Re:Monster Day 311-320

Day 311

Today's weather is sunny and clear, what an ideal day for a start "h.e.l.l Week Festival", isn't it?

While thinking that, I climbed the platform which I instantly built by raising the ground. I looked around the [External Training Grounds] that was already expanded more than before and now so well maintained.

Those who will fight in the [Holy War] are there. As the leading role of this "h.e.l.l Week Festival" along with my woman, I have arranged the troops equally and in an orderly manner to be easily seen and before me is the whole tribe with from shortest to tallest, small bodies such as Goblins and Kobolds in front, to tallest in back, those proud of a big body such as Minotaurs and Trolls.

Some parts of the more mature members are are absent from these columns this time because of their jobs backstage, with a few exceptions. Even by just this members that are standing in the columns over 3,000 members.

If I cla.s.sify the members whose standing in line ―

"Goblin" species - 800

"Hobgoblin" species - 700

"Ogre" species - 100

"Troll" species - 40

"Orc" species - 50

"Demon hobgoblin" species - 700

"Bull Orc" species - 20

"Yafuru" species - 30

"Half Lord" species - 80

"Lord" species - 30

"Minotaur" species - 15

"Dhampir" species - 30

"Vampire" species - 15

"Ghoul" species - 40

"Kobold" species - 400

"Elves" - 30

"Insectoid" species - 10

"Ororin" species - 30

"Humans" - 200

"Lizardman" species - 50

"Half Dragonewt" species - 30

"Dragonewt" species - 15

"Half Midian" species - 20

"Red Cap" species - 20

"Dragotaurus" species - 10

"Centaur" species - 20

"Dullahan" species - 15

"Werewolf" species - 50

"Cat Nail" species - 50

"Familiars" - 500

Various others...

And so on with such a group.

(= ~ 4150 + 3-5 thousand or more skeleton warriors. He is bad at estimating needs the "Bureaucratic Census" skill)

The rest of them are a mix of a variation of tribes.

This cla.s.sification and number are only a rough guess since it can't be helped.

For example, the goblin races have the goblin mage, goblin rider, and including goblin cleric that are summarized in the same category. It is the same If it's Lords, then Earth Lords and Wind Lords are gathered under the same cla.s.sification.

Because the tribes numbers will fluctuate more as the numbers increase I am going to have a harder time cla.s.sifying them finely.

However it will be fine, even I will omit it this time because it is only troublesome and quite the ha.s.sle if I make it too detailed.

For the time being, I'm going to have it like this roughly for now, and if I think to that extent it won't be a problem.

According to members, it can be said that in a sense it is a proper conclusion if the number of the members are increased to wrong number of digits lower in comparison with the past, but this can be said to be a natural consequence from the Members actions.

In the first place, there are kinds of tribes, which are small and weak, that have acquired racial abilities to survive in the severe world of nature like having an extremely short a period from the pregnancy to delivery, this applies to goblins and hobgoblins and includes Kobolds.

(ED note:If you remember, goblin took 30-40 days of pregnancy until the it ready to born --- Caudyr Note - Actually, Goblins only take ~20 days. A little longer if it's between two goblins. HOBgoblins take ~40 days, iirc. Ogres may as well...don't think it's much different from Hobgoblins for them.

It takes less time for Lords and above (Higher XP capabilities), with a Human mother to grow about only 1 day however she was bedded 20-30 days before pregnancy shows, but an unknown external variable allows growth at nearly simultaneously (very risky) in 1 day (the sisters), so technically any of the female Elves or Dryad-san could suddenly become pregnant from Rou months or years later after depending on their biology and the unknown external variable.)

In addition, women with the t.i.tle [Demon Child's Holy Mother] that grants enhancements to female members has increased, and because there is no shortage of food, the childhood mortality rate has lowered which helped contribute to this increase of numbers.

After [Existence Evolution] occurs, since the ability of its former species is inherited from their parent(s) with high probability, there are more of this type, then the natural [Rank up] ability, this inheritance greatly increased the number of ogres, coupled with racial evolution further increasing ogres to a higher probability. With this ogres have became the top seeded race and its also when evolution's will start to slow down.

(ED:I guess the line above means that ranking up a 2nd time will make growing slower. (Fastest) Goblin>(fast growth) hobgoblin>(slower growth) Ogre/halflord/half vamp,etc. Remember it took Rou 14 days since birth from goblin to hobgoblin and 30 days later to Ogre and 81 something days for apostle lord? and 134 days till living G.o.d rank. You get the drift, but then he is special and Ogres were said to be Common route of [Rank ups].)

It is natural that the number of members also increased because members who achieved advancement as well and called in their tribes acquaintances from their hometowns, and had their whole families altogether join or resulting from scouting the individuals with the highest quality's in each place. Therefore, total number of our members are increasing.

Not only are the merely about 3,000 people before my eyes soldiers but also the noncombatants who partic.i.p.ate as a stagehands, behind the scenes, of the "h.e.l.l Week Festival" and people who are currently working at a store of each place. There are also a lot of people who cannot partic.i.p.ate because their body is not yet ready like the young and immature or those whose bodies aren't meant to fight.

As for others there are a large number of members teamed up with their≪Familiars≫ of many varieties.

The members clad in equipment are different for each individual, but the quality of equipment expresses the true strength and status of members who are wearing it on their body.

For example, there are Goblins and Hobgoblins, which are more numerous, that had just recently evolved or were recently born and are still at low-level base equipment. Or, in the case of Kobolds, most of them have been provisioned with a defined style of complete sets of equipment.

The power a.s.sist function was included in the armor packaging of the black skeletons that belong to the military units and have variety of complicated shapes. Having Parabellum emblems embedded on the armor, I equipped black skeletons with weapons made of black bones, such as the 【Bone Nail Gun】, which shoots out bone nails, and the 【Bone Snake Sword】, which is connected with magical steel wires.

Even if I compare just this with the armed forces of a kingdom or empire for the time being, I got the equipment finished to be a considerably higher quality for those equipped as general soldiers who are mostly underlings.

The armaments are already sufficient enough to speak of, though there are grounds for exceptions, there's case that those who were not able to do [existence evolution] from members of our generation such as the Goblin Elite. Other than the regular equipment, they are equipped with many items that have been made by us. The weapons I got from going into the dungeons, prepared by myself, blacksmith-san and dwarves, or also from the leprechauns who are painstakingly using the magic metal and special fiber.

The quality of equipment should be able to fit along with how influential users are or their worthiness so they will be used to it and not change their overall balances with it. In some cases a goblin is stronger than an ogre, and it is the reason that there are many of them who posses high-status equipment, that is what it means to be a Elite.

