I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 36

It's the End of the Journey, but…

The next day.

“Ugee…” “Uwaah, you don't look so good, Edgar. Are you okay?” “Yeah…I'm fine, don't worry about me”, I said, pretending to be nauseous.

Despite her flinching, it seems like Ellie is showing some concerns. Speaking of which, Arisa is walking several steps ahead of us with a patter.

“You twoo! Come quickly!” said Arisa, waving her hand.

Thus, we hurried forward despite us feeling like our legs are made of lead.

The morning after our fight, we departed from the Fortress City Vaelia. Right now, we are on our way back to Arisa's lab.

Of course we used the teleporter to get back, but since I'm not used to how it feels yet, I felt really sick.

But perhaps it's an aftereffect of my fight with Gram too.

Let's talk about what happened after I fought Gram. Obviously, what happened that night was obvious to the people in the mansion. The people noticed the noises, the shocks and the flashes of lights. But the two of us was busy trying to kill each other, clashing our fists and casting spells, so we couldn't afford to think about such pointless things.

But n.o.body had mentioned about what is going on between the two of us.

True enough, our clash was not on the level of something to be curious about. It was a fight in which normal people won't even be able enter the battlefield. Thus, there were no need to ask what happened to the two of us. The people must have looked at the state of the battle and what remains of it and decided that it's not something they can interfere in.

The well-maintained training field was utterly destroyed. The ground was gouged, scorched, and there were even molten rocks at some parts. It became hard to think of what it looked like before the fight started. The aftermath of the battle also extends to the mansion itself; the part of the mansion facing the training area was also so deeply damaged that it collapsed diagonally. Also, the energy from my last attack seemed to have pierced clean through the mansion and even reached the city. Just like a dragon's breath, it left a huge crack on the ground, straight towards the city. It's a powerful spell befitting the Fire Sorceress' disciple.

That was enough for the people from the mansion and the city to once again be fearful of us. They probably think that no normal person would be able to stop us anymore. They stopped talking to us, hoping that we would leave the city as soon as possible. The eyes of the servants of the mansion, the people of the city, and even Lunsan showed no shred of kindness. All that's left was fear. As I noticed that, I fell into quite a shock.

“You look tired, Ed.”

As I caught up to Arisa, she showed me an uneasy expression.

“It's because of the teleport, I'm a bit…”

Arisa sighed lightly as she saw my bitter smile.

“…Should we take a break here?” “…no, it's fine. Let's go.” “You can't! You haven't been resting since the battle last night, have you? We're resting, and that's final!”

Arisa clings onto my arm, pulling me over as she pouts.

“I also think you should rest for a bit, Edgar.”

Ellie showed a smile while also grabbing my other hand.

She then brings her face closer, and while smiling gently, she whispered; “…Here should be fine.”

“…I see. Thanks.”

Ellie and Arisa could somewhat figure out from my expression and my behavior that I wasn't only tired physically, but mentally too.

…then I'll thankfully indulge on their offer and rest myself.

We took our breaks in a large open s.p.a.ce at an archaeological site. There, I indirectly asked about how the society views the incident we caused.

According to Arisa, the general public would consider us monsters. Arisa explained that the uproar is being framed to say that Lord Gram was killed because he angered the Fire Sorceress.

“It was set up to be a duel that would end up with someone being dead, so it's obvious that people would think that way.”

I think it would be easier for us if the privilege of the sorceress is misunderstood like that…I felt like I just saw a glimpse of the darkness of this world, and I smiled bitterly.

Afterwards we started talking about what to do once we get back to the lab and such casual talks as we laze around, and finally we set off to the lab once again.

Finally we arrived at the Forest of Demonic Beasts. As the gra.s.sy smell I'm used to enters my nose, I felt somewhat relieved. Perhaps being the only people in the world, knowing that the lab of our repose is close, we naturally quickened our pace.

To my left is Arisa, and to my right is Ellie. Side by side, the three of us proceeded through the forest.

And then—

“Edgar! I can see it! I can see our home!”

Ellie looked up to me as her animal ears twitched happily. She continued to run to the lab—the place we call home.

Before I realized, Ellie had started calling me Edgar. Honestly I'm happy that the distance between me and Ellie has shrunk. Perhaps it's the happier side of this journey.

“Geez…Ellie is so energetic, isn't she?”

Arisa smiled gently at the running Ellie. I asked Arisa about it, but it seems like she had already forgiven Ellie. This journey had also further deepen the relationship between Ellie and Arisa as well.

“Let's quickly go too, Ed.”

Arisa turned around and stretched her hand at me.

“Yeah,” I took her hand, as if reconfirming her presence.

“Edgar, Arissama, quickly! quickly!”

Ellie waved her hand with a gleeful smile.

Seeing Ellie in such high spirits, Arisa and I exchanged glances and smiled at each other.



Not much going on in this chapter. See you on the next one. Have a nice day!

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