I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 28

It's our Days in the Mansion, but…

The after noon of the next day. We finally decide to conduct the mock battle between me and lord Gram.

Just like he looked, lord Gram is the hot-blooded type that would fight by strengthen his muscles with mana and use fire-attribute magic on his hammer to create an explosion.

Me, I decide to fight just with Spatial and Fire magic. I'm more used to fighting by with Earth magic, but if I do this, I think I would look more natural as Arisa's disciple. ……of course, I only fight like this because this is is just a mock battle. If I fight with my life on the line, I wouldn't want to hold back from the start.

My little knife couldn't hit him and was flung away in between his hammer and fire magic. And that's where I started using my own fire magic. I concentrated heat until it could almost disintegrate a monster's bone and launch it with Spatial magic, creating an attack like a heat ray. Then I achieved victory by brawling him from a distance

Gram: “Couldn't expect less from Edgar-dono! It's been a long while since I fought baring my skills!”

After the battle, the old man laughed with a loud GAHAHAHA!

Edgar: “It's been a good experience for me, too. Thank you very much, lord Gram.”

I gave him a bow after I said that.

The old man repelled every attacks with his hammers and his explosions while he approached while smiling. Remembering that, I showed a bitter smile. The sight of the old man bulldozing through is a truly dangerous scene.

(This type of fight is different than those with other sorcerers because you really need to maintain your distance)

Gram: “Next is the demi-human lady…or so I'd like to say, but I'm battered up right now. Can I ask for it on another chance?”

Ellie replied to that quietly.

Ellie: “I shall await that chance.” Gram: “Yeah, please!”

And then like usual, the old man laughed with another GAHAHA!

Then, as the old man had some daily work to do, he separated from us.

Butler: “Good work, Edgar-sama”

The Butler-like man who was always next to lord Gram handed me a gla.s.s of drink.

Edgar: “Thank you very much, um…”

It was then that I realized I haven't heard of this man's name.

Butler: “Please call me Ludo, Edgar-sama.”

He said that and properly bowed. Clink, the chains of his monocle swayed.

That behavior of his were overflowing with character. I wouldn't expect less from an authentic butler. He's almost completely different from the me who is Arisa ojou-sama's (improvised) exclusive butler. I can't even stand against the aura of his cla.s.s…!

Edgar: “Ludo-san, I would like to formally say that I'm pleased to meet you.”

I stretched my hand toward Ludo-san as I said that.

Ludo: “I am pleased to be working with you as well. I am honored simply to be acquainted with the Violet Sorceress' disciple. I must extend my grat.i.tude for you today.”

Ludo-san gripped my hand with a smile.

Edgar: “No, no, me too, I am happy to have met someone of your caliber.”

Rude-san and I exchanged praises to each other just like when I'm in j.a.pan.

Ellie: “The masters are such a pain…”

I heard a whisper of disgust from behind me.

…I've gone this far, so I couldn't possibly back away now.

Just like that, I laughed with a forced smile to Ludo-san.

Ellie looked like she was about to lose her nerve as her mouth curled into a frown.

As I returned to the mansion with Ellie, Lunsan greeted us.

Luna: “Good work, Edgar-sama. Thank you very much for being Gram-sama's opponent.”

Lunsan bowed.

Edgar: “No, it's alright. It's been a good experience for me as well…”

I swung my hand saying that, and Lunsan chuckled.

Edgar: “Fufufu, then that's great If there is another chance, then please do so again. Isn't that right, Ludo?”

Lunsan pa.s.sed the conversation to Ludo-san and Ludo-san nodded.

Ludo: “Yes, that person is the type that cannot settle down without always moving his body after all…if it's alright with Edgar-sama, please call us out at any time.”

That person is a lost cause…Lunsan and Ludo-san heaved a sigh with that sort of mood floating around them.

(It must've been hard for the two…)

I only gave a bitter smile as a reply to the two.

After this and that, we ended up staying in the Gram residence for about a week. As of why we ended up staying this long, it's because Arisa had some other errands while she's in town and she stayed over at the Gram residence all the while.

Meanwhile, we lived a comfortable life in the Gram residence. I really have to thank the beefy old man.

A certain day after breakfast. Ludo-san gave me a suggestion.

Ludo: “Edgar-sama, if you are leaving, how about visiting the adventurer guild?” Edgar: “…adventurer guild?”

I lifted my gaze from the training book the old man lent me. I'm going to be honest; I'm bored.

…Adventurer guild, huh. Of course, I'm interested. If you ask me why, it's because adventurers are a man's greatest romance—!

Edgar: “W-What might that adventurer guild be?”

I asked Ludo-san while fidgeting.

Ellie glared at me and after I calmed down a bit, she muttered Master…?

(Shut up, you!)

Seeing the exchange between me and Ellie, the gentleman that is Rudo-san looked over us and told me.

Ludo: “Just like its name, the adventurer guild is a place where people called adventurers can receive a request from the people or even the country. The elites of this country are all gathered there as well. How about it? It surely wouldn't be a boring place for Edgar-sama. Shall I guide you around?”

After that, Ludo-san smiled gently.

(Even guiding me around…what a capable person this man is…!)

Edgar: “P-Please!”

I decided quickly.

To think I can finally visit the adventurer guild!

Ellie: “Master…”

Ellie gazed at me like I'm such a pitiful person.

But I won't be daunted today.

Even if it's just once, I want to see it…I want to experience it…That atmosphere! That enthusiasm! And then probably a veteran adventurer would come at me saying “Yer' a new guy? Let's bring it outside!” or something…!

(Well if that happens I'll turn the table in an instant though)

Ludo: “I understand. I will accompany Edgar-sama as well. How about you, Ellie-sama?” Edgar: “Arisa is also out, right? Aren't you lonely, Ellie?”

It seems like Arisa was out since early in the morning for some sort of errands. Which means Ellie would be the only one left in the mansion.

Ellie: “I…will not go.” Edgar: “I thought so, you're lonely, right? Is that so, that's how it is, right? Well~why don't we have fun going to the adventurer's guild together with me?” Ellie: “I told you I'm not going.” Edgar: “…huh?”

The shock hit me a bit late. You're not going!? It's that you know? It's an adventurer's guild you know? You don't want to see it? The adventurer's guild?

Ludo: “Understood. If you ever need anything, please inform this house's servant.”

Ludo-san then politely bowed at Ellie.

“Thank you very much, Ludo-san.”

Ellie said that and stood from her seat.

Ellie: “Have fun as well, Master.”

And then, she gave me a rare smile at me and exited the room. That was very naturally done.

Edgar: “…Yeah.”

I felt rather uncomfortable seeing her smile, but I told myself it was just me.

—At that time, if only I realized Ellie's activity and her cold att.i.tude toward Gram, would the gears of our fate continue without going crazy, I wonder?

Every time I remembered this incident, I end up thinking like that.

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There are a lot of breaks in this chapter. Well, it's a recurring pattern though. I got a feeling Ellie is going on a killing spree.

Awrite, I'm off to either play with MMM or draw something sub-decent. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed the chapter, and have a nice day!

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