The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife Chapter 18 Part3

The Wolf Husband And The Green Plum WifeChapter 18Part 3 (Three)Eat Too Much Meat Hard To Run

After Li Hao Cheng heard it, his smiles changed to be faint, didn't know how to persuade An Jia Qi and even didn't know to comfort himself. 

"B City have many Junior High schools, the good school not only Shi Yi Zhong, but why must go to follow him?"

Li Hao Cheng could be said as poor little boy, his homeroom teacher is especially liked Su Zhan Mo, since he is also one of the top student, everyday he must have heard Su Zhan Mo these three words in his ears, such like final examination he always get the first rank, whatever the compet.i.tion he joined he always get such such such achievements. Whatever the achievement Su Zhan Mo got, he must be the first person who knew it, since first grade has been instilling to follow Su Zhan Mo.

Later at the age of developing, he also have his own thoughts, didn't want to be compared by the teacher with Su Zhan Mo, so that he not only work hard in his study but also he have pulled himself in sport subject which never touched by Su Zhan Mo before. Finally he got spotted by Teacher Song, and then let him to join the sport team.

He extremely satisfied, finally he have something put him equal level to Su Zhan Mo, but never know this t.i.tle is gotten because Su Zhan Mo didn't want it, so that it became his. Hence he has given up himself for long time, then there was one time when he running into Su Zhan Mo asked him why he didn't join sport team.

During that time he remembered Su Zhan Mo coldly and composed told him: "Compare to this, I have many more important thing to do."

Because of this he was secretly stalking Su Zhan Mo for long time, finally he found out what the most important thing said by him, the truth was because he wanted to go home together with the first grade little girl. When he knew this he was extremely unhappy, and then he running to Su Zhan Mo in front asked him was going home together with little girl after school, was that matter called as the most important thing to do?

But Su Zhan Mo after all asked him: "Who are you?"

Angered Li Hao Cheng until his face dark for one whole week, and then Li Hao Cheng took the provision of paths. There was one day he had spotted his Younger Sister Cousin and also that what-so-called important little girl who said important by Su Zhan Mo were playing together, hence he used his weekend, encouraging himself to ask his Younger Sister Cousin regarding that little girl, slowly he grew curious toward her. And then, she was also being asked to join sport team, he has been starting to get closer to her, from her mouth he wanted to know more about his rival and imaginary foes, Su Zhan Mo.

"I am so lazy, without Mo Mo Ge Ge watching me, I must absolutely won't be studied, and then not going to be able go to good school, and my mother perhaps would have beaten me to death." Suddenly An Jia Qi answered, cut off Li Hao Cheng's train of thoughts, and at same time enlightened Li Hao Cheng. If Su Zhan Mo is flogged parent for An Jia Qi, then didn't he also work hard to catch up to be role model?

But Li Hao Cheng fellow student, did you really think that Su Zhan Mo was a role model? Especially at the time when you had two times conversation with him, he not even remembered who were you?


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