Godfather Chapter 12

For a period, the hotel’s lobby became chaotic as the staff members and underlings were searching for w.a.n.g Zi Xiong…

I could tell that currently Zhang Gui Shou was livid, however, I was still somewhat doubtful. These past 5 years, could it be that even he had not helped Yao Yao at all?!

Within these past 5 years, what happened?!

I could not imagine how much Yao Yao had experienced in my absense..

I clenched my fist and vowed: for every grievance she received, he will return them in her place, fist by fist.

A minute later.

“Old Zhang, found him. Boss w.a.n.g is currently in Room 403!”


On hearing this, I immediately rushed towards the elevator.

“Xiao Yan ah, slow down. Wait for me ah!”

F*ck, old man. Where do I have the time to wait for you?

At this time, the elevator was somewhat crowded. After I went in, I pressed the b.u.t.ton to the 4th floor.

30 seconds later.


The elevator arrived at it's destination.

I dashed out. You could hear how the pa.s.serby's were annoyed as they mumbled a curse, “F*ck, who is that person ah!”

“Wearing such ordinary clothes, ugh, could he have come here to beg for food…”

I was too lazy to bother about them, and I eventually arrived in front of Room 403.

On seeing that I had stopped, those people swept me a glance.

“F*ck, I just now saw Boss w.a.n.g and a chick enter into Room 403.”

“Yeah, say, could this person have come to create trouble for Boss w.a.n.g?!”

“You don’t say, this reason does make sense ah. Go, let’s go take a look, who knows, maybe we may gain some reward from Boss w.a.n.g!”

“Yes yes, go, let’s go and take a look…”

As they spoke, two couples walked towards me.

I could not be bothered to put my attention on them, and banged on the door.

F*ck, but there’s no movement inside.

F*ck d.a.m.n it, my heart burnt with anger and I kicked!


The door was nearly broken in two, kèkè…one must know that the doors in this sort of high-cla.s.s hotel are extremely hard ah.

But now, a single kick had caused it to crack!

The group of four were shocked by my rough methods.

“Hey, what are you doing ah, do you know who's inside?!”

“Exactly ah, quickly scram, the person inside is Boss w.a.n.g ah, don't you know that?!”

Just when I was about to say something to them, I heard somebody utter a roar, “F*cking B*ctch. Today Lao Zi will f*ck you, come over here!”

'Pā, pā!'

I could clearly hear a sound, as if two slaps landed on someone's cheek.

Slowly, I seemed to hear the sound of Yao Yao weeping.

“F*ck! Open the door for me!” I roared and I gave the door another kick.

“What is it, Lao Zi is busy…"


w.a.n.g Zi Xiong did not manage to finish his words when “Pēng!”, the door to Room 403 was kicked open…

Coming from behind, two men from the group of four, one with gla.s.ses, and the other a skinny guy, left their girlfriends and ran closer, “You dare to cause trouble for Boss w.a.n.g, you brat are courting death ah!”

But without waiting for them to even reach me, I had already stepped into the room.

On looking at the scene before me, my heart trembled in fury, and the blood drained from my face.

What I saw was Yao Yao’s clothes in tatters and she was helplessly being pressed down on the bed by w.a.n.g Zi Xiong. His fat and thick hands were randomly rubbing on Yao Yao’s body.

That black thingy of his was about to enter her!

“Lao Zi will ruin you!” I roared. I rushed up and slammed my foot into w.a.n.g ZI Xiong's chin.


In an instant, w.a.n.g Zi Xiong’s obese body flew, landing on the ground.


Yao Yao’s complexion was pale white and her eyes were overflowing with tears.

I caressed her hair and consoled her, “Yao Yao, don’t worry, brother is here. No one will be able to hurt you!”

I then took off my shirt and draped it over Yao Yao’s body. Afterwards, with red eyes, I turned around and fiercely stared at w.a.n.g Zi Xiong. I roared at him, word by word, “w.a.n.g Zi Xiong, Lao Zi will ruin you!”

It was now that w.a.n.g Zi Xiong stood up, his glare filled with anger. He pointed his finger at me and roared, “F*ck, who are you ah?! Tell Lao Zi your name! You dare to hit me, w.a.n.g Zi Xiong? Have you never heard of my name in all of Bu Xing Jie?!”

