Re:Monster Day 331-340

Day 331

From morning on, I focused on tampering with 【 Sacred Fire Mountain of Oni's Howl 】 in many ways so it could become the main battlefield.

At any rate, there's only a few days left until the appointed day.

I barely completed my preparations at the last moment, by finis.h.i.+ng them quickly, it would mean that I would be able to challenge my performance ("Lewd night activity of course") with both my body and mind in peak condition.

Its become a deadline at the time limit, I enter into "the activity" without taking a rest though I stayed up all night in a hurry and worked overtime and completed it, If possible I don't want to do this in a similar situation.

Not only is my body tough due to 【 Fierce G.o.d OVERLORD】, I do not have any problems by using 【 without rest and eat】 on the physical strength side, but I cannot ignore mental fatigue.

This time "partner" just need a partner, it should wait in a perfect state.

Putting aside some personal matters, currently, the anti-【 World Enemy 】 Allied Forces was formed by centering on the Holy kingdom which settled their war partic.i.p.ation to this [Holy War] ―― In addition to the three countries of a Holy kingdom, a kingdom and the empire. Then - - comprised of [Heroes] from some small countries which there are few in numbers, but it can said that they are the va.s.sal state of the Holy kingdom. The emperor Allied Armies which were formed by 【 Emperor 】 and subjects of the Demon empire and the beast kingdom, gathering and concentrating near 【 Border Place 】 which separates the outside world from 【 Sacred Fire Mountain of Oni's Howl 】 one after another.

But even if I say that they're gathering their regiments, their relations are not as simple as relations like their lands geographically, from the Holy Kingdom which advocates human being supremacy over others that have been fighting against each other for many years from difference places.

Though it's not an intended, two camp builds a temporary base facing across each other at the spot that just sandwiches 【 Sacred Fire Mountain of Oni's Howl】 in between.

We would be inevitably attacked by the enemy from both sides if the [Holy War] began from this condition, so I decide to be careful and not to be stabbed in the back carelessly.

Since both camps seriously work on advancing the preparations with steady steps on this [Holy War], even a country with large force could fall if they feel like it.

But not us, when I'm a.s.suming that with the Allied Forces and the Allied Armies collided head-on, serious damage will correspond to such a scale occurs, that the balance of surrounding countries will greatly collapse.

To both of them at the same time, it's a condition that may be almost called an all-out war.

Then, let's make go a thorough of explanation and more easily look at the war potential of the both camps.

Allied Armies' soldiers number approximately 2,000, but it is composed only of people with a superior amount of magic and physical strength when compared to a typical person belonging to the species such as 【 Demon race 】(Mazoku) and 【Therianthrope 】(Beast demi-human).

Furthermore, they undergo severe training every day due to partic.i.p.ation in the war this time, they're elites who made it through a great amount of death.

For that reason, I should think that their war potentials is several times what the actual number would indicate.

The elite force commanded by one intention obstinately chases the prey, they attack without minding to throw their own life at stake, a herd of hounds which chew, and tear off the throat at the weakening moment.

It is not an exaggeration even if I express it so.

In contrast with, Allied Forces are inferior in soldier's quality compared with Allied Armies.

However, there were somehow a lot of numbers with several times or more compared to Allied Armies.

With simply rough numbers, it exceeded ten thousand.

In a sense, it is natural that there are many in number since 【 Eiyuu (Heros) 】 who display their best ability when they're leading several subordinates of the been settled number of Allied Forces.

Though some of 【 Eiyuu (Heros) 】 also possess a similar 【 Formation 】 ability who even could demonstrate their special ability all alone, it made them to carry several numbers here.

It is nothing but only a troublesome thing from small fish without any fun, there are numerous prey here. So, should I be delighted ?

Well, there are more noncombatants taking care in the camp for now and it's because they are in standby condition until the [Holy War] has begun.

Practically in battle, they might be fewer.

Anyway, There is a bustle like a town in the spot where Allied Forces are positioned when there are so many of them in the number.

If there is the a big shout of people to training, I also hear the voices of them distracting themselves from fear by laughing.

With cackling and flirtatious voices leaking out from some tents where the prost.i.tutes come flowing in, it's implications are of "the eros", as a pure living thing that tries to leave it seed according to exciting violent male breath sound and movement sounds of the excited male.

Eight or nine cases out of ten there is unique vigor in the corner where there are different kinds of demon birds and the demon beasts which will be prepared as a force were collected, low-cla.s.s soldiers fed them a large quant.i.ty of meals like the breeding staff of a zoo.

The armor, carried by a great number of wagons b.u.mped together with a noise clattering lightly, and are taken to the appointed place and delivered to soldier's a hand.

I simply investigate it a bit with fission (small body clone), and I understood it well so it would be better if the preparations for the [Holy War] should be advanced steadily.

As good as it is, in order to be proportional, movement of scouts in each country released in 【 Sacred Fire Mountain of Oni's Howl 】 are also more active.

I collected information before going to war. It will be quite expected useful of course.

It may be difficult when something occurs without forewarning, it's a case of understanding beforehand in case of a time like this.

Therefore anyone should gather proper intelligence about the topography or the appearing dungeon monsters, unless they are an outstanding half-wit.

Since a lack of intelligence related to the war can be fatal, they understand that it become a brinkmate (A shogi move with no escape - Checkmate).

However, I am not such a good-natured person so as to give information easily.

Though I might not be called as person (human) but an [Oni] instead, but lets put it aside now.

In addition with trick devices and a flock of dungeon monsters that I have been scattering since before as scout counter-plan, so as not to let them from advance a certain constant distance as they mahev beofe, with giant soaring wall made of ma.s.sive lava which are towering to sky high, I built the ca.n.a.l such as the deep cliff newly on this side.

Naturally, this kind of thing does not have a bridge to pa.s.s, and magma drifts to the bottom of the ca.n.a.l like a river in reference to the place where there is a trap, the structure not to put it in the deep part even if there is an overland route.

As for a certain ability scout that can only subdue a dungeon monster, the effect is great since they would give up if its indeed impossible, isn't it?

Provided that it is impossible to pa.s.s on foot in this composition, but there is a flaw that one might leap over from the sky.

As I would expect, it is too troublesome to make a ceiling in the labyrinth of a 【Natural Encirclement type】, and there are not many means to do so either.

For a case when penetration from the sky is attempted, I let a spirit fire dragon make a nest with 【True Dragon Spirit-making】 on the lava wall, and I placed a lot of invisible gravity traps while I'm at it.

Not only will you get attacked by those spirit-made dragons if you try to leap or fly over here, but also cras.h.i.+ng with the sudden force of gravity exerted by surprise which is the perfection of the hunting ground.

Until the commencement of the [Holy War], I may shut out the information from here on the deep area that is scheduled to become the main battlefield.

Thinking of such a thing while occasionally tampering with the labyrinth with sounds of knocking and clattering (kachikachi~katakata), I mumblingly chew 【Blau Roper ScissorPruning shears of Rose G.o.d】 / 【ブラウロープルーシザ薔薇神之剪定鋏】.

【 Sacred Treasure 】 is hard after all, I don't seem to be able to crunch it easily.

