Commushou no Ore ga, Koushou Skill ni Zenfurishite Tenseishita Kekka Chapter 6

Although Old Valdes was trampling down the scoundrel from above, a dwarf’s weight is quite heavy contrary to its diminutive appearance. But well, my mother raised her hands upwards. I want him to satisfyingly accept that.

「Thank you very much, old sir」

「No, it’s fine. I also became completely deaf, being delayed after noticing the commotion.」

While Old Valdes was talking, I, which was on the back of Remilia-san, am looked at. Although his eyes were matched to me only momentarily, I still turned my face away.


「Humm, he possess nice eyes. Me being able to perceive it, might possibly be thanks to this child’s distinctive character.」

When you [charm] the same s.e.x, a terrible thing……. won’t happen. Basically, they will just become friendly. In the game, there was also a case that I occasionally see wherein women use male characters leading to the decrease of same s.e.x characters. There’s no girl that hates Yaoi, I think it’s considerably close to the truth. Of course, it’s an unrelated culture to me.

「While I’m still alive,  I want to create and give a tool that’s suitable for children.」

「No, no, that’s…… just by being kindly helped today, it is I who can’t even give a reward.」

「I’ve just thought so arbitrarily. Hey lad, come play in this Grandfather Valdes’ workshop when you grow up. That’s if I still remember you though….. houhouhou」

Old Valdes―――no, Old Man Valdes left while smiling cheerfully. I really thank you for saving my mother, is what I wanted to say, but was unable to. It had become an awkward feeling, even as I wave my hands.

Since this Charm skill affected ten people or more in the town, a dialog stating 「Do you want to order him?」 was continuously popping out. If I haven’t done anything to raise their intimacy rating, charm would be released after 24 hours.

Those men that were stretching, started to take on their guard. In case of the situation like now, 「Where does the fault lie to」, though they are still at fault for starting a fight earlier…… Apparently, the first man whom collided with Remilia-san, was done on purpose. I saw the man called Anton invoke 「Ram」 when I looked at the log……. Although I didn’t noticed at first, it was intended to pick a fight from the beginning.

Remilia-san, her HP diminished a little….. doing something like that. However, my anger doesn’t have anything to direct it towards to anymore. Fillianess and Grandfather had, knocked down Aton et al. completely.

「Uh, Umm…… Fillianess-sama, thank you very much. I, inadvertently, flared up and raised my hand……」

「Entrust to the law those who try to act uncouthly to women, the knights of the dukedom won’t overlook that. Not to mention, carrying such a very young baby….」


・「Charisma」 invokes! 《Filianess》 paid attention.

Charisma was invoked, Fillianess turned to Remila-san’s back, trying to look at my face.

「Uhh, not even turning towards my way…..」

「…..Ah~、Uu~」 (Note: =3=) (Meow note: HueHueHue)

It’s because you have approached suddenly, is the excuse I want to make. As expected, it is impossible for me to look in the eyes of someone I met for the first time. If I smiled charmingly, intimacy rating might go up.


・「Charm」 invokes!  The effect of 《Fillianess》’ 「Holy Circlet」 prevented the charm from being effective.

The forehead protector that Fillianess wears is a magic item, so it seems to be defending the charm completely. However, the status could at least be seen thanks to 「Charisma」.

It’s not like I, am only thinking of raising my skills. As a gamer, I can’t simply ignore the status of a strong character as well as the information…… allow me to inspect it.

Although I had expected her to possess many skills, approximately the same amount of information as Sarasa-san…… H-however, this is…….


Name : Fillianess ShurézeRace : Humans.e.x  : FemaleAge  : 14 years oldLevel: 10

Job  : Saint KnightHP : 340/340MP : 120/144


Longsword Mastery      40Armor Mastery          20Spirit Sorcery         30【Holy】Sword Skill      50Sorcery Attainments    10Body Affluency         25Maternity              35Elegance               12

Active Skill:

Piercing                      (Longsword Mastery 20)Twin Thrust                   (Longsword Mastery 40)Divine Protection Prayer      (【Holy】 Sword Skill 10)Magic Sword                   (【Holy】 Sword Skill 20)Double Magic Sword            (【Holy】 Sword Skill 50)Spirit Sorcery Level 3        (Spirit Sorcery 30)Breast-feeding                (Maternity 20)Lullaby                       (Maternity 30)

Pa.s.sive Skill:

Equip Longsword        (Longsword Mastery 10)Dual Sword Technique   (Longsword Mastery 30)Holding Back           (【Holy】 Sword Skill 30)Charisma               (【Holy】 Sword Skill 40)Equip Armor            (Armor Mastery 10)Manners                (Elegance 10)Nurturing              (Maternity 10)Slightly weak against orcsWeak against slimes

Remaining Skill Point: 0

「(…..F-fourteen years old….!?)」

Thunder G.o.d Fillianess’ official ill.u.s.tration in the game was a woman in her twenties. She was called by the nickname 「Fil-neesan」, my perception should not have been wrong. She was frequently the character representative of 「BBA Please marry me」 written on the bulletin board. (TL Note: BBA stands for baba which means old woman)

Although she should have been level 60 in the game. Is it because of the age decrease? It’s just 30. Nevertheless, her act of pretension is definitely not in vain, it’s possible to concur on the fighting power she had shown.

「As expected, a woman that holds a sword, is dreadful for a baby…..?」

Being despondent in front of me, is certainly a 14-year old girl. Rather than a female knight, it’s better to call her a maiden knight.

However, a 14-year old to be, stronger than my father Ricardo…… No matter what skill training, if the severity of the training is piled up. I think such strength could be obtained. I also want to follow her example by all means.

