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Swordsman of Abyss 1 Dragon of New World

Have I ever been on the pit of despair?

That's one question that I asked to myself when I try to think throught on what kind of situation that I was in.

In front of me, there's a creature that stands tall around 15 meters and it looks down on me. Its silky green scale are radiating sunlight that pass through the hole of its nest, that creature golden gaze fell upon the only person who was in the room. That was me, of course.

The gaze itself was enough to bring me down to my knees, but what I most afraid of is its appearance. A huge lizard with wings were the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it for the first time, yet it looks more grand than at those mere words of lizard. No, this creature are something more than a mere oversized lizard, it was a creature that was well known for its greatness and power, on few cases also with its keen mind.

The very manner of creature this creature only screams one word to my mind at the time, Dragon!

I couldn't believe it myself, but that Dragon standing with its two legs while the rest of legs are still on the relaxed manner were too real to be called an imagination of mine who usually went wild because of my old habit, which is reading and playing Fantasy Game all the time.

Let me rephrase that, the Dragons couldn't be part of my delusion, because one single simple reason. I was transported to another world by some means that I wasn't even know, but from what I could overheard when I was get summoned in this world; I was here to get sacrificed to the great o' mighty Dragon that still gazing down at me with its long neck.

The reason for me getting here in the first place must be the another things that will be questioned. I answered swiftly, it was because I am clicking some shady gaming ads which bring me through some survey that I should fill in to play the game while I am searching for a new MMO to play.

I filled the survey accordingly with my taste, even if some questions are ridiculous on my eyes. Question like did you know what is Isekai troupe is, do you know how popular that sub-genre and troupe is, and do you want to live in another world. Every bit of the questions screamed to me, "It must be some sorts of scams or maybe just elaborated marketing for some crapy game," yet I keep answering them as I had nothing better to do at that time.

But, I remember the final question that really gets me by surprise, as I wasn't really expecting that sorts of question will pop up at times like this. That question is simple one, but it caught my interest and left some deep impressions to me; "Do you wish for freedom?"

That question, I answered it after some serious consideration.

My answer was, [Yes].

And, everything became black.

When I realize where am I, I was on the midst of altar and feeling a sick headache that couldn't be called nothing other than pure torture. My first lane of thought were, 'Where the Hell am I?' and after few moments it changed into, "Why the heck I am getting sacrifice to a Dragon?!"

When I was herded to the cave while keep getting yelled at to move on with faster step, I am still confused with everything. The change is too sudden, paradigm shift in most games are not even this brutal. So I was actually surprised when they bid me goodbye while telling me that I was going to be a meal for the Dragon who resides in this cave.

Oh God, please, anything but dying without even able to start anything in another world. In Isekai troupe, wasn't I suppose to be blessed with Cheat Power or anything like that when I got to this other world, something that will help me to overcame this situation and led me to easy life as an Adventurer?

But, here I am, having a face to face meeting with a Dragon which is the very maker of situation that I spoke of previously.

I wondered that should I open my mouth and starts a conversation with it?

When I thought about that, then I saw its look once again. Scary...

Maybe, I shouldn't opened my mouth carelessly as swift death are one of the few things that I try to avoid.

Running away also wasn't a good option, if you want to ask why, the answer shall be given to you all. There's a iron gate as the entranceway, and it was only able to be unlocked from the other side as the lever are on there.

Such is my rotten luck.

I could only stand there, trying to repress my will to scream, cry, or laugh, which everything were rooted from the despair I felt.

This very situation are hopeless.

I decided that I shall do nothing but wait, I am waiting for what will happen next to me.

That's why, I decided to sit on the ground with crossed legs position while closing my eyes. I try to prepare myself for the wors, fears clouded my mind and I couldn't do nothing but be quite.

"Please help yourself, end me as you see fit."

I could feel the gaze from the Dragon, its pushing me down and as if its trying to crush me. If I should use the term that I familiar with, its gaze held a certain impression of wisdom but also great power that will mince down anything that displease it.

There's no way to dispell that thought as that certain power were given on the being that were might as Dragons.

Yet, I recieved unexpected answer from the being that I feared the most for the time being.

"Why didn't you scream and plea for mercy?"

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