However, as a person who had experienced the taste of a 【 sacred treasures 】 once, nothing less than the spice to enjoy rather than taste such unpalatable small amount.

The joy of getting to the end of the struggle. Only the person who has experienced it will understand that.

When I bite it whole-heartedly, it chipped more quickly than before.

Immediately, the mystery that is contained from the chipped part―【 Mysterious Power Idea  】 pours out, a thunderbolt of paradise surges to a whole body starting from the mouth.

My reasoning power would be blown off if I'm unskilled. I'm almost controlled by the delight whose might become the slave of food.

However, I was able to thoroughly enjoy a limit of the good flavor the details without being thrown in the torrent of the overwhelming grat.i.tude unlike the past simply because I experienced it once.

I surely felt the sweet fragrance of the rose which was about to appeal to the sense of smell that there was not simply because I was able to keep my composure when I ate the【 Treasure Core Ring of Spring Water G.o.d Anklet.Riam 】.

My brain would be stimulated by the fragrance, overcome many trials of getting on by the time its blooming petals open. spread out open I see the vision of the short-lived rose beautifully in full bloom letting me feel it.

Various types of roses in full bloom all over the view, seem to totally bless the world.

After all I who have limited vocabulary cannot express all by words in me, it is helplessly delicious, So I say to leave it at that.

Because the person who has not tasted it may not even be imagine it even if I repeat ten thousand words.

Anyway, it seemed to become fairly easy to eat after having its part chipped or once missing.

Crunch crunch ~ munch munch as I eat it smoothly.

Why is that I can so easily eat it? as I suddenly thought the question.

Well, Probably with there having been (eat as live) live off the experience once, it is because I use 【Gambling Dice】 that is one of the 【 Sacred Treasure 】 similarly before the eating start.

It is Pinzoro [ピンゾロ] in the protruding eyes (number of pips visible after a throw of the dice) which I shaken as the condition to trigger 【 Roulette DestinyConstant Whimsical Change of Fate 】 that is one of the ability of 【 Dice of Gambling G.o.d 】 being lucky.

It has an extraordinary effect which triggered when normally executing about ten times, it is a state given to my whole body which is wrapped in a soft golden light.

I invoke something like 【 Probability Change 】 and 【 Luck 】 as merely my insistence to make it work better.

Thereupon, the 【 Probability 】 that can be masticated goes up, it might be easy to eat than before.

Or is this because some levels got risen apart from 【 Fierce G.o.d OVERLORD】?

Though I don't understand the correct answer, for the time being until the day of the [Holy War], I will collect information about the surrounding area.

And like that I work many things further until dusk, Lying down on a large-scale bed where several set up moreover long-awaited in a luxurious master's cabin of 【 Anbura.s.sem Parabellum 】 then I can sleep calmly at night with Kanami-chan and Redhead ――

[ All of the commencement conditions of World Psalms [Tale of Black Eclipse Oni] Chapter 6 has been met.

Paragraph 1 【 Oni of Thunder Oluva.Lord】,

Paragraph 2 【 Embody of SalvationSeva・Foru】,

Paragraph 3 【 Remark of the Arriving DragonBligh・Douran】

Paragraph 4 【 Bringing Earth Sukuri・Vor  】,

Paragraph 5 【 Revision of the communication device Keysa ・Var Rye  】,

Paragraph 6 【 Path of the Domination Shrine Rudan・Kasui  】,

Paragraph 7 【 Prison of Wrought Warrior Gurk・Vanhi 】,

Paragraph 8 【 Blade of the fool Urneed・Zarda 】,

Paragraph 9 【 Wave of the military flame h.e.l.lburn・Arc 】,

Paragraph 10 【 Axe of the Demon Beast Guyzar・Axe 】,

Paragraph 11 【 Poetry of Deliverance Saint Savior・Current 】,

Final Paragraph 【 Banquet of the Fierce G.o.d Vaiz・Guneed 】 according to liberating condition [KURIA] are up to proceed.

Due to the book of Psalms has already progressed from paragraph 1 【 Oni of Thunder 】 to paragraph 7 【 Prison of Wrought Warrior 】, it cannot obtain all of completion bonus.

However, It is possible to obtain everything by doing condition hidden to each paragraph of the remaining in Kuria.

World Psalms [Tale of Black Eclipse Oni] Chapter 6 【 Advancement of the G.o.d Evil Gluttony 】 was started from Paragraph 8 【 Blade of the Fool 】.

Wish for good fight ]

―― Similarly like before, The announcement without choices of ≪YES≫≪NO≫ echoed in mind.

Well, as the remains, let what will be are going to be afterward.

TL note:

Allied Force -> formed under Holy Kingdom upon Human supremacy

Allied Armies -> majority of Demi-human under Demon Empire and non alliance to Holy Kingdom

Therianthrope, If you know the typical cat girl or wolf girl on certain anime.

Eiyuu -> Heroes whose ability more about military term, differ from Yuusha which is more superior than Eiyuu (Heros) on individual ability.

Eros ? something like s.e.xual love

Kuria seems refer to "book's" name

(kachikachi~katakata) -> sounds effect

Pinzoro [ピンゾロ] -> I don't remember about this or doesn't really pay attention on Holy Land of Gambling Arc

You might seen the Paragraph name in the rubi are strange but I try my best to interpret it from kana.

"The 332nd day"

Again and again today, I am tampering with the scene again.

Besides, there is not much that could be talked about.

Though the movement of each country is also active, but that's it.

No substantial change has happened.

If daring to say, it would be that I was able to eat 【Blau Roper ScissorPruning shears of Rose G.o.d】 which I keep munching until finish around yesterday noon .

【 Learning completion of 【 Pruning Shears of Rose G.o.d 】 ability 】

【 Learning completion of 【 Rose Pruner 】 ability 】

【 Learning completion of 【 Blade of Carves Life 】 ability 】

【 Learning completion of 【 Plant Suicide Attack 】 ability 】

【 Learning completion of 【 Sharpness Perpetuity 】 ability 】

【 Learning completion of 【 Weakness Insight 】 ability 】

The number that I was able to learned and being useful has decreased from before, it might be because there are some of them that are duplicated or overlap with others.

Even so, yep, as expected that a 【 Sacred treasure 】 was the best.

As well as the time when I ate 【 Treasure Core Ring of Spring Water G.o.d Anklet.Riam】, 【Pruning shears of Rose G.o.d】 which I digested and absorbed without spilling it even if a broken piece was enough up to contained 【 Divine PowerIDEA 】, it become my flesh and blood.

Not only am I learning with many new abilities, but also 【 Divine Power 】 certainly strengthening me within.

Powers are swelling from the depth of my body. It's like the boiled lava which totally overflows from the volcano, it was similar to an omnipotent sensation that was felt when 【 Existence Evolution 】 happened.

However, it is different from the sense that only happen with short time, an almighty feeling that originates from 【 Divine Power 】 which is a part of the power of 【 G.o.ds 】 undoubtedly is a real thing.

If I, who is a 【 Fierce G.o.dOVERLORD 】 uses 【 Divine power 】, I might able to display 【 Power 】 that's equal to 【G.o.ds】.