Anyway, although their balance with equipment is slightly bad because of the physical size that varies greatly according to certain tribes and species. Still it was splendidly worth seeing very much, and was quite the spectacle having the the state of the complete armed members in columns.

Even under normal circ.u.mstances, there might have shown many ill-natured faces and many that do not like the feel of the equipment, being the equipment also feels a little bit too futuristic, and the sight is just like a depiction of the demon king's army out of a story.

When I look around at the columns, from on the platform, to the wide area while thinking about things, it could be seen if whether a person has the look that was filled with motivation, a person who looked pale due to being totally frightened by fear, or who can keep smiling a somewhat broken smile which varies depending on the person themselves.

When I laughed and they grin to respond to it, I somewhat had a feeling that their tension has gone down with only a reflected nervous smile, though a cursory glance would tell you that it was forced, but it could just be my imagination. ~~[TL;ED Note: It's the situations where you got forced to smile to make sure your superior doesn't notice if you actually doesn't like it at all. za~tsuザッ here is kinda "sigh" sound from the army after relieved Rou didn't notice it. Here, at certain point Rou is dense (just like how he failed to notice the wife's want "night actions" from him)]

The Goblin and Kobold near the front row quiver with excitement in antic.i.p.ation of an adventure with some of their faces growing a deathly pale, and some were in such a state that they were fainting from too much excitement and being supported only by their armor. (Lesson 1: don't forget to breath when excited)

I than declared the holding of the "h.e.l.l Week Festival", and with a courageous shout to get started, they filled the vast forest with shouts of joy, delightful screams, roars and tears.

It started, and at first I distributed the members into 10 groups sorting them from the first to the tenth accordingly by their capabilities.

With about 300 members in each group and a limited field there would be too many events to hold on same day, which means the groups have to respectively partic.i.p.ate on different days for each part of the "h.e.l.l Week Festival" events.

In order to make sure that the management of the "h.e.l.l Week Festival" goes smoothly, it's been decided that each supervisor will be in charge of running only one event.

These supervisors will be organized as follows:

Inspectors are me and Kanami-chan.

Supervisors are:

Minokichi-kun and Asue-chan who both of them had returned before dawn.

Burasato-san and Supesei-san who had both already returned with the Grimoires and magic swords that they had collected.

Kugime-chan and Aifu-chan who had both returned from a little bit of sightseeing.

Avenger who had returned with us, and Rusty Iron Knight who has been training our members at the base for awhile now.

By the way, Seiji-kun is the only member of the [[[8 Demon Generals]]] that isn't going to be a supervisor. Since he's the commander of the Medical Corps, ≪Prière≫, he's going to be working behind the scenes and will be on standby unless there's an emergency.

The main purpose of this "h.e.l.l Week Festival" is to completely boost the average strength of the members.

In order to raise survival probability for the [Holy War] even a little, those that have reached more than a certain degree of strength are able to support the others through this extreme training regiment building teamwork and are the reasons to train well for a short term intensively.

If hey are trained in around ten days as planned they should become battle hardened and harder to kill, but I do wonder how many people will remain standing until the last day.

I move onward to the "h.e.l.l Week Festival" solemnly while praying for half or more of them make it.

By the way, I will be in charge on the first day, the event set to the highest standards which is challenged by the first group. It is the first sunrise of the "long distance obstacle compet.i.tion" in the large forest.

The distance will be 52 kilometers.

About 10 kilometers longer than the standard marathon, and its location is in the forest's rich natural environment with many challenges and rest areas.

With the exhausting trail roads, the physical strength necessary is already far more than standard while they are also equipped with armor increasing their overall weight.

Besides, when I said "obstacle", I meant I prepared the course for a lot of attackers for them to run into that lie hidden around the course.

The spiritual energy leaking from the hot springs is causing the large forest to continuously expand and grow, and also causing the strong monsters which haven't settled down to be attracted toward the hot springs and powerful apparitions (spirits) that appear. Also, The topography becomes the haunted place that fluctuates similar to echoing sounds and its surrounding places.

It will be extremely difficult just to finish the race.

Since it's a compet.i.tion, there is a punishment game for losing.

I arranged it so that there's not much differences in the ability between the two force before it has begun. Everybody from the start will run so desperately that no amount of luck or strategy could overturn them. (Blitzkrieg aka Zerg Rush)

My job was easy, I was at the tail end of the group giving those that lagged behind encouragement beatings.

【A certain Tigerman's perspective】

Suddenly, the events from the past flow through my mind.

It was seven years ago, I was Ordered by the clans of the village to study from foreign exchange and warrior training, there were 4 of my comrades that left the village along with me.

I struggled for a while being as a beastman, but it was good fun and I thought I would be successful. As adventurers we encounter various requests of a wide variety.

However one of the requests turned out to be a trap, and as a result we are put into slavery, forced to work for another empire's military.

Our lives were valued less than common iron sc.r.a.p metal.

Poor housing, little food, days around the severe battlefield.

I can't bear the rough treatment and abuse of the Imperial Army which didn't mind so much as a hair to the sacrifice of our lives, and one friend who when out together with fell down, and then two fell down dead, we were in a state where death comes without even know it.

But I'm still alive, what kind of karma is this.

My life should of ended on that battlefield, but I was saved by the help of the n.o.ble Ogre who I owe a debt of grat.i.tude now.

I intended to continue making effort to repay the favor he gave me.

As a result, I came to being accepted here and thought it possible to call it clan or family.

Even more so, from now on, I will continue to repay this debt.

However, that determination for that answer is a little bit shaken.

「"INCOMING FROM THE RIGHT! Since the vanguard is large, use your s.h.i.+elds to sweep it away while the rear guard fights."」

The trees are lush and the forest is dense.

It reminds me of my hometown village where I used to lived. I and my companions would have been covered in mud while desperately advancing forward.


(sound effects Bones rattling)

The sounds coming in tandem from the right-hand side of us which are the advancing of a column of the black skeleton army.

Their numbers, about one hundred. The army of black skeleton which stands cross file order in between the trees without any turbulence, s.h.i.+elded by a simple barricade of stacked logs and bones with 【Bone Nail Gun】 poised in perfect order, squeezing the trigger in unison.

Immediately after, the bone nails were shot from the muzzles approaching at high penetrating speeds.

They weren't aimed at vital parts for safety reasons, though this could not be ignored.


