Commushou no Ore ga, Koushou Skill ni Zenfurishite Tenseishita Kekka Chapter 19.2

Chapter 19.2

Chapter 19 – The G.o.ddess’ ThesisPart B

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 STATUSName: Remilia SiegridHuman - Female - 22 years old - level 12

Job: n.o.ble womanLife: 1/76

“A…… Aaa……”

She is healed. Mother’s life point that has been dropped to 0 is returning back to 1……

Mother is alive. A tinge of red is returning to her cheek and her chest starts moving up and down peacefully again.

Everyone present could only gulped down a large amount of air and then fall silent. The one who is closest to mother, father Ricardo, is trying to check whether she is still alive or not and after confirming her breathing and pulse, large grain of tears start falling down on his cheek.

“…… Remilia…… Ahh…… Remilia is…… Remilia is still alive…… alive……”

“G.o.ddess, I beg for your mercy…… grant us with your healing light to lift all of our pain as all we hope are your gentle pardon for our sin” (Eros: I took many liberty translating this)

 LOG- 《Sarasa》 is chanting the magic [Resurrection]!- 《Remilia》 is recovering her life point!

Sarasa-san immediately cast high grade healing magic to my mother who just resurrected back to life. Elixir should’ve fully healed her but seems like it is losing its effect after resurrecting mother’s life back…… But thanks to Sarasa-san’s healing magic, I can’t feel the presence of death from my mother anymore.

“Remilia…… You stupid! Don’t scare me like that…… I thought that you’re gonna die!”“Thank G.o.d…… Remilia…… Really…… I’m glad……”

Monica-san and two other trio clings to my mother body and cried. While the other trio from the knight brigade also couldn’t stop their tears from free falling from their eyes.

“Hauu~…… I… I can’t…… I can’t hold it anymore…… Uwaaan!”“M-Mar-san, don’t act like a child…… and Filianes-sama also……”

Mar-san and Aletta-san is crying loudly. Even Filianes-san is also doing the same……

“Hic…… Hiroto…… your mother…… Remilia-sama is saved…… that is great…… truly great……”

Filianes-san is hugging me from behind while crying. With the warmth from her hug, my constrained mind starting to relax and as my mind turn even more relaxed, my tears started to run down without me being able to hold it back.

The medical staff is dumfounded by the miracle happened in front of him and keep on standing on the spot. But even so, as he had to do his job, he recovered and quickly moves in to affirm my mother condition and then deeply bows his head towards my father.

“I’m sorry. This happened because me lacking in skill. The drug that Hiroto-kun brought back had save Remilia-san…… It is really presumptuous of me to call myself as a medical pract.i.tioner. I don’t try to do my best to save her and even given up half-way……”“No…… you don’t have to ask for forgiveness. A

fter all, it is my kid here who causes this miracle by his hard work…… I also don’t know that Hiroto is doing his best out there and could only grieve in despair, unable to do anything. I’m a failure as a father”

After father Ricardo wipes his tears, he moved to stand beside me and then gives me a pat in the head.For father, losing mother is something that he feared the most. Even more than facing dangers that would come at him from being the protector of the Demon Sword.I know how deep father’s love is toward mother. And to think that I was born from such love, I can’t think of anything besides the feeling of gratefulness toward the two of them.

Will I also, someday in the future, come to love someone just like them?

---- No, I don’t intent on continuing my childish façade…… It’s just that, because I am still in this body of a child, it is impossible for me to form a decent love just yet.

Filianes-san has already conveyed her feeling despite me still being like this. And not only her, there are also Riona, Milty, …… and even Stella.

At present the little childrens (except Riona who aren’t present) are all crying. Deen’s face is a total mess from her tears and snot, Ash still tries to keep up his smile even while tearing up…… and Stella is crying in Elena-san’s chest.

Meruone-san takes her off to wipe her tears. Her eyes are red from crying. When our eyes meet, she somehow looks embarra.s.sed but still managed to forced out a smile.

And then…… my eyes meet with Monica-san’s. She then walk up to me then hug me from the front.