It's not easy to use 【 Divine power 】 since there is some limitation, but it is a joyous thing that the number of my best cards have increased.

Anyway, one trouble was settled.

Though it is settled because of a good luck this time, while working without taking a rest after having finished eating it, I put the handle of 【 Mason Tool of Stone Statue G.o.d Nomead.Caster】 which is one of 【 Sacred Treasures 】 on my hand.

I keep chewing heartily, it works.

It was that sort of day.

TL note:

Some of early TL use 【 Rank Up 】 instead 【 Existence Evolution 】

【 Treasure Core Ring of Spring Water G.o.d Anklet.Riam 】 was one of 【 Sacred Treasure 】 that Rou successfully ate

Yep, this day he also ate 【 Mason Tool of Stone Statue G.o.d Nomead.Caster 】 like some of high grade candy

"The 333rd day"

For the time being, all kinds of preparations were over.

Well, I roughly decided to do it and later but I might do this too since I'm gonna make some standard fine adjustments afterward.

Though the preparation of each country in surroundings are almost over, there are still another several days until the [Holy War].

It's now the point where it's called the calm before the storm ?

Anyway, I decided to play with the children today because I got some spare time.

Since children trained voluntarily till the [Holy War] began just like other members, I decided to be involved in it.

That's why despite my every directions are surrounded with the armed children, I try to self accustom training of the halberd with much effort.

The halberd which became much stronger than before, showed its special ability from the training.

Rapids water blade are brought forth from the [Axe Blade] part if I swing it, countless spear of thunder arise from the spearhead when I thrust it frontward, the pointed sharp pike hides its heat capacity as metal melts in an instant when got p.r.i.c.ked.

Furthermore, I test it in many other ways, each ability is obviously strengthened more than before, the abilities that had been newly added are strong.

After all not only has the skill in Blacksmith-san improved more than before, but also because the used raw materials were excellent.

Moreover it was embedded with 【 Soul Gem of Jade Eagle King 】, as the weapon [Rank] goes up.

It might become 【Legendary】 grade if I possibly want to check it with 【 Ore ・Appraisal・Magic Item 】, but unfortunately it was displayed as 【 Ancient 】 grade from the expected 【Legendary】 grade.

It is the grade which is special for the magic items which are manufactured by a person's hands. Though something seems not be sufficient yet.

If I put 【 Divine power 】 in the case of 【 Legendary 】 grade item, it might have treated as 【Vessel of Fierce G.o.d Embodiment Vaishurada】, I can do nothing but reserve it for the time being now.

The reason is, 【Pole Spear of Starving Scarlet WorldVladisgur・Beluiga】 which became 【 Vessel of Fierce G.o.d Embodiment 】 originally was a magic item of the 【 Legendary 】 grade.

And thus became 【Vessel of Fierce G.o.d Embodiment Vaishurada】, it turned out that it didn't become 【 Legendary 】 grade if the magical item [raw material] of the cla.s.s or more does not exist.

There might be the other things, if I ignore it anyway and did the same thing, I do not know what would happen to the halberd.

If nothing happens, that will be fine.

Still I fully thought about that it would disintegrating without being able to endure 【 Divine power 】 and in the worst case, not only would I uselessly consumed valuable 【 Divine Power 】, but also that I cannot deny the possibility that halberd would explode and disperse.

For such reasons, I will leave the halberd at the state as it is for the time being until becoming 【 Legendary 】 grade.

Well, it is likely I'll be able to get decent fights even if it hits or clash with a 【 Heroes 】's 【 sacred treasure 】from my impression of using it.

It does have the feeling of self-restored for some reason, because of that I got sense of security which it is safe even if I treat it a little rough,

The weapon is an expendable supply, after all I want to use the favorite article for a long time.

While playing with children in spite of having some thought, munch-munch..I chewed 【 Mason Tool of Stone Statue G.o.d 】.

【 Mason Tool of Stone Statue G.o.d 】 is a little painful in extent spicily stimulated the tongue, it is stiffing, it is the toughest so far and it is quite delicious.

What is this? Is this a similar texture as eating an octopus or something like cartilage ?

Perhaps I should say, the more I chew then the more it oozes the taste ? So, should I a.s.sume it was the jewel?

Yes, I would seem wanna taste some liquor.

At the break time, let's decide to drink a little. A single big gulp of liquor of the supreme bliss.

TL note:

It seems he didn't finish eating the "high grade candy" 【 Mason Tool of Stone Statue G.o.d 】 from Day 332

【 Pole Spear of Starving Scarlet WorldVladisgur・Beluiga 】 is probably his usual Red Spear which got evolved as he is.

The Liquor here actually typed as "Sake"

"The 334th day"

At breakfast, I was able to finish eating 【 Mason Tool of Stone Statue G.o.d 】 without any problems.

【 Learning completion of 【 Mason Tool of Stone Statue G.o.d 】 ability 】

【 Learning completion of 【 s.p.a.ce Sculptor 】 ability 】

【 Learning completion of 【 Cut Technique of the Odd Ten Thousand 】 ability 】

【 Learning completion of 【 Sensitivity of Art 】 ability 】

【 Learning completion of 【 Rock Appraisal 】 ability 】

Though I made everything as my blood and flesh this time, unfortunately the numbers possible to be learned has decreased.

It is the only thing which I cannot expect to rely so much on the battle side of it.

But other than that, it was the ability's seemed to be fairly usable.

As for 【s.p.a.ce Sculptor】 and 【Cut Technique of the Odd Ten Thousand】 have resulted to substantial correction when I produce something, as for 【Sensitivity of Art】 seemed to make it easier for me to know the quality of things.

When I draw 【Sacred Fire Mountain of Oni's Howl】 on the canvas which let me attempt to repeat the act with a painting brush, a masterpiece which a famous artist drew was completed.

Ferocious yet sublime, and the reputation is excellent if I show everybody the picture which got more viewed as a representation of h.e.l.l that will get more life like from now on.

If there was a person who was entranced by it, then the person had a sense of fear too.

Because I thought that the art is a thing which for some reason works on the person who considered it to be an art, in spite of being an amateur, it is a quite work of art the creator has confidence in.

Though I can use only this for a hobby, it is not only an art aspect apparently, when I make various goods, I seem able to apply it to ――e.g.―― something like a magic potion for instance.

The stuff which was manufactured by a prominent technique, couldn't in as sense it called a [Work of Art].

Well, lets put that one set aside.

I pick up the rock in the handy place and cut it with a finger.

【 Rock appraisal 】 is limited to rock only and the use is extremely narrow but there is lot of information by just that much.

Since something like the fragile part are displayed in view, it is possible to cut down only to aim at part where to be interesting.

Due to playing around I got absorbed from since when I started in the morning, it's already night time before I notice it.

I thought whether it was slightly a waste, but I will a.s.sume it is good because I was unexpectedly able to relax.

By the way, with my abilities I used all day long today I made dozens of stone statues.

The statues consist of members such as Me and Kanami-chan including Redhead, Minokichi-kun, Asue-chan, Burasato-san, Supesei-san, Seiji-kun, Aifu-chan and Kugime-chan. Our statues are overflowing with a throbbing feeling and vitality as if we'd been done in by [Petrifaction].

