I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 29

I Went to the Adventurers' Guild, but…

“Edgar-sama, that building over there is the adventurers' guild of this Vaelia city.”

Beyond Ludo's pointing  finger was a large building. The entrance is always filled with people going back and forth.

Obviously, inside the building, there were some gruff, brawny men. These heroes carry with themselves marks and self-confidence that proved that they had experienced the borderline between life and death.

That's right, I've finally come to the adventurers' guild…!

I stepped forward with excitement.

And then, the moment I stepped into the guild, I felt something. It's the sensation where adventurers compete with each other wordlessly…! I couldn't even find a weak spot in their posture…!

(As I'd expect of adventurers…! It's a rough world where you'll get eaten if they show just a bit of weakness…), I imagined.

“So this is an adventurers' guild…! This looks more like an adventurers' guild than I expected….!”

I don't even know what I'm saying myself.

The moment I said that,



The lively atmosphere completely changed. Silence envelops the place.

Yes, the adventurers had noticed me.

(——Well then. Where is the guy who's about to pick a fight with me and where…?)

I carried some extent of expectations and embarra.s.sment as I observed my surroundings.

But the reaction from my surroundings were rather poor. Rather, when they saw me looking at them, everyone lowered their gazes.


I thought for an instant

But I soon realized why. It was my outfit. The black military uniform Arisa told me to wear. That, and the neat coat of arms on my chest. Thanks to that, they thought I'm obviously someone they don't want to mess with.

——Glance, glance, whisper, whisper.

“Oy! Why is the sorceress' kid here? Is he going to take all the requests on the board or something?” “That ain't gonna be possible! But if he is, then we can't fight back…” “It's my first time seeing a sorcerer…his eyes are giving me the chills, man.” “I think that's the disciple though…The Fire Sorceress supposed to be a silver-haired girl, ya' know?”

The mood of the adventurers' guild lobby turned into that of a wake ceremony..

And then——in the end, n.o.body spoke…

(Is it my fault…?)

I turned back toward Ludo-san like I'm asking for help. As I did, Ludo-san asked me what's wrong? and tilted his head lightly. Seeing him like that, I understand in an instant.

(——Aah, Ludo-san is someone in the same standing as me…)

Seeing me who was at loss, the onee-san from the reception counter approached us. With a stiff expression, she spoke to me in a reserved manner.

“Um…you're the sorceress' disciple…-sama? What is your business here today…?” “Ah, no, I'm just looking around. Don't mind me?” “…Eh? Ah, yes, is that so. Then, please take your time!”

After my exchange with the receptionist onee-san, the atmosphere instantly softens.

The onee-san smiled with a sigh of relief.

“What, so that's it…” “He scared the s.h.i.t outta me…” “FuuuOOooOOOONG…” “Eh? What the h.e.l.l was that sound?” “Huh? It just came out since I was relieved…or something.” “No that was just straight up creepy.” “Eeh…I'm…somewhat sorry.”

As the atmosphere in the adventurers' guild gradually returned to normal, I heaved a sigh of relief.

But right after that, I overheard what the old lady and old man was whispering behind the receptionist counter.

“He's looking around in our guild? Is he doing some inspection or something?” “No way! Now that you mention it, isn't that also the feudal lord's butler behind him?” “You're right…this ain't good…what is he going to say…is this guild gonna be taken down at last…?”

Noticing that condition, I silently closed my eyes.

(Let's fall back. This is not good. Just with me being here, I'm sullying the sacredness of the adventurer's guild…)

Just being able to feel the atmosphere of the guild was enough, so I'll swallow my tears and leave from this place.

But when I turned towards the exit—someone called me from behind.

“Ed? Why are you here?”

Arisa came out from deeper inside the guild.

“Oh, what a coincidence…”

Ludo-san said that in a small voice when he saw Arisa.

I walked around the town with just Arisa for the first time in a while.

Ludo said that he remembered he had something to do, so he would leave us alone, and returned to the mansion before us. What a butler he is. Not only he's good-looking, he could also read between the lines. What a perfect guy.

“Why were you in the adventurers' guild, Arisa?” “It was for that report, you know, the ma.s.s murder in the village. Also I had to report about me still kicking.”

Arisa said that and smiled at me teasingly. Now that you mention it, she did remove herself from society, huh.

“What about you, Ed?” “Ludo-san said he'd like to take me around. I also had some interest in adventurers to start with anyways.”