Our vanguard roared as we step forward when got a chance with the companions as our s.h.i.+elds, these hooked claws equipped on the hands were knuckle gloves which were forged with the magic alloy which the dwarf blacksmith developed at the end of his research, [Tiger Claws of Magic] enchantment included.

The magic item [Tiger Claws of Magic] exerts its effect by loading it with magic, and will produce three huge magic claws the size of a sword.

I moved both arms relying only on physical ability with no wasteful movements of power using the inherited Arts of my tribe, that only males could use, the "Beast Arts". The third "Dance of the Clawed-Hashbrowns" to beat down and knock the bone spikes away.

(the statement above could use help)

With the swing of an arm the ten bone piles close enough were flipped and scattered and discarded, which became debris that acc.u.mulated underfoot.

Although not even one second has pa.s.sed since the onslaught of bone nails began, they still continue from the rear and show no sign of waning.

「――Their numbers were many」

The shooting of the bone nail guns didn't stop.

However, it was natural.

In one second the 【Bone Nail Gun】 could fire two rounds, and with one hundred black skeletons operating rifles this produced two hundred nails per second being discharged.

High rank such as the black skeleton commanders which are few in numbers, but are mixed throughout the bone army, are not armed with 【Bone Nail Guns】, but instead with a different weapon, improved in all performance aspects, the 【Bone Nail a.s.sault Rifles】 which discharges a substantially increased number of rounds.

「Mixed with a mighty high bone pile island--the horror!」

As for the bone nail gun we can cope without a problem, but the five piles using the Bone Nail a.s.sault Rifles had several more times the power than what my arms could prevent.

Cooperating clearly slowed me down for a moment, but as a result I am now being targeted.

The deep murderous killing intent that i sense accelerates from danger of the surrounding environment where in I saw it.

To the rear of the bone army was the black skeleton sniper with a strengthened improved long distance shooting specification 【Bone Nail Sniper Rifle】 and the trigger was just squeezed.


(a grinding noise)

The Bone Nail Sniper Rifle's muzzle discharged a slightly larger thicker bone nail that was approaching at high speed to my head in order to take away life surely, its impossible to dodge and evade left or right.

I follow my instinct and bare my fangs.

Thought and movement were one action and because I was running on instinct, I closed my mouth and my fangs cut into the bone nail stopping it.

However, I feel that it would of unceremoniously shot through my mouth if I was missing even the slightest focus, while thinking that it doesn't matter if I have broken my fangs as my neck muscles expand in force.

The fang bite took dreadful pressure, and I succeeded to bear the nausea from the smell of the heated bone nail.

While I succeeded in avoiding a clear death, and a cold sweat falls down my back, with a rush I spit out the bone nail.

What is left is fine debris in my mouth, but bad feelings to the sick gritty powder taste, but we will not talk about that.

I hit the bone piles like a hurricane with a single minded devotion.

A rear defender fights back with a 【Bone Nail Gun】, although at first seems the enemy decreased, but all of a sudden there are numerous simple log barricades being formed, and it doesn't decrease at all and is really troublesome, and above all the number of moves the enemy can make is too vast.

Since it is becoming difficult to move as the bone piles that are knocked down are now crowding my feet, I think that the situation will begin to gradually decline--


「「「“The earth swallows"!!」」」(sounds cooler than a hole appears)

The help came from half-earth lords who cooperated together using fourth rank magic to bring the appearance of the huge hole in the ground at the feet of the black skeletons.

The area of effect and development of speed was a joint work of several demons which exceeds the power used by a single earth-lord.

The earth closes in like a carnivorous beast swallowing in the black skeletons along with the simple log barricades leaving no chance to crawl out.

The earth makes a rumble sound and mixed in are also crunching noises, where you can feel the tremors and hear the logs and skeletons braking down and getting crushed together.

I stomped on the earth a couple of times to confirm its rock steady, and i ran to hunt the remaining sniper.

The end of the compet.i.tion is close at hand and now I give full priority to the bone nail sniper.


(more bone rattle noise)

I move at high speed approaching the bone pile, the key points to the black skeleton sniper is accuracy, therefore its best to prevent it from zeroing in, and get in reach with the magic tiger claws.

As i was coming into reach, I was forced to stop as "Black Bone Ramparts," an installation type barrier to protect and the figure of the black skeleton sniper.

The obstruction was a magic item, a Parabellum original, eight meters high and ten meters wide, with thousands of black bones layered with magic which doesn't allow attacks and forces them to be incomplete.

There is simply no comparison between this and the simple log barricades, very appropriate to call them castle walls.



(for the life of me I couldn't figure out this sound effect “hus.h.i.+yurururu......gautsu!” is closest in english)

But without regard to it, I use "Beast Arts" article thirteen "Fierce Tiger Penetrating Palm"

"Fierce Tiger Penetrating Palm" is a unique breathing technique because of its characteristic of gathering the body's magic and energy to focus at a singular convergence point of magic and compresses it to form a ball to shoot out of the hand, the more focused its compression the higher its penetration power.

The black bone rampart was struck head-on and through making a palm sized hole and from that hole is a responding sound of the black skeleton sniper that was hiding in it.


(“hus.h.i.+yurururururu......” sound effects)

While I exhale, I check my surroundings for any surviving soldiers, and there doesnt seem to be any.

Still maintaining a minimum amount of vigilance, I check the back of the black bone ramparts to confirm the kill.

The black bone sniper's ribs and spine were crushed, and scattered about the ground, and there was no movement at all.

Verifying its death, I collected the bone nail sniper rifle from where it rolled on the ground.

Before, we were told that, should we defeat our attackers, we are allowed to keep the personal effects that were on said victim.

So these two items were now mine, the 【Bone Nail Gun】 and the 【Bone Nail Gun Sniper Rifle】, which is still very valuable and useful later on.

The power of the "Fierce Tiger Penetrating Palm" would work exceptionally well with these two items, increasing their penetration and power of destruction, I will be able to use it like this almost immediately.

I found the operation control panel and the black bone ramparts folded into a state of a rectangular box, and I put the three looted magic items in the storage device.

This just might be worth all the pain, I thought to myself as i returned to my colleagues.

As much as i would like to slow down, it will be difficult to finish the race within the time limit.

「Check for wounded」

「Twelve people injured, treatment is finished and movement won't be a problem.」

「Is that so.... but we must push forward, we got a quarter to go. How much hards.h.i.+p will be after this, just thinking about it makes me tired.」

When returning, the confirmation of circ.u.mstances had been finished.

There were many injured people this time, and yet there weren't any beyond saving.

