I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 25 Part2

Like that, we walked through the ancient [town].

Then, we entered the largest building that was in the center of the town.

Right where I pa.s.sed through the entrance, there was a drafty large open s.p.a.ce.

It might have been weathered away or collapsed, but only the ceiling's framework remained.

Light was shining through from there, and in the center something like a magic formation was *kirakira* shining.

"It's wide……"

To the open s.p.a.ce, I involuntarily muttered.

"This is amazing too……"

Since we came to these ruins, Ellie had only been saying that same thing.

In this world, seeing such a large group of buildings must not happened often.

Arisa stood on the magic formation in the center of the open s.p.a.ce.

"Come over here, Ed, Ellie."

Arisa occasionally beckoned us.

Ellie and I headed over there while looking around the area.

The three of us stood above the magic formation.

Arisa was for some reason fiddling with the machine on the side of the magic formation (it had something like a panel or keyboard attached to it).

"The number of people is three……the destination is here……"

*Kachakacha* Arisa struck the keyboard-like thing.

"Great, with this!"

When Arisa *taan* struck the large panel with her index finger,

The floor magic formation underneath us shined.

Then, there was a sudden feeling of floating.

Our bodies rose into the air.

"⸺Kyaaaaaa! Help meeee!"

Ellie struggled, kicked, and shook her arms in the air.

Impatience, surprise, and a fear of the unknown.

Ellie's expression was disarrayed.

The sky is your strong point right!?

Mo,more importantly……!

"⸺Uoooooh! What's thissss!?"

My impatience was even more than hers.

I struggled, trying to grab something in the air with nothing in it.

I know best that there's no point in doing something like that, but⸺

(I,I'll die! I'm flying in the air! I'm gonna die!)

I panicked too much, and began to feel even a danger to my life.

While seeing such an Ellie and I, Arisa *kusukusu* laughed.

Then, my vision was blocked with an intense flash.


By the time I noticed, my surroundings were dark.

The only source of light was the shining magic formation on the ground.

We had transferred to such a dusty room.

"The transfer succeeded."

In order to look for an exit, Arisa calmly walked across the room while lighting a fire.

"I thought my heart would stop though……"

Ellie said that while crouching down.

"……Me too."

I sat down beside Ellie, and *haa* released a sigh.

After a while, Arisa found that room's door.

We left from there.


The place we were flown too was a hut above a cliff.

A pleasant wind rocked our cloaks.

From there we were able to overlook a wide area.

"They made that transfer location in an awfully dangerous place……"

I said that, and smiled bitterly.

"Isn't it because they'd be found if it wasn't in a place like this?"

Arisa replied as if to tease me.

"L,look over there!"

Noticing something, Ellie pointed her finger into the distance.

"Nn? What's that?"

I strained my eyes.

⸺A highway, and many people and carriages on it.

Beyond that was a city surrounded by a tall, long, solid wall.

To that overwhelming town's figure, I involuntarily had my breath taken away.

"……Is that it? Arisa?"

It was nothing but huge, powerful wall that could endure no matter what attack it received.

Also, I could feel person who governed the city's obsession with overwhelming power from that town.

Arisa turned over there, and nodded.

"Yeah, that's our destination⸺[Fortress Town Vaeria]."

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