its fine arts is, being a lolicon? …isn’t it?…….」】

Beacause I’m a 0 year old baby right now, a 14 year old is considered older……..This is unpalatable, I’m getting confused. Even only at the sight of Marle-san and Aretta-san, I would already be dazed.

「Since I’m tired too, then I’d like to join Hiroto in getting soaked in the bathtub.」

―and thus, the first time chance has arrived. I who had a praying like feeling, waited for the arrival of the log to flow in me.

◆Log◆・「Charm」 has been invoked! 《Fillianess》 succeeded in resisting.【「Ku……..W-well, that’s right. There is no reason for it to go well in the first shot 」】

The verdict of charm is carried out every 15 minutes. While she’s in the bath, even if it’s despicable, I’ll be sure to have another chance.Fillianess doesn’t know the conflict happening in my heart, while she took the bucket and drew some hot water from the tub, and then she knelt on one knee to the floor and bathed in the water from the shoulder. The now wet golden hair clings to her body, and alike to Marle-san a while ago, the core of the fresh fruits is hidden under a cover.

「There’s also soap too. Even when it’s a high cla.s.s inn, there’s no such thing like this in those places…….This is very welcoming.」

Even in the appearance of her washing her body with the soap, it looks like she is clad in some kind of radiance from somewhere. She is so beautiful no matter she does…….Fillianess-san finishes washing her body while I was thinking, took some hot water again and proceeds to shower herself with it while the foam is washed with the water. Thus the slightly hidden parts of her wet body is turned up to my direction. Because I’m a baby, it seems to have been thought that concealing it too much was also strange.

「Fuu…..The hot water has been used up so luxuriously, however though I’ll permit it because Marle boiled it, The hot water overflowed considerably when she was thrusted there a little while ago.」「It’s alright you know~ because hot water can be added if this is twisted here.」「The hot water can be gotten here huh……now it’s possible for Hiroto-chan to enjoy soaking in the bath.」【「W-well……I’m already feeling dizzy though……」】

My surroundings have become slightly going round and round……it wouldn’t be good if this goes on any longer. However, Aretta-san who is carrying me is also the same.◆Log◆・You have entered the state of dazed。・《Aretta》 has entered the state of dazed。・《Aretta》 is confused。

「………….Hiroto-chan………when looking at you closely……….unexpectedly, you have a very round eyes………..」

Aretta-san who is easily dazed, has already become dazed even though she still hasn’t entered the bathtub yet. Is it because of the heat……or is it because she’s embracing me while in the state of [Charm]?

【「…….wait, this situation is….!」】

◆Dialogue◆・《Aretta》 is trying to use the active skill [breast feed] on you。Will you permit her to use it on you? YES/NO

「…..Even I don’t want to lose… Marle-san …..because, I’m older you know…..」「Ah…..A-Aretta-chan! Don’t do it, I think that’s too early for Aretta-chan!」「D-Do you know what you are trying to do…..Aretta, how about you shower yourself with the water for the time being, your face is too red right now.」

The two girls started to stop the confused Aretta-san. The Aretta-san who I saw as a cool person, which I saw momentarily with my eyes which was moistening, I become more dazed so I couldn’t see her face too much though.However, she’s still in my presence, though only a gentle hill and a faint color can be seen with my eyes right now. It’s a Flat chest….. I was using a roundabout expression up to now but even though she’s the oldest among everyone here, she’s still flat chested. However it is still possible to breastfeed.

「Aaaah, wait for a moment, I said wait for a moment……..medekkkkkkkuuuuuuu!」 (TLN: wtf I dun understand. EN: It’s a moan definitely after putting Hiroto’s mouth on the cherry blossom tree at the end of the cliff.)「Wah, don’t suddenly raise such an improper voice Marle-san, wait, don’t act rashly Aretta-chan…..Ah…?!」「…….If it’s for Hiroto-chan, I’ll……give myself to him」

◆Log◆・You are now receiving 《Aretta》’s「Breast-feed」 skill。Your Hp has been replenished。・You have recovered from your dazed state。・You have obtained the skill 「Medical Soldier 」!・《Aretta》 is now feeling like this is her fate。【「Sh-she’s acting rashly too much…however…I have obtained it, the skill Medical Soldier 【(Medic)】…..!」】

「……I didn’t think I would try it up to this. The duty for this day has been outside my a.s.sumption for too much.」「Y-You fool! What have you done to another woman’s baby, to such a place yo-you-you-you……..」

The words of what Aretta-san did couldn’t go out from Fillianess-san’s mouth. Marle-san who was inside the bathtub was observing us with moist eyes.

