I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 26

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It's an Mysterious Old Man, but…

—From all around us, there were stares, stares, and more stares. The people around the road kept stealing glances toward our direction.

But we still proceeded into the city in the middle of the road.

Yet there was not a single person that would stop us on our course.

Arisa is leading the way with me and Ellie following behind her.

She was looking directly forward as her long silver hair flutters while she walks.

We could hear whispers going on around us.

“Oi, is that perhaps…” “That crest, it's definitely the sorceress…” Why is the sorceress here? What's going to happen…?”

—Fear, surprise, and unease.

All those sorts of feelings are directed toward us. We ignored them and continued forward without a word.

“I am the Fire Sorceress, Arisa Fio Asteria. I come to talk with the lord of this territory. Let me through.”

Arisa's eyes turned sharp. It's as if she wasn't asking.

Suddenly facing a sorceress with such att.i.tude, the guardsman was clearly shocked.

(Poor guy…)

“B-But, we cannot just let you enter without confirming your ident.i.ty as the Fire Sorceress…that is the rule…”

The guards stated fearfully while keeping an eye out to the changes in Arisa's facial expressions.

“…do you realize what would happen if you oppose me?”

Arisa glared at the guards even more intensely.

The guards squealed wiht a Hii!

“Master, it is time…” “Yeah, you're right.”

Ellie whispered at me.

The faces of the guards and the people around us that witnessed Arisa's wrath turned deathly pale.

It's understandable since it's Arisa, the sorceress that's probably more powerful than a large-cla.s.s magical beast. A large-cla.s.s beast could flatten a city, and she's more powerful than that. I could easily imagine the people around us thinking…what would happen if you anger her.

(Ah well. This is a good time. It's embarra.s.sing, but this is the plan…)

But if I'm going to do it, I can't hesitate. From now on, I'm her disciple and exclusive butler! That's right, I'm her butler! Only right here and right now! I need to act like her butler…act like a butler! I continuously suppressed the feeling of agony welling up in my chest.

I took a step closer toward Arisa, held her hand and said,

“—Arisa ojou-sama, is it not about time to cease your jest? You should not be wasting your precious time here.”

I used a formal language I wouldn't use normally. And then, while my face looked calm and invigorating,

(I'm dead. I'm already dead. I died in agony)

Ellie stifled a laugh looking at me from the side.

“You're right, my beloved Edgar. Then…you there, can you take care of the necessary preparations?”

Arisa looked at the guard like she's looking at a piece of garbage, and then his feet froze as he stood with a c.h.i.n.k!


“…and make it easy.”

Arisa quietly smiled at the guard.

After a brief processing, they confirmed Arisa's ident.i.ty.

“We have confirmed your ident.i.ty! We apologize for the long delay! Please go ahead!”

The guards said thus and lowered their heads.

(…I'm really sorry, guards.)

“Yes, thank you. Well then, gentlemen, I bid you farewell.”

Arisa walked with her mantle fluttering. Me and Ellie bowed toward the guards and pa.s.sed through.

There were no longer anybody that would stop us. Not the guards nor the people around us, and to that, I stroked my chest in relief.

Thus, for the first time since I was transported into this world, I entered a city.

The guard couldn't believe what had happened in front of him.

The silver-haired, red-eyed girl. The girl with the spitting image of the rumored, legendary witch. Additionally, on her black, military uniform, A violet crest was seen.

—Without a doubt, it's the garb of the fire sorceress. It was a garb that belonged only to the most powerful sorcerers in this world, inherited down for a thousand years. It was so well known, people wrote nursery rhymes about it, so it was something that even children knows.

And the mana that's leaking out from that person… It was similar to the sorceress that disappeared decades ago.

[The Fire Sorceress, Arisa Fio Asteria]

A matchless fire-attribute magician. She had silver hair and pure white skin and a pair of crimson eyes. That girl had the exact same appearance of the witch of the legends.

The previous Fire Sorcerer discovered her talent and took her in as an adopted child. She then studied sorcery under him and earned the t.i.tle of the youngest sorceress in history. Afterwards, decades ago, the previous sorcerer pa.s.sed way, the girl inherited the position and started to conceal her whereabouts.

That was the general knowledge about the Fire Sorceress Arisa. Why did the predecessor made her a disciple? How big of a talent did she possess? Does her appearance have anything to do with her being a witch? She was a figure with mysterious birth, appearance and power. But that was what made her well-known.

That figure that had hidden her whereabouts for a long time finally appeared before the ma.s.ses…

The guards felt their backs almost gave out from surprise and fear. They tried their best to be polite in dealing with her, but their heads were filled with panic. On the other hand, they managed to confirm her ident.i.ty. To be honest, being able to do just that was enough of a whole day's work.

