Commushou no Ore ga, Koushou Skill ni Zenfurishite Tenseishita Kekka Chapter 12.1

Chapter 12 – After the QuestPart ATranslator: Erothur 

After forming a party with Monica-san, Wendy, and Nameless-san, Suu-san had to left because of her job. From there on until I reach two years old, I keep spending about half of the week to do quest with my party.I kept my relationship with Ash and Stella. And Riona at last learn how to walk and to talk. Nowadays, when Sarasa-san comes to my house, she let me plays with Riona most of the time.I don’t really hate Riona that much but looking at how she innocently getting attached to me is giving me a somewhat disgusted feeling. That innocent smile is after all, just too similar to that of Hina’sSo that situation is the perfect excuse for me to go to Monica-neechan’s house to ask her to take me out to do quest with the rest of the party. Riona will always come visiting in every two days so if I keep staying at home I would be forced to play together with her which I can’t help but feel very embarra.s.sed when doing.“When you are still a baby, I’ve never thought that we would spend many times together like this Hiroto”“Yes, I also thought the same. But I also thought of like this before: that Monica-neechan seems very strong”Monica-san can even still effortlessly carry me, who had grown considerably in my two years old body, in her hand. Of course she doesn’t have a muscular body like those amazoness women but a slim and sporty figure that is matched for her status as a huntress. I really thank the G.o.ddess because the [Strong Body] skill only improves a person's overall strength and doesn’t improve their muscle ma.s.s. I don’t really hate muscular woman but I prefer them being in a softer form.“You thought so from that long ago? You really have been thinking of many things since you were a baby. I noticed you know? That you sometimes gaze firmly at us and seems deep in thought. Even Tanya at that time says ‘isn’t this boy seems very smart?’”Monica-san saying that with a smile while patting my head. The weather is fine today. It is a perfect day for hunting. Monica-san is working mainly as a hunter but she only goes hunting with her father at times. She spend most of her times doing quest with me as a party.Now, for the sake of getting some quest, we are currently on the way walking together towards the guild. We told mother that Monica-san is going to teach me hunting ---- in which is not a complete lie anyway. Because I can gain a bit of experience every time I see her use her skill as a hunter because I also owns the same hunter skill.“So what should we do today? Should we do another monster subjugations quest? Or maybe a gathering quest for a change? It seems like there’s also a quest to find a lost cat. These kinds of quest are really troublesome right?”“I want to see the quest content first before deciding. I am alright with doing the quest that Monica-san and the others like to do”“Our leader today is laid back again as always. Why don’t we raise up our rank then? We are quite experienced already and we also have the requirement to attempt the B rank rank-up test”“There’s not many B-rank quest in this town so it’s alright to stay at C rank for the time being. I don’t want to do anything dangerous anyway”As I say that, Monica-san mood suddenly turn out good. Why did she suddenly feel happy like this? As I ponder about that, she suddenly let out a faint sigh.“No, sorry, do you know about the kid named Deen who lives near Elena-san’s place? That rascal really, even when he is older than Hiroto all he do is always up to no good. My father and Deen’s is quite close you know so Deen’s father keeps coming to me to ask about things about how to raise his kids better and stuff like that. But I keep refusing him because I am busy taking care of you, Hiroto”“I-is that so…… Well, now that you mention it Neechan, Deen-niichan is indeed in the middle of his rebellious age”“When I hear the detail about that rascal, I feel like I can also understand why he becomes like that. But then again, him being all friendly with the obedient Ash is also a wonder if you ask me”Ash-nii is kind to everyone and Deen really adores him in his own way. But when it comes to me, we seem to have a bad chemistry. I who just turned two years old can already speak fluently and Deen is somehow not pleased with it. If our position is swapped then I might somehow understand his feeling. But anyway, it doesn’t mean that I hate him in any way.“I also will try my best to befriend him”“Is that so? If you ask me then I actually want to monopolize you all for myself you know. Socialize with other kids your age is good and all but I would like it if you keep acting as my party leader and take us along for quest every day. After all, there is a strong rival named Riona-chan for us right?”