“Hiroto, when you left me behind, I just don’t know what will happen then but even so, I still can’t get angry at you”“Un…… I’m sorry, Monica-neechan. And thank you for calling everybody to help”“…… It’s alright you know. But the next time you going to do another reckless thing, make sure to bring me along okay? …… Don’t leave me worried behind”

Now, I can definitely promise her that I would do so. I won’t do any more dangerous things after all.

---- But, this is not yet the end. I turned my gaze to the one who gives my mom healing magic earlier. And that person is exactly Sarasa-san.I have something I must confirm from her no matter what…… in order to save Riona.

But now, I still want to soak in this happiness feeling from mother’s resurrection…… for a bit longer.I hold my still sleeping mother’s hand and look at her peaceful sleeping face from the side. There are no feeling of pain and suffering, just peace…… I can indeed feel her vitality getting normal.

After confirming my mother’s condition, I raise my head and accidentally meet Grandpa Bardis’s gaze who has been keeping his silent for a while. Noticing my gaze, he smiled and nods deeply a few times to me.


I told Sarasa-san that I have an important matter to talk to her so we come to her house to talk.Sarasa-san seems to vaguely guess what I want to talk with her as Riona is missing…… but she doesn’t seems to be losing her composure even when she knows that.

“…… Hiroto-chan, is Riona alright?”“Yes, she is alright…… But she can’t go back now and even if she did, it would perhaps take some time for her to get back……”

I don’t know whether the method that I thought of can stop Riona’s demonification process nor would it also make those wings gone from her back.And even if I manage to stop her demonification now, there are no guarantees that it will permanently stop it for good. I feel like I just delaying the problem for later…… but still.

“I was saved by Riona. That’s why it is now my turn to save her”“…… Hiroto-chan… Did Riona…… use some sort of special power in front of you……?”

I answer Sarasa-san’s question with a nod. I feel like betraying her if I lie to her now. After all, she is Riona’s only mother (even if it was not by blood).

“Riona…… was using magic to save me. That was a really amazing healing magic”“…… That girl should not be old enough to be able to cast magic. And even more to cast some amazing magic that even I couldn’t reach yet…… Is that how it is......?”“…… Yeah. My body was almost turned into stone and she managed to return it back to normal”

Sarasa-san seems perplexed from my explanation. But after looking how serious I am, color of determination appears in her eyes.She slowly took off the hood that she always put on. And hidden under that hood is a pair of pointed ears that is longer than the usual human’s.

“I am…… actually come from a race that is forbidden to stay inside this town. The race knows as half elf……”“Why can’t you stay? Is it because you have longer ears than others that you are forbidden from staying?”“That is…… Because there are rule that says that it is forbidden for an Elf and human to procreate together. That’s why, as a half elf, I have to hide my ears or I won’t be able to live in human’s town like this”

I know, because that is also a setting that was already present even in the game. Half elf owns their own autonomous independent city but they are only allowed to live inside that city.But because of elf and half elf high apt.i.tude in magic, they are frequently hunted by (some of) human and monster.The [Sarasa Roneria] that appears in the game was one of the half elves that are abducted by a black magician named King of Spirit. After being abducted, she is then shackled by that black magician as a slave by carving her skin with a kind of un-erase-able slave mark.There are info about that black magician that he is planned to appear as an unimplemented quest’s boss but he have yet to implemented in the game while I was alive.

“……. Even if Riona is a half elf and is also a child, she is already able to use an amazing and complicated magic. And Hiroto-chan had witnessed it……”“…… Riona’s ear isn’t long. Actually, I understand the truth”

Riona is not Sarasa-san’s actual daughter.

But I thought that to say it out loud would be rude for her so I just vaguely said it. I will wait until Sarasa-san confesses about it herself.

But this case about Riona demonification is something that I can’t ignore. If her demonification still continues on even now then I have to quickly seal her as soon as possible before it’s all become too late.

“Sarasa-san…… If you are asking why I know such things then let’s set that aside for the next time. You can even scold me for that. But for now, I have a request that I must get from you no matter what”“…… Yes, let me hear it. I definitely won’t get angry at you…… If it is something that Hiroto-chan said then”

Even when I already receive this much trust from her, I still need to squeeze out my courage dry so I can be brave enough to tell her.---- I definitely can’t say that I know all about it from the very start. Like who would’ve thought that Sarasa-san who is living peacefully in this town was a former slave……?But even so, I have to say it no matter what. The fact about her being a slave, and coincidently, about the ‘possibility’ that is opened because of that fact.