In spite of it being a happy moment, we still had ten kilometers to travel, of the three hundred that started with our group, nearly eighty are injured, and thirty dropouts appeared.

Twenty of the thirty dropouts were people that tried to outwit others at the beginning of the games.

There is no blame on them, because those that fail receive a punishment game.

But those that proceeded ahead of the group were marauded on by attackers and soon fell out.

Those who stand alone will be attacked heavier than the group.

If there is only one person it is much harder to resist an attack, because with many people and solid camaraderie resistance becomes possible followed by unhindered movement forward.

Anyway, I go ahead of the group of the preceding pair using the cooperation of the group to advance forward, the conclusion had be decided all the same with no loss in speed to the finish.

We proceed even if at high risk, but do not know if there is enough time.

To advance is h.e.l.l, to retreat is h.e.l.l, what a crisis.

We advance forward, while thinking about the debt of grat.i.tude of the demon that pursues us from the rear.

I am thankful for him by training us, but couldn't he be more gentle?.

I would probably die before I could repay this favor.

Night began and it was finally over, but there were more people that completed the whole distance than expectations.

The first lesson was of sacrifice, and resulted in the rest coming to cooperation naturally.

Unfortunately many dropouts appeared, but it's not a problem because I am not among them.

It could probably be said to be a satisfactory result.

Here, after I get such a feeling, while thinking, it is good, that, in order to obtain the vital force for tomorrow, I ate luxurious food from which the labyrinth ingredients were used, that were many in quality and quant.i.ty.

After all it was the sister's cooking.

Day 312

The second day of the festival.

Since the event that I oversee the “Long-distance Obstacle Compet.i.tion” is left unchanged, I think I will pay attention to Kanami today.

The event Kanami-chan is in charge of is the “Haunted House”.

Asue led her logistics support troops Patri to diligently make an [Underground Cavern] for Kanami-chan to 【Greater Summoning: Undead】 soldiers to attack.

The putrid smell of the undead teeming with semi-substantial ghosts drift in the air, a cry of sorrow echos on the bare rock of the corridor from the chamber s.p.a.ce like a labyrinth, if the mind is weak the spirit dies just a little from the fear of the place.

Where in the partic.i.p.ants in the must collect five “keys” among the dead, or the doors will not open.

The survival of three hundred people must cooperate in order to leave this blockaded s.p.a.ce which has no refuge or escape.

It is the partic.i.p.ants screaming with blood, moves forward solemnly.

[A certain Mantis type insectoid perspective]

Before my eyes they formed groups, not at all, there is no sign of the enemies decreasing, I have had enough.

In anger I strike hard, sharpness of my proud sickle hand tears at its neck.

“- Cut”

With one swing at the neck three bodies were beheaded, it seeks us who are of living people, while extending the both arms, it approaches, because it is the flesh which putrid decaying odor can float and is sore even touching the extent of impureness would make you hesitate that is “the zombie”.

In the undead race the most renowned, and weak to kill the living, are “zombies” having troublesome ability cognate corpses into more zombies, it is an existence which can easily be dealt with one swing of my sickle hands.

if there are only ten or twenty, would make no difference.

“As is expected there are too many”

Before my eyes zombies fill in, zombie, zombie, zombie's crowd in completely.

The narrow rock pa.s.sageway is packed to the end with enemy zombies, with no end in sight, ready to attack us all at once they rush on.

I am attacked by physical quant.i.ty that is a nightmare, but fortunately they can not encircle us, because the pa.s.sageway is narrow.

And yet never the less we can't relax our attention, grappling to control several zombies, if we die while being eaten by zombies, you become a zombie.

I can not relax at all here.

And you come to kill me seriously, make no mistake.

“Well, another. Guruofu-chan's sediment is, to become the same type of undead, why not I!? Saying that the possibility to control them will increase, don't you think!?”

I swing my sickle hands sending off three zombie heads flying, while I listen in secret to the fighting on the side is Guruofu-chan fighting with a spear.

Guruofu-chan was a Hobgoblin until a little while ago, but recently 【Ranked Up】 into a “Ghoul”, which made his handling of the spear much stronger than before.

Piercing three thrust in an instant to the zombie's heads to make sure of the killing.

A little ahead my elder sister is yearning for its decaying eye influenced by just a little of its special nature yet to realize, until I am pull up from slipping into crowd to feel only the short time forgiveness wanted from weakness but, such place I rely on is a close friend and colleague.

“Don't be absurd. If it was a normal zombie it would be possible, but the zombies produced from Kanami-chan, would not allow that possibility to be controlled.”

While I say that, Guruori-chan picks up the [Spear of Rotting Dead] to swing, we chopped up the zombies, using ability of the short spear [Putrid Decomposition] Using it furthermore kept corroding the bodies into mud.

(Editor's note: [Spear of Rotting Dead] was translated by 5 different engines as [Javelin of the stupid sacrifice of life] just thought it was funny ^^ )

The species called Ghoul, prefer rotten meat and body fluids of the dead.

Therefore Guruofu-chan slurps up the rotten meat in a liquid form in intervals, watching it feels unpleasant.

Well, there is no other way because it is the instinct of the species.

We mantis species, as a matter of fact often eat and kill our males during love copulation.

Because it can't be helped, I advert my eyes from reality, with single-minded enthusiasm destroy the enemy.

“Well. Even a mere zombie is super delicious when Kanami older sister generates it.”

You watch repulsed as decomposing fluid is drunk “slurp slurp slurp delicious” as Guruofu-chan drinks the marrow, and doesn't care.

“You still have not found it! As one would expect mentally limited!!”

Even if you don't pay attention, there is still a limit.

Keep checking. I struggle to reverse the situation at the last moment. No matter how I must endure the dangers. This shaved of a layer of my skin, and still it haunts me.

(not sure about the above statement)

Although the place is full of enemies, I did not think the spirit to be attacked from an ally.

“I will be going, I want to come out as soon as possible.”

(“I will be going” also shows up as “cloudburst cloudburst” (from Baidu online translation) think of the dust left by roadrunner beep beep”)

Tens of hundreds of zombies decapitated from the neck while tainted meat and flesh cling on giving me s.h.i.+vers that I must turn away my eyes, zombies destroyed the remains scatters the full-length of the contaminated ruins eluding my view, the time stretches and densely extremely long.

And now barely to be heard the voice from my company, it was a voice to give blessings that surely broke the deadlock.

“We found the third key. Time to break away!”

“Okay. Then let us leave quickly!”

in the underground s.p.a.ce you need to have the keys to leave, and upon finally hearing the report of the last key being found, we secured an escape route, and then we ran.