“A~, ahaha…… Riona is not like that”She just lives in the neighborhood and she is also my childhood friend…… not good, her condition is just too similar to Hina from my previous live and Riona also looks very similar to her. Having the status of childhood friend with such a cute girl is already made me feel embarra.s.sed and now I had to deal with her similarity to Hina. Haah, just why did I mind too much on such small things.“Ah, that’s right. Hiroto, is there any certain item that you want? Because if there’s any then we can just do some high paying quest you know?”“I fine neechan, don’t worry about me. What about Monica-neechan?”“I’m also don’t have any troubles for the present time. My dad is still healthy and our income from doing hunting is more than enough to support the family. I even keep some portion of my quest reward share for safekeeping”Monica-san’s father takes her out since she was three years old to teach her about hunting. And they sold the game that they managed to take down as their family main income. Because of her personal experience, she treats me fairly when it is time to share the quest reward even when I’m just a little kid. Actually, I made quite a fortune from potion and other crafted item transactions that made the payment from doing quest seems like some small change for me.Well anyway, her treating me fairly is still a fact and I always want to show my appreciation to this woman who is always willing to help me and join my party.“E-err, Monica-neechan. Here, for you……”“Hmm? …… did you write another letter again? Hiroto is truly diligent, even when you are just a two years old boy, you already could write a letter easily like this. When I was a two years old, the most that I can do was only counting numbers you know?”Monica-san looks happy when she receives the parchment letter from me. And then she begin reading it.“So what did you write……”LOG- You gave 《Monica》 a letter.- 《Monica》 is now reading a letter......[To Monica-neechanFor always companying me doing adventures I want to say my thanks. Thank you.And for being together with you again today, I really feel happy](Eros: this d.a.m.ned oneesan killer lol)I tried to write it in a childish tone kind of way but well, any normal two years old won’t actually write any letter. There is a skill related to writing composition named [Literature] but it was a kind of specialized skill that only a handful of scholar type NPC have it back in the game.So if I want to improve my writings then I have to write a lot to grind it with no other way around. In my previous life, my handwriting was as bad as wriggling worms. But now, because I make it a habit to write letter now and then, my writing had improved considerably.“...... Hiroto, why did your letter always too cute like this. You usually talk like an adult and even could fight a monster that an adult would find troublesome yet why did your letter is this cute?”Monica-san looks at me with a kind gaze for a while then back to reading the rest of the letter. If it was in my previous live, as a guy (and also with my communicational trouble) sending out letters like this are an impossible thing to do. But looking at Monica-san now, I somehow able to understand why the girls likes to send letters back and forth during cla.s.s. Well, it was changed to phone mail as technology develops though.[Monica-neechan is always very kind to me so I want to return my thanks.Thank you for always taking me out to play!I love you very much Monica-neechan]“...... And you even write something like this. Yet you have never say something like this directly though”“I-I’m sorry. But that is how I truly feel......”“Do you even understand the meaning of the word ‘love’?”“D-don’t make fun of me Monica-neechan. Of course I know. It means to give my reference to someone right?”After finishing reading the letter, Monica-san keep the letter diligently in her waist pouch.“...... Then, after we done our job, how about giving Oneechan another present again for today?”“...... E-err...... that is......”“You really are dense...... Even if I said it you won’t understand right? You are still a little kid after all. I’m sorry Hiroto”I know what kind of present that made Monica-san eagerly demands. I also try to be a.s.sertive every time there’s a chance for drinking some breast milk. Even if it was just about drinking breast milk, I always feel a mix of happiness and shyness everytime I do.If you ask me, I definitely don’t have any reason to refuse. My [Hunter] skill also has been growing quite well because of that. Monica-san’s bust size had also grows well ---- no, that was just her body that still haven’t finished its growth period. Yes, that’s must be it. That has nothing to do with me helping her ‘nurture’ her ‘growth’. Even from the start, she had already quite close to the 1st rank of the list. Calm yourself me, what kind of list are you talking about.