Re:Monster Day 391-400

Day 391

Naturally speaking of course it is natural, except for the special existence such as undead and golem, water is basically one of the essential elements to maintain life.

Therefore, the value of water is very high in the land where the desert area spreads like the New Continent.

If you can freely manipulate water on the New World, you can connect many lives alone, get great wealth, bring a lot of death.

So it is unavoidable that a struggle over an oasis where water can be secured breaks out in order to live.

Because no one wants to die.

Saying so, seeking the water of life, I could see more people than going overland without plans if I was running up the majestic «Ganginamus river».

One time, a monster like the 3 meter cla.s.s armadillo "Sabachct gemmadillo" straddling the brown lizard "Desert La Priss" walking six seeds running in the wilderness, faster than the horse, with countless sharp and long spines on the back sh.e.l.l sh.e.l.l I found a beast people hunting in groups.

Beastmen have a brown turban wrapped around their heads, looks like a lightened camel.

When asking one of the local slaves who are taking me as a guide, apparently it seems to be a race "camelman Jamal".

Brown short hair that covers the whole body is resistant to heat, dryness and cold, and Cobb on the back has the ability to store water and nutrition.

People tend to survive even in harsh lands such as desert in tribe, so the population is quite large, and it seems that it is spreading widely and constructing a large power of nature.

The weapons that they are using are Jamahadaru, Siamseal and then Chakram.

Although there is no large weapon that does damage by blowing even if it can not be sliced ​​away, avoid the hard outer skin and the sharp long spines accordingly, and cut the soft part precisely with its sharp weapon.

Sabakto gemas.h.i.+ro tries to curl up and defend, but in the presence of outstanding technology it was also a slight resistance.

I was aimed at gaps in crustacean and steadily acc.u.mulated damage.

Perhaps Jamal also knows the structure as to where it is fatal.

As time goes by, the movement of Sabakto gemas.h.i.+ro becomes invisible and it gets worse and eventually once the muscles and tendons to be rounded are killed, it will be done later.

It was attacked only here, and in the end it fell to the ground with "Kyuu" and a sharp decay.

After finis.h.i.+ng the hunt and raising the shout of victory, the Jamals began to disa.s.semble quickly and collected without leaving the blood that remained in the body of Sakkot geminjiro.

Meat and internal organs are obviously for edible use. Crustacea and fangs are used as weapons. And the blood seems to be used for various things as nouris.h.i.+ng tonic medicine and valuable moisture.

It was a moment when I felt the wisdom of life to utilize without waste here, where resources are precious here.

At another time, I witnessed clan confrontation.

It is confronting that there will be hundreds of people who ride on Desert La Prince Clans of the large scale camelians Jamal, brown skin and short black hair, black demon sandwiched between two corners at the forehead It is a clan of Desert Demons Desert Road, which is characterized by Orb.

There are few numbers of desert demons, is it roughly the forty-ogre?

Moreover, compared with Jamal which consists only of adult men, old people and young women who have been old are mixed with Tirahora in desert demons.

Speaking of the number of adult men alone, it is about a little more than half.

Considering ordinary, s.e.xual difference and age, desert demons with triple the number of people difference will be disadvantageous. The number is power by itself, it is a bit difficult to overthrow this.

But desert demons looked dominant in my eyes.

Anyway, in desert demons it is one of the top desert desires, "Sand Storm Demon Hubb Road", because it is a big devil person.

The trained body which was made into a gusset is well understood even if it is covered with leather armor made of some kind of leather equipped.

The gift you have in hand is a martial sword like a giant rock cut by about 2 meters, it seems to be more like a blunt weapon than to slash.

And there will be considerable weight There is no doubt that there is strength as it looks, as it is on the shoulder lightly.

And while observing from the top of «Gangjinamus Okawa», I saw two small sandstorms swirling around the demon.

It can be imagined that the sandstorm moves like following the intention of the sandstorm demon and from the fact that the opposing Jamal is looking at it like a bitter biting expression, he has been drunk boiled over and over.

As you answer, the sandstorms have a wild, self-confident smile.

Although it seems to be about the youth of about thirty routes, it may be in the position of clan leader or young head, from the att.i.tude of the old desert devil who refrains behind it.

It seems that there is a style as a person standing above.

And probably the beginning of the clan struggle which either clan began with the opponent's hand, the clan of desert demons led by sandstorms giant victorious as expected.

Perhaps it was [possessed of protection] It was a strong sandstorm of sandstorms demons as a preemptive strike, as if it were a sand mixer, the camp of Jamal was disturbed.

And, with that gap saying that other desert devils will strike, it is simple, but it was unexpectedly ended with a tactic that is difficult to deal with.

Many of the Jamal escaped according to the direction of the commander as the war situation worsened, but there are many who died and they seem to be caught and restrained.

Those who are caught if reparations and ransom are paid out will be released, otherwise they will be slave or will be executed.

Although I am a little interested to develop into a war of muddy as it is, at any rate I was interested in a sandstorm demon who demonstrated power.

I have nothing to do but I try to fly and fly in the sky to celebrate victory. For the souvenir we prepared labyrinth of a kind that is not available on the New World and prepared meat of black foil in tons.

Although it was clearly wary when approaching from the sky, saying, "I was watching the battle, but it is the same demon species, I'm thinking of celebrating that victory" and so on, smiling and getting closer.

Have you had good gifts or realized power relations.h.i.+p with instinct?

As if to entertain a superior person, I was called by a small party and I exchanged sandstorms and devils.

The devil is a sake made from desert monster blood and dozens of other materials.

You can drink like a piece of water with a mellow taste, and you will not be able to drink a rich fragrance drifting. Besides, the strong alcoholic is also the best.

Although I drank unintentionally with Gubigubi, sometimes the production volume is limited, and unfortunately my hands are gone soon. It is a future festival even if I regret that I should taste a little more and drink it.

I liked the taste of upper labyrinthine sake, I would like to ask the recipe, but they have to move to another place from now on, so I can say that I can do a variety of things so I could not ask you any details.