At that time, I unintentionally saw the soiled sickle hands was that evaded my eyes.

I do not understand where this flesh and meat came from as its stuck on, rather my doing. Meat.

Guruori-chan is eating delicious zombie hand that was secured. Meat.

Meat, meat, meatmeatmeatmeat

“I come out as soon as possible, so I can soak in the hot springs”

“Before that I clean my whole body.”

Just for a moment and wondered, what Guruori-chan was saying, and then I understood.

“Well, yes. Indeed. The whole group had been washed by a water hose yesterday, such a thing happened. It is a.s.sent, in truth.”

Our whole body, as a consequence of repeated battle with the undead was the smell of putrid rot that hung in the air from the remains that clung to our bodies.

A piece of meat is stuck to the armor, the decaying liquid flesh now becomes a stain. Though it doesn't understand because the nose stops working, undoubtedly a dreadful smell begins to emit.

Indeed, with what we saw yesterday, large amounts of water coming out of the water hose cleansed the entire body, then sterilizing and deodorizing effects of high kill sea gra.s.s and kanbu seeds in large amounts for a mineral bath for the armor to soak in which was the same as what we were given, I understood well.

Everybody was using the hot spring, you couldn't enter as we were.

It is necessary to wash off as much filth as possible.

Oh and, so it is that we were covered in filth and excrement while looking for the key to escape.

The zombie and ghouls reinforced with ice magic come out here and there, and the desperate struggles at the escape door where we were attacked endlessly one after another, somehow we returned from undead h.e.l.l.

And while we are physically and mentally exhausted condition, I washed every corner of my body, at last I was able to finally soak in the hot spring.

The armor putrid smell remains in order take care of it requested a leprechaun to wash it some more, tomorrow is coming and somehow must manage.

While soaking in the hot spring, I genuinely think.

Tomorrow is more, it should be better, right.

However unreasonable that may be, a certain kind of conviction is held, I looked at the night sky as far as I can see.

Oh, the compound eye bleeding somehow.

Because it is event that shaves mentally thing, that being the case great deal of those that came out injured was large physically and mentally weak.

But there are also such places zombies are reinforced with Kanami-chan's ice magic here and there, but, well its still a zombie even if reinforced.

Members who pa.s.sed the severe training so far, have not yet been defeated.

I am satisfied because there were almost no dropouts, our members awfully stink were prepared mineral baths at the hot spring.

Its troublesome and while giving a rotten stench off, indeed I'm too afraid of and infection above all.

I think it would be okay because I have a strong vitality, but doing it yourself is safer it seems.

They may tell you that you do too much, but that's it.

Then such a thing you don't have to do is said perhaps, but that is it

At times of extreme state exposes ones true nature, therefore has a meaning.

Since the responsibility of cleaning the armor is delegated, I must thoroughly enjoy tomorrows event.

Day 313

The third day of the festival.

I will pay attention to Minokichi-kun today.

The event Minokichi-kun supervises is “Tug of War”.

I made a special sub-dragon rope made with strength and the leather of the sub-dragon superior in toughness as materials for Minokichi-kun's opponents.

When all the members breath matches perfectly, it would be possible to fight against Minokichi-kun.

However just to pull from both ends would be boring, if lose focus for a certain period of time, it s.h.i.+fts to Minokichi-kun and becomes a one-vs-many battlefield.

Minokichi-kun seals his lightening flame ability, removed the axe and s.h.i.+eld to make him empty handed, in physical strength he is the greatest in Parabellum.

To experience the first time, it is likely to be defeated immediately. (If you experience it the first time, you'll likely be defeated immediately. ~Horst)

[A certain half sergeant demon half sergeant lord point of view] ([A certain half demon half lord sergeant's point of view] ~Horst)

Trick. Do the trick again.


Minokichi nii-san pulls the rope as he wildy snorts, It really shows off that we made the preparation too late.

While we're holding the rope, we understand the difference instantly, it's hopeless. The gap in strength is tremendous, this is unreasonable.

“Sun Lin dono ... this... , it's really necessary to do this to play of tug of war?”

(“Sun Lin is the guy that uses “Burns” when he talks)

The cold sweat sinks slowly, the thunder dragonewt who was behind Supoto, the thunder half-dragonewt calls out to Burns, in agreement with the opinion.

“Necessity? It's not like it's a necessity, you know. But if we end losing, the punishment will be frightening.”

Approximately three hundred members vs. Minokichi nii-san, due to tug of war.

Normally there would be an overwhelming difference between war potential leaving no reason for defeat.

But it's useless. Minokichi nii-san is like a huge mountain and he hasn't even moved an inch.

So far, until now the performance of above the average of each species of members training is trained well by Burns but it's, nevertheless, hopeless.

(I can't even correct that phrase, it's so complicated, anyway = "Most of the troops (of these 300) are trained by Burns [Who the h.e.l.l is Burns?] and I suppose they train well, but they can't do anything against Minokichi.)

There are dozens of large demons, like trolls and ogres, yet only one demon, Minokichi nii-san, can win without effort, i'm sure the observers are having a good spectacle since we can't pa.s.s this. 

And I don't like it. I really don't like it.

“Oh well, at the least I don't want to show an unsightly appearance.”

“Well, The half-dragonewt Suputo has been a candidate from the beginning."

But as the Tug of War continues, we keep doing unexpected efforts. Strenous Efforts.

“We are vomiting blood and losing force, calm down!!"

“All together!. Heave-ho! Heave-ho! Heave-ho!”

"""""Heave-ho! Heave-ho! Heave-ho!"""""

Everyone is desperated, our bodies are leaning backward as we pull the rope, almost falling down, we sure look comical.


However, before overwhelming force, petty tricks are meaningless. 

“Wa What the Ahahahahahahah......”

“Such a thing... Is impossible!”

Well, in the end we lost Burns, Minokichi nii-san existence itself is breaking the rules is what I think.

What do you think? We're three hundred people pulling a rope, we are big and strong, our position is like a diagonal stick, yet we can't even move Minokichi nii-san one inch, instead, we're being pulled and losing members but if the leader made this game, it means it can be done. 

Well, even thought i'm not able to understand how to do it. 

Even though I was prepared, we ended up losing at tug of war, well, it was expected so I don't mind.

He diesn't have the axe or the s.h.i.+eld neither the lighting flame, he is empty handed and we are fully armed having mock battles against Minokichi nii-san/Ax and s.h.i.+eld and lightning flame are not used, empty handed circ.u.mstances and us fully armed having mock battles.