“Hiroto, from time to time, when I was unaware, didn’t Wendy also take you back to her lodging room?”“Uu......T-that is......”(Eros: I just can’t help this. She caught you cheating mate lol)(S-she knows?...... No matter how I am still a little kid, as expected it was still categorized as [cheating] right......?)When I was trembling in fear, Monica-san didn’t actually get angry at me and she just pinched my cheek gently.“You are still a kid yet you have already made many women cry because of you. Dear G.o.d, I’m really worried about your future”“...... T-today...... I will go with neechan”“Is that...... because I force you to do so?”“N-no. I also wants to go...... Really......”I just have to do my desperate best to make her understand in such times. I somehow managed to convey my feeling to Monica-san...... or so I think.“Haa~...... Did you know? Filone had rejected a marriage proposal coming for her. I won’t say why she did so. As I am also not that better off than her anyway”“...... I-I’m sorry”“No, it’s not your fault. Anyway, when Hiroto comes and ask this oneechan for help, I feel really happy you know?”Monica-san who are usually don’t care much would say something that pulled my heartstring like this from time to time.Each time she does so, it keep reminds me of the times when I was still a baby and think bad of her because she doesn’t let me suck her breast milk easily...... I feel like punching myself at that time...... when I think of it again, Monica-san is indeed always a kind person from long before.“But Hiroto, is it fine leaving Riona-chan like that? She comes following us a while back ago though”“I-if it was her then...... it is still dangerous”“You really are popular eh. Stella also seems to clings with you all the time. There’s also that forest granny’s little girl......”Monica-neechan intuition is really sharp. Or rather, she is really well-informed about my relationship circle. At times, I think that she must be jealous of it but...... I am still a two years old after all. How can she be jealous?“Ah...... I see. Hiroto only interested in big breast right? So that’s why you come to my place today”“Bre...... I-I don’t particularly come because of breast......”(Did she see through my breast freak tendency? ...... Of course I like, and will always like Monica-san’s tanned breast. Okay me hold yourself back please)Monica-neechan seems to see through my idiotic thought and she gently pinch my cheek again. Well, I don’t really hate being treated like this.But then again, knowing that I will go to her house after we done with the quest made me...... feel restless somehow.◇◆◇The largest building in Mizell city, the Adventurer’s Guild hall. On the 1st floor, there are reception room annexed with a bar that can hold about 50 customers.There are people drinking in the bar from the morning as there are also people who eat their breakfast here before going on their quest. The aroma of grilled skewered meat always tickles my nose every time I got there. I still can’t eat meat very well yet but that fragrant aroma alone was enough to whet my appet.i.te.Monica-san held me in her arm and walks toward the receptionist counter. She pulls the bow everyday so her physical strength are without question.“Rick-san, good afternoon~”“Ou, so you've come. And you are still bringing that brat around...... Let me tell you, that is not a good thing to do you know?”“It’s alright, I won’t let him face any danger. I want to teach him many things about hunting anyway”“That’s why I said that you need to wait until he grows a bit more...... Aah, I feel like I keep on repeating this topic. You’ve been doing this for quite a while so there’s no need for me to meddle in I guess. Please don’t think of me as a nagging old man okay”“No, we don’t think of you as a nagging old man. I actually like shiny head uncle a lot”“I’m not bald! I just shave it clean. Don’t be mistaken okay boy?”This dark skinned muscular middle aged man smiles while showing off his white teeth. He is actually this Adventurer’s Guild hall branch’s master, Rick Bruewarz*. His clean shaved head is his unique feature and it might sounds rude but he does looks similar to a brigand.Those who close with him called him [Brue chief] which is kinda ambiguous and he is a famous NPC back in the game. But still, rather than the chief, [Brue sister], the nickname for Rick-san’s little sister was even more popular.