The Arian Controversy Part 11

328-373. Athanasius bishop of Alexandria.

330. Foundation of Constantinople.

Cir. 330. Deposition of Eustathius of Antioch.

335. Councils of Tyre and Jerusalem.

336 (Feb.)-337 (Nov.) First exile of Athanasius.

337 (May 22). Death of Constantine.

339 (Lent)-346 (Oct.) Second exile of Athanasius.

341. Council of the Dedication at Antioch. Consecration of Ulfilas.

343. Councils of Sardica and Philippopolis.

350. Death of Constans.

351. Battle of Mursa.

353. Death of Magnentius.

355. Julian Caesar in Gaul. Council at Milan.

356 (Feb. 8)-362 (Feb. 22). Third exile of Athanasius.

357. Sirmian manifesto.

358. Council at Ancyra. Hilary _de Synodis_.

359 (May 22). Conference at Sirmium. The dated creed. Councils of Ariminum and Seleucia. Athanasius _de Synodis_.

360 (Jan.) Julian Augustus at Paris. Council at Constantinople. Exile of Semiarians.

361. Appointment and exile of Meletius. (Nov.) Death of Constantius.

362. Council at Alexandria. Fourth exile of Athanasius.

363 (June 26). Death of Julian. Jovian succeeds.

364 (Feb. 16). Death of Jovian. Valentinian succeeds.

365-366. Revolt of Procopius. Fifth exile and final restoration of Athanasius.

367-369. Gothic war.

370-379. Basil bishop of Caesarea (in Cappadocia).

371. Death of Marcellus.

372. Meeting of Basil and Valens.

373 (May 2). Death of Athanasius.

374. Epiphanius _Ancoratus_.

374-397. Ambrose bishop of Milan.

375. Death of Valentinian. Gratian succeeds.

376. Goths pa.s.s the Danube.

378 (Aug. 9). Battle of Hadrianople. Death of Valens.

379-395. Theodosius Emperor.

381 (May.) Council of Constantinople.

383. Last overtures of Theodosius to the Arians.

397. Chrysostom bishop of Constantinople.

410. Sack of Rome by Alaric.

451. Council of Chalcedon.

487-526. Reign of Theodoric in Italy.

507. Battle of Vougle.

589. Visigoths abandon Arianism.

599. Lombards abandon Arianism.

800. Coronation of Karl the Frank.

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