“Fuuh~ to think that she's the real deal…”

He left his shift to the other guard and let out a sigh in the break room.

“But that scary-faced nii-chan really saved me there…If it kept going like that we'd probably be screwed…”

Recalling the image of the sorceress about to attack them, his body shivered with a Brr!

And it was then when the guard took notice.

“Ah, but we didn't confirm the ident.i.ties of the attendant nii-chan and the ojou-chan, huh. Well, they're the sorceress' attendant, so it should be fine, right?”

Saying to himself It'll be alright, the guardsman drank some tea in the break room and thought he'd like to share his experience earlier with his son when he comes home.

Even after we entered the town, we were given a lot of strange gazes.

(…at this point you'll lose if you take notice of it.)

I gave up.

“All things considered, we were allowed in pretty easily, didn't we?” “That's right, looks like my acting worked well.”

Arisa looked satisfied with herself.

Well, even if a confirmation was needed, the lord of this city would have guaranteed her ident.i.ty, but as expected that would be a huge pain in the a.s.s. By the way, the acting was thought up by Arisa. She wanted to do it so badly that she wasn't about to listen to me.

“Well there shouldn't be anyone posing as the sorceress, right?”

Ellie stretched lightly with an nngg— Her wolf ears twitched sideways under her hood. They swayed as they stood straight up. It appears that she's relieved that we managed to get in safely.

“Also, Edgar, Arisa ojou-sama,” “…huh?” “I'm going to call you Arisa ojou-sama outside.”

There was a hint of expectations in Arisa's voice

“O-Okay. Arisa ojou-sama she said…”

Hearing those words, Arisa turned our way and grinned with her lips quivering.

“Fufufu, things like this isn't so bad sometimes.” “Pu…kukuku…!”

Unable to hold herself back, Ellie let out a laugh while holding her stomach.

“S, shall we go to the lord's place soon, Arisa ojou-sama?”

As I pushed Arisa's back, we hurried through the road to the lord's manor.

The lord's manor is the biggest building in this fortress city, so we managed to get there without getting lost.

“This is huge……”

A vast garden is spread before me. It's vast. It just is. From the huge gate, water fountain, to the large open s.p.a.ce. Additionally the manor itself looks splendid, like a Western n.o.ble would actually live there.

Two tough-looking guards stood in front of the gate.

As they noticed us, they greeted and called us out.

“You are the Fire Sorceress, Arisa Fio Asterisama, correct? The lord is waiting. Please enter.”

Saying thanks to them, Arisa brought us in.

As I was pa.s.sing under the manor's gate—


An explosion powerful enough to shake your guts echoed. It came from further in the garden. The shockwave swept over us afterwards.

“—hrk!? What's going on?”

I instantly stood before Arisa and put up an earthen wall. It was a defense against the gale caused by the explosion.

And then, BLAM! CLASH! there was the sound of something sent flying. My face grimaced unconsciously in response to that voice.


The dust cloud gradually settles, and we also gradually able to make sense of what had happened.

In the middle of the explosion was a bare-chested big man. He was flexing his arms, so his muscles was showing while he posed as if he's appealing to someone.

“…Is that a pervert?”

(Which reminds me, there are those sorts of people who build their body to show off to others in the previous world too, huh.)

As I received that shock, Ellie tugged on my sleeve.

“…That's not it, take a look at his surroundings, master.”

Ellie whispered. I did as she said and looked around.


Beyond the damaged ground were three demi-humans. The people with tails animal ears and tails growing out of them collapsed with a bow or a sword in their hands.

(That explosion was probably a fire magic. They were fighting…three against one?)

“—Hrm. Well fought, lords! Challenge me again once you forge yourself further!”

The beefy man gave a word of appreciation to the people collapsed around him and laughed loudly with a GAHAHAHA!

I fearfully asked Arisa.

“…Arisa, is that perhaps the one you're looking for?” “…Yes, that person is the lord of this fortress city, the one who holds a fourth of the territory of the Ardelhart Kingdom, Duke Gram.”

I did a double-take on the old man.

(This bodybuilder-looking testosterone-filled old man is the lord? And a duke as well…?)

It was then that the lord noticed us as well.

“—Ooh! I've been waiting for you!”

He said that and lumbered his way over. And as he reached us, he bowed in an elegant way that doesn't match his gigantic body.

“—Fire Sorceress and her disciples! I welcome you to my Vaelia city!”

GAHHAHHA! Once again, the old man let out his hot-blooded laugh.

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