I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 31

Arisa and Gram

“Ooh, if it isn't Arissama. It seems like you are unwell today, but…is there anything you need?”

Lord Gram spread his arms and said to Arisa. This behavior of his at the present condition, It looks like he's clowning around.

“Stop messing around! Lord Gram—no, Gram Zend Vanishula! I'm asking you, what have you done to Ellie!”

Coldness leaks out from every inch of her body. Arisa's eyes glared daggers at Gram as if they could also kill him. In response, Gram let out a stifled laughter.

“Couldn't you tell? I'm just disciplining this animal. She don't know her position after all.”

Gram raised his one hand and invoked heat on top of it. —CRASH! With a disappointing sound, Arisa's ice wall collapsed.

Pointing at Ellie beyond the collapsed wall, Gram said;

“You can't do that, Arisdono! You're supposed to be the reincarnation of the Witch! What are you doing not using an animal to your satisfaction!”

After that, he raised both of his arms to the sky and looked up while saying;

“Witch! You were one who previously caused the destroyed most of humanity! And now you are the existence that came to our rescue! In exchange for such a supreme support as you, this is what I can do!”

“…What? What is this?! What are you talking about……?”

Suddenly, Gram's condition completely changed, and Arisa couldn't say anything about that weirdness.

And also, the word Gram said was also weird—witch.

(—No, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter to me. As long as I have Edgar, it doesn't matter…!)

Arisa had to fight against the ominous thought in her head and quickly erased it.

“What is your fate…you still haven't come up with an answer, have you…”

Gram sighed in disappointment seeing Arisa in confusion.

“How about it, Arisdono. Would you come with us? I have one of my friends who is very interested in you. He's saying that he wants to talk with Arisdono once without holds barred by all means.”

As she listens to Gram prattling on, she understood the situation precisely. At a glance, it looks like Gram is showing an opening. But not once would Gram leave the place where he could kill Ellie.

Gram noticed Arisa's probing eyes, and he narrowed his eyes to her.

“…hm, I feel like Arisdono is more interested in that animal than you are with us. What were you thinking, taking that weak animal as a disciple?” “Does it matter? Get away from Ellie p.r.o.nto…else I'll kill you.”

Afterwards, Arisa raised her right hand, but…

“Ooh, scary, scary. Couldn't expect less from Sorceress-sama!”

Gram said that without even moving an inch. Arisa couldn't read what the man is thinking.

(Why is he trying to stand against me? What's his goal?)

Perhaps he had an interest in me. But that was it. It doesn't feel like he wants to really be a partner.

The situation right now—is that if I thought of doing anything, this guy will move in for the kill immediately. The opponent also understands that. My magic could instantly freeze and annihilate monsters, much less the more fragile “humans”. If the opponent is a human, the Fire Sorceress is the one person who could bring upon death the moment she confronted them.

(—And yet this man still face me with composure despite my hostility.)

“By the way, Arisdono,” Gram muttered.

“Seems like that animal girl was a former slave. You'll figure it out by looking at the collar.”

Slowly, slowly, Gram stepped towards Ellie.

“—Don't move!”

Arisa froze Gram's foot, but Gram scoffed to it and smashed the ice with his foot and continued on regardless.

“Don't move! Do you want to die!?”

She froze him again, up to his knees this time. In return, Gram looked at his legs in annoyance.

“Hm. How annoying…”

Afterwards, he looked at Arisa. He was looking at her with a scowl. Within his eyes were deep, murky, darkness settled. His eyes showed every dark emotion a human can have.


There are too much, and yet there are nothing. Sadness? Anger? No. Nothing. What's in his eyes were only darkness.

“You see—Arisa dono, Dire Wolf girl, I've a little something in my mind.” Gram said, slowly.

“Recently, I was given a good product of a healthy Black Steel Wolf full of hatred from a friend. It was a slave of misfortune. No actually, let's say it was a slave of fortune—but apparently there was an accident when carrying her over. You see, I was trying to search for her the whole time. I was looking and looking and looking for her in the forest near where the accident happened. After all, that was the thing I was looking forward to. You know, someone I could truly face and kill each other. After that, in the end I couldn't find her. That slave had unusual black hair, beastly ears, and a great tail. If it's that girl with that sort of characteristics, I thought I could find her quickly.”

After hearing his story until thus far—Arisa's eyes gradually widened.

“And then you came bringing that animal girl, Arisdono. I thought that she resembles what I was looking for to a T, so I gotta make sure, you see. If I was correct, then this animal, before being Arisdono's disciple, she was my thing…right!?”

It can't be…this man… It can't be. It can't be…It can't be…It can't be…!

Thump! Thump! Arisa's heart violently beats.

Gram instantly destroyed the ice that restrained him, and he started walking toward Ellie again.

And then, as he raised his hand toward Ellie—,,



A slave crest appeared on Ellie's forehead. A sign that says that Gram is Ellie's rightful owner.

“Hm, as I thought.”

Gram grinned. As Arisa was left dumbfounded in such spectacle, that smile of his gets more warped than ever.

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