The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife Chapter 17 Part1

Su Zhan Mo and An Jia Qi’s time.We are in chapter seventeen part one and the story stills revolving about teenager Su Zhan Mo who growing up his little future bride. Su Zhan Mo seems to be obsessed to grow decent future bride that fit to his imaginary. This chapter stills a sweet and also funny. Enjoy your reading ^_^The Wolf Husband And Green Plum WifeChapter 17Part 1 (One)Su Zhan Mo etiquette Cla.s.s

The extra-curricular cla.s.s which chosen during the parent conference would be going to start on next semester. So that An Jia Qi still studying alike usual, continuing to join the sport training.

The sport teacher Song really has taken good look for An Jia Qi, especially her progressed on spirit running very fast, so that everyday he would add her practice for spirit running, that's why the time she left school was getting late, at the last it was Su Zhan Mo who waiting for her and left the school together.

There was one time after the practice done, the moon has already hung on sky, An Jia Qi was so tired and hungry walking to her cla.s.s.

"Mo Mo Ge, how could you get in?" Once An Jia Qi stepped in she has spotted Su Zhan Mo sat on her seat reading a book, could not hide her surprise asked. Before Su Zhan Mo would wait her in front of the school gate, never thought that today he able to enter school.

"The door guard Teacher Liu is bit familiar with me, he let me in."

"Oh, Where Xiao Hu and others?" An Jia Qi swept her eyes one round, didn't see her three little fellows, turned her head and asked Su Zhan Mo.

"It's too late, I asked them to get back first." Su Zhan Mo furrowed his forehead, glance at his watch on his wrist, at this moment the time has shown seven o'clock. "How could today this late? I saw the sport field only left you alone."

"Next month I am going to partic.i.p.ate at district compet.i.tion, so that Teacher Song trained me harder." An Jia Qi used her hand to wipe the sweat on her face, at sudden her face turned dirty.

Su Zhan Mo helped An Jia Qi to tidy up her school bag, turned his head to see, as seen An Jia Qi's uniform and her face so dirty, could not help but taking out his handkerchief, handed it over to An Jia Qi.

"Don't use hand to wipe face, it's dirty?"

An Jia Qi let out her tongue, taking the opportunity when Su Zhan Mo didn't pay attention, by intention sticking her face, to his white uniform, until his spotless white school uniform printed with black spot.

"An Jia Qi, aren't you dirty?" Su Zhan Mo was shouting at An Jia Qi who has been running away, helplessly shouted one sound, carrying the school bag, he catching up with her.

An Jia Qi was running to hand basin, washing her face and also her arms, alike male students, using the water washed her head, but she stopped by Su Zhan Mo.

"An Jia Qi, did you use cold water to wash your head before?" Su Zhan Mo's face shown green expression glared at An Jia Qi.

"Some…. sometimes… not always…" An Jia Qi knew this was not good, but during practice it was absolutely hot, couldn’t endure to intermediately bath with cold water, but school regulation not allowed to do so, so she only could learn alike male student to wash her hair with cold water, cool down. But facing with Su Zhan Mo's face, An Jia Qi still drawn back, spiritless she followed at Su Zhan Mo's back, slowly walking home.

An Jia Qi's hair alike Mother An, black and frizzy, when she was small she had long hair, thick, so that everyday is little bit troublesome for Mother An to tied her hair, thus since she entered primary school, Father An didn't allow An Jia Qi to have long hair anymore. Every times when going to hairdresser always cut alike little boy hairstyle, he said by this way she looked more lively and easy to take care.

More Su Zhan Mo saw more he felt An Jia Qi alike boy, there's pressure in his heart.

He worked hard to correct An Jia Qi and bring her to right track, but it remained same without changes.

From Shi Yi Xiao bus stop, there's a snack street (A like Taiwan night market) along the way, especially now is seven or eight o'clock at night, it's time for the snack street to open it’s business, many kind of food stalls, Ma La Tang all are selling. But Su Zhan Mo never let An Jia Qi to eat these kind of foods, he felt not clean, especially An Jia Qi's stomach could not count as good.

"Mo Mo Ge, I am so hungry…" An Jia Qi stood at one corner of stall which selling mutton kebab, touch her stomach, with pity expression looked at Su Zhan Mo.

On contrary Su Zhan Mo creasing his forehead, took a glance at the black smoke, his face turned stern, pulling An Jia Qi moving forward, while walking said: "We’ll eat after at home, this is not clean."

But didn't know what happened to An Jia Qi today, suddenly she rebelled, stood at the original place and not moving.

"I am hungry, now I want to eat…"


At moment, two person were stubbornly stayed still at same spot, Su Zhan Mo expressionless stared at An Jia Qi, while An Jia Qi shown her sullen expression looking at Su Zhan Mo.

At last, it still Su Zhan Mo who compromised, he took An Jia Qi to one of Ramen store which seen bit cleaner, ordering two bowls of Ramen beef noodle.

"I want to eat that."

"You cannot, if not let's us go home eat!"

"Alright…." An Jia Qi saw Su Zhan Mo stern face, pouted her mouth, lowered her head and then eating her Ramen beef noodle.

No need to mention, still really eaten it, An Jia Qi slurp eating all one big bowl Ramen beef noodle into her stomach. Satisfying sitting at her seat she touched her stomach, let out a burp.

Su Zhan Mo looking at An Jia Qi didn't know from whom she learned this bad habit, unpleasant and he preaching her: "An Jia Qi, behave alike girl, you should not burp in public."

"Hehe….. Mo Mo Ge, how could you eat this little? Are you not able to finish it? Let me help you to eat it, such wasteful." An Jia Qi thick skinned staring at that one big bowl of Su Zhan Mo, raised her chopstick and then eat from Su Zhan Mo's bowl.

At this time, Su Zhan Mo felt his words getting no use, while An Jia Qi getting not obedience. Could not help not to feel sad moving his bowl to An Jia Qi in front. In his mind he keeps on thinking how to bring back An Jia Qi to right path.

Weekend again, An Jia Qi because prepared herself for compet.i.tion, and Sunday even coming to school for practicing, so that only Xiao Hu and Little Fatty two persons who joined Teacher Su (Su Zhan Mo) etiquette cla.s.s.

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