I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 6 Part2

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Arisa was fighting something inside of herself.

……A little before, Edgar had entered the bath.

In front of Arisa's eyes was the shirt Edgar had taken off.

It was still warm, and moist.

Moreover, it's not hard to imagine that with today's training Edgar had sweat a lot.

There is doubt that it's dense——Edgar's smell that is.

Just by thinking that, a sweet numbness ran through Arisa's lower abdomen.

"……I have to wash it."

When Arisa picked up Edgar's shirt——a stifling smell attacked Arisa's nose.

To Arisa who inhaled that, something in her head cracked.

(This is dangerous. To draw a sorcerer like me to the wall this easily……)

Arisa took a long and hard look at the 'dangerous item' in front of her.

"……This requires research."

(——First, it's important to learn about the enemy.)

"……I have no choice but to do this."

Telling that to herself, Arisa strengthens her resolve, and thrusts her face into the shirt——she *gyuu* hugged it.


*Purupuru* Arisa's body trembles.

Her pupils get moistened and blur, and the soft bottoms of her feet tremble.

——It was at that time.


Vigorously, the bathroom door opens——Edgar sticks his head out of there.

The two people's eyes meet.

There was scream where you couldn't tell know who's voice it was.

(I was seen——by Edgar!)

She doesn't know why, but for some reason, an oddly intense wave of excitement attacked Arisa.

(——N,no, it'll be okay. Calm down, Arisa Feo Asteria.

One of the 4 sorcerers in the world——the 'purple' sorcerer, Arisa Feo Asteria.

As cold as ice in any scene, dominant in any situation just like fire, don't be scared——use that great intellect here!)

With her eyes swirling around and swinging both hands in front of her face, Arisa began to make an excuse to Edgar.

"——U,um, you know! Thi,this is different! It's totally a misunderstanding, Ed!

Thi,this is that! It's not like I wanted to sniff or smell it…

……E,eh, umm……th,that's it!

To be honest, I can understand someone's physical condition by the smell of their sweat! Limited to Ed only! Amazing right?

In order to check your condition, I purposely smelled the intense stink of your clothes, so be grateful!"

(——Even if I say so myself, it's a perfect excuse! As expected of me!)

Arisa praises her own brain.

"A,Arisa, I don't know whether you were smelling that or not, but……"

Arisa felt her face turn red to Edgar's words.

……Of course, it had already turned so red that it couldn't get any more red though.

"I need soap."

"I,I got it! I'll bring it immediately! Wait for a moment, Ed!"

Seeing Arisa running through the hall, Edgar muttered.

"I must be tired, to even think that Arisa was a smell loving pervert.

Since she had a reason, I guess there's no helping it, hahaha……"

Possibly because he was tired from training everyday, Edgar had empty eyes.

……To be honest, Edgar had seen it.

The scene where Arisa had buried her face into his shirt, and was wholeheartedly smelling his shirt.

By the next day, Edgar had completely forgotten about this.

Whether he naturally forgot about it, or he wanted to forget about it, only the person himself knows.

On the other hand, Arisa decided secretly continue this research.

……Her research will continue in the future.

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