Hey Miss Is this Your Knife? If it is I'm your Prince 1 Prologue

In a country immersed in war where death is common. Survival is highly linked to having weapons. Weapons gives them the edge to kill in order not to be killed. So, it makes sense that in this country those who sells weapons are either viewed as saviors or death bringers. Arms dealer with higher quality and quantity are more likely to be viewed in a positive light due to the fact the items they sell are more likely to to help a person to live. And yet, arms dealer that sell their items cheap are truly viewed as savior since having a weapon is necessary to live in this hostile land. To be able to afford one in a cheap prince means having a chance to survive one more day and having left over resource to anticipate the coming of the next day.

It's no wonder that the Solaire family that owns a weapon facility and are full of combat experts are viewed as the royalty in this land. Aside from the fact that almost fifty percent of the arm dealers that sells cheap weapon are from their family, the quality of their weapons are known world wide and are even in high demand locally and over seas. Not only are their weapons highly demanded but also the combat expert in the Solaire family are highly sought after world wide.

This is why its not a surprise that the son of the current family head of the Solaire family, Edric Solaire, is dubbed the "Prince of Combat." The fact that at the age of 10 he was able to master the combat arts of the family and is capable to go against the elite of their family head on deemed him a prodigy in the arts of combat. His ability to adapt and evolve his combat techniques immediately based on ever changing circumstance of the fight highlighted his talent. This talent of his is what lead people to give him the title "Prince of Combat."

And yet, unknowingly this talent of the "Prince of Combat" that awe the world is also possessed by a war orphaned girl named Lyra.

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