Although it is not too well done, I did only make them for the first time? So I only to think of it to be perfection, everybody was pleased when I showed the statue which Kanami-chan became a model .

As for occasionally doing different things in this way for sometimes, seems not bad I guess.

TL note:

It seems Rou is able to "carve" stone as if it was soap or something softer.

I actually confuse should I made it "Oni's Cry" instead Howl. The bad habits from the author to play with the Kanji [Oni] is really something hard to perceive for TL.

"The 335th day"

Today is the day before [Holy War].

The preparations are perfect, and everybody has already straightened their minds before the [Holy War].

Should I express it as the calmness before the storm?

A moderate tension, the euphoria, and the sympathetic atmosphere becoming tense.

And yet, I was worried about what I should do with the 【Dragon Jewel of Resurrection G.o.dIgnatos・Forna】 and 【Steering Wheel of s.h.i.+p G.o.dParadise・Haldora】 which were the 【Sacred Treasure】 "food" candidates that stayed at my hand since morning.

The three 【Sacred Treasure】 that are eaten so far ―― 【 Treasure Core Ring of Spring Water G.o.d Anklet Riam】, 【Pruning shears of Rose G.o.d 】, 【 Mason Tool of Stone Statue G.o.d Nomead・Caster 】―― they are 【 DemiG.o.d 】grade items that I acquired from 【Age of G.o.ds dungeon】 rank, which so to speak are 【 DemiG.o.d's sacred treasure 】.

Having being powerful, in a sense it doesn't get mistaken as the super-usual goods kicking out a result of being able to be called absurdness.

However, when you subdivide 【 Sacred Treasure 】, 【 DemiG.o.d's Sacred Treasure 】 is the lowest of the three grade. In other words, it is inferior to most 【 sacred treasure 】.

Judging the power relations.h.i.+p of 【 G.o.ds 】 that makes 【 Great G.o.d 】 the top, this is a proper result if I said it is natural.

a.s.suming 【 Great G.o.d 】 as special case, 【 G.o.d 】 and 【 DemiG.o.d 】are inferior to be compared with.

Thus unlike three such 【 DemiG.o.d's sacred treasure 】, 【Steering Wheel of s.h.i.+p G.o.dParadise・Haldora】 and 【Dragon Jewel of Resurrection G.o.dIgnatos・Forna】 are 【 G.o.d's Sacred Treasure 】which were obtained from 【 Age of G.o.ds dungeon 】 of the 【 G.o.d 】 rank.

If I check it with 【 High Rank Appraisal Tool 】 for its number of abilities or basic performance, they were recognized which have entirely remarkable differences than 【 DemiG.o.d's Sacred Treasure 】.

Therefore 【 Divine Power 】 obtained from the both 【 Sacred Treasures 】 is much stronger than the lower grade, the aggregate amount of the energy that become my flesh and blood should be uneven.

So even if something which I do not expected does happen, the victory of the [Holy War] will be to a unshakable thing if I eat it.

But the problem is, am I able to finish eating it before the [Holy War] starts?... So that is to say.

Probably, there won't be enough time.

Though the fact is that I was able to eat some from past experience so far, but by all means time is necessary.

Besides, after I get over the [Holy War], I setup a plan to fill my appet.i.te with 【 Heroes 】 and 【 Emperor 】, and then 【 Savior Saint 】.

Rather than eat 【 Dragon Jewel of Resurrection G.o.d 】 or 【 Steering Wheel of s.h.i.+p G.o.d 】 here, a little enduring may thoroughly enjoy the good taste more.

It is a right choice to strongly endure now.

Like that, judging by the reason, probably because I have eaten 【 Sacred Treasure 】 in succession somehow or other, the desire toward putting out my hand with both 【 Sacred Treasure 】 seems to increase,

My instinct aches.

DANGEROUS, My mouth expanded just to have it in my hand.

I stop it reflexively with the opposite hand, but the power is rivaled.

I distant myself from it when it draws near, it tries to get close when pushed away.

At the time that I got conflicted and finally decided, it was already about the early afternoon

Judging that there is no time to leisurely eat, I decided to endure it this time.

And then I store 【 Steering Wheel of s.h.i.+p G.o.d 】 in the item box again, and decided to leave 【 Dragon Jewel of Resurrection G.o.d 】 with Seiji-kun for the time being.

When I go to a different continent for an expedition after this, 【 Steering Wheel of s.h.i.+p G.o.d 】 will be useful.

Raids from enormous marine mammal and fish people, or at the time of voyage with much danger including the stormy weather, but the state of things from what it's in and what's not in must be different. (theory and experience might differ)

And then because 【 Dragon Jewel of Resurrection G.o.d 】 is a 【 Sacred Treasure 】 of 【 G.o.d of Resurrection 】, the affinity is good with Seiji-kun who is a recovery personnel. Besides, due to its plan that changed side to the member's support, death rate will be lowered even a little if we use 【Dragon Jewel of Resurrection G.o.d 】.

Though the answer is sure to go out so if I think calmly, really..., is the docile part of my appet.i.te is the point that it should be improved?

Anyway, today is the night before the [Holy War].

Today's supper will become the last dinner of someone, and it is likely to become a final farewell with someone.

Therefore I scold and encourage them in order to survive tomorrow, while taking the laughter moderately, I do a toast and drink liquor with everybody all at once.

The liquor to drink is the treasured elf liquor which father elves gave and the finest gem in labyrinth liquor to be enjoyed to the extent that none of it will remain even tomorrow.

The labyrinth liquor which even has the mysteriousness that is not allowed but only limited people may drink is accompanied by.

The refres.h.i.+ng elf liquor of that great blessings of nature are felt by oneself.

There is little difference between both and they quite often happen go together with dragon meat dishes.

Indeed, it is delicious after all.

No matter what it is to describe, the desire to absolutely survive seemed to spring up.

TL note:

Nice comedy Rou, as if his mouth and hand was possessed by "something"

Another "food" come out; 【 Dragon Jewel of Resurrection G.o.d / Ignatos Forna 】

"The 336th day"

At the appointed day of [Holy War], nothing changes as usual as the sun that's shone on the world arises.

As for the things that add to the day, I send “Clown of DemonPierrot Nick・Demon” which was soul-made using 【Great Devil Soul】 as a messenger.

On it I've put some bizarre make-up which resembles a white face with big red-nosed, as a plump devil in an outfit which is decorated by excessive flaps of wings on its back. It'll fly until the 【Border Zone】 which was near the Allied Forces and the Allied Armies. Both were shot down without any discussion first. Apparently, it seemed that they were seen as enemy's attack.

I guess their ability to cope is too fast, but if I don't think otherwise, I was convinced that it can't be helped when they met such unknown conditions.

I send and give the second body [clown] a white flag since the circ.u.mstances can't be helped, and so it didn't got attacked this time.