“Welcome Monica-san. What kind of quest would you like to do today?”Her name is Sharie Bruewarz**. She is one of the receptionist for the Mizell branch Adventurer’s Guild. She is one of the few NPC who wears maid outfit back in the game time. I don’t know why but every Adventurer's Guild receptionist girl in Eternal Magia wears a maid outfit.The ap.r.o.n dress which covers her chest area seems like would rip open at any time from the strain that comes from compressing her bombastic twin mountain which is one of the most outstanding in Mizell city...... She can even be put as Sarasa-san’s equal in this category.The white maid band on her ash blonde fluffy hair is a perfect match. Combined with her ceaseless smile and that mole in the side of her eye, she looks very, how can I say it, ephemeral...... Or of I have to say it frankly, erotic.From the game simplified graphic, I can’t really imagine how she will look like so when I first saw her, I was surprised. And then all I can do at that time was having a late deep impression feeling for being able to meet with this famous NPC directly.“We want to do some D rank quest today so can we choose any suitable quest from the quest board?”“Of course, please feel free to do so. But for monster subjugation quest, you need to have a minimal of 3 man party to do receive the quest so please keep that in mind okay”What she means by ‘3 man party’ is of course, not including the two years old me into the count. For the rest of the party member, Wendy and Nameless-san are…… as I turn my gaze towards the bar area, I can see them stand up from their chair and walk toward me.“I will also come with you de arimasu! Exalted Teacher, please teach me again today de arimasu!”“Of course this self will also joins you in your quest. Because I won’t let especially Monica-jou*** and Wendy-jou to monopolize Hiroto-kun”“Oh come on you…… could you please not saying that stuff here”Monica-neechan warns Nameless-san in small voice. Nameless-san glossy lips under her mas are forming an arc ---- today, on top of her usual sensuality, she also looks very happy.Really, Nameless-san seems to be the only one who calls herself using [this self] in this world. There is someone like her that I know in my previous life…… and that guy is my guild submaster named Maro Mayu-san. But he was a guy. Well, I never meet him offline though so I’m not really sure.“Hiroto, how about this quest?”“Okay, looks good to me. The difficulty level is just moderate after all”Monica-san takes the quest memo from the quest board and she gives it to Sharie to do the rest of the procedure.“D-rank quest, star rabbit meat delivery quest right? The reward is 100 silver coins. If you managed to subjugate a specified monster while doing the quest then you will get another 60 silver coins as a bonus”“Be careful now. In this season, no matter how much you beat those d.a.m.ned orc, they keep on sp.a.w.ning and sp.a.w.ning without any end sighted”“Orc is not a threat you know? Well, at least for this party that is”Monica-san said it haughtily with her breast puffed out. She then looks at me with a smile on her face. The reason for her being haughty like that is because she is confident with my axe skill.Well, I am also happy if she expect big from my fighting ability. I am still a two years old so I feel like I have to conduct myself to look as one ---- but I just can’t resist the excitement from fighting monsters.“(Today, I can again witness my exalted teacher divine axe skill! I feel honored de arimasu)”“(That’s true. Well this self do feel bad because we always leave the troublesome things to you…… but then again, you are just too dependable as a man)”Wendy and Nameless-san come whispering that to me. Wendy’s voice still sound a bit childish (Not that I can say that in my current age) while Nameless-san clear, womanly voice reverberates in my ear making me somewhat feel comfortable.“(Don’t let Rick-san know okay. Then because we already took the quest, let’s finish it quick)”“(Because I am still in training, let me carry Hiroto-san de arimasu!)”“(But well, Hiroto-kun could already walk by himself. And he walks surprisingly fast. It might be a good cover so the people around won’t get surprised by it)”When I level up my [thief] skill, it actually gives bonus to my body coordination that enables me to moves around swiftly. I keep using the skill [Sneaking] to grind my [thief] skill and now it has pa.s.sed level 30. Because of that, my average speed is already comparable to those Olympic athletes…… which would shock any common people silly if I were to show my speed to them.◇◆◇ 

Eros notes: Hiroto keep changing how he calls Monica from using the honorifics san and neechan. Should I just stop using it? Or maybe readers like it this way? Well, I feel more comfortable not translating the honorifics though.*リック・ブリュワーズ Rikku Buryuwaazu -> Rick Bruewarz. Suggestions?**シャーリー Shaarii -> just erase the long vocal and made her Sharie*** Honorifics like when using miss. But it was usually jou chan. Again, Nameless speaks in an archaic tone so I just let it like that.

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