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Chapter 578 - Tang Yin’s Complicated Mind


Nobody had foreseen that this tragedy would happen! Even with her daughter's disfigured face, Mrs.Tang still wanted her daughter to try.

"Because of that stupid reason, you guys are forcing me now? I didn't see you guys pushing me to him when my face was fine! Now that my face is all a mess, you guys want me to beg him? Be his mistress? I'm not that shameless- I can't render myself to that level!" Tangyin's stubbornness stopped her.

She didn't really mind if her mom forced her to be LinYi's mistress when she was still pretty because she still loved him; her feelings for him was still strong. Furthermore, if LinYi came to apologize sincerely, her heart would surely be softened!

But now that her face was hideous, she couldn't be that shameless, could she? Lin Yi would just look at her with disdain. Tangyin would avoid that sight at all costs!

After processing Tangyin's words, Mrs. Tang became gloomy- she wanted satisfaction, she wanted power, she wanted money but Tangyin was still her daughter, there was no way she could force her daughter onto someone so shamelessly!

And for this reason, Mrs. Tang only gave the option to Tangyin when they met Master Bing- she didn't voice out when her daughter rejected him and accepted her daughter's decision as a whole. But things were different with Lin Yi, she knew that her daughter was still in love with Lin Yi- she didn't want her daughter to regret because of her own stubbornness. Plus, decisions made under frustration and stress were almost always wrong.

Mrs. Tang felt that she should at least notify Lin Yi, that's the least she could do with her current state.

After all, her daughter still had feelings for Lin Yi, even if she wasn't worthy anymore, and she was no match to Xiaoxiao, her daughter was pretty, wasn't she? LinYi could at least give Tangyin a title as his lover or mistress. It was unbefitting, but if her daughter was willing to become his mistress, naturally, Mrs. Tang wouldn't talk much about it either.

Love or money? Sometimes, satisfying both sides were impossible, it was like pigs flying! Mrs. Tang had already endured half of her life- she knew how harsh life could be, she knew love was blind yet heartwarming but she was simply overwhelmed, tired of being poor and powerless. She didn't want her daughter to walk the same path as her while she had a chance- getting love and money at the same time.

Seeing her previous schoolmates still remaining young and pretty disturbed Mrs. Tang- she envied them, she wished that she could maintain her previous features. She was a school beauty after all with countless of rich asses hitting on her, how did she fall into this state? Even during the class reunion, her friends all avoided her, no one talked to her at all.

Mrs. Tang understood, she chose the path herself- she picked Mr. Tang out of so many guys. Now that she had Tangyin, she couldn't abandon them, could she? Besides, she still had feelings for Tang Jucheng.

However, things were different for Tangyin- she just hit eighteen and she was blessed with her prettiness. Most importantly, she had a rich caring boyfriend, her life couldn't be any more better, how could she expect to work just for survival for the rest of their life?

Precisely, there were a lot of people who used their hard work to earn themselves a fortune but there were also a ton of people who couldn't get a job after their graduation- they were jobless and under the pressure from the society, they were led onto a crooked path. Some became p*** stars, some became prostitutes and they were some who were desperate for promotion and success, they hooked up with their bosses and customers. These situations weren't unheard of.

So Mrs. Tang anticipated that her daughter wouldn't stay in an unfavourable situation if she was with Lin Yi. That was also one of the main reasons why Mrs. Tang never stopped convincing her daughter to look for Lin Yi.

But, Tangyin's temper concerned Mrs. Tang- she was afraid that her daughter would really commit suicide if she continued her persuasion.

After thinking about it, Mrs. Tang stopped, "Why not, I give him a call? Mom has lived for a longer period, I've seen everything. If Lin Yi really starts bad-mouthing us, I'm prepared to accept it fair and square!"

"Mom, don't call…." Tangyin's heart softened when she heard her mom- she thought that her mom was placing money before her but it seem like her mother loved her more than anything in this world! She understood her mother's feelings- her mother didn't want her to live a miserable life anymore, everything she was doing was for her good sake! Although, her mother's method was unlady-like, she knew it was for the best of her.

Her mother was right, she felt utterly helpless when the bulldozer demolished her house. She wanted to fight, oppose the strong and reverse her fate but she was helpless- she couldn't do anything nor could she stop them.

She finally understood why her mom was being so forceful. If life wasn't so harsh, would her mom really force her until this extend? If Lin Yi was still her boyfriend, would he just ignore the fact that someone just demolished their house?

Zhou Ruoming tried to harass her and he had gotten his fate from Lin Yi. Ever since that day, the Zhous were like grandchildren in front of them, behaving and respectful! There were the big shots in SongShan city, yet they remained a low profile in front of them…..

"Yin, I've no choice…. I can't let you suffer anymore." Mrs. Tang sighed.

"Mom….." TangYin broke down, tears started to flow down her cheeks continuously, "I know you are doing this for me but I can't be that shameless, can I? Lin Yi doesn't want me anymore, I can't just go and beg him…. Besides, I'm indebted to him, I owe him too much, I can't even afford to repay him anymore you know…. If I was still pretty, I could at least still repay him with my body…."

Mrs. Tang and XinWen's heart throbbed with pain when they looked at TangYIn.

"Aunty, let me do this job. I'm just a bystander, I don't have any face, it's okay!" Xinwen got out her phone.

"By all means, Xinwen!" Mrs. Tang was overjoyed when she heard the suggestion. Although, it may not be effective, what's wrong for giving it a try anyway? Lin Yi could at least pay a visit, couldn't he?

Tangyin bit her lips- she wanted to stop her but a sigh came out. There was nobody else she could find, other than Lin Yi…

Just within this short few minutes, TangYin snapped out from her idealistic world. She had lost a house to stay, her dad's legs were broken, and her face was also disfigured, their luck was at the rock bottom. Nothing could be worse that that, couldn't it?

To tell the truth, Tangyin actually wanted to meet Lin Yi as well- she was eager to know how Lin Yi would react to her misfortune. Tangyin's expectation and desires were hiding behind everything, the feeling of a young girl in love was always hard to comprehend after all.

Her eyes were focused on Xinwen's phone, the number she used to recognise. Her heart clenched, and while her heartbeat was pounding like the hooves of a dear, she stopped Xinwen suddenly, "Wait a minute…"

"What's wrong Yinyin?" Xinwen put down her phone and look at her weirdly, "Yinyin, you should let him come…."

"Enn..." TangYin hesitated and said firmly, "Tell him that my face is ruined, disfigured, and not pretty anymore… don't force him if he isn't willing to visit."

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