Too add things up, I made it to say ;

『My master who is chosen as 【World's Enemy】 is waiting in the deepest part nyoro~. THAT if you able to pa.s.s through several trials which had been prepared by my master ~ikerunyoro-npa. Since my master would wait with a tolerant heart, THE LIKES OF YOU SHOULD COME QUICKLY TO BE KILLED ~nyamon.』

The demon [Pierrot Nick], whom I told to have made a fool of those men was murdered cruelly at the moment when it had finished talking, it plays this role because it drops the magic item 【Compa.s.s of Guidance】 where it's limited only to shows the destination of this [Holy War].

Anyway, the 2 camps which heard the story immediately began the invasion at early morning.

Although all the noncombatants decrease by the total number by having withdrawn, still, there are a lot of numbers. Regarding the peoples who finally stepped into 【Sacred Fire Mountain of Oni's Howl】, even though it would be a little bit too long but I'm gonna explain their names in 'slight' detail ――

≪ Allied Forces ≫

Holy Kingdom affiliation.

 【Savior of the White BirthWhite Royalty who become Savior】 Annalize Dina Einz Lumen, nick named as 『White Lady』. A Saint kingdom princess in her late teens. Possess 【Sacred Treasure】. Somewhat crazy in her head, the existence that I should be most careful of during the [Holy War] now.

【 Border SaintSaint of Boundary】 Ish.e.l.l・Vorfush・Serge, nick named as the 【Border Saint】. A n.o.ble coming from the Holy kingdom. Though she is a woman, she wields a large metallic s.h.i.+eld 【Sacred Treasure】 known as 【Soul s.h.i.+eld of The Boundary G.o.d Bordanto】 that covers her body.

【Cleavage SaintSaint of Cleaved Judgment】 Uria・Dufouns・Serge, nick named as 『Cleavage Saint』 A n.o.ble native to Holy Kingdom. Though she is a woman, she wields a two-handed long sword [Sacred Treasure] known as the 【CleaverntSpirit Sword of Cleave Judgment G.o.d】 that boasts a length as long as her entire body.

【Hero of Hunting】 the [Cardinal] Ran Bell, renamed to 『Hunting Hero』. A beautiful woman in her early thirties. In possession of a bow 【Sacred Treasure】. Has five companions.

【Hero of Numerical Formula】 the 【Cardinal】 Mutage・Veidoras・Dinoa, nick named as 『Number Hero』. An old man. In possession of a 【Sacred Treasure】 Has four companions.

【Hero of Heavenly Voice】 Brandoness・Dyeor・Orchestru, nick named as 『Voice Hero』. A young woman from music clans of a small country which no longer exists. In possession of a 【Sacred Treasure】. Has four companions.

【Hero of Love】 Lovers・Amor, nick named as 『Love Hero』. A tan-skinned beautiful woman. In possession of 【Sacred Treasure】. Has six companions.

【Hero of Cuisine】 Cervantes Alvantes, nick named as 『Meal Hero』. Middle-aged man who originally come as commoner from his country. Has five companions. In possession "Master of Cooking" 【Sacred Treasure】. Only this guy is planned to be captured alive by any means. In the worst case, it is necessary to collect even only the corpse.

【Hero of Madness】 Kultock Tychus Avtorakuf, nick named as 『Mad Hero』 An elderly n.o.ble man from the Holy kingdom. Has five companions.

【Hero of Torus】 Ouroboreas Rindell Bauhelm, nick named as 『Ring Hero』. Young n.o.ble man from the Holy kingdom. Has six companions.

【Hero of Mask】 Pearsoll Masquerade, nick named as 『Mask Hero』. A young man from minority peoples. Has four companions.

【Hero of Poisonous Mushroom】 Mushroom Poinz, nick named as 『Mushroom Hero』. A youth male from minority race. Has five companions.

【Hero of Resonance】 Hollydess Dunois (spell=>Dunoa), nick named as 『Tomoyuu』/ 『Co-Hero』. A boy who was born as a commoner. Has four companions.

【Star Reading Eiyuu (hero)】 who is the 【Cardinal】 Aludra Aube Esmeralda, nick named as 『Star hero』/『Hos.h.i.+ei』 Her age is a monster cla.s.s old woman. In possession of crystal type 【Sacred Treasure】. Has 100 subordinates of ≪Star Intelligence Unit ≫.

【Books Eiyuu (hero)】 who is the 【Cardinal】 Imrusk Vares Toudor, nick named as 『Book hero』. An old man. In possession of of Writing Book type 【Sacred Treasure】. Without subordinate.

【Quest Eiyuu (hero)】Hawallips・Chris Avtorakuf, nick named as 『Explorer hero』. An elderly n.o.ble man from the Holy kingdom. Has 2000 subordinates of ≪Taboo Breaking Troops≫.

【Easy Money Eiyuu (hero)】 Akugane Tamel Akudok, nick named as 『Sen hero』. A fat middle-age man. Has 1000 subordinates of ≪ Money-making Corps ≫.

【Flame Dance Eiyuu (hero)】 Lizmio Tottellnen, nick named as 『Dancing hero』. A blind young man. Has 500 subordinates of ≪ Female Dancer of Crimson Lotus Unit≫.

【Steel Sh.e.l.l Eiyuu (hero)】 Meludi Belna, nick named as 『Steel hero』. A girl from minority race. Without subordinate.

【Demon Bird Eiyuu (hero)】 Dinovano Eins, nick named as 『Bird hero』 A girl who born as commoner Has 1000 subordinates of ≪Demon Bird Black group ≫.

【Abundant Harvest Eiyuu (hero)】 Ashlut Mundeibo, nick named as 『Abundant hero』 / 『Hou Ei』 A middle-age woman with fine body. Has 1000 subordinates of ≪ Abundant Harvest Moving Tree ≫.

【Flying Fish Eiyuu (hero)】 Flafi Feefeer, nick named as 『Fish hero』. A young man who was growing up on an island. Has 400 subordinates of ≪Flying Fish group ≫.

Empire Affiliation.

【Hero of Dark Cloud】Cloudla.s.s Blumaustos Gufustav, nick named as 【Cloud Hero】. A middle-aged man. The second rank seat. In possession of 【Sacred Treasure】. Has five companions.

【Hero of Thunder】 Artounel Vyarda Rickenbar, nick named as 『Lightning Hero』. A beauty in male attire. The third rank seat. In possession of 【Sacred Treasure】. Has five companions.

【Hero of Strong Leg】 Anderson Bokyak, nick named as 『Leg Hero』. A young man. The group which was a.s.sembled by 【Fate Plunder】. Has six companions.

【Hero of Zanito (Decapitating Thread)】 Dyolimas Aiodos, nick named as 『Thread Hero』. A female. The group which was a.s.sembled by 【Fate Plunder】. Has three companions.

【Sh.e.l.led Insect Eiyuu (hero)】Philip Muskes Eagesect, nick named as 『Insect Hero』. A juvenile male who missed going to the previous war. The seventh rank seat. Has countless number of subordinate 【Demon Insect】. The prey which Avenger aims at.

【Supreme Wolf Eiyuu (hero)】 Wolf Volf, nick named as 『Wolf Hero』. A middle-aged man who was born as commoner. The group which was a.s.sembled by 【Fate Plunder】. Has 500 subordinates of ≪ Wolf Fighting Troops ≫. There seems to be a little connection with Netsuki-kun.