I only swallowed sake for a short time, but for the time being I could exchange the minimum necessary information and I also handed Meitetsu.

You can get in touch anytime with this, and as soon as the sandstorms moved somewhere, you were able to find out where they were.

We added meat and vegetables to the souvenir, and shook hands and we parted.

Next time I went on the road and made an appointment to interfere with their village, so I'm looking forward a bit from now.

At another time, I saw a struggle for survival of monsters living in the desert.

One side is "Calabakada", eight meters like a monster covered with brown hair and covered with hippopotamus is a monster of likely ma.s.sive.

Systematically it seems to be a monster of the Borufu type, it is usually thick and appears frequently on the waterside.

Just bait is the blood of the monster appearing in the desert, there is also a fighter's ability to hunt on its own. It is also possible to count as a fighting force in an emergency.

It also stores moisture and nutrients in large Cobbs and internal organs on the back, so it is less popular to take care of, so it is also popular as a cow beast going in the desert.

What was hostile to such a calabaka is "Sand Lily Yalong Chaba Rams" which is cla.s.sified as Yulong.

It is a type of worm system which dives in the ground with a long torso and comes down from the feet 's feet, especially a ten - meter - cla.s.s monster that made ecology suitable for sand.

Although it is a small pattern as a dragon, once locating the aim, it will be followed up anywhere so it is quite feared by the locals.

I have only seen such two struggles from the middle, but both are fighting with scars all over.

It seems that Karabaka, which is protected by thick armor, skin and fat, and armor of muscle which moves bigger than horses faster than horses, is not compatible with Chaba Rams specializing in surprise.

Sharbarams hurt the caribakka like cutting it with a fine scaled blade that grew on its long fuselage, but it has not reached the mortal wound.

Karabaka is not being unilaterally destroyed, it bites with its big mouth, or it bounces off and flicks away.

Battlefield defense. Well, I was watching while expecting which one would win.

However, the result was disappearing with the benefit of the fisherman "desert death desert desmantis" cut off the neck of two and concluded.

Desert death Mantis living in a harsh desert is excelled in mimicry ability and fighting power, and is feared as creeping hunter without sound.

While being a bigger body than three meters, the mimicry ability that was perfectly blended in the surroundings is certainly awkward until you hunt the two.

If such a thing is around, it may not be noticed even if it is eating Bali Bali from behind.

Well, that desert death mantis also killed me.

This is also the food chain.

It is scary because it is hidden, and it is a translation that you can kill with Sakuri once you find it.

Desert des Mantis has a whole body.

Two bodies of karabaka and chaba ramos cut out particularly tasty parts and left the rest to nature.

The small bugs and monsters that came out of the ground just a little away were flocking, so the corpses will soon disappear.

I wors.h.i.+ped that it was Nanas.h.i.+.

Please correct your mind.

Immediately three people also cooked by Iiyugu and sisters, but Shauba Ramus was soft fleshy, Calabaka was hard and crispy meat quality, Desert des Mantis had a texture like a Trost.

Personally I think the belly bag of Desert de Mantis is delicious.

Abdomen bag filled with saved nutrition seemed to be a popular high-cla.s.s food material in the desert, and I was very pleased when we shared it with the local slave who was accompanying.

This will give you loyalty and will do your best. maybe.

While looking at various other things, we are going forward.

Oh, the combination of belly bag and labyrinth is the best.

What is it? Should I say it is a relations.h.i.+p like cheese and alcohol?

Day 392

When I moved up slowly without being impatient, I found an adult man who is fun fis.h.i.+ng and a boy around ten years old.

Maybe their faces look similar, so they probably are parents.

Both parents' races are human beings, with brown skin, black short hair and black eyes characteristic.

Wearing clothes is light dressing which is only hiding the local area, rather than light clothes because he lives on the waterside.

I wonder if it is close to nakedness.

As I became concerned, when I talked to them, I found that it was hard to p.r.o.nounce an accent but it was a Nahán tribe.

The Nahán live in a wooden house that went off to the «Gangjinamus Taiga» and usually make fis.h.i.+ng and make a living.

However, it seems that sometimes you work as a mercenary and run through the battlefield according to the case such as unfis.h.i.+ng continues.

It is such a traditional Nahaan fis.h.i.+ng, but what it is done with whips.

Adults and children are all the same, they move in a small boat of narrow and thin trees for two or three people, rise up when they have the prey, and swing the whip.

Do not use commonly used nets, harpoons, fis.h.i.+ng rods, etc., just use whips.

That's why fish are caught in translation because it gets actually caught.

When I asked to know the secret, parents and children gently showed me to the village.

In the small boat, it is late, so raise it to here one end and turn off the rudder according to the instructions of parent and child.

Movement was a short time, and the settlement of the Nahán was found soon.

At first it was alarmed, but it fits immediately with parentage words.

Then, the clan director invited me to the house, being guided by the settlement and being small and sixty years old would have pa.s.sed.

At the house of the clan chief, medicinal tea good for the body but slightly bitter and baked goods like cookies were served.

Fresh meats and vegetables that were souvenirs surely, then labyrinths that you can not get here would have been effective, a polite hospitality.

While thinking that delicious ingredients are iron plates as a friend to get along with, I will listen to the story of the family chief.

I knew it, but the whip you are using is not an ordinary whip but it seems to be a monster.

It seems that the monster is said to be "River - flag - nah Nahan Sout".

It has a shape that makes the tail like a handle like a handle and the whole body gets better like a whip.

There is toughness and flexibility that it does not die even if it treats roughly, such as striking to the ground with full force, and each heavy snake head seems to bit a prey because each has intention.

Also, not only the length and hardness but also the individual content comes out according to the contents of the meal and the life up to now according to the living year, so it will not be the same individual.

Also, since it is a monster, it seems that sometimes [exist evolving] sometimes by acc.u.mulating experience value.

