I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 24 Part2


While Arisa and Ellie changed, a brief peace visited the living room.

I looked at my figure once again.

A black military uniform, like an officer from the Taisho Era.

On my back were a somewhat short black cloak, and white gloves.

It was an appearance overflowing with chuunibyou.

……Honestly, it's embarra.s.sing.

"……Doesn't this stand out too much? We're just going to town right?"

I smiled bitterly at my appearance.


Let's talk for a bit.

The sorcerer of 'fire' is the pinnacle of magicians that manipulate [heat]⸺in other words, flames and ice.

Red from fire and blue from ice⸺combining them, their image color is [purple].

Also, since the ability to manipulate flames and ice is a battle-oriented attribute compared to the others, even among the four sorcerers and their disciples, the [fire sorcerer's sect] has been recognized as a faction of fighters.

To the end, that's just their image though.

When you think of that, you can tell that Arisa purposely made the appearance flashy.

A black military uniform with the emblem of the [fire sorcerer's sect] which is said to have high fighting ability.

Since you can see that getting involved with such a dangerous person would lead to trouble, n.o.body would try to mess with us.

I believe that most difficulties could be avoided just by wearing these clothes⸺but, after all, it's a little embarra.s.sing.


"⸺I guess only arms are left."

I equipped knives in my uniform's hidden pockets in its coat, sleeves, trousers, and etc.

These clothes are something that Arisa made using the materials of majuus as its base.

Due to that, I have no objections about its durability or anti-magician abilities, and on top of that, I asked Arisa a bunch of requests to make it fit my combat style.

These knives will come in handy for when we're suddenly attacked.

"It's like the dark consideration that comes out in manga……"

Well, it's as expected of a sword and magic world……

Just by living, the existence of me is tainted by chuuni.

(……These are the conditions of this world, I guess.)

My thinking is becoming more chuuni. It's already too late.

(……Anyways, with this my preparations are complete.)

Most of the other necessary things have already been put into the magic bag.

"⸺We've finished changing clothes, Ed!"

After a while, Arisa and Ellie showed themselves.

Arisa and Ellie's clothes were almost the same as mine.

They were black military uniforms with purple embroidery on them.

However, the women's bottoms weren't trousers, but skirts.

"How is it?"

On the spot, Arisa *kururi* turned around.

The skirt gently danced.

It had a loveliness that you wouldn't think of from the 'fire' sorcerer.

"……Don't look too much, master."

Ellie's cheeks turned slightly red.

She wore spats underneath her skirt.

And on her waist, were two long knives.

Unlike mine which are for throwing, they're st.u.r.dy knives specialized for cutting.

"⸺It fits you Arisa. Ellie, you too."

Looking at the two, I truly thought so.

Hearing that, Arisa smiled happily, and Ellie smiled embarra.s.sedly.

"Well then, Ed,"

Arisa reached for my hand.

"Yeah, let's go."

I grabbed her hand, and stood from the sofa.


On that day, we left for the [outside world].

Three magicians wearing black military uniforms.

From the viewpoint of the world, it was just a microscopic change.

However, for us it was a huge change.

The laboratory that was stopped till then, no, our stopped time.

What was brought to us by advancing⸺at that time, we still didn't know.

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