While Burns has a big body like Minokichi nii-san, i'm accustomed to fight against that kind of size.

Formors and the giant black skeleton are huge, we have trained tacticts against such oponents. 

But in front of Minokichi nii-san is meaningless.

We are the heavy armed troop

(If I have time i'll keep editing, j.a.p is hard and this translation made it more confusing since there a LOT of wrong things)-Z

Minokichi nii-san which is in no way inferior to the proud in stature Torju charges.


(more angry bull roar)


They charge like two ramparts approaching at high speed by pus.h.i.+ng a ma.s.sive tower s.h.i.+eld out forward, the destructive power to kill by running the enemy over.

Speed and weight and hardness of hundreds come together and align. Normally can do nothing but evade.

Burns went right straight at Minokichi nii-san to attack.

Roar, the thunder and tearing similar sounds to absurd power of the right hand side straightforward a direct hit to the tower s.h.i.+eld which bent, to the size of a fist was made.

But still power is undiminished it doesn't become weak at all, as much as it seems to have lightened and Torju's momentum is reversed and disappears.

“Torju's important sacrifice is to waste”

Trembling in fear to see it, however from behind Torju we heavily charge in one after another.

“If you're going to die at least land a single blow.”

“Uooooooooo. d.a.m.n IT d.a.m.n IT d.a.m.n IT, I don't want to die in a place like this Yooooooooooo!”

The vanguard plunge in the face of death came like a swarm of ants as bait.

Normally it is possible to crush them by physical quant.i.ty. We overcome usually from severe training produced at hand. Around here and there are people several levels stronger than me.


However, when hit directly the arms of dozens of people are blown off like splinters of sc.r.a.p wood in taking a swing, and only a single step on the earth with all one's might causes small scale earthquakes.

Overwhelming destruction is lavished from Minokichi nii-san, surely it can not be helped to seem similar to an avatar of natural phenomenon.

But, there in blank amazement wanted to give up.

Friends fall down in piles like putrid corpses--broken and I have ruptured organs and visceral fractures, well I can't die and leave things this way – – and to overcome that, I and others are determined to charge repeatedly.

Anyway, this is the plan for the time being.

At first, in the beginning I intended to partner the command movement lead by Burns, yes, unreasonable weakness.

Minokichi nii-san, from Obarou nii-san against a collective the enemy commander first to smash hit into poor leaders.h.i.+p, and so he is going to be smashed.

The commander is the central brain if you smash it up, the organizations perfect functioning fails. The weakend doesn't escape any elite forces.

If you rather, things as a sacrifice of physical ability Ogres or Trolls become excellent meat s.h.i.+elds. But only a limited amount time to work, that limited time is very precious.

Because of that the time earned was put to use at the rear casting magic powerful black magic, [Magic] system of attack to zip faster than can be seen.

“Don't worry about allies, Shoot eheheheheh”

The shot lands safely, the colorful magics explodes together with allies.

The artistry of the destruction was felt to even be beautiful, rather only our comrades are blown away, and the purpose was not achieved.

“Buuuuuuu, BuuMOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! !”

As smoke is blown off in the roar, the body cowers.

My legs are trembling, fear that you can not resist gushes out.

We've won, the fight of several dungeon bosses. For such, extremely powerful people gets swarmed.

And for that, my friend Minokichi nii-san, we seriously fear.

“Its all hopeless.”

“Hahaha....... Although I knew, this is cruel”

Together with Suputo-han, spill a dry smile.

At any rate, more than one cast hits directly, barely any damage has been given.

The disparity could make you laugh, we just do our best, and thrust, I was. .h.i.t hard rightsided right after I landed a solid blow into the side with a loved sword.

“GOB idiot.”

The heavy blow is able to stir the whole body, involuntarily a strange voice sung out.

Flying while turning round and round we go, in extreme pain lucky to be alive, and lose consciousness while thinking about it.

When I wake up, someone from the medical troop > was treating me, I earnestly hope. To be on a soft bed which would be fine.

I am optimistic thinking such things, lukewarm water splashes on my face.

“Buhaa! And, WHAT!”

“Losing consciousness to escape is sweet. Yes, sweeter than sugared fruit plums that is.”

Saying so while having jumped out of bed, > has one hundred members severing under chief Seibo.

Mild and gentle looks Burn, I am pleased to see looks where others suffer, devilish woman with plump chest armor hateful and evil.

Such Seibo holds a wooden bucket Burn, the contents to the white guess from the cloudy liquid, was lukewarm water of the hot spring with recovery aiding magic, was poured on as a treatment method.

Dirt in the soil, except that it is wet with lukewarm water, the troublesome pain is absent.

The bone that was crushed that made me cry and the torn muscles in addition is restored.

“Since we were wiped out, please let me play tug of war.”

“......Has it not ended?”

“It doesn't end. Until the night ,pull the rope and fight.”

Siebo floats a devilish smile, I was full of a motivation and pointed at Minokichi nii-san who continued doing warm up exercises.

“You just ….. Are you serious. “ “Well, unless you don't bleed.”

Still we fought while being convinced it could rain on a cloudless day after having been already over.

In order to survive, we unite even more than ever-before.

To h.e.l.l with the world!

When ever the frequency is digested, members timing in which the rope was pulled began to become more complete.

Though development to which Minokichi-sama was pulled was increased too, though not perfect yet, and Minokichi-sama remains undefeated at tug-of-war.

And, in the fight that starts after the tug-of-war, The member is settled and blown off with one Minokichi nii-san's fist, The wave of a.s.saults was played with one kick and they flew.

The spectacle that should be called violation, By that the person who dies doesn't go out becoming possible through Minokichi-sama's discipline training to move himself perfectly, it is exquisite because it came to be able to be easy.

If it was Minokichi-sama from before we would have had one or two accidents.

Moreover it would be tough not feeling admiration, I think that I will reduce the work of Seiji who has been running for a long time busily since the start of the festival if even just a little, it made it to the thing followed by numbers of bodies.

It is serious because the wounded come out one after another from Minokichi-kun.

“Day 314”

The fourth day of the festival.

Today I think I will pay attention to Asue-chan.

Asue-chan is supervising, it is a “Rock-climbing Cliff-Wall” that uses the huge pit made from Asue-chan's ability.

The dept of the vertical pit leads to about three hundred meters.

Though the projection of the rock wall made key points that can be used as hand hanging holds and work stable areas is many, according to location depending on where the leaning wall overhangs so, there is a need for moderate skills.