As a precaution, there is no thing to be fond of humans if you do not take care of it since it was born soon, as long as the user is not killed, sick or longevity, things that can only be handled by a specific individual .

Because those of the Nahán are given a whiplash growing together from a young age, relations.h.i.+ps like families may be close to the Nahán tribe, not the tools and livestock that grow together until they die.

In addition, the family chief who stood up in various hot things stood up in the middle of the story, and with the hands of "Taiga Flag Beauty Guushan Sout" which is a love which had been winning around himself beside himself, with one arm towards the river Swing.

It was aging but its movement was powerful, the arching arm was as fast as it gazed.

And the big river, which was originally likely to be more than 15 meters, apparently jumped into the water from the beginning at a speed exceeding the speed of sound while extending to a length longer than that.

If you put it in water at such speed, there would have been a corresponding shock, but there are almost no splas.h.i.+ng water or sound when you arrive at water.

It is surely invalidating the resistance of water with some kind of ability. Only a small ripple spreads.

And it is instantly pulled back if it thinks that it was landing. I did not know what I did at first, but there was a figure of the Great Thunder Fish "Gramanabulus" that snakes were biting when coming back to hand.

A sharp scaly sharp when it touches a long body made of uneunet. Dorsal fin is jagged like thunder, and mouth has grown fangs to eat meat. It is a big fish that there will be two meters, and if you touch it poorly it is a big fish that is discharged by the power generation organs in the body as its name suggests.

Sometimes it is Gramanaburusu which sometimes causes the enemy to get electrocuted, but I was buying information that it is actually delicious ingredients.

Because it is rare, it is a fish that I thought would like to eat if there is opportunity. I truly honestly think that I can meet the real thing.

And not only showed us how to use the whale snake, but the chief clerk cooked it and acted. Originally he got it for that, but it does not change what I appreciate.

The cooking method was simple, I cooked it in a certain incense gra.s.s and steamed it.

Seasoning only a few salt and several spices.

However, the body that got hot and softened is mellow in the mouth and the hooforo, it is the taste which it made as As a aftertaste, the spice's fluffy and irritating remains, and I want another next time.

Even this alone was delicious, but there were certain fruits beside. It is a small yellow fruit that can be taken in the desert called "Kinshama", which seems like a seasoning.

Although it is sour by a single item, it can not be eaten much, but when used for fish etc. it seems to make a taste better and make it more delicious.

Indeed, soon, as soon as you narrow down the kinshma and eat yourself, it looks different like it was tight.

Should it be said that the umami of yours is more compelling than just squeezing a few drops?

I am pleased with the welcome beyond expectation, and I will also present Iiyasu and sisters in front and cook.

Delicious drink is good for delicious food.

More acting with the labyrinthine labyrinth, I was supposed to spend the banquet here on this day and everything.

I was able to know the information of the area well, so it would be a fairly meaningful day.

Day 393

After all it was to stay overnight in the village of the Nahán tribe.

Nothing without incident, the gleaming sun rises in the desert.

The breakfast is the item cooked by litter citrus fish which the clan chief caught.

It's fresh in the morning and it seems to be able to move fresh all day today, as it is a refres.h.i.+ngly fish dish that is refres.h.i.+ng.

On the day of separation, I handed Meitetsu to the clan chief and promised to say, "If there is opportunity, I will come again" "Hmm, if so, I will host the grand honor at that time".

There was a good encounter and parting, and as I moved back more slowly, a winding valley appeared.

It is flowing through the valley floor where the height is likely to be more than 200 meters Here we were able to feel magnificent power of nature.

It will have been eroded by water and wind over a long period of time. In the case of

Basically it is reddish brown, but the subtle scenery makes it possible to feel the long history of the surrounding scenery where the strata are clearly distinguished by being different in color.

There is no human hand in hand.

Natural art built over a long time.

It can be said that enjoying the unique nature of these areas is one of the real pleasures of travel as well as the cooking of the land.

I would like to see various kinds of nature looking more like this.

But it seems that anyone who is nothing is there.

As I was going through the valley, a group that looks like [pirate] struck, which is the same cla.s.sification as [bandits] and [thieves].

Perhaps it is speed-conscious, there are about twenty boats with few pa.s.sengers, making a fleet and heading for us.

Other than that, rocky rocks in the valley to build a foothold, and there are not [boilers] riding the small boat equipped with bow and arrows and stones to line up with the slurry.

It seemed like the [pirate] of the scale that had attacked, and the number was also large and preparation was large.

It is Jamal of red-brown body hair alone who leads the attacking [pirate]. Is there a capability of the flame heat system, its surroundings are vaguely shaking.

Maybe it is kind of [Yukari]? Although I tried a little, apparently, it seems to be just [Kago possession].

While disappointedly disappointed, ignore the voice saying "I will overlook if s.h.i.+pping a s.h.i.+pment" and just thrust into it.

The [pirates] who ride in the surrounding small boat get closer to seeing it and get on directly, but after all it is a small boat. Although it was in a state of s.h.i.+ps, it was definitely determined that the [Sharkhead issue] living certainly would sink without doubt simply by s.h.i.+vering lightly.

And the thrown out enemies fluttering on the surface of water are being eaten by [Shark Head].

And especially without upsets, in tens of seconds the enemies who were in the boat were annihilated.

Some were eaten, others were killed by sharp fillets, and the remains were eaten by a group of meat fish piranha leaping energetically.

While looking at the slaughter by a somewhat unreasonable s.h.i.+p, [Big Boots] on the cliffs, but following the panicked voice of the leader's reddish brown Jamal who returned to me earliest, they shot arrows all at once.

Rain of arrow flying while drawing an arc.

It may be wonderful if it is normal, but members who are out now may not even pierce the skin.

Although it is a meaningless attack, I dare to intercept it with a swing of arms.

Roaring, and the violently and swirling atmosphere. Instead of playing the rain of the arrow, it is accelerated several times and sent back to it.

