I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 22

From the next day, our lives with the addition Ellie began.

Ellie tentatively lived as Arisa's a.s.sistant, but recently she hasn't been researching (or rather, she stopped caring ever since I came. Is that okay, sorcerer-sama……?), so Ellie's mainly been helping around with ch.o.r.es.

Since she was often made to do ch.o.r.es underneath her previous master, Ellie's cleaning and laundry was pretty careful and efficient, so Arisa praised her as if she were her own child.

Ellie too was enthusiastic about her work.

It may be because when she focuses on her ch.o.r.es, she could forget the bad things.

"I'm free……"

I was watching over Arisa and Ellie working diligently while lying horizontally on the couch.

Yes, since I started living with Ellie, I got closer and closer to becoming hopeless……!

More like, there's just nothing for me to do.

Rather, since Ellie came it's been decreasing by more and more.

While looking at such a me, Ellie muttered.

"So this is the so-called deadbeat……"

Ellie's eyes were cold as if she were looking at garbage.

(Even if I've gotten used to this lifestyle, isn't that a little too much⸺?)

My back froze from the blaming glance that Ellie's releasing, but I somehow endure it.

"I,it's because this is my lifestyle……!" (TLN: Lifestyle was in English.)

I somehow managed to distort the tips of my mouth, and show a smile.

(Or rather, Arisa sealed off ch.o.r.es in general before, saying 'Taking care of Ed is my job!'. It seemed like I'd be confined if I turned her down, so I nodded.)

For a while, we glared at each other.

This is a fight where neither of us make a move.

The one who averts their gaze first loses.

Nothing has been decided.

But, for some reason I feel……!

(……Ah, c.r.a.p. My hands are trembling. Rather, Ellie, what's with those eyes of scorn that seem like their looking down on trash⸺!?)

Like that we're quarreling, and right in front of us⸺.

"What are you doing, the two of you……?"

My savior, Arisa appeared.

Arisa put her hands on her waist, amazed.

"You don't have to do something like this, both of you come with me for a bit."

Then, Arisa disappeared into the back.


Moreover, Ellie *totetetete* followed after to Arisa.

Her wonderful black furry animal ears were *pikupiku* trembling, and unconsciously, my gaze went over to them.


I, who had his consciousness taken animal ears.

This was a human's saga.

(⸺I wonder if they're sensitive after all?)

I imagine it.

The moment I touch her ears, Ellie's eyes filled with disgust and her att.i.tude will completely change.

Then, her cheeks will shyly blush red, and she'll bite her lips desperately trying to endure that stimulation⸺!!!

"Ed, hurry up!"


*Pyonpyon* While giving a half-hearted reply to a jumping Arisa, 'What'll happen if I touched Ellie's ears'……I simulated that.

Unfortunately, this time it never occurred to me that Ellie's att.i.tude was so cold because I thought about things like this.

"⸺That's why, I'll have you two have a practice battle."

When I reached the training ground, Arisa said that.


"I understand, Arisa-sama."

Saying that, Ellie readied her knife, slowly shook her body, and got ready for the battle.

Her black hair and ears shook left and right.

(……Her preparation was fast, too fast.)

As to not be heard by Ellie, I spoke to Arisa.

"Wait a bit Arisa. I know I'm speaking for myself, but I think I'm pretty strong.

Ellie was a slave until just recently, can she fight?"

"……Ellie asked me for this. She said she wanted to be even just a little bit stronger,

and that since I'm a sorcerer, I should be able to."

*Chirari* Shaking her knife in the sky, Ellie looked at Arisa.

"I see, so Ellie did……"

I don't know why this girl wants to get stronger.

……But, if it's necessary for Ellie, then I'll accompany her as much as she wants.

I prepared my resolve, faced Ellie, and said this:

"Come, Ellie. I'll beat you easily."

To I, who *niya* smiled, Ellie was obviously irritated, and glared at me,

Did a switch flip in Ellie with those words⸺?

"Spirits of wind that reside in my body, annihilate my enemies. Give me the power of a thousand flowers⸺'Elegance'." (TLN: This killed me to translate. My inner chuuni came out.)

When Ellie said that, the wind around her started swirl around her.

⸺This isn't just magic.

This is aria magic.

A form of magic that manifests a stronger image.

"……I'm coming."

Then, the moment Ellie looked at me⸺I felt the wind.

(In an airtight bas.e.m.e.nt, wind⸺!)

By the time I had noticed, the battle had already begun.


Shortening the distance with me in a moment, Ellie appeared in front of me.

*Girari* The dull shining knife approached me.

(⸺She's fast!)

On top of that her aim was accurate.

A high speed p.r.i.c.k aimed at my throat.

(⸺Earth magic!)

Surprised by her attack, I reflexively transformed the ground and made it protrude.

Ellie's surprised expression.

Unable to avoid the attack that appeared by her feet, Ellie was directly hit along with a dull sound.

"⸺! Sorry, Ellie! I went too far!"

(Even though I still haven't seen Ellie's real ability⸺)


I didn't need to say those words.