Partic.i.p.ating members who are climbing are also in an armed state, up until climbing over the cliff-side precipice training by surprise attacks was the idea, even if you think you have excellent physical ability, to ascend itself will be far harder than one would think.

But there can be rocks that fall overhead occasionally, > elves come to cooperate by firing suction cup arrows to attack, carelessness can not happen.

By the way, they are aware of the high risk of dropping from fallen rocks.

There are precautions in place to rescue them should they fall, your life will be saved if you don't die instantly.

[A certain Boss Monkey Garudora Ebura point of view]

It is necessary to crawl up from the bottom of the huge black hole that becomes empty to the vast large forest.

It was said to start today.

The black holes are also called [h.e.l.l Abyss] by members who sank on the first day of the festival, the depth was approximately three hundred meters underground.

Normally it would be difficult height to climb, and it is definitely a challenge to climb it in armed state.

But from the species of monkey man Ororin that specializes on tree life, it is very easy thing to climb by using clues of slight irregularities and cracks in the rock-face.

Within the group there was a monkey man, it proceeds faster than others smoothly climbs lightly.

“Ukiki, from here at this point it is a little troublesome area.”

Such monkey man am among superior variety cla.s.sification to be heated on the tail of hair hardened sh.e.l.l “Tough Husk Miracle Monkey Buraiorurin” to present the [Rank Up] evolution, Obarou the leader of parabellum calls me Boss Monkey, Garudora Ebura of light armament which it gives priority to mobility, I stood closest to the exit than anyone else, I stood vertically from the rock wall while folding one's arms.

Hefty legs move freely grasping snags on rocks, and to stabilize the body by using a powerful three tails which allows me to move my limbs more precisely, and we have been in detail observe the situation and proceed ahead.

“from here, we can be knocked off from surprise attacks. Ukkiki, its somewhat difficult.”

To side of such a armament with the similar light dress preparation which is climbed “monkey ogre yahuru” of two angular white hair two tails - - called Yajuku, it stands in the rock wall by using its toes and two tails.

Yajuku became a monkey demon from a hobgoblin, there were many twist and it turns out to become one of my followers, that is what our relations.h.i.+p is like.

Every day he follows me, he is a comrade-in-arms who ran in both battlefields and labyrinths.

“Occasionally the certain parts of the ground collapses easily and is a little troublesome. Asue-chan sister had made “Artificial Rock Golems” which drops rocks making it a little tricky. But the most troublesome are, what the extra elves bring in.”

Gardula is driving Yajuku, he briefly talks about information on the waiting violators instead of finding out themselves.

It spreads to the following people, a help to capture it.

“Well, I could do Na guy alone safe want to leave the exclusion within now is tricky.”

In that way Garudora is standing on the rock wall, in a low voice chanting.

Magic converges rapidly to the right hand, red and green magic light scatters around.

“I will skewer it, Ukki! “Stabbing flame blossoms of proud roots spear thief Genovese 'Gu””

Mixed system third tier magic “Stabbing flame blossoms of proud roots spear thief Genovese 'Gu”

It was invented by mixing of intense heat system and plant system, the spear of forming made from the root of a red flower of two meters in length and five centimeters in the diameter.

The ear tip of a pointed root is greatly sharper than that of normal metallic spear, Garudora threw out the spear that shook the surface like the flame in heaven high just from twisting his waist and physical strength.

It is unleashed from a strong arm and the spear flies through the heavens and the aim is not mistaken, to pierce into the chest of the artificial rock golem was to cause interference of the falling rocks to stay in place.

Though the artificial rock golems should be called a human type composed of rock was not fragile structure to be stopped with just this action, however within the spear the flaming roots rapidly grow, a huge flame blossoms with explosive spirit.

“Kikiki, Looks like dirty fireworks huh.”

The body of rock of equal to the artificial golems to be bombed to pieces from the inside by the spear that grows bombs is not enough and is disappointed, the broken pieces was pulled by gravity and fell.

In so doing, it to the other members while climbing.

The largest piece is the size of an adult human male, if it hits directly it will do considerable damage. Most likely, both could not endure and will fall together.

Fortunately no one was. .h.i.t. But, if it was even a little different a number of people would have been involved.

“This is too dangerous!”

“d.a.m.n-so please be careful!”

For that reason, one or two complaints are indeed going out.

“Ukiki, calculated so it wouldn't hit properly, don't worry ukiki.”

The threat that will be blocked without fail in the future is excluded beforehand therefore please be a little patient, while thinking that, Gardula is going further each second, the third root spear is thrown.

A root spear hits perfectly, fire flower blooming well and violators were crushed.

For a while the root spear continues to burn by magic is in full bloom, the dark [h.e.l.l] is colored gorgeously if only just a little.

“Ukiki, such ma.s.sage ukki probably. Ukiki can do nothing but climb now.”

“Kiki. Kiki. Both of the artificial golems have been only decreased in size to that of palm seeds, which make it much easier.”

However even if you can ruin the generation body in which subst.i.tution is even very much to our regret effectively, the elves waiting for Garudora is holding a bow and arrow for when he climbed up to a specified range prepared for use.

Elves who are our neighbors, partic.i.p.ates in this event as entertainment.

Although it is done but not with carelessness, and to ensure good behavior is to show visible action, the worst punishment from Obarou is to be killed while eaten alive, I believe doing this much is enough.

As one would expect the absolute power and terror that come with the drive should not do such folly, Violators who were mopping up seems ti decided ti stop by here once.

“Ukikiki. Well its time to climb.”

I think the safety for Garudora has been secured, I begin to climb using hands feet and the three tails, some evil voice was heard.

“Oh no, this group is also doing well. Want to climb be care of palm, that's a no isn't it a trick. But it is a rule palm, well, that's all right. Everyone good luck and, from here I will a.s.sist you.”

It is much overhead, the thing near the exit was the supervisor Asue.

What kind of development is this, Garudora driven by a frustration that can be expressed that it begins to spring in the mind easily and was instinctive sense of crisis, I looked up and tried to investigate the cause.

But there was no need to investigate, it was obvious.

“Ukiki …....... I'm beaten Ukki.”

Garudora were going to advance from now on to [Abyss h.e.l.l] rock river wall, it begins to flow as if the inside of the body of a living organism.

But the flow settled in an instant, the rock wall shape seems to be more difficult to climb than before, the rock golem that had been expelled is revived.

Moreover than revived, there were even more of them than before.

“Kiki, kiki........ They replenish if destroyed by ranged attacks, incidentally the geographical features are changed and it rises the difficulty, what is this thing. Really unpleasant, Explain it to me for just a moment.”