Most of the arrows could not bear the momentum of the storm and most of the arrows broke and broke, but the remains of the arrow struck the shooters.

Some have pierced the eyeb.a.l.l.s, some have thousands of pieces of wood rubbed in the meat, others seem to be thrust by fellows who struggle with pain.

There seems to have not been dead yet, but there are a wide range from minor injuries to seriously injured people, who were better dead more quickly.

Some devastating damage caused by a swing of the arm did not finish alone, a part of the storm became a blade, cut off the scaffold of the cliff and reformed smoothly, and all the [pirate] remaining somehow remained Dropped.

The bottom is water, so it never crashed and died, but there seems to be a shock as it is, there are many people who struggle with pain. Besides, it seems that some people are drowning, they are not good at swimming in the land pattern too much.

The consequences of the attacking [pirate] are truly daunting.

Pelori and [Sharkhead] had eaten in the rough way, but since prize money may be put on it, we will raise a few leaders and executives and the remaining survivors.

Although it may be raised by the net, since it is troublesome with it, operate water by using [a whole thing]. Like a tattoo of octopus and squid, water sprinkled and on the signboard a dozen people who were breathless like breath flew were thrown in.

Desperately pouring out water while panting, I am watching here with a fearful eye. It seems that my heart has already given up, and there is no resistance against resistance.

I think that the inside of the s.h.i.+p may get dirty as it is wet wet for the time being, and bathered hot air into it without mercy.

It is something like a guard that bothers prisoners, but if you are self-employed you have no choice but to give up.

Besides, it is not a painful translation, so you do not have to worry about it.

As the temperature is high and wet clothes and whole body dry thoroughly, we will quickly unlock the weapon.

It is troublesome to have a small weapon hidden behind and be rampant badly or self-determined.

It's hot, so it's okay if only one underwear is wet.

After that, I put a cage of iron in a room inside the s.h.i.+p and pushed it in there. Arranged a rugged "torture demon Tuchar Road" equipped with a black eyed hat and an ap.r.o.n as guard numbers.

If it ramps it will be affixed to a restraint chair that will be treated as a biological weapon and "discussion" will be done using torture devices that are treated like biological weapons as well.

As I was ready, I went outside for a while and looked at the inside.

Then a torture demon, a gentle kindergarther s.a.d.i.s.t came from outside the cage "If you go up to the land, I must inscribe you one by one so that you do not forget your sins so far. It will be very painful. But it's okay, if you listen to what I say, let's escape from here, "spoke gently and encouraged escape.

It is obvious that we do not actually let it escape, and we are looking forward to deep despair from turning into hope.

[Pirates] are puzzled by the apparent heinousness, but what will happen?

I am not interested so much, so I left there. In the case of

Such a feeling, although it has a little happening, goes ahead.

As for the next city state, confirm the existence of prize money of [pirate], if there is nothing, the leader of [Kagosho carried] eats, and what else do you do?

Even if it works as a subordinate, it is not necessary anymore because there are more capable members now.

Even if you force it to work, you will not get much achievement.

Do you kill or become an experience value or sell it?

Yes, I will sell it even to slave merchants. For themselves, it may be somewhat better than being killed. In the case of

It would be, unless the torture demon has broken.

Shallow behavior is something I want you to refrain from.

Day 394

There is nothing I can tell you today.

It was an elegant day enjoying a pleasant boat trip and enjoying fis.h.i.+ng etc.

Because it is a point, let's talk about everyone else.

First of all, Minokichi-kun and Asue-chan arrived safely in other 【Dynasty Dungeon】 and started to capture.

While various misunderstandings have caused unfortunate misunderstandings, it seems that the two demons' small trip was comfortable.

It was impressive that Minokichi talked happily while being keen.

It might be a little horror if you think of the amount of blood flowing in the shade, but it is a result of your own income due to casual and lazy behavior, so as to softly get out of consciousness.

When it dives lightly, it seems that it broke down to the tenth floor of 【【Kamiyo Dungeon】 - 【Dynasty of Ruins】 - 【Demon tomb of the ruins】 Mimanaya · Pandama】 which is cla.s.sified as underground hierarchical type.

The hierarchical boss that was on the tenth floor "Geoen of the Ruins" was frustrated because it was weak, Minokichi-kun returned once and finished securing bases etc. by direction of the ear cuffs divisions, then challenged in earnest It is said that it is a schedule.

Miniyos.h.i.+-kun was supposed to be a prey to 【The tomb of the ruins】 is still undeveloped 【Kamiyo Dungeon】, the deepest part of the party seems to be the party of the [Brutality] where is the most deeply confirmed up to the 60th floor underground.

They abandoned the capture that they were quite a skilled person because it is because there was a robust protected city here.

For this reason [G.o.d of the ruins] was created by the creation of the remains from the 30 th floor to the lower in the past - Consuming when building from scratch 【Divine Power】 is too enormous, now It seems that it seems to be like an urban fight or a siege fight because it is supposed to have reduced the cost by diverting real genuine without it.

Many human type dungeon monsters appear, and their strengths and abilities also fall apart.

Depending on individuals, it seems like a soldier who lives in a real city, such as proximity is weak, the distance is strong, vice versa, or he specializes in healing.

It seems that intelligence is also high, and if you become an urban area battle, you use an increasing blind spot or pa.s.s through the building to strike suddenly, or to destroy buildings or flame up.

If it becomes a siege battle, it will be challenging with a few that originally challenging with multiplayer. Considering that there are weapons etc. attached to thick walls such as varistor, how much is the difficulty of that strategy?

It seems that it has a structure that seems to be funny inside, which is different from the simple specification as before.

When I heard the story, I thought that it was troublesome but it seemed interesting, and at the same time I was convinced that this would not be a tourism resource.

Civilization that existed now is not present. It is a past that can not be seen in theory, it is history.

I really want to see it, I want to feel it with my skin. He who thinks so is certain. There may not be so many in number, but there are certain business opportunities.

