I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 26 Part1

⸺Gazes, gazes, gazes from the surroundings.

The people coming and going were glancing at us.

Nevertheless, we continued along the middle of the path to the town.

However, no one tried to disturb our progress.

With Arisa in the front⸺Ellie and I each followed behind her.

Arisa's silver long hair fluttered, and she confidently walked while looking forward.

I could hear whispering voices coming from around us.

"Hey, are they……"

"With that crest, there's no doubt, it's the sorcerer……"

"What's the sorcerer doing in a place like this? What's going to happen here?"

⸺Fear, surprise, unease.

We run into various emotions.

Without minding them, we proceeded silently.

Then Arisa informed the guards in front of the checking station:

"I'm the fire sorcerer, Arisa Feo Asteria.

We came to speak with the feudal lord here. Let us pa.s.s."

The sharp glint in Arisa's eyes.

It doesn't allow the other party to say yes or no.

To the sorcerer who suddenly came in with that att.i.tude, the guards were obviously freaking out.

(How pitiable……)

"B,but, even though you are the fire sorcerer, we can't just……let you go without validation……"

As the guards examined Arisa's face, they said that timidly.

"……Do you understand what it means to defy me?"

Arisa glared at the guards more harshly.

The guards 'Hii' rose their voices.

"Master, about now……"

"Yeah, that's right……"

Ellie quietly spoke to me.

From being exposed to Arisa's wrath since a while ago, the guards and the surrounding people who were watching her's faces were ghastly pale.

After all, she's the sorcerer who's probably stronger than large-scale majuus. Even just one large-scale is able to destroy a small town, yet she's more powerful than that.

What would happen if she was angered……I could easily imagine what the people around us were thinking.

(It can't be helped, it's about time. This is embarra.s.sing, but let's go as we arranged……)

But if I'm doing this, I have to get rid of all hesitation.

From now on, I'm Arisa's disciple, and at the same time her exclusive butler!

Yeah, I'm Arisa's butler!

Just for the moment!

Attain the consciousness of a butler, attain it……!

I take the feeling that I will writhe at any moment that's boiling up inside of me, and crush it to death.

I took a step closer to Arisa, respectfully grasped her hand, and spoke.

"⸺Arisa-ojousama, how about stopping your jokes for now?

You don't need to pointlessly expend your time here."

Courteous language that I would normally never use.

And a gentle and refreshing smile on my face.

(I'm going to die. I'm going to die now. I'm going to die in agony now.)

Looking at such a me, Ellie was stifling her laughter beside me.

"……I guess you're right, my beloved Edgar. In that case darling, can you take care of the necessary preparations?"

When Arisa looked at the guards as if they were trash, *kaki!* a sound echoed, and the area by their feet froze over.



Arisa quietly smiled at the guards.

After a while of procedures, they were able to confirm that it was Arisa.

"We were able to confirm that it was you! We apologize for keeping you waiting for so long! Please pa.s.s through!"

Saying so, the guards lowered their heads.

(……I'm really sorry, guard-san.)

"Yes, thank you. Well then everyone, farewell."

Letting her mantle flutter, Arisa walked briskly.

Ellie and I bowed once to the guards, and pa.s.sed through.

There was no one who stopped us. The guards and the people around us sighed a breath of relief.

Like that, for the first time since I came to this world, I entered a town of otherworlders.

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