The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife Chapter 18 Part2

The Wolf Husband And The Green Plum WifeChapter 18Part 2 (Two)Eat Too Much Meat Hard To Run

After storming lunch, a group of four people finally returned to school. They just have eaten, Teacher Song didn't let two of them directly practice, hence he let them to have two hours break time.

An Jia Qi and Su Zhan Mo went to An Jia Qi's cla.s.sroom to have a break. Automatically Su Zhan Mo would sit on An Jia Qi's seat, then An Jia Qi only could sit on Xiao Hu's seat and prepare to take a nap.

"Qi Qi, what is this?"

An Jia Qi at this moment was so sleepy, her eyes haven't opened, her mouth has already mumbling.


"Su Zhan Mo is rotten egg?"

"Ah~" An Jia Qi dumbfounded for moment, suddenly her mind came to clear, an instantaneously she jumped up from her seat, quickly moved to her in front which is hers seat, prepared to ruin the evidence.

"Qi Qi, that was craved with cutter, you would not be able to wipe it clean, so that in your heart I am a rotten egg ah~" Su Zhan Mo sat with straight body, along with his staring lowered An Jia Head down.

"It wasn’t me who craved it." An Jia Qi panic denied it, inside her heart she was thinking: few days ago, Mo Mo Ge didn't let her to eat snack in street stall, hence because of angry, she used small cutter to crave that sentence on her table, never thought Mo Mo Ge spotted the evidence.

"So who craved it?"

"Xiao Hu."

"Xiao Hu?"

"No, Little Fatty."


"Aiya, I also didn't know, it must be a former student who jealous because you are good student so that engraved it." An Jia Qi stayed firmed with her att.i.tude even beating to death would not admit, she even shaking her head denied. Seeing Su Zhan Mo's face gradually cold, hence sternly glared at An Jia Qi who obviously showed guilty conscience.

"Make it disappeared."


Su Zhan Mo sat on beside frustrated, seeing An Jia Qi took a small cutter and slowly using the small cutter to crave something, didn't know what to say.

"Mo Mo Ge, I will do little bit changing for moment, you see….."

Suddenly An Jia Qi happily called Su Zhan Mo to coming over.

Su Zhan Mo with his cold face came to see, stunned didn't know whether to cry or smile.

An Jia Qi Change the last two words of 'Su Zhan Mo a rotten egg', using the small cutter craved a circle, made a deletion of punctuation mark, and then at the back craved two words: Good person.

"An Jia Qi you are not allowed to carve any words in on the table!"

This series turned over, as time pa.s.sing day by day pa.s.sed, the uptight compet.i.tion finally coming over. An Jia Qi and Li Hao Cheng followed Teacher Song getting into school big bus, going to the compet.i.tion place—–Chang Feng Xiao Xue (Chang Feng Primary School).

Chang Feng Xiao Xue sport field and Shi Yi Xiao sport field are same, it has 400 meters length, but the difference is, Chang Feng Xiao Xue have place for the audience to sit down.

Teacher Song brought An Jia Qi and Li Hao Cheng to Xiao Shi Yi sitting place seeing the audience seats. While he went to register their names.

"Hao Cheng Ge, how can I this nervous?" When said it she still that casual by pulling Li Hao Cheng's hand and put it into her chest which hasn't developed. Hard heart beat sound, it made Li Hao Cheng burst into laughter.

"Jia Qi, don't nervous, just run alike when having a practice, no need to care for the result."

"It can't do, if I can't get best result, I cannot enter Shi Yi Zhong. Then Mo Mo Ge must be so disappointed toward me."


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