【Sand Ox Eiyuu (hero)】 Nu Us.h.i.+ka, nick named as 『Ox Hero』. (Us.h.i.+=>Ox,cow. Taurus) The group which was a.s.sembled by 【Fate Plunder】. Has 600 subordinates of ≪ Sand Ox Hoof Troops ≫.

Kingdom Affiliation.

【Hero of Rock Iron】Rock Hero. The man who held secrets on his head. Has four companions. The plan this time is to have him waste time at the 【Gambling House Of The Oni's Howl】*(Kikoku no Toba).

Other small country Affiliation. 【Hero of Bomb Explosion】Bomul Bobolulu, nick named as 『Bomb Hero』. A young man of the small country. Has five companions.

【Hero of Rotten Purity】 Kifusu=Dana=Elena, nick named as 『Rotten Hero』. A young woman. Has four companions. Carries an atmosphere similar to a certain someone.

【Hail Rain Eiyuu (hero)】 Arlala Lalara, nick named as 『Hail hero』. An expressionless woman. In Possession of 【Sacred Treasure】. Has no subordinates.

«Allied Armies»

Demon Empire Affiliation.

【 Demon Emperor Mildion Caesar 】 Hyulton Gascloud Atarakua. A man. Probably in possession of 【Sacred Treasure】. The person who required special attention. He uses slightly special magics.

【 Heavy Black General Helvii.Blaud】 Zemuras Su Suramuze, nick named as 『Black General』. The second seat. Irregular lineage demon race. Gender is uncertain. The second seat.

【Heavy Green General Helvii.Jerio】 Falnia=Yaruu, nick named as 『Green General』. Birds lineage demon race. A woman. The third seat.

【 Heavy Scarlet General Helvii.Skald 】 Balarark Barak, nick named as 『Scarlet General』. A metal-based type demon race. A man. The fourth seat. Has nothing except 2,000 elite force unit.

Beast Kingdom Affiliation.

【Beast King】 Lionel Gaulo Eastgran. A man. Probably in possession of 【Sacred Treasure】. The man who required special attention. He's certainly to be top cla.s.s in terms of body specs.

【 Lightning Leopard Fang General Volta Bifarog】 Chichiruta Rachira, nick named as 『Leopard General』. Second fang. Leopard lineage Therianthrope. A man. A free person.

【Black Speckled Fang General Blotch Bifarog 】 Hyelda Darfus, nick named as 『Speckled General』. Fourth fang. Hyena lineage Therianthrope. A woman. A person with hards.h.i.+ps in life.

【 Strong Monkey Fang General Gorilla Bifarog 】 Gori Gorila, nick named as 『Monkey General』. Fifth fang. Gorilla lineage Therianthrope. Man. Musclebrain.

【 Hippopotamus Fang General (Hispor Bifarog 】 Hippopo Tamos, nick named as Hippopo general.Sixth fang. Hippopotamus lineage Therianthrope. A man. An optimist person.

【Hunting Rabbit Fang General Vobbit Bifarog】 Rabbi Totori, nick named as 『Rabbit General』. 9th fang. Rabbit lineage Therianthrope. An old man who you can only see as a young boy. He is Malicious.

【 Crimson Boar Fang General Katoboar Bifarog】 Bran Bull, nick named as 『Boar General』. 10th fang. Wild boar lineage Therianthrope. A girl. Natural airhead.

―― So it was become like that. Though the person who would become the main force explained it, than others in detail, it is not necessary to learn so much in detail. As for the rest of them, it is enough just to shed them away for some reason without hesitation.

Well then, though both sides of the camp that invades back and forth, the heat still becomes a problem in 【Sacred Fire Mountain of Oni's Howl】 after all.

If one does not take any measures, they will die without even pa.s.sing a few minutes as the body burns.

It is possible to prevent it to some extent if there is a special item, which is means as the proof once that we had captured 【Flames Fire Dragon Mountain】, as might be expected that this is fate.

Apart from elite Allied Armies, it is hard to arrange it for all the members in the Allied Forces within their capacity. If I think to including their reserve and so forth, it needs several times as their number of people.

Such a trifling preparation shortage would becomes fatal in the severe environment of 【Sacred Fire Mountain of Oni's Howl】, no one should ever ignore it.

However, the Allied Forces have a different method with 『prepares a large amount of magic potion』―― As insurance ―― they seem to distribute the magic potion to respondent of all members ―― to settle the problem.

At first, the 『Voice Hero』 party whose in possession of 【Sacred Treasure】 enter only by themselves, next 『Co-Hero / Tomoyuu』 party follow in, and then 『Dancing hero』 and his subordinates managed by using their ability.

『Voice Hero』 can give the result that closely resembled to 【Eiyuu /hero】 which is affecting great numbers according to her ability nature, she is the unusual type of 【Yuusha/Braveman/Hero】.

It reinforces the companion by the singing voice, possibly that she possesses the higher jobs rank type of 【Minstrel】 to make the enemy's ability decline, to the singing voice of 【Voice Hero】 which is greatly strengthened by 【Divine protection】 given from 【G.o.d of Heavenly Voice】, exist a power that exerted various influences on the people who had listened to it.

With the clear singing voice of 『Voice Hero』 that directly shakes the heart, it invites her companions whose played 『Blazing Heat Cycle of Dyenos』 with various musical instruments including a percussion instrument and the stringed instrument.

It a.s.sumes the content of the song to be an omission, The effect is a thing to temporarily add 【high temperature adaptation】, 【normal mobilization】, 【intense heat tolerance】, 【body strengthening】and etc. to the ally.

It also has the matching combination with 【 Soul Voice Device of Heavenly Voice G.o.d Heaven DS Mic】 which is a gaudy microphone type 【Sacred Treasure】, and it has duration for all the day of wonder. Normally for several minutes, even it plenty long of time if I consider it would be lasting only for around dozens of minutes, I might understand how terrific it to be.

However, within the range of the effect, there is a restriction up to the distance to hear the singing voice.

Allied Forces are not overcrowded so as not to be destroyed by an unexpected surprise attack, they have left a little s.p.a.ce, and it might appear that someone who heard and leaks that there are this many people, but it was 『Co-Hero / Tomoyuu』 that played an active part there.

【Divine protection】 of the 【G.o.d of Resonance】 which maintained by 『Co-Hero / Tomoyuu』 is the resonance from the singing voice of 『Voice Hero』.

I wonder if I should say it is some sort of speaker. An intense singing voice and performance totally roared like a hot live concert in the outer edge part of 【Sacred Fire Mountain of Oni's Howl】.

And then within those musical performance, 500 people who are 『Dancing hero』 subordinates ≪ Female Dancer of Crimson Lotus Unit≫ stick out, they danced according to the tune.

As if the flow of the magma was totally in all directions and gush of lava that happen to be in all around of 【Sacred Fire Mountain of Oni's Howl】, they move following to every single move of 『Dancing hero』, the crimson lotus dances. The dance of 『Dancing hero』 becomes intensely fired up to match it with the singing voice of 『Voice Hero』 which also steadily get excited. For the dance that was totally in sync, there was the strength which could appeal to the mind of the person who saw it.