It is still unknown how much benefit the new continent will gain, but it will definitely be helpful from now on.

If you keep rooting around the world like this, if you plan a refraining tour around the world by refined dragons, a great voyage with a luxurious pa.s.senger boat, or something, it will not be a big prosperity.

Rich will pay a lot of money for Kore etc that is impossible to achieve normally. It may be a problem for royalty aristocrats to stay away from their homeland for a long time, but if they are also used in conjunction with communication ogres, it seems to be anything.

And if the civilization of the past is actually left, it may be possible to obtain lost technology at the moment.

There were various other things just by thinking about how to utilize.

For the time being I will try to send additional members.

I do not partic.i.p.ate in the capture, but let's take care of personal belongings and office work etc.

Because there is a more suitable work for the second demon, it is a translation saying that those who dispatched miscellaneous affairs to the dispatched members and who pour their strengths are useless.

Next is Mr. Buri and a spell star, but two demons broke down in a few days to break the top ranking ranker of the ranking fighter of the big fighting field one by one and battle it, reigning as absolute queen.

Why was it so?

To briefly explain the flow, firstly Demon sought a trial of the sword he bought and a death merchant Grandes who directly took a place to shoot a new magic tried from the magic book Grimoir.

It seems that he feels the power of two demons with the skin [dealer merchant Grandes] made every effort to politely and promptly make that wish come true.

In that case, not only will the customer be satisfied, but it also would have been like moving to become the maximum benefit of himself.

To know the exact fighting ability of the second demon, there may have been reasons such as.

Anyway, it was a battle at the big fighting field that was so organized.

Mr. Buri's first opponent is Hope currently on sale.

Brown skin has s.e.xy eyebrows A splendid curved sword-like youth with many female fans like idols. When he comes out he says that a yellow cheering is filled.

The rough star is a man of strength who won a battle against one who does not like it so much, he seems to be increasing the number of fans each time he fights.

The personality is serious, it seems to be a good young man who has no back and front, but it can only be said that the other party was bad.

The young man seems to have exposed his son who contracted from fear to the in a state of nakedness that had been cut off from all weapons to underwear despite being injured when the youth ended as a result.

If only he is the victim, it will not be recovered in the future It is a way that damage is too great mentally and socially. It would not be an overstatement to say that executions are executed.

However, the battle against several people who made up the party continued to be done in the same way, or even more severe, so it is probably okay.

It should be evaluated that it was only the young man who was attacked more or less, and was able to fight back.

Basically it was how Buri fought less hurt, but there were exceptions.

A desert pig sand oak, etc. who was active as a villain of battlefield called "s.e.xual desire rafta" who blew the reason with a illegal magic drug, attacked the opponent s.e.xually in front of the in the presence of nature, It seems that it seems like a ma.s.s of pork that can be discarded as it is by the action which touches the inverse scales of Mr. Buri.

Although details are omitted, it seems that it is quite gross if mincing meat is thinking about the creatures that were materials.

Personally I like it, but it is well placed.

As a result of spa star Spencer's thing like that, the two demons reigned in the stadium.

I heard that he was self-weighted now, or was he got tired of being a weak person bullying, he seems to be fis.h.i.+ng arms etc. anyhow.

There seems to be a second demon fighting, but in a serious battle the big stadium may collapse, so it is kept to the extent that he can play.

Still it seems quite excited, so the business of Death Merchant Grandes will be prosperous.

No, I may have a head with repair costs.

Well, anyway, I am looking forward to having fun and being enjoying the present.

Sei kun, they continue to treat us normally as well.

At first it seems that it is slightly higher than the average set amount so as not to deprive existing workers [doctors], [doctors] and [clerics], but it may be due to too much arm.

Every day on Sei Saiko's row of patients will disappear, it will disappear.

In addition to having a short treatment time, it does not require time even for intractable diseases due to overwhelming healing ability over others.

Then, because efficiency is too good, it seems that the number of patients needing treatment seems to be decreasing somewhat recently.

Although it is rather peaceful and workable smoothly, there seems to be some occasionally who tried to hurt Sei Haru because of various reasons such as not being able to eat, obstructing, having money, etc. .

Well, that kind of fellow will be there anywhere. Because it is a level that can handle even Sei Saigo enough, it does not become a problem either.

If that comes to mind, it will not even be possible to touch it first, and if it gets in the way, it must cope with a storm of blow that continues to recover.

Sei Sa - kun 's appearance, which laughs with Mai with full power with a smile, has a very mental impact.

However, in the majority of cases, such a seniors touches the inverse scales of Aituri and Kugimi who are together, occasionally a strange case occurs where a stench causing stench occurs on the back of the alley.

It does not bother to tell what the raw material of the spilled liquid was.

However, since malodor is underestimating the feelings of irrelevant residents, keep in mind that they should pay as much cleaning tool as possible. Disposal of garbage is important.

Anyway, Sei Saori who gradually increases influence will be able to trust the back with peace of mind.

Other members such as Mr. Ramura and Akihiro are doing their best in other places, but let's say it also on another occasion.

It is not enough time to tell all about flowing stones.

Day 395

The number of s.h.i.+p which pa.s.sed by a little while ago had increased dramatically.

Also, the number of things like wagon cars coming and going overland, and sand flowers crossing the sandy sea are increasing.

Apparently it seems that he is steadily approaching his destination.

Even those who come to Coco - the inland of the New Continent, becoming the dominant territory of the most urban state «orzi · Manu · Deunas» which is considered the huge among them, such as [pirates] and [sisters] It seems that you can not easily get out of hand, and everyone seemed to be acting with a relaxed feeling.

Still the threat of the monster will not change, but occasionally armed groups are patrolling.

Apparently I regularly patrol around and it seems to be thinning down monsters. As I recall, it seems that the number of monsters that could certainly be confirmed even in the distant eyes was decreasing.

Also, a group with a heavy atmosphere that is obviously elite in major roads, etc. is stationed in a small but firm rock fortress.