「Fillianess, it seems that you knew I’m a n.o.ble girl of the dukedom when you came though……」「I’m a defender of the dukedom. I know of all the people’s names connected to the king’s genealogy. Remilia Howlvitts-sama, you, after being married with our knight squad’s Axe Knight, Ricardo. Two years had already pa.s.sed?」

Fillianess kneels before my mother, and bows. At that instant, I noticed one thing. I tasted the feeling of being electric shocked.

My player name 「Sigrid」, was not chosen like when entering the game. I also shouldn’t have any parents either…… Nevertheless, in this world, I became a living existence here from the very beginning.

Although I’ve set up some hypotheses, unless I meet the reincarnation G.o.ddess again, verifying my answers cannot be done. As of now, the G.o.ddess might possibly used the reason, 「In order to welcome me」, for me to prepare myself. There are parents, that each has their own origin. There is my life. There’s also human relationships.

The world that G.o.ddess created on her own, where it’s possible for humans to live freely.

But now, I think it’s more like her pride.

「Yes, this child is Hiroto……. I and Ricardo’s G.o.d-given child.」

I want to express my grat.i.tude to the G.o.ddess. For being born as the child of Ricardo-san and Remilia-san.

While rocking me moderately on her back, Reilia-san smiles. My mother smiles, in this world.

I want to protect that smile. It’s not like I want to recover my worthless previous life though…… Ricardo-san, everyone in the town, even Sarasa-san and Leona, I want to protect everyone.

For receiving that bonus from the G.o.ddess, I, whom have been born in this world, should at least repay for that kindness.

「…..Why are you not looking here. Am I really making such a scary face?」「……Mamma」「Oh dear…… my Hiroto, seems to be hungry. Fillianess-sama, the reward would have to be postponed for another day, I will definitely do. Well then…..」「To tell you the truth, I was tasked to come to your house. It doesn’t necessarily mean to be with those comrades a while ago. If you don’t mind, I also, want to accompany you up to your house though…..」

Fillianess….., though I remember addressing her without using an honorific due to the game sensation in those days, I should apply the honorific soon. Apparently, she, seems to have come to this town due to some inevitable important situation. Considering that she was a character that almost doesn’t move, at this point I, can’t even imagine what kind of event would occur.

Up to the point far ahead, I cannot think of any quest related to a baby though…… By any chance, I, to Fillianess-san’s visit. My chest throbbed secretly.

「W-what? Staring intently at me like that….. Is there something attached to my face?」「Oh dear….. how unusual, Hiroto is shy when it comes to strangers so being able to look at a person like that. Fillianess-sama, although I’m humbled, it seems that our child is now fond of you.」「Mm,hmm…… Is it because I helped you? It’s not like there’s a need for a sense of grat.i.tude though…..」

Of course, although I’m also grateful for rescuing my mother. I, even at such case, sharpened my eyes.

「(Fillianess-san has the maternity skill…… and it to be 35. Despite being 14-years old!)」

In order to see her equipment, she needs to enter the party. Although I haven’t seen it yet….. even only in it’s outward appearance, I understood what could be determined overall.

She was like that even in the game, with high defensive power. There are also a lot of additional effect from the Full Plate Mail. I don’t equip it due to my dislike of the decline of agility, and the decrease of attack frequency.

Instead, my equipment from above are 「Cloth Armor」, 「Shoulder Armor」, and 「Waist Armor」 — the guard equipment around the waist.

「(…..This is a REAL lactating breast….. being 14-years old, maternity 35….. 7% of Plus compensation directed to the bust…..!)」

I couldn’t help feeling an earnest admiration. Despite being 14-year old, it’s obviously way more big than Remilia-san. Remilia-san seemed small in that case, which by no means to be so. Fillianess-san’s body affluency….. no, she’s just blessed with rich development.

My judgement on the charm skill is, either it won’t take effect unless a short while lapses or, it would be nullified as long as the circlet is worn. Although I’m not aiming too high, as far as that inherent Saint Knight Job Skill 「【Holy】 Sword Skill」 is concerned, I honestly want that so badly but seems out of hand.

Supposing she removed the circlet to let her hair down….. no, supposing her resistance towards 「Charm」 weakened. Would such chance, really show up?

「Oh this child of mine….. Fillianess-sama, please don’t repeatedly spoil this child, ‘kay. He could immediately attract girls, a very mysterious child.」「Uh…… However, I’m not someone that’s liked by children, Hiroto faced away a while ago, too. Even if I pampered, in case he wasn’t pleased, it’s better to not do anything at all.」

Fillianess-san became peevish for a moment. As might be expected, suckling from the strongest cla.s.s NPC cannot be done, huh…… There’s no choice but to give it up. Considering that there was no woman not less than 18 years old with maternity 20 or more until now, regarding a 14-year old girl, a considerable sense of immorality could be felt.

In order to get her to remove her equipment, apart from that powerful equipment that could only be handed over. Even if she hand it over through the 「Exchange」 skill, she doesn’t carry any more items with the same value as the holy circlet.Although I could also 「Exchange」 money and items, if I don’t walk over it, the 「Pick Gold」 that I acquired when I got the luck skill won’t activate. That’s why presently, I’ve had zero property. Moreover, the circlet magic item might have a remorseful value worth 100 gold coins.

(All possibilities are hopeless, huh……. yeah. For the time being, isn’t it fine to just understand something from her task?…… Even though it recovers through time, I should somehow restore my mother’s HP)

――I still, had forgotten today’s occasion.

Unlike the game, in this world, there is an opportunity to absolutely remove an equipment no matter the kind of person.

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