“Ukkiki which I have done...... Everyone, Ukki I'm sorry.”

d.a.m.n it, While thinking the expression it hangs in the wind, Garudora scratches his cheek.

Yajuku shrugs as much to say no help for it, other members who had been following also were floating with a wry smile.

Certainly this time was a blunder of Garudora, if violators are destroyed the geographical features change as well as being immediately replenished, you could not know in advance.

Immediately excluding the threat to begin with is not a wrong idea, this kind of blunder could occur for anyone.

Just this time by chance was Garudora, because everyone understands it, gently out things to think in a positive manner to attack was changed.

“However, Ukki ahead seems longer than I thought”

Disturbances of the violators were, never a thing to ignore, members probably will be defeated in blame with out forgiveness.

Therefore trying to eliminate in order to make it easier to climb, it is immediately restored, and increases in number.

Either way difficulty increases when you remove an obstruction, so its best not to do so, but what still awaits the countless difficulties of [Abyss h.e.l.l] trials has been.

Garudora sheds cold sweat, and imagines what exactly lies ahead.

And having fallen rocks big as three meter taking careful aim after that.

In climbing, the rock golem starts its obstruction.

Asue-chan's [Rank Up] the generative capacity and the geographical features operation ability to do and obtain are taken full advantage, if constructors made from rock are broken, they get replenished and increase in number, easy work only of changing geographical features for a moment and not climbing easy took time to make.

Once the work is easy to elf roles such as instruction to basically, you come to me.

When even the exit comes to about twenty meters in the back, though an easy obstruction such as making the projection in the rock wall at random is done, a little after that, the person who relaxes his guard seems to be unexpectedly caught.

Caught members must not drop power of attention to the last minute, lessons learned and got things going.

Of its own way to the things that hurt people come out, it must have been still safe when compared with the area of Minokichi-kun.

Ability to respond in an unstable environment, would much be improved.

Dozens of members were shot down, it will work hard also tomorrow due to no deaths 

"Day 315"

The fifth day of the festival.

I think I'll pay attention to today at Burasato-san.

The event Burasato supervises is called "Sword Dance Masquerade".

Members keep fighting against the blood army corps condensed from blood into human form for a duration of time.

The blood army corps's made from the fresh blood from Burasato's sword wings as its core, but I created [Blood Giants] which comprises from Blood of the Giants to configure it specially.

In a sense it is a part of Burasato's body, they could be a closer existence to my clones.

Therefore, the performance of the "Blood Sword Army Demon Soldiers Blondiido" unit performances that composes the blood army corps is the 【High-ranking Body Generation】 equal to High summoning abilities, I wonder maybe its somewhat higher.

For that very reason the performance was good, and with commands issued and can act independent.

That's a very important thing in the [Holy War], which is many vs. many.

To raise the probability of survival, no matter what this is an event we can never avoid.

■ nail ■

--- Female Knight Therese' view point ---

It was like a sea of blood on the plains.

A sword wing of Burasato acts as the core, in the highly toxic "Blue Poison Giant (Blue Talos)" human type configuration to the "Blood Sword Army Demon Soldiers Blondiido", in perfect movement we are attacked.

While having high level integrated technology (Bio-Equipment), they amount to one thousand easily.

We are completely surrounded in a defense formation called [Saintly s.h.i.+eld of Emasu] a superior defensive formation, from the inside [Magic] is used to attack in waves somehow i was able to endure the predicament.

"Soldiers, rise yourselves! Our future will be for not, if we do not act now!"

Normally this would be a desperate situation.

The ability is high even for a single unit, in addition partly due to the fact that it commanded perfectly by one's will, the chances are not as long as I feared.

But even so, I raise my voice.

As a person who leads, it is because weakness must not be shown.

“Rear guard, higher rank superior officers stand by ten persons length area for [magic] casting and wait for further instructions, with exception of those who favor trouble move closer.Vanguard, press on, PUSH~tsu.”


While hearing the response, Me and my favorite magic sword which has been with me for many years [Wind Raid Moon Sword], and its magic is shown on the body of the magic sword [Water star beer lute]. (I think this is the swords “Lunar Gate” ability that drinks in and absorbs moon light to increase its combat capability)

The magic sword shakes in response, magic light of different colors s.h.i.+ned.

The newly acquired magic sword [Stellar Water], a few days ago my master to be Obarou came back and presented something of a gift.

Recently he has been too busy and only conversed by using the ear-cuffs and only a little overtime, and somehow left feeling, as though my existence was forgotten, it seems I was worrying over nothing.

Quite the opposite I am feeling relieved and rea.s.sured, I feel good and not bothered at all.

But, well, in difference of the present I will forgive him just this time.

“Commander~tsu, an attack is beginning to concentrate on the east-side~tsu!”

Once before the fight I met the master, although once a slave, through many twists and turns Behn my former adjutant a [Prelate Bishop] who became my subordinate again reported loudly.

In response to it, I, one of the 18 Demon Warlords got the t.i.tle [Brilliant Mercy Righteous Knight] and obtained one ability, the mind and body touching the [Light of Mercy] will have their energies drain when exercised.

It is an aura that covers the whole body that s.h.i.+nes gold and glitters where the n.o.bility support is felt.

At first is to be treated with bewilderment although, nowadays I can move freely which makes it easier to discharge [Light of Mercy], I imagine an image to totally become like a storm of falling cherry blossoms in the mind.

Then it changes in accordance to my image and s.h.i.+nes [Light of Mercy], and I swallow the [Blood Sword Army Demon Soldiers] which rushed to level this defense, the activities remarkably became stagnated.

The offensive and defensive force was reduced by half, movement that was fast as the wind becomes slowed.

It is not missed and the vanguard who strengthened the defense on the east side attacks it from the s.p.a.ce of the escutcheon with the spear and sword, and the Blood Army was kicked out.

In the end because Burasato's sword wings were in its core, the Blood Sword Army Demon Soldiers needs to be revived after some time, Still there was certainly an effect on decreasing the intensity of the attack.

“Hold out until the last minute~tsu”

“Hold fast and wait for the time that elder sister Burasato comes out, then it's time to cut off the ma.s.s.”

“Such a h.e.l.l is unwelcome pardon. ~tsu”

“Usually I am a reliable elder sister, I was really fighting for respect from me!”

“GAHAHAHAHAA  hehehehee”

Members laugh as ridicule, the enemy before my eyes is desperately broken to pieces though the sweat falls.

To say nothing of the attack that the vanguard w

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