I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 24 Part1

I feel like I don't want Arisa and Ellie to meet anyone other than Ed…

"Let's go to a city!"

Right when Arisa, Ellie, and my joint lives began to calm down.

In the middle of meal, Arisa's words announced its end.


Surprised by that, Ellie and I exchanged glances.

"That's pretty sudden."

"Why, Arisa-sama?"

Ellie and I both tilted our heads.

While looking at us, Arisa said, "Your hair colors are the same too, just like siblings……only leaving me out……" and seemed somewhat lonely.

"……With master……?"

Ellie looked at me detestably.

Again, I wanted to protest against that.

Rather, Ellie and my relationship can be called one between dogs and monkeys.

After all, we're fighting all the time.

……It was like that recently too.

When I was laying on the sofa tired from hunting, and wonder about the refined deep thinking of 'how to make the world peaceful using Ellie's animal ears', Ellie sent a look of despise from the bottom of her heart towards me, and said 'Master, you only come in handy during times of combat (LOL). I'm cleaning, so can you move, pervert (LOL)?', purposefully speaking respectfully.

⸺Nevertheless, I didn't move!

"Ellie and I get along well……!?"


That definitely shouldn't be possible.

Usually, Ellie and my opinions coincided.

When Ellie and I *jii* stare at Arisa together, Arisa gently cleared her throat and dodged our gazes.

"……*Kohon*! For the time being, I'm going to go and report the case of the village's slaughter. Right now, Ellie's situation seems to have calmed down too."

Arisa was looking at us bitterly, and she *kurukuru* entangled her long silver hair on her index finger.

She seemed to have lost her nerve.

"Is that because there's no guarantee they won't move again……?"

"Yeah. But, there's we probably won't be attacked. Not while we're in this forest."

"This area has a danger level of five after all……"

Ellie and Arisa 'Yeah yeah' nodded to each other.

(What's this danger level thing? I don't know anything about that though……)

I alone was left behind by their conversation.

"Still, there's no guarantee that they won't target other towns. I don't feel like saving strangers to the point of fighting them, but although they're strangers, lives are at stake here⸺"

"So are you just going to give them information?"

Arisa nodded to my words.

"Yeah. As expected, if we didn't give them any information, and a lot of people end up dying, it'd be bad for my dreams, so we're going tomorrow. Ed, Ellie, both of you get your preparations ready."

"I got it."

"I understand."

Ellie and I nodded simultaneously.

Seeing us, Arisa *pu*, burst out into laughter.

"Kukuku……really, you guys are close……"

While Ellie and I watched Arisa *kukuku* laugh, we exchanged glances, troubled.

And, the next day.

I changed into the clothes Arisa prepared for me.

When I first saw the clothes, in spite of myself, I couldn't help but 'Uwaa……' raise my voice.

It was a black military uniform.

On some parts of it, there was purple embroidery.

And around the chest area, there was a crest with a flame inside a hexagon.

It seems like this crest is always attached onto things worn by members of the 'fire' sorcerer's party.

As long as they're not someone extremely ignorant, they should know of the meaning behind the crest.

"⸺Yeah, it fits you Ed!"

Arisa was 'It's nice……it's cool……over here! Smile over here!', saying some disturbing things, and was *pashipashi* shining something like a camera.

*Chorochoro* Arisa moved around me.

She shined the flash without missing the exquisite timing, without taking any breaks grabbed my arm and changed my posture, and furthermore, did both at the same time.

That 'Mysterious Creature Arisa' did that, but it was alright.

"Wow— you're cool—, master—, very—"

Saying that, Ellie *pachipachi* dryly applauded.

In her gaze, there was sympathy towards me for becoming Arisa's toy.


With a crazy smile, Arisa flew around my surroundings.

Apologetically, Ellie pretended she didn't see.

At last, I became unable to stand the situation, and whispered something to Arisa.

"……I too, want to see Arisa's cool figure."


Hearing my words, Arisa stopped in midair.

*Potori*……she fell to the floor, and released her camera stance⸺

"……I'm going to change."

She left the camera on the table, and *shakishaki* moved.

'Even so, I was able to get some good ones……' with a satisfied expression, Arisa pulled Ellie, who had forgotten about me and was greedily devouring cookies, and left the room.

Ellie's cheeks go *panpan*.

As if saying 'Wait a second!', her twitching splendid animal ears shook.

(……Her parts like those are cute though.)

I thought so slightly in a corner of my head.

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