And by that, I meant that I had an interest since I was in j.a.pan. Adventurers are the standard for fantasy genres. Since I was small, I read a lot of stories where the protagonists are also adventurers.

Arisa muttered some words.

“Speaking of which, it's been a long while since it's just the two of us, isn't it?” “True.”

It hasn't been like that since Ellie came to our place. The fact that there were only two of us were taken for granted before this. But now that we say it out loud, there are a bit of awkwardness to it.

With a face full of expectation, Arisa turned to me.

“Then Ed…how about you go out with me today?”

Arisa's face wavered to her expectation.

(It's like…a date.)

I felt a bit embarra.s.sed when I thought of that, but I want to treasure the time I have with this girl. I would greatly welcome her invitation.

“…It's been a while, so let's enjoy today with just the two of us, Arisa.”

Hearing my answer, Arisa's face lights up with a smile.

“Now that it's decided, let's go, Ed!”

Arisa hugged my arm tightly.

“Yeah, let's take it easy today.”

I walked around with Arisa in tow.

After that, Arisa and I walked to various places in the town.

We looked at clothes for Arisa, or bought some sweets at some stalls.

Of all clothes that Arisa tried on in the clothing store, she really looked good in every one of them. I mean, she is a beautiful girl after all. I would say that clothes almost doesn't matter to her. I also thought that the shopkeeper's sense is good as well though.

Of those clothes I told her that she looks good in, she bought most of them. What a sorceress she is. Her social position notwithstanding, she's very rich.

We head for the weapons shop. As I would expect from the town ruled by that brawny old man, there is an actual weapons store here. The weapons store had swords, knives, hammers and spears lined up. Because my telekinesis from my Spatial Magic allows me to use weapons, time would pa.s.s by quickly as I thought about how to use these weapons. On the other hand, Arisa was listening to me happily. The time we spent was so much fun.

After that, we went to an antique store.

There, we found a skull of a monster I've never seen before and a mysterious crystal. After that there were a broken knife and a reading material that looked like a scroll.

“There's a lot of things here, huh?” “If you search for it, maybe you can find a good bargain.”

We searched through in the building that feels a bit ancient.

After looking around the store,

“Hm, what's this…?”

I found a pendant with a purple stone that looked similar to the pendant embedded with fire-attribute mana stone that I have.

It's different from mine; I don't think the stone embedded is a mana stone, but its design was similar to the one Arisa made and gave to me.

I hid it from Arisa and secretly bought it.

The sun gradually starts to set. We were resting in a park as we saw the sun sinking.

“Haa—, today was fun. Thank you, Ed!”

Arisa stretched her arms and showed me a smile.

“Then I'm glad.”

I thought of giving her a present as I looked at her.

“By the way, Arisa, can you please close your eyes for a bit?” “What is it? I don't mind.”

Arisa looked slightly curious at my words. I put the pendant I bought earlier around Arisa's neck.

At that time, Arisa's long eyelashes twitched.

“You can open them now.”

After I said that, Arisa opened her eyes and noticed the glistening pendant on her neck.

“Ed, this is…” “It's my present for you. It's our first date, right?”

I said that jokingly, but instead of being happy,

—drip, drip.

Arisa's skirt gets wet.


Tears flowed down from Arisa's eyes silently.

“I-I'm sorry. Did you not want it?”

I was surprised seeing her unexpected response. But Arisa shook her head and denied that.

“That's not it, Ed,”

As Arisa lifts her face, I noticed. —Even as she cried, she was smiling.

“Thank you, Ed. I'll treasure this.”

Arisa gripped the pendant as if it's important to her.

“…Yeah, I'll be glad if you could.”

I'm relieved that she's happy. I was satisfied with that.


At that time, Arisa's pocket on her clothes vibrated. It was her handheld magical communication device. Basically it's a handphone……I don't think I should just say it as it is. Anyways, Arisa looked at it and the color of her face changed.

“What happened, Arisa?” “Ellie is in danger…!”

Arisa suddenly stood up from the bench vigorously.

“—I'll go to the the mansion first! You should come quickly too, Ed!”

Arisa conjured a ma.s.s of ice on her feet, and she instantly kicked off and flies through the sky. Afterwards she creates more ice below her feet and headed towards the mansion, sliding in high speed.

“……what happened?”

I rushed towards the mansion after Arisa who disappeared from sight in no time at all while still dumbfounded.

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