And, as for who saw the dance, the physical ability and fighting spirit are greatly raised by 【Flame Dancing Enhancement】 【Flame Dancing Powerful Body】 【Flame Dancing Powerful Mind】.

Although it is inferior to the Voice Hero at its effect duration time, and yet by various benefits to last more than several hours, the war potential doubled in a short time.

And so being like that the Allied Forces are consumed in high enthusiasm, by marching the whole force in spite of doing drastic climbing due to great vigor. Though they sometimes encounters the dungeon monsters, it was nothing against the number of violence.

The Allied Forces which went straight on arrived at the area with the lava wall strangely at about the same time as the Allied Armies.

It is the place where the bridge doesn't exist to cross to the opposite bank and they cannot fly or jump over since the spirit dragon makes a nest on the lava wall. Given that I arrived safely, I employ 【Labyrinth security guardDUNGEON NEET・CHIEF】 as I dining across the bank with "don-s.h.i.+", (ED:don from katsudon?=Rice bowl ) from the ground of the line of both camps with a lithograph, I made 【Gate of Oni's Howl】 to process the exterior lava to appear.

To the lithography in Allied Forces it was written 『(The easiest trial. It lifts up four 【Heroes】 and their companions to the battleground. The bridge to the future will be laid if one rubs it. )』, To the lithography in Allied Armies it was written 『(The easiest trial. It lifts up three 【general】 and 1000 soldiers to the battlefield. The bridge to the future will be laid if one rubs it. )』.

After a short while of discussion, the 『Mask Hero』, 『Ring Hero』, 『Bird hero』 from the Holy kingdom in Allied Forces, then thus 『Ox hero』's group from the Empire are chosen to go through 【Gate of Oni's Howl】.

The 『Hippopo General』, 『Rabbit General』, 『Wild Boar General』 and 1000 soldiers to whom 【Demon Emperor】 had choosen are pa.s.sing through the 【Gate of Oni's Howl】.

But, if all the members of the chosen people disappear from this place, [Zugogogogogo!~](TN:SFX), a bridge made of lava rises with such sound effects from the big river of the magma.

Moreover, it matches a part of the lava wall that exists on the tip of the bridge that s.h.i.+nes in red by the high temperatures, and it cleared the way as if it had been cut in two by the giant.

Even the large-scale topography change was felt as some sort of mystery, and all members except the 『Benevolence Saint』 were gazing for a brief of time.

Because I was a little bit elaborate in tampering with some production here, the reaction of both camp would be something that appropriately corresponded to my hards.h.i.+p.

There was the worth that I did my best.

By having my personal impression to say it is set aside, both camps that crossed the appearing bridge beginning the further invasion.

By the way, for members of the people who pa.s.s through 【Gate of Oni's Howl】will appear in the hunting ground that was prepared on the 46th floor of 【Waterfall Basin of Water Oni's howl】, then accepting the attack regardless whether it was Allied Forces or Allied Armies.

The contents of the attack are really simple.

I appear in the center of the cirque which water formed on to the height of the waist, I only fire various systems groups of 【magic】 and 【bone nail gun】 all at once from the hill approximately 20 meters which exists to surround peoples of the enemy group who cannot understand their current state yet.

It is a surprise attack to slaughter the enemy as possible safely without fighting from the front.

The attack that pours down with a barrage in a short time goes according to the aim, and the damage to the enemy side expands every several seconds.

However, this opponent is no small fish.

『Mask Hero』 who commences the 【Lion's face of Nellmea】 then became like a lion beast person of the steel, 『Ring Hero』 who wields circular unique twin sword 【Circular Moon Snake Sword】 at high speed, 『Bird hero』 who accompanied by a great variety of demon birds with a melody by 【The Magic Flute of Bird's Stop】, 『Ox hero』 Ox hero whose 【Amullnoa Butcher's Knife】 that runs along together with ferocious demon cows as vanguards was displaying their power.

『Hippopo general』 whose featured with a big mouth, as if it possible to swallow a man, also the 『Rabbit general』 whose specialty in skillful strategy with two daggers and long sharp blade tail to chop off the head, then the『Wild Boar general』whose penetration power is superior and outstanding, I had to struggled with elites from the 『Demon Empire』.

Though usually those amounts of attack of that degree can made to be to crush one to death, their speed to reorganize are fast more than expected from the high ability of individual combat efficiency, there seem to be fewer numbers than the planned that I was able to knock down.

Well...., its just started.

Apart from 『Rusty Iron Knight』 and 『Akitainu』 as insurance, the reason is that 【18 Oni Warlords】 are still there such as 『k.u.majiro』 and 『Kurosaburo』 too, they are likely will do somehow.

It is a.s.sumed that I will entrust that place to 'that place', and for the main force of the Allied Forces and the Allied Armies that advance across the lava wall, I will try to throw in some field bosses as a trial. (TN:yes, 2x "that place" because it's a pun)

Although they were strengthened more before under my influence, the war potential difference has been defeated greatly as might be expected.

However, the field bosses complete their role, and I can secure enough information. This will be enough for work to come into play.

As the main force of Allied Forces and Allied Armies that continue a detailed combat afterwards, they face the next trial after a short time.

Although, I'll say that the deluxe edition lava wall and magma ca.n.a.l where I added some huge statues stood, it only blocked them for a little while.

Here, on a lithograph of the Allied Forces was written 『The trial for the fated ones. 【Sh.e.l.led Insect Eiyuu (hero)】, 【Supremacy Wolf Eiyuu (hero)】, 【Hero of Rock Iron】, 【Hero of Cuisine】 and their companion to the battlefield. The bridge to the future will be laid if ones fulfill it. )』, on a lithograph of the Allied Armies was written 『( It is the trial before the end. You wonderfully displayed the excellent demolis.h.i.+ng of 【Giant Oni Demon Statute】which exceed its durability. The bridge to the future will be laid if ones fulfill it )』.

In the same way as that not long ago, four 【Heroes】which was appointed by Allied Forces to pa.s.s through in 【Gate of Oni's Howl】 where I disguised myself and changed to a different labyrinth.

The fully motivated 『Insect hero』goes to avengers' places, 『Wolf hero』 to the places where Netsuki-kun and Fuuki-san, I'm going to have the 『Rock Hero』 group stay for a while in 【Gambling House of Oni's Howl】.

Though 『Meal Hero』 has no certain relations.h.i.+p to [Fate] like 『Insect hero』 or 『Wolf hero』, I will be at ease in the future if I secure him here which is saying that I let him to come over earlier under my guidance.

Soon after having come out of 【Gate of Oni's Howl】 which led to the summit of spiral fire mountain, I would know it at first sight whom I waited for was. Is this because he has pleasing looks and plump body like a chick ? There are even some attractiveness is felt at 『Meal Hero』 in spite of being a middle-aged man, I was confused for a moment, but s.h.i.+fted my mind immediately.

I do not seem to acquire the experience for show.

On the right hand of 『Meal Hero』 whose in a black cook coat type protective gear is a kitchen knife type 【Sacred Treasure】【Spirit Kitchen Knife of Cooking G.o.dCOOKING.OWNER】, look after 【Spirit Nabe of Cooking G.o.dCOOKING.OVAN】 which is pan type 【Sacred Treasure】 at the left hand, He issued instructions to cooks who were the apprentices and the companion who had equipped with white cook coat type protective gear of the similar design.

