I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 23 Part1

Never read a manga with the genres shoujo, romance and drama before going to bed late. It gives you NTR nightmares about vanilla series you like ↴. Also, I this chapter had a lot of PoV switching, so I used italics for Ellie’s 1st person, so tell me if you want me to get rid of them.

It's been a week since Ellie came here.

She lived her days doing housework and training with Edgar.

⸺It was completely different from where she used to be.

She wasn't worried about meals or a place to eat.

She didn't have to kill, and it didn't seem like she'd be killed.

They were very normal, and thus very happy days.

She came to learn a little about the 2 humans.


A very careless, and sloppy fellow.

Also, he didn't have any prejudice towards me, a beastman⸺he was a strange fellow.

He teased me every time we faced each other, but he never made a truly disgusted face.

Rather, it seemed like he enjoyed being with me.

……Honestly, I didn't feel that bad about it.


The sorcerer of 'fire'.

This person is strange too. When she saw me, she immediately said she was going to accept me.

She has unusual hair and eye colors, but I think they're pretty.

She's a very, very kind person.

Since she's one of only four sorcerers in the world, she doesn't think normally?

……Still, that's fine, or so Ellie felt,

Because that person's kindness was real.

Ellie thought of these two like her family, who were by her side before.

One night, Ellie had a dream.

It was a painful, agonizing dream, but also one she shouldn't forget.

It was when her family was still alive.

In a beastmen village, everyone lived while laughing.

Father, mother, and her little sister Milly

There wasn't enough to eat a stomach full of food, but there were smiles, warmth, and a definite happiness there.

⸺Then, that day came.

It was the day that our village was attacked by humans.

It was a sudden event.

I went to the river to get fish as usual.

I was happy that I got more than usual,

Because I thought I could let little sister eat more.

I thought that something good happened.

But when I got back⸺the village was engulfed in fire.

*Googoo*, My house burned.

Armored knights of the like that I've never seen before drove on the people of the village.

They killed the ones who resisted, and put the ones who stopped resisting in cages.

Like that, the knights kept working just like a machine.

We were, nothing more than prey.

Milly and I, and other beastmen children were caught by the knights who attacked the village.

My father died fighting the humans.

My mother died protecting Milly.

As we were carried over to the knights' lord in the carriage, Milly and I held each other, and *buruburu* trembled. We were still unable to accept our situations, which had suddenly changed.

Then, our lives as a slave began.

In the day, we did manual labor in the farm or the workshop. We did side jobs in the night.

Regardless of whether child or not nor gender, we were a.s.signed work.

When we were caught, I somewhat knew that I'd end up living like this. Everyday life where we just finished my work.

Even if it's painful, even if it's painful,

I did my best to survive.

But one day⸺my little sister got sick.

My bedridden little sister.

Still, my sister was made to work.

I asked the n.o.ble who bought us to show my little sister to a doctor.

The man who bought me. He was a human who always looked down on us therianthropes in his heart.

I didn't know if my wishes would reach that man's heart, but I had no choice but to rely on him.

"Please, she's my only family. I'll do anything, so……"

I spoke while kneeling on the ground.

The slender n.o.bleman said with his nose:

"'Anything'……you said, beast girl?"

The n.o.bleman who said that while sitting in a chair slowly rearranged his legs.

"Then, between your little sister and your friend, which one is more important?"

A feeling of tension tightly grasped my heart with the contents of that question and his sharp eyes, which seemed to look through my heart.

"……Wh,what does that mean?"

"Exactly what the words mean."

The man asked in a low voice.

"⸺Answer me."

It was while somehow stopping from regurgitating the contents of my stomach from the pressure,

But, I answered without hesitation.

"⸺My little sister."

A few days later, my sister Milly was taken away to see a doctor.

When we parted, my sister⸺Thank you, sister, it'd be good if we could meet again……said that.

While stroking Milly's black hair, which was the same as mine, I⸺It's okay, we'll definitely meet again, whispered that as if to tell that to myself.

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