「About Aretta-chan…..though she’s older, she too weeny is what I’ve thought. I’ll be revoking that now.」「Ma-Marle-san….You’re scaring me, please extend the ending of a word as always.」

Since I’ve recovered from the abnormal state, I can now clearly see Marle-san’s appearance.

【「….Wa, She’s not wearing anything right….」】

The circ.u.mstance of a 16 year old to not have a forte, is having a nature of not obtaining anything for the rest of their life. Nah, after that, the wishes is placed in 3 years……well, it’s a big a.s.sistance. For a 0 year old me, I have no right to interfere in the growth of an older nee-san. (TLN: I still can’t understand this line. Raw = 16歳ではえてないってことは、一生はえないような気もする。いや、あと二、三年に望みをかけて……って、大きなお世話だ。)

「Thus when one looks at Hiroto closely, I now understand the feeling of the time when I’d become a mother or in other words…..」

◆Dialogue◆・《Margit》 is trying to use the active skill [breast feed] on you。Will you permit her to use it on you? YES/NO

「You don’t have to hold back you know ~…..? I’m sure that it would come out more than Aretta-chan’s…….」「Th-that can’t be true…..Hiroto’s stomach is already full, it’s already been decided so.」「Y-you two….Have you two been possessed by craziness? I’m sure it’s true, the two of you are now getting crazy…..」

Though Fillianess-san is covering her face as usual, the part where her eyes are not concealed. L-let’s make sure now….that I’ll inherit her [Physique] or her [Chivalry] at this moment.

「I’m not sure if you can see these muscles but because there’s no muscles in this part so…..」

◆Log◆・You are now receiving 《Margit》’s「Breast-feed」 skill。Your Hp has been replenished。・You have obtained the skill 「Chivalry 」!・《Margit》 has become happy。

「….Having to feel this good huh~。 Ehehehehe….Hiroto-chan……」「Mou, it’s already fine now so switch with me already! Since I’m a medical soldier, these kind of things is my forte!」「W-Wait….He’s considerably become very red… the time when I soaked in the tub, there is no need to gone up any longer」

Though Fillianess says so, I would always fully recover as long as I am drinking breast milk.And now again, I’ll have to wait before the [Charm] skill can be used again. Since its 15 minutes then it should be activating any second now.

【「The peculiar skill of the 2 knights is now complete…..however, the most desired skill is…..!」】

「Hmmm…..You’re very quiet now. Are you really alright? Though your complexion seems to be alright.」

Fillianess-san who is carrying me, has soaked in the tub with me. At that moment, the log of fate has flowed in.


◆Log◆・「Charm」 has been invoked! 《Fillianess》 succeeded in resisting.


I instinctively shouted in my head. How hard is her guard really……It’s still an impregnable fortress even without her Circlet.

「……He seems to be somewhat displeased about something. What should I do, to make you become cute again?」「…..manma」 (TLN: Baby talk)「Isn’t it lonely if your mother isn’t here? it’s alright, I’m mommy~」「Marle-san, as one would expect that is….even a baby can see the distinction you know.」

At that time when I said [manma], I want to suckle on Fillianess-san is what I really wanted to say though.

「Mu….the water is a little hot now. I’m a little worried a little for Hiroto so let’s just soak for a little and get out after.」「Okay.」「I understand.」

And thus my battle has ended. However, after the next morning arrives, while Fillianess-san’s circlet is out of the way, it is sure to spend some time in this house……

【「It’s not yet over……I have not yet given up. If I give up right now then I’ll surely regret it….!」】

To the female knights who I have soaked together in the bath, I am now burning with fighting spirit. Fillianess-san looks at me with her reddish brown eyes and she slanted her head.

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