“…… Sarasa-san should wear a choker now, right? I hope that you can give that to me”

Sarasa-san doesn’t seem surprised from hearing my words. She only touch her neck that is covered by a shawl like cloth and gazes at me without saying a word.

“…… I can’t remove this for now. As this is a shackle that binds me…… I can’t, for now……”“It is possible for me to remove it. I even know that much you know”“…… Such…… Such thing is……”

In Eternal Magia, there is an equipment that would force any human or half elf who wear it to fall into the status of slaves and that equipment name is the [Slave’s Choker].

In the case where the slaves were bought, then the slaves couldn’t remove the [Slave’s Choker] until they work the amount of money they were paid for. And in case of half elf slave like Sarasa-san, her sale price is set to be far more expensive than human slave.

Even if she managed to overwrite her job as a Sage, she couldn’t erase her Slave skill. I can see it in her status that she has 10 levels left in her Slave skill.

Back in game, Sword Hand Slaves can release themselves from the slave status by working independently or alternatively, other people can free them by paying their ‘Slave’s Ransom’ and those Sword Hand Slaves would have their Slave skill reduced to 0 in an instant. Doing this will increase the NPC favor towards you and then you can recruit them as a party member normally.

---- Going by that system, then I can just shoulder Sarasa-san’s ‘Slave’s Ransom’ and pay the correspondent amount of money to release her from being a slave.

“Hiroto-chan…… I definitely can’t take this choker off. If it is not the one who put them on me then…… Uh”

This is the first time I see Sarasa-san being this agitated. Sarasa-san who usually acts gentle is now acting like she is afraid of me and slowly takes one step back after another.

I don’t immediately try to reduce the distance between me and her. I do it so that I won’t agitate her further.

The woman whose height made me have to bend my neck to look up to is actually frightened like a little girl toward me. Does releasing her from being a slave is something that scary……? Isn’t it something worth trying because she doesn’t have anything to lose? But it seems like this problem isn’t as simple as that.

Maybe she thinks that she is not worthy of having a hope for herself. That she is nor worthy and a being that should never be released from slavery by me…… From Sarasa-san’s reaction toward me, all that I can think of are along those lines.

“…… The one who can remove this choker…… has to be Haynes no matter what. Because that person…… until I released from being a slave, have never……”

---- Ah, so that’s it all about.

Sarasa-san calls Haynes as her husband but…… Riona is not the daughter from the two of them. And not only that……

Between Sarasa-san and Haynes, they haven’t had any relationship that is close to being a husband and wife yet. (Eros: Sarasa end NTR possibility!? lol) So this is the cause why Haynes-san frequently goes out at night to drink and made my father end up giving him advice to do it in moderation.

I don’t know what happened between the two of them that made them end up living in Mizell…… I don’t know the reason of them raising Riona as a daughter either.

If a bit more time pa.s.sed then perhaps Sarasa-san and Haynes-san would become a true husband and wife. And her choker would be taken off by someone else that me.---- But, for me…… even if I were to take her choker off, I definitely won’t force anything to Sarasa-san. I will gladly give her freedom and wish her happy with it.

“…… I want to save Riona. And to save her, I would do anything I could do. I know you might think that I am talking nonsense but……”“To save Riona…… would become possible if you have this choker……?”

Again, Sarasa-san touches her neck which is covered by the shawl. It must be where the Slave’s Choker is.

Sarasa-san then for a moment, gazing at someplace that is not here.---- After she done with that, the fear inside her eyes gradually vanished.

“…… From the time I saw you for the first time, I always had this kind of thought: that with meeting you, something would change for me and for Riona…… I always had than hunch inside. Besides the feeling of gratefulness towards my husband…… I always, toward Hiroto-chan……”“From the time when I was still a baby till today, Sarasa-san always treat me nicely so I am feeling thankful toward you. That’s why, I will do things as how Sarasa-san wants it. Even if it is to give up on taking up your choker too……”“…… If you said it that way, how can I refuse? Why Hiroto-chan is such…… and you are still just a 4 years old boy……”

Sarasa-san is bewildered. I know she can’t help it…… after all, even if I acts unlikely a child usually, my act now is the most not children like ever.