It is encouraging that there is a place to escape even if the worst attack on the fortress is encouraging, it is one of the factors that [travelers] and [merchants] can relax with «orzi · manu · diunas».

In these parts, you can see the strength of the power of «Olji Manu · Dyunas», where not only self-defense but also a large number of soldiers can be placed outside.

It seems that not only the strength but also the economy and politics are powerful.

According to the information gathered, «Orzi · Manu · Diunas» has been chosen as the G.o.d of the sun for a long time [Psalm awakening person] such as [Yugeri] and [Emperor] appeared [King of the Sun] There seems to be a history.

Through the powerful existence of [the sun king] the harsh desert area and the gravel area spread, the place where the water resources are limited is limited In the circ.u.mstances of the civilized survival struggle of the city nation which exists in many respects It is said that there is history for hundreds of years already.

It is not amusing to be attacked by any city government in general.

Therefore, this land where [King of the Sun] can supervise is worthy of it.

Anyway, what kind of thing is «orzi · manu · diunas» that can supervise the reign of the successive generations and the honorable present generation 【the sun king】?

At the sight of the sight that can be expected with just getting closer, I felt that my heart was swelling with expectation.

Day 396

We have started running «Gangjinamus Taiga» »early days.

By around noon it arrived safely in the urban state «Olji Manu · Diunas».

A comfortable s.h.i.+p trip such as a long and short one will be terminated once here.

We head for a well-maintained port where many small and medium type s.h.i.+ps are moored, and get off there.

Survival of [the pirate] that was restrained inside the s.h.i.+p - although slightly decreasing, well, that is - that is - is restrained by the rope knitted with thread.

When everyone gets down, I return the [Sharkhead] which finished my duty, return and search for an accommodation to stay today and walk.

A sort of outstanding person like us fell down and a little noise was generated as the s.h.i.+p which was large enough to understand even at a distance disappeared momentarily but ignore it and proceed.

We received the taste of local dishes sold at stalls, the receipt of the prize money of the amount of the middle amount that had been placed on 【the "pirate"】, then the rest of the slave merchants who are prosperous are not prize - As a result of hearing various things to sell the pirates, we decided to stay at the finest inn, «Olji Manu Diuñas» boasted «Isla Woeton».

It was prompt decision as it was judged that it is reasonable from the facility and service side though it was requested money enough to pop out as much as there is the highest grade eyes.

«Olji · Manu · Diunas» is far more secure as compared to other urban states, so far safe, but when you stay in a poor inn, it seems that there is a story that robbery broke in the middle of the night. In the case of

Even if attacked separately, it is only a story that robbery should disappear somewhere, but it is annoying even if you get in the way of sleeping while traveling. That's why I chose here, but of course it's not just for safety.

It is said that in the Coco kitchen what expert master of cuisine wears arms even in the new continent.

As I mentioned before, in order to preserve the ingredients for a long time here, there are plenty of kinds of condiments.

There are dozens to hundreds to dozens of bottles sold in the market as well.

And there are dishes like spicy curry made with the rich spices, and too effective cuisine dishes such that toxins in the body are discharged.

I tried eating with a luxury shop before coming here, but everything was delicious and I like Liverpool enough to order me to study the dishes with spices.

Jankery who is spicy but why he wants to eat is the best.

And inn that there is a chef who is told that there is no one who can come out to the right if you make such a Jean Carrie.

I would not ask for gastronomy and not translating it.

I tried to eat it as dinner immediately, but groaned unconsciously with its taste.

Junkerie that was issued was very red. It is red enough to be seen as apparently painful.

And actually eating, it was very painful. It will be painful to the extent that fire will come out from the mouth, seriously thinking so.

But the hand does not stop. It's not just painful. There was a certain flavor.

With unbelief, carrying Jean Carrey from one to the next, groaning with spicy, keeping eating while sweating out.

There is synergistic effect with added fruit, whether it is reworking or not, so it is said that it is small hatred because it advances further.

It is exactly like a dish produced just to stimulate appet.i.te.

And eating such dishes, the same chefs Iiyu and sisters seemed to be severely shocked.

It seems that sisters are obviously surprised, although apparently there are irregular cookers Iiyusu, so there is no reaction to that, but Ichibata seems to be quite surprised.

Riyuten's skill is certainly super cla.s.s. Even if you use garbage-like ingredients you can get a first-rate taste, it's better to think so seriously.

However, it is in the midst of taking a step into the world which is not comparable to the past, so it seems that the food I ate and eaten to a place far unexpected so far did not exist in common sense of Iiyuten .

There are differences in food culture depending on places.

That is natural, there are delicious dishes and tasty dishes, and formats and manners are also very different.

The ingredients and seasoning used are different, cooking utensils and cooking methods will differ.

The shock received from existence deviating from the common sense that has been built is something that resonates sometimes.

In other words, Ichijuta received a culture shock.

It was delicious and delicious, though I thought he was eating and studying cuisine, but it may have been somewhere despising.

In this case it is possible to make it more delicious.

However, the shock of the taste far beyond his imagination.

It is shaken and frightened, but Iiyuten who is [brave] can not be elated.

The dull motion changed for a while. With sharp movements, I am cautious about the ingredients used and cooking procedures.

Perhaps it will make more delicious food.

As I wished so, I drank alcohol with Kanami.

Well, it is delicious. Oh, thank you. Every pot ... this time, is it useless, is not it?

Well then, exchange with this labyrinthine ingredient for a while ... ... Oh, this is a chef, a delicious dish, thank you.

No, it is more than rumor Jean Carrie. Oh yeah, next time we use Kore too to pursue further taste ... .... Well, can I bring each pot? Well, thank you.

By the way, still being used for hidden taste ... Wow, there was such a recipe?

Well, yeah, if you negotiate anything, I thought so while watching the curry pot with contents.

For chefs, again to confirm that unknown ingredients are attractive subst.i.tutes.

Also, are customers who eat deliciously?

It would have been a necessary investment because I knew things that would not be taught normally.