Right away to fix the body posture, as I would expect from the party in possession 【Sacred Treasure】 which I admire.

While being satisfied with it, I have a scarlet spear and the halberd in the hand, I begin to run to capture 『Meal Hero』 ――.

[ Yatendouji 【Heretical Nemesis HERESY.NEMESIS】 Invoked ]

[ As a result, Yatendouji acts in hostile behavior / began the invasion ≪Heretic / Those who awake the Psalms≫, In this way declared the outbreak of war of 【Eschatology・Conquest war】

【Until fighting of both is settled, 【300%】 The overall capacity of Yatendouji rises】

【Special Skill 【Heretical Nemesis HERESY.NEMESIS】 is released as soon as it is settled】

―― Just like the time of Avenger and 『Water Hero』, the announcement flowed in mind.

While completely controlling physical ability which rapidly improved, I draw out scarlet spear and halberd to 『Meal Hero』.

And even as two minutes haven't pa.s.s.

【It was settled】

【Special skill 【Heretical Nemesis HERESY.NEMESIS】 is released】

[Due to Yatendouji's win against 【Eschatology・Conquest war】 with the one of ≪Heretic / Those who awake the Psalms≫, The reward is given. ]

[ Yatendouji obtained 【Food Ingredients of Cooking COOKING.ÖZEL!!]

Saying that with 【Spirit Kitchen Knife of Cooking G.o.dCOOKING.OWNER】, I can cut by ignoring the defense power of the living flesh, though it is a little troublesome to stir-fry and to do the partner of 【Spirit Nabe of Cooking G.o.dCOOKING.OVAN】 that can be boiled similarly ignoring the defense power of the living flesh, It was the extent that able to be dealt with scarlet spear and silver arm.

Personally, I don't have anything to do with two, I had a hard time to neutralize without murdering 『Meal Hero』 and his companion.

Anyway, 『Meal Hero』 are sitting on a chair by the condition restrained with the gold string wrapped around.

Though he is taken a slightly rebellious att.i.tude, I try persuading to make him as companion like Avenger.

Though it is not necessary to do such a thing otherwise, the one that comfortably became a friend will come to have good relations in the future, so I believe it would be.

For that reason, I talked in various ways about the dark side of the Holy kingdom, there is 『Meal Hero』's family now, relaying it in REAL TIME, really various.

Then, the resistant 『Meal Hero』 might have been able also to understand at first. Did his face blush? I would say it turned pale, then he approved it since he whitened at the end.

―― [ Yatendouji 【Fate Plunder】 Invoked ]

【As a result, due to the fate of Cervantes Alvantes that is ≪ Those who awake the Psalms/main character ≫ was placed under Yatendouji's control, The Heroes Psalms [Manual to Full Cooking] is incorporated into story of the world Psalms [Tale of the Black Eclipse Oni]】

【Due to it being incorporated in the most significant Psalms, The Heroes Psalms [Manual to Full Cooking] was deleted permanently from the national Psalms [LUMEN]】

[ For the sake of Psalms rewriting, The t.i.tles

【Animal Husbandry Chef de Cuisine】

【Fishery Chef de Cuisine】

【Farming production Chef de Cuisine】

【Flavour Chef de Cuisine】

【Spices Principle Chief】

Which is of The Heroes Psalms [Manual to Full Cooking] ≪SUB.CASTVIP a.s.sistant≫ 【Psalms ability/specific ability】 of the gene carrier is frozen at once ]

[ The liberating ability power to make decisions of ≪ SUB.CASTVIP a.s.sistant ≫ and ≪ Those who awake the Psalms/main character ≫ about The Heroes Psalms [Manual to Filling the Stomach Path], entrusted to Yatendouji who was the one who seized it】

[ Thereafter, Cervantes Alvantes is ≪Those who awake the Psalms/main character ≫, as well as the ability liberating of ≪a.s.sistant VIP ≫ is done by Yatendouji ]

By the 【Fate Plunder】, I was able to drag 『Meal Hero』 safely. I seem to be able to enjoy a more delicious meal by this.

After having given him a drink of my body fission for the sake of the revolt prevention, I decided to have him cook a dish using the meat of Black Fuomor (Fomorian?).

Speaking of 【Giant Oni Demon Statue】 which confronted the Allied Armies while I did something like that, but it was being restricted by innumerable, thick, and very long tentacle that Demon Emperor did [summons] from the underground hole, the chest has been crushed by a fist of the 【Beast King】 who let golden battle aura surge from his whole body.

I am annoyed with it due to a fine masterpiece being easily knocked over, I'm abandoning its plan since it can't be helped.

At any rate, both camps did both terms in [KURIA] (TN:one Psalm's Book), and the bridge rises up again.

The production of this bridge is an addition to the previous installment, it queued up right and left as huge statue that existed on the lava wall moved. Colossuses' arms intersect in the sky of the bridge, it becomes like a certain kind of parade.

After the main forces of Allied Forces and Allied Armies had gone through, at the foot of the spiral fire mountain where we wait, they seem to stop advancing for a moment.

Well...., for one or other that it is already night when they arrived.

The journey is not only consist with the battles of attacking dungeon monsters, but there is also some distance to topography and even here in intense climb ups and downs.

Tiredness goes out mentally and physically by all means, there is a limit from the number of people even if the march speed is fast.

To prepare for the tomorrow's performance, it's appropriate to choose to save the stamina.

Though it is easy if I retort by considering the extent of the weariness, things are interesting in its own way.

For the time being, I confirm how the fight of members turned out to be――

[【Hero of the mask】 died in the possession labyrinth ]  [A part of 【Divine power】 that flows out by the dying thing is absorbed to the labyrinth,【It is reconverted as Sacred Treasure】]  [ Yatendouji obtained 【Spirit Seal Mask of Disguise PERUDIOSE.MASQUARADE!!】

[【Hero of the Torus】 died in the possession labyrinth ]  A part of 【Divine power】 that flows out by the dying thing is absorbed to the labyrinth, It is reconverted as 【Sacred Treasure】.  [ Yatendouji obtained 【Spirit Snake Sword of Torus...o...b..ROS.SU.ZELINAS】!]

[【Demon bird Eiyuu (hero)】 died in the possession labyrinth]  [A part of 【Divine power】 that flows out by the dying thing is absorbed to the labyrinth, It is reconverted as 【Sacred Treasure】]  [ Yatendouji obtained 【Spirit Pitch Flute of Demon BirdGARDEENA.FLUTE!]

[【Sand Ox Eiyuu (hero)】 died in the possession labyrinth]  [A part of 【Divine power】 that flows out by the dying thing is absorbed to the labyrinth, It is reconverted as 【Sacred Treasure】]  [ Yatendouji obtained 【Spirit Nook Axe of Sand OxNOUSTOFF.RABIUS】! ]

[【Supreme Wolf Eiyuu (hero)】 died in the possession labyrinth]  [A part of 【Divine power】 that

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