I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 27

It's the Master of the House, but…

Gram: “Very well then everyone! Please enter my humble abode!”

Lord Gram grinned. The 2-meter giant showed an unsophisticated smile. While looking at him a little, we followed what he said and continued walking.

(He's quite a tanned man)

In the entrance, a maid and a butler-looking young man greeted us.

Gram: “Welcome, Fire Sorceress Arissama, as well as her disciples!”

The servants of the mansion bowed simultaneously and greeted us all together,

I realized how much this sight overwhelmed me.

Edgar: “She's an actual maid…!”

So there are actual maids in this world…that's a surprise.

And then we walked through the mansion's long halls, guided by the butler-looking man

While we proceeded inside the building, Lord Gram strikes a conversation.

Gram: “Nevertheless, I didn't think the Fire Sorceress would take on a disciple! I'm sorry to say this while walking, but do you mind if I introduce myself to them, Arisdono?” Arisa: “Sure, I do not mind, Lord Gram.”

Arisa gracefully smiled and replied, That composed behavior of hers. It gives off a feeling like she's a lady from somewhere.

It's completely different from the normal Arisa who clings to me and say things like Fuwaah…the happiness of the entire world lies right here~!

Basically it's different than her usual cat-like behavior.

Looking quite happy from Arisa's reply, the old man circled his arms around my back.

Gram: “You! Your trained muscles contain quite some mana, huh! As I would expect from the Sorceress' disciple! I see you're a strong man worthy of her! What's your name?”

The old man brings his face near.

(P-Please let me go old man…you reek of sweat…!)

Edgar: “P-Please call me Edgar, lord Gram.”

I replied while pulling my face back.

Gram: “Edgar-dono, is it! Nice to meet you! Well then, after talking with Arisdono, how about a match? It's been a while since I've met a strong man; if you don't mind, please!”

The old man increased the strength in his hands that grabbed on to my shoulder.

(—That hurts!)

Edgar: “Please wait, lord Gram. I understand that you wanted to have a match, but if we do not have the permission of Arisa ojou-sama, I'm afraid I will not be able to accept your invitation…”

The man showed an indoor behavior that are discomforting and chaotic, but I feigned composure to bear with it.

(You're doing great, me! Keep it up! Keep calm and carry on!)

I pushed the old man aside just like that.

Of course as I did that I didn't forget to look for help from Arisa.

(Please, Arisa! Save me! You just have to refuse!)

Arisa: “Fufu, these two are my prided children, you know. If you have time, please be their opponent.” Edgar: “No way…”

My mask as a butler fell off in that instant.

(Sorry, Arisa. Edgar, Arisa ojou-sama's butler, right here and right now, has died…!)

Gram: “Fuhhahhahha! As expected, Arisdono understands what I'm talking about!”

Bash, bash, the old man hits my back.

Edgar: “—d.a.m.n IIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!”

I shrieked in front of the cackling old man.

Ellie: “…chi,”

…Ellie coldly looked at lord Gram with an expression of disgust and smacked her lips.

Gram: “Hmm…so that kind of thing happened to Irto village…”

The old man put his hand on the beard on his jaw and groaned.

Arisa: “Yes. It could be bandits, or it could be soldiers from another country…I've yet to understand the details, but we can't be too careful.” Gram: “They slaughtered everyone before they got the chance to call for help from here, huh…just what kind of action did they take…That place had been carrying on independently, so perhaps the cause of their downfall is because they haven't had much interactions with other villages…”

After saying that, the stiff-faced old man gave Arisa his thanks.

Gram: “For the time being, I understand the situation, Arisdono. You have delivered the information; you have provided me a great help. I shall send my private army to alert the surrounding area.” Arisa: “Yes, I shall leave it to you, lord Gram.”

We are at the Gram house's guest room.

Arisa and the old man is currently conversing.

Edgar: “…”

Me and Ellie are on stand by just behind Arisa. In the meantime, I observed the people in the room.

I somewhat guessed that the people in this place are those that the old man trusted.

On the old man's side, there was that butler-like man. He was about 30 years old. His height is about 180. He's got a slightly long blond hair.

And in the eye beyond that monocular of his, there was a hint of intellect.

Edgar: “…!”

As he noticed my gaze, he gently smiled at me. …but despite that gentleness, his eyes were sharp.

After him there's the one maid. Probably she's someone in the head maid position. Her brown hair tied into a ponytail was impressive. That person is silently standing by in front of the door.

So there are those two, me, and Ellie. Then there's Arisa and lord Gram. These six people are in this room.

And then, that vase…it looks expensive…with such thoughts, I spent the time in that place.

After a while, Arisa and the old man ended their talk. The view outside the window had turned dark.

Gram: “Hrm, our talks has unexpectedly took a long time. Shall we have dinner, Arisdono? We have ourselves some nice pork cornets, and our chefs can surely show their skills.” Arisa: “Alright, I shall look forward to it.”

Then the old man who stood up from his seat turned my way and joined his hands together.

Gram: “Sorry about that, Edgar-dono. We have to postpone our match until tomorrow.” Edgar: “No no, I do not mind, lord Gram.”

Replying while somewhat being relieved, we headed for the dining room.

The pork cornets they had were delicious.

After dinner, the ponytailed maid from earlier guided the others to their respective rooms and me to mine. As we continue to our room, that person gave me a simple introduction.

Maid: “I am the head maid of this house, my name is Luna. I am pleased to make your acquaintance, Edgar-sama.”

Lunsan lightly bowed.

Edgar: “Nice to meet you too, Lunsan.”

I smiled back at her lightly.

The mansion is huge. As we walked, Lunsan we chat a bit, but our topic soon switched to lord Gram.

Edgar: “Still, this is the first time I've seen a n.o.ble like lord Gram, but are n.o.bles usually like that?”

My question sounded tired.

Luna: “No, no, please do not be worried. Gram-sama are one of the unusual n.o.bles. The owner of this house is truly a troublesome one, isn't he?”

Lunsan laughed.

Edgar: “I don't think that is the case…!”

Even though I was just smiling bitterly, I tried forming some words of denial.

Luna: “It couldn't be helped even if you want to say that. Rather, to make the sorceress' disciple have such thoughts, it is disrespectful of us. I greatly apologize…”

And then, Lunsan turned somewhat exaggerated from mysilly act and kneeled. To that, I panicked and tried to stop her.

Edgar: “It was just a joke! Please raise your head, Lunsan!”

Lunsan raised her head, all the while thanking me. After that, she pulled out her tongue and apologized, saying I'm sorry. From her smile that looks like a child whose prank worked, I realized that I was in the wrong.

(I thought she was a quiet and serious person, but perhaps she's quite a playful person)

Then I arrived in my room. By the time Lunsan took her leave, she told me to please take care of Gram-sama from now on. I thought somehow or another…maybe that person is also having some hardships on her own.

The mansion's bed is soft, and so I could slept comfortably.

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The author had a typo in this chapter: Instead of Irto (i-ru-to) village, he wrote ru-i-to. Had to check back several chapters to make sure it is the actual name of the village.

Other than that, hope you enjoyed the chapter, and have a nice day!

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