“Exactly ah!” The guy with the gla.s.ses and the skinny man, together with their girlfriends, all crowded around, chiming in with each other. “Brat, do you even know who Boss w.a.n.g is?! Are you f*cking looking for death ah!”

After saying, the gla.s.ses guy and the skinny guy chuckled and smilingly looked at w.a.n.g Zi Xiong, seemingly wanting to court his favor.

However, w.a.n.g Zi Xiong did not pay any attention to them. He strode forward and roared, “Brat, come here!”

I gritted my teeth and walked up. I spoke word by word, “w.a.n.g Zi Xiong, listen carefully, Lao Zi’s name is Lu Yan! I’m Lu Yao’s brother!”

On hearing my name, the gla.s.ses guy and skinny guy’s body stiffened.


Suddenly, a burst of crazy laughter came out of w.a.n.g Zi Xiong’s mouth, “Lu Yao’s Brother! Interesting, interesting! This chick did tell me that she had a brother. You just came out of prison, didn’t you?!”

“Āi…” w.a.n.g Zi Xiong sighed, “What a pity ah, just when you are able to see sun once more, you have to go back to h.e.l.l again. Brother ah, I really pity you ah.”

After saying, w.a.n.g Zi Xiong sat on the sofa then picked up his phone and played with it for a moment. With that, he swept a glance at the guy with the gla.s.ses and the skinny guy and said, “I’ll give you two a chance. If you’re able to get rid of him, I’ll give each of you an important position!”

The moment they heard w.a.n.g Zi Xiong’s words, those two’s eyes became red as they were filled with excitement.

“Hāhā, many thanks, Brother w.a.n.g!”

Afterward, those two walked towards me. On their faces, there were words saying, ‘By getting rid of you, we two will be able to get a promotion!’

I gritted my teeth. The raging anger in my heart was at it's zenith!

I clenched my fist and at this moment, only by killing someone would it be able to settle this anger in my heart!

At this moment, I wanted to announce to the world that the Brother Yan at that time is back!Property of © Fantasy-Books.live; outside of it, it is stolen.

“F*cking brat, you better be obedient, or else I will even get rid of your little sister along with you!”

The guy wearing a pair of gla.s.ses seemed afraid that I would fight back so he threatened me first, an obvious ploy to prevent me from acting.

All the while, the two arrogantly walked towards me.


The guy with gla.s.ses was first, instantly sending a fist at me once he got close enough.

“Brother, be careful!”

Just when those 3 words left Yao Yao’s mouth, ‘Pā!’, a sharp sound was heard.

The gla.s.ses guy’s fist ruthlessly hit my palm.

He froze and then looked at me in a daze. From behind, the skinny guy went up while raising a wooden stool in the air, wanting to hit me with it.

In a flash, an incredibly unexpected scene took place…


I lunged, slamming my fist in the skinny guy's face!


Followed by a dull sound caused by the collision, the skinny guy’s face was like as if it had bloomed a flower, fresh blood oozed out. Afterwards, he fell on the ground and never got uo again.


The guy with gla.s.ses turned pale. From the looks of it, the skinny guy was obviously killed from a single punch by me.

When Lao Zi was in prison, my fist had been fighting with death-row inmates for 5 years ah! Your fist had been trained for nothing ah!

“You…Impudent!” Only after quite a while did the guy with gla.s.ses say something. And by then, he had already retreated to w.a.n.g Zi Xiong’s side, “w.a.n.g…Brother w.a.n.g, this fellow…”

Without waiting for him to say finish, ‘Pā!’, w.a.n.g Zi Xiong turned his head and slapped the man with gla.s.ses, and cursed, “You good-for-nothing!”

“Lu Yan, do you know who I am?”

He then haughtily lit a cigarette, making it seemed as if he is the world’s treasure, and I, the lamb that was waiting to be slaughtered.

I coldly laughed and muttered, “Who you are, I do not know. I only know that you are going to die…”

"You’re courting death!”

It was at this moment when w.a.n.g Zi Xiong was about to rush up towards me, ‘Squeak…’, the door of the room suddenly opened.

“w.a.n.g Zi Xiong, then do you know who I am?”

An aged voice sounded out. It was old man Zhang!

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