I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 25 Part1

The three of us moved through the forest.

According to Arisa, there's some sacred relic deep in the forest that can transfer us to our destination, and that makes it possible to transfer close to the town where the feudal lord lives.

It's the so-called warp gate.

Apparently it's one of the sacred relics that can't be reproduced through current technology.

"Even so, there's a convenient item that makes it possible to transfer. As expected from a fantasy."

On the way to our destination, we took a break by the riverside.

I found a suitable rock, and sat on it.

"It's thanks to the sacred relic. We have to be grateful to the ancient people."

Said Arisa.

"Certainly, it is amazing. I've never heard of such a thing."

Ellie quietly sat at Arisa's feet.

"Fufu, I'm sure that the only ones who know about it are us."

While stroking Ellie's ears, Arisa smiled.

As if she felt good, Ellie just let Arisa continue that.

Giving that a sidelong glance, I ate some dried meat.

It's the dragon meat from before.

I should say as expected of a dragon, it's meat is delicious even in this state.

(Why won't Ellie let me touch her ears……?)

"About how much longer do you think it will take till reach town?"

"I think we'll have already reached there by evening."

Possibly satisfied, Arisa's hand separated from Ellie.

"Really, master, you eat a lot."

While watching me throw meat into my stomach one after the other, Ellie said that, amazed.

"Ellie, do you want to eat too?"

Arisa took out some dried meat, and hung it in front of Ellie.

Without hesitating, Ellie *paku* bit at it.

Ellie *guhaguha* bit at Arisa's meat.

What a pleasant sight.

"……What are you smiling at, Ed?"

Arisa looked over here with her eyes.

"……No, it's nothing."

I gently averted my eyes from them.

Arisa and Ellie.

In this short period, those two got along really well.

Arisa who was oppressed until now, and Ellie, who had an abnormal sense of fear at the overwhelmingly strong.

The two of them, by living together for a while, began to understand each other little by little.

Now, they got along just like sisters.

"Should we go soon?"

I ate the remaining meat, drank the remaining water, and stood up.

"Yeah, let's go."

"I understand."

Arisa and Ellie stopped playing around, and changed their relaxed mood into a tense one.

We aimed for a group of ruin-like buildings that we could see deep in the forest, and advanced.

There were many weathered buildings lined up in a row.

Inside one, Arisa steadily advanced.

Ellie and I quietly followed her.

Although the group of buildings have been weathered by the flow of time, no damage or signs of majuus could be sensed at all.

"To think that there was a place like this inside the forest……"

I muttered while surveying the area.


Ellie too was overwhelmed by it.

There were big buildings that protected us from the light of the sun.

It's like a building street.

"My mentor was surprised too when he found this.

It's something that's remained in this forest almost safely.

On top of that, there wasn't much damage from majuus.

The barrier around our laboratory uses stuff from here too."

Walking in the front, Arisa said that while turning around to us.

While my thoughts raced about the ancient people who lived here, I followed after Arisa.

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