Day 397

Today we had planned sightseeing «Olji Manu · Diunas».

Coco has developed a unique culture only because of its long history, it seems that there are many tourist attractions.

But today it was snowing from the morning that luck was bad.

It seems that desert sand wound up by strong winds falls like rain.

Momentum is somewhat stronger than light rain, but the local slaves were saying that this strength will last the longest.

To be honest, I do not want to go out in the middle of sand falling for a long time.

Sand will get tangled with your hair and dirt will seem to stick to your clothes. If you put it in your eyes it will obviously hurt, and I do not want to bother to feel the jelly fishy texture that entered the mouth.

Since it can not be helped, I was going to spend it with «Isla Wetzn» staying, but I did not feel any inconveniences.

As it is supposed to be of the highest grade, the building is huge and there is enough room to relax, and various facilities are also in place.

It is fairly rich content such as a rich bar of alcoholic beverages, a training room with equipment, and a relaxation room with exclusive oil ma.s.sage masters.

There is a small pond and greened garden in the premises, so you can relax there.

Speaking of whether the influence of the rain exists because the garden is outside, it is not so.

Coco has installed a magic item that develops the barrier of sand avoidance so as not to get disturbing sand from the outside.

As a result, the sand blown from outside can not get inside the premises, it slides on the surface and acc.u.mulates.

If you leave the sand as it is, the sandy mountain surrounds the site, which is dealt with by making a groove called a sandstone.

The sand coming from outside gathers in the sand road, and when it exceeds a certain amount, it seems that the sand goes somewhere due to the cleaning system magic item circulating on the sand trail.

It is a well thought out thing.

It is not bad to see snow rain falling from the garden so arranged.

The weather that seems to have somewhat more clouds than usual, the rain falling from it stops at a certain distance, slides down and acc.u.mulates.

It seems that it was a very interesting part for watching the sand and rain in this way, Well, maybe it was a relaxing day.

Day 398

After all, the sand which had been falling until the night stopped, so today I decided to wander outside from the morning.

Zorozoro and everyone turn around looking around the main avenue with many pa.s.sengers in the morning.

When hunger got free, I bought it at a street stall and so on and tasted delicious food stall food so far.

It seems that the stall dishes especially like Oro and Argento, and they brilliantly s.h.i.+ne the face with glitter.

I wanted Ogiwaka and Os.h.i.+ too, so I bought it each time.

It is impressive that only Nicolas, a young human being, can not eat yet, so it looked like a rotten face.

Give a glittering s.h.i.+ny toy and I will keep it as it is in a good mood.

Spicy stuffed meat dishes are personally honored in the stall dishes, especially the shops that bring in their own cups and pour sake.

Sake and meat to drink in the morning are good things.

As you can see freely by sightseeing, «Orzi · Manu · Deunas» has formed rocks and cloths that look thick and thick. It seems that houses built with building materials like 'Adobe', a natural building material made of sand, straw, clay etc. are lining up.

I do not see much whether wood is valuable, it is a brown color in the color of building materials.

However, while being tastefully tasteful, a sophisticated technique was heard in the building of houses.

It is not just a strikingly fun style, such as the shape of the roof and the decoration of the window, but it can be said that the creative ingenuity or the artistic delicacy.

Especially the temple etc is powerful.

In other places, colored building materials not used so often were also frequently used, claiming to be able to see that it is a special building at a glance.

Pictures drawn with tiles of various colors on the inner wall surface were even demonic enough to unexpectedly leak sighs, I thought that I should look at it once.

Besides, because plenty of water resources are abundant, plants are seen more than others, and temperatures are not too hot, which is easy to spend.

Air does not dry too much, economy is stable and security is good. As the living environment has the best conditions in the New World, so has not it developed so much?

Looking at some armor shops, there are also quite a few businesses.

There are also many interesting forms of weapons such as sharp Shamseal and Jamahadar, and some other characteristic things that can not be seen elsewhere.

It seems that the magic items produced from the nearby [Kamiyo Dungeon] also seems to be complete, so I thought that goods of better quality were arranged than the price.

There were many sightseeing spots, I could not go looking around in one day, but there are many things I knew.

From now on, it will be necessary to think variously based on it.

In the evening return to the inn and order Jean Carrie and other dishes.

It was a piece that was being carried after a while and the dragon meat that I handed over was used immediately, that is stepping into the abyss of further taste.

A rich fragrance drifting. There were shocks that mixed dozens of spices with a delicate technique and coalesced while chaotic but it smashed the appet.i.te just by smelling.

It is a fragrant bomb, with the surrounding gaze pointed at one point.

The waiter carrying it somehow managed to pretend to be calm, but I can not hide the desire to stay in that eye.

Its eyes are nailed to Jean Carrey with goro and big, but also dragon meat that disappears in the mouth.

As other tables are ordinary Jean Carrie, probably we are the first on this new Jean Carrie.

It is placed on the table, it has an overwhelming presence. I heard a sound like gulping from somewhere.

When I looked around the surroundings there was a chef who cooked Jean Carrie in the direction of the kitchen. There was a kind of spirit that the eye was serious, and he did his best.

While I was paying attention to the surroundings, I was the one who told me first.

Kanami - chan etc are waiting for me to eat.

I feel sorry for something, I held such a thought, but such thoughts quickly disappeared.

Dragon meat unraveled in the mouth. The taste of the spice soaked in it softly disappearing in the mouth.

Complex and delicate taste raised the merit of dragon meat to the utmost, further increasing the effect due to the synergistic effect with Je Currie's Rou.

Unfortunately it is impossible to express in detail with my little vocabulary, so I acted on this taste and responded.

Please change.

Of course, every pot and everything.

A little war broke out triggered by that, but there was no way to get it.

Day 399

Needs a TON of editing ~Miraclegra.s.s

The history of «orzi · manu · diunas» that grew up with the grace of majestic «Gangjinamus river» was old is old.