Because I said that I will shoulder her Slave’s Ransom in order to take off Sarasa-san’s Slave’s Choker.

“I think that compared to others, I matures too quickly. But there also time when I think that I want to keep being or rather, acting child for the time being. I know I just wanting to have things easier for myself but, in front of my father and mother, I want to keep acting like a child for them”“You…… have already understand everything right? Because you seems to understand such things then you should also understand other secret right? …… Do you understand what I think of Haynes as……?”“You think of him as an important person so you don’t want to betray him. Am I correct……? I am actually not that sharp about things like this”

It is really embarra.s.sing to say it myself. After all my total age should be in the twenties yet I am still a stranger toward romance.

I might be able to understand a bit of it now. I also tried to understand women’s feeling even more now when compared to my life before.

But if Sarasa-san is thinking that Haynes-san is someone that is the most important then I…… even if it was to save Riona, I won’t force her to take off her choker.

---- I can’t force her to obey me so I could only look for another method.

The moment when I am thinking about that, Sarasa-san suddenly take off her shawl that was covering her neck. Underneath it, is a choker that is made by a black colored leather and fragments of metal, with a broken chain connected right in the middle tightly wraps her white neck.

“…… My husband…… no, Haynes-san has promised me that he would take my choker off someday. And I think I would wait for him to do so…… But, if I did so then Riona can’t go back home. Hiroto-chan…… isn’t that right……?”“…… Yes. If things went as I planned then, I just can’t think of other method to save her. This might sound irresponsible as the one thinking the method but…… I think that trying this method is better than not doing anything”

This is only a temporary solution until I can seal up Riona’s demon lord power away for good.

But until that time comes, I can’t just let her live alone by herself. That would be too pitiful for her…… that’s why…

 LOG- 《Sarasa》 is waiting for your command. Will you give her a command? YES / NO

Even without activating my Charm skill, Sarasa-san affection level to me still stays in the highest level.

Her feeling toward me is at the same level with her feeling toward Haynes-san or might even be higher. If she thinks that her feeling toward me is a betrayal toward Haynes-san then…… I really have been tormenting her for a long time.

And with that, I am yet again going to conduct another sin. The Slave’s Choker that I receive from Sarasa-san will be…… used for her daughter, Riona.

If Riona gives her consent then her job will change into a Slave.

If that could actually happen then her job would no longer be [Child of Destruction] any longer. And her fate as the reincarnation of the demon lord could be postponed until a later dates when I already have enough power to protect her from everything.

If this method fails then…… I would do anything to save her.

I don’t do this just because she is sacrificing herself to save me…… that is not the only reason I have.

It is just because I purely want to save her. I want her to live normally as a human. That is my biggest and most important reason there is.

“…… I will put on that choker to Riona. If you agree with that, then please hand it over to me”“…… If that really do save her then, I will believe you. I will believe Hiroto-chan…… because I have decided to do so from the start”

Sarasa-san finally gives out a smile. And that smile is not one from giving up or being irresponsible either.‘Slave’s Choker is an important item to save Riona’ just who else would believe that kind of foolish stories? But Sarasa-san believes in me. She believe in me without any shred of doubt whatsoever.

 LOG- You have shouldered 《Sarasa》 Slave’s Ransom of 2000 gold.- You have removed the equipped [Slave’s Choker] from 《Sarasa》.- You received the [Slave’s Choker].

The money I put inside my inventory has mostly gone in order to [Purchase] Sarasa-san. I even do it without any slight of hesitation. Even if the system calls it as an act to [Purchase], for me, it will be an act of [Liberating]. I don’t know where the vanishing gold coins gone to, maybe it has gone into the G.o.ddess’ wallet ---- I can’t help but think about such sarcasm now. Well, perhaps the money has gone to the black magician that made Sarasa-san a slave. Who knows? Anyway, such things aren’t important right now.

After the choker got taken off from Sarasa-san’s neck, a trace of red marks can be seen on her white skin. When that mark gone forever from her neck, would she be able to smile even brighter than today? …… Would she return to the original her?

“…… Please take care of the girl. I will be waiting in the house for her return”“Yeah, I will definitely bring her back. I will bring Riona back to return to this home” 

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