I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 3

"Majuu bone knives 10, majuu's fangs 20, emergency food, drinking water, rope…"

It’s finally the day to hunt majuus.

I have to carefully prepare.

I put necessities such as weapons into my magic bag.

By the way, a magic bag is a convenient item which lin ets you put more items than you’d think by its appearance.

However, it's said to be sacred relic, and uses techniques that can't be replicated in the present era, so it's a precious item.

"——Also, your bento."

*Don* Right in front of my eyes, Arisa places a large bento box.

(……As expected, I won't have the leeway to eat this much, will I?)

When I thought that and looked up, Arisa had already finished preparing it.

She gathered her long hair onto her side, and attached a magic bag to her waist.

"You're pitch black today."

"Yeah, since sun is my natural enemy. While hunting majuus, I can't carry a parasol with me."

A black shirt and trousers were wrapped around Arisa's too-white skin.

It's also accented here and there with red embroideries.

"Edgar, are you ready? Can we go?"

"I'm ready, let's go."

I hook the magic bag on my waist, and check the knife holders on my belt, shoulders, and trousers, so I can use them at a moment's notice.

——Then, for the first time since I came to this world, I took a step outside Arisa's barrier.

From Arisa's house, there are several paths to get to the forest.

They seemed to be used when Arisa goes to hunt majuus, rarely goes out into town, or when she goes to the Magician's a.s.sociation to publish her research.

Even though I call them paths, they're more rough roads, like animal trails,

We used one of these, and went to one of Arisa's hunting spots.

When we walked through the forest for about an hour, we reached a open s.p.a.ce like place near a lake.

Arisa hides in the bushes, overlooking the whole area.

I followed her lead, and hid my body in the nearby bushes.

"——Edgar, over there."

Arisa pointed at the lake.

Is she saying that the target will go over there?

"Can you do it from a good viewpoint like this?

The majuu will notice us, won't it run away?"

When I said that, Arisa swung her finger a little.

"The majuu won't run away.

When they see humans, they definitely attack them."

"…that's also a problem."

'But', I say and continue.

"Well then on the contrary, how about we use that trait and draw it into a trap? Wouldn't that make it easier to kill? ……Well, I guess since that can't be done, people keep having a hard time with them though."

Arisa nods.

"Yeah, that's one of the reasons they're such a threat, and on of their mysteries.

It'd be easy to trap them if you could take advantage of that trait, but even if you kill them, and kill even more of them, majuus won't disappear. No matter how many you kill, you'll only temporarily reduce their numbers, and they'll bounce back soon enough. We don't know whether their reproductive abilities are high, or it's because of some unknown mechanism in the environment……

Well, it doesn't really matter. More importantly, look over there."

Looking towards where Arisa's pointing, there's three dog-like majuus headed for the open s.p.a.ce by the lake.

"Those are majuus……there's not much difference between them and beasts."

"Don't be negligent. Majuu strengthen their bodies with magic. Compared to beasts, they're much more fierce and powerful. I told you before that majuu's materials are easily influenced by magic. That might be one of the reasons behind why they're so strong."

"So, what should I do?"

"Those majuus will enter the lake to catch fish. I'll freeze their feet with magic, so defeat them then. First, cut their legs so they can't move, then deliver the final blow to their heads. That should be the safest method."

"——What if I can't do it?"

Arisa *jii* stares at me, and opens her mouth.

"……You'll die."

*Zokuri* My back twitches, and we get wrapped by a heavy silence.

After staring at me for a while, Arisa laughed mischievously.

"——That was a lie. If that happens, I'll freeze the entire area and we'll run back to the laboratory. The majuus can't follow us all the way to the barrier anyways."

(Don't scare me like that……)

I *hotto* stroke my chest.

"For the time being, I'm relieved. After you freeze their legs, I'll attack and kill them. Is this simple strategy good enough?"

"The strategy is perfect like that. Ed, you're really worrywart." (TLN: Sounds terrible, but I couldn't think of anything else)

When Arisa said that, she sent a sharp gaze to the majuus.

I *Chirari* stare at her.

(……How am I a worrywart? I'm sure that when Arisa was fighting majuus alone, she had think up multiple strategies too. Is she so composed because she had to experience all that?)

"——I got it. I'll leave the timing to you, Arisa."

The majuus are playing in the pond.

We moved to a place where they barely couldn't see us.

"Ed, I'll be watching your surroundings, so feel relieved and just fight the enemies in front of you."


I hold my breath, and wait until then.

The majuus *gaugau* look for fish in the lake.

While we were observing that, the majuus turned to the opposite direction of where we were hiding, and thrust their mouths into the lake——.

In other words, it's the moment when we attack from their blind spot.

"——I'm going."

Without missing that timing, Arisa activates her magic, and the majuus in the area of the lake all freeze at once.


And then, at the moment the majuus release their voices of a surprise————I jump out from the bushes.

I approach them from their blind spot.

——I run at full power.

Even just a second faster.

Even just a moment faster.

I feel all the magic power flowing in my body.

——Now I run, and just think about drawing closer.


With my footsteps, the majuus' awareness switches from the frozen lake to me.

(——Too slow.)

However, it's already too late for them to react.

By now, the distance between me and the dogs is less than 10 meters.

Just now you guys noticed me but——you're already within my 'range'.

——Magic is an image.

And right now, all I need is my sight,

I completely block all the senses other than sight from my brain.

I aim only at my target, and I devote my entire consciousness.

I confirm their limb and heads.

In both my hands, I have 4 knives, and a total of 8 knives.

In my air around me, there are 7 knives.

A total of 15 knives.

I hit each dog with 5 knives.

Now, my thought exists only for the purpose of killing majuus with these knives.

Without any of the knives in my range colliding, I accurately cut up the majuus.

——I imagine only that.


——My knives were blown away.

From both my hands, from the air.

Don't worry, I haven't missed.

Magic——hasn't missed.

My knives nearly simultaneously cut the necks and limbs of the majuus.

There isn't even a single thing off from my image.

The bodies of the dogs fall down.

A scenery just like I imagined spreads out in front of me.

"Amazing……in a moment……!"

When the majuus' heads turned towards me——my total of 15 knives had already cut their legs and necks.

There was no feeling of cutting meat——however, there certainly was a feeling of having taken a life.

The first hunt of my life closed its curtains in less than a few seconds.

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