Despite its limitations on enlarging the environment, it still continues to maintain the largest scale as the city state under the successive [Sun King].

We eliminated foreign enemies, enrich the economy, and raised our own culture.

So, the thought for the people [Sun King] is strong. It may be expressed as a kind of [Faith].

With such circ.u.mstances, there were many tombs in the vicinity of «Olji Manu · Deunas», where the great [King of the Sun] sleeps.

It is a gigantic structure called a quadrangular pyramid tobacco pureramel. Is it easy to understand if you imagine a huge royal tomb like the pyramid?

- Whether the pyramid was really a royal tomb is another argument.

In the interior of the Pyramid, which was built with many goods and effort, the body and treasure of [King of the Sun] was paid, still like the sun «OL'Zi · Manu · Dyunas»'s lighting the hearts of the people, .

Pyramid construction, which has the intention of inheriting superior building technology, ensuring employment of a large number of simple workers, activating the economy by releasing stored goods, is an easy-to-understand culture of the area.

Without seeing it, you would not have sightseeing «Olji Manu · Diunas».

By the way, Pyramid also has a role as a place to grow strong man.

This is to raise the next [Sun King] candidate.

As a result, the interior of Pyramel is complicated and protected by magical creatures such as fatal traps and [tomb-gu], and magic items collected by [King of the Sun] that sleep there.

As there are treasures certainly in the deep part, the challenger is constantly abandoned, but many of them seem to be offerings of the king who sleep as it is.

It would be good to think that Puramel is a building like an artificial dungeon made by Bell bed which spreads in the bas.e.m.e.nt of the base of the forest.

Anyhow there is meaning [Chew Dungeon] anyway, there are also cases of Bell bed and Retanna so we do not feel like challenging the artificial dungeon so much, so look at such Puramel from the outside.

As long as you observe for a while, you can see how many people challenge Puramel.

It seems the aurs want to challenge, but keep it. There are other huge stone statues, so let's look around there.

Day 400

Needs a TON of editing ~Miraclegra.s.s

In a place somewhat away from «Olji Manu · Diunas», there is an area called «Gaudabre Hot Desert».

This is a "Red Hot Sand" - a red desert built with sand like red crystals that collects heat called "Red Sand", measures such as drinking a special magical medicine like [Kis.h.i.+njin Volcano] It seems to be a danger zone where there is a thing that it is steamed at night and may die.

Not only hot environment as always burning but also monsters inhabiting here are also strong tribe so few people come near but it is also a special product of «Olji Manu · Dyunas» such as red jewelry like gla.s.s products Because red sand which is also a raw material can be taken in large quant.i.ties, it seems to be a place that has a long relations.h.i.+p to «Olji · Manu · Dyunas» since ancient times.

Because it is a point, I decided to sightsee over there today.

Besides, there is meaning as a pre-drill exercise before crossing the desert zone in earnest.

It is a distance that I can return home on a day trip, so it will be enough for my experience.

Leave the guide to one of the local slaves with the habit of intuition, a thing that is shaken by a large skeleton spider of the desert specification towed by a karabaka da made «magician in the future considering the future.

Every time I approached the destination «Gauda Arb warming desert«, everyone except me is facing a disagreeable face to the temperature that is clearly rising.

Still proceeding with patience, we finally reached there was red.

I had imagined that it was red like blood without permission, but this should be expressed as ruby.

It reflects sunlight and s.h.i.+nes sparkly. It was mysteriously beautiful, even as a sea of ​​jewels.

Personally it is a valuable landscape at first glance, but the temperature that continues to rise dramatically as it certainly approaches surely is awkward.

There was a [heat absorption] so I was rather comfortable, but Kanami got sweat and it has become thin clothes and has been drinking expensive magical drugs for quite a while.

If you actually come, you will understand, but it is a harsher environment than I heard. Besides coming as a work in this case, n.o.body will come near.

It is only those who are drunk enough to come by sightseeing instead of working until they bother to consume a lot of expensive magical medicines.

Well, as such a drunken demon, I leave it to the skeleton spider which became more comfortable with Kanami-chan because everyone who dislikes going out to see only in the vicinity of burning heat, in a burning hot weather, It was decided to collect red sand.

Because it is a point, it is only necessary to go outside, if it says, "If it is necessary, if it is only necessary to see it, here is not enough" here was said.

Well, I certainly agree that it is right. From the skeleton spider that has come to the top of the dunes, the red desert looks better.

It is a bit of a good idea to look while enjoying an elegantly cold drink inside the air-conditioned interior.

Rewarding the mind I got out, descended into the area of ​​red sand which is clearly different from ordinary desert, and collected in large quant.i.ties with the item box.

It is one of the materials the smith wants, so I will collect large amounts of it so that it does not have to come again.

If you can arrange red gla.s.sware on your own, that is where it is used.

As it is so, shallow and deep places in the red desert.

Since I was wondering whether there is some difference in the red sand where I collect it, I pick up at a shallow place to some extent and fly to the back.

It flew for several minutes at high speed, and collected it several times, but at that time I found somewhat huge structure on the far side.

At first sight it is like a pyramid, but it is more complicated and huge structure than that.

Should I say that it is like a complex temple of rice dishes with various styles of temple in pyramid?

Although I've seen it somewhere, I have an appearance that does not look anywhere.

When I approached while tilting the small head as to what it was in such a place, it turned out that it seemed to be like the [G.o.dai Dungeon].

However, it was not in the collected information, such as 【G.o.dai Dungeon】 is deep inside the harsh «GUDABARV Hot Heat Desert».

Perhaps there is no one who has explored from the environment, it may be [the priest dungeon] that n.o.body has found.

If [G.o.ds] needing to gather [Faith] in order to raise [G.o.dfather] made it did not understand the reason why such a place did not come, but there is no choice.

Usability is never good as it is a place not far from the distance as a destination using [Warp Gate], but it is necessary to cross the «GUDABARD huge heat desert».

However, as it is a point of view, I decided to look into it for a while.

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