Ellie hardened the air and made it a foothold, and succeeded in killing her momentum.


This time, she kicked, and leapt at me again.

(⸺Wind attribute, huh!)

The wind attribute. It's property is control of the air.

It's a magic attribute that I've never seen up until now.

(⸺So what? It doesn't matter, I control this s.p.a.ce.)

*Pachiri* I completely change my thinking.

The only thing on my mind is to control the enemy in front of me.

Ellie jumped in.

Although this is a practice battle, her eyes are overflowing with intent to kill.

As if she were replacing me with somebody else.


(⸺Who's going to be killed?)

The distance between Ellie and I is about ten meters.

I divided up the lump of earth that I raised just earlier, and released it at Ellie with s.p.a.ce magic.

In order to avoid that, Ellie slightly lowered the speed of her dancing through the sky.

While kicking invisible walls of air, Ellie splendidly avoided it.

Even while I continued to constantly send sh.e.l.ls of earth, they were completely avoided, and she shortened the distance with me little by little.

(⸺She can avoid pretty well. She's just like an acrobat.)

I was watching Ellie's amazing dodging, but my thought was cold to a surprising extent.

(⸺Then it'd be fine if I made a wall.)

While evacuating backwards, I earnestly rose the floor, transformed it, and made an earth wall to keep Ellie in check.


She avoided the earth wall created in front of her, and dodged the earth sh.e.l.ls that I released in the gap.

I didn't even graze her.

(But, this is fine.)

Ellie is unable to approach me because of the earth sh.e.l.ls and the earth wall, and the situation is at a stalemate.

However, I can't let my guard down for even a second.

If I stop my barrage, Ellie will approach me.


Ellie kept calmly evading my attacks.

The avoided lumps of earth disintegrated in the air, and in a flash, Ellie slashed with her knife.

(……I guess it's about time.)

However, the situation wouldn't stay like this.


Ellie's kick accelerated by her wind magic broke through my earth wall.


The storm around Ellie sent my lumps of earth flying.

It's fragments scatter in the air.

As time pa.s.sed, their numbers increased.

My weapons gathered in Ellie's surroundings⸺

Then, I said.

"⸺I'm raising the pace, Ellie."

(How far can she last?)

It doubled from before.

Indeed, twice the clumps of earth appeared in every direction from Ellie.


Ellie shook her knife, and manipulated the wind to knock down all the objects near her.

⸺However, unlike up until now, I didn't let her.


A wall of earth.

Up until now, I brought them out one by one, but⸺

(⸺Four of them.)



Earth walls appeared simultaneously at Ellie's left, right, top, and bottom.

They overlapped each other, and pushed out as if to pulverize anything that existed in that s.p.a.ce.

Naturally, if she doesn't evade that⸺she'll die.

An emotion finally floated onto Ellie's face⸺it was impatience.


Instead of destroying the walls, she kicked them to get some distance, and somehow managed to escape from that prison.


"⸺Then, next."

Beyond that, more lumps of earth were waiting.

Thirty of them.

I gradually increased their numbers.

The distance from her to me is still ten meters.

Ellie barely approached me at all.

……It's only natural, because I attacked her so that she could only evade in a direction in I permitted her to.

(Unexpectedly, she didn't have that much real strength. I'll end it already.)

Looking at Ellie who's already breathing on her shoulders, I thought that.


At the same time as when I snap, all the lumps of earth concentrated on Ellie.

With all 360 degrees blocked, there's no escape route for her.

However, at the moment they hit Ellie.


*Girari* When I thought that her eyes turned red, she released overwhelming magic power.



Ellie's roar echoed across the training ground.

All of the lumps of earth that were aiming at Ellie were blown away.


My vision was blocked by dust.

(⸺c.r.a.p! My vision!)

I can only accurately use magic within the range of my vision⸺!

In order to derive a way to deal with this, my head turned with enough force to burn my brain.

(If Ellie attacks me within this dust, will my defenses make it? No, it's impossible! The activation of my magic won't make it!

Then should I protect myself with earth magic in the area I can see? ⸺No, that's even worse! It'd be a temporary measure, but when the wall gets destroyed it'd become close combat! Ellie, who can use wind magic to accelerate herself would have the advantage!)

I crossed my arms in front of my body, and prepare myself for Ellie's attack.

(⸺Then, I have no choice but to……!)


She didn't come.

Ellie, didn't come.


To the attack that never came, I released my stance.

"⸺This time, it's Ed's win."

Arisa's voice echoed in the bas.e.m.e.nt.

In front of me when my vision recovered, was Ellie who fainted from using up all her magic power.

"This was good for my first time letting someone fall down on their own……"

I, who concentrated on the battle so much that I forgot to breath, 'Haa',exhaled, and laid on my back right there.

Arisa, who watched Ellie and Edgar's match, was surprised by Ellie's complete change.

The moment the fight began, unlike Ellie up until then, her temperament became rough, and she attacked Ed.

"Black Iron WolfDiwolf⸺huh?"


A race whose ancestors are said to have accepted the blood of majuus.

Because of that there are many who have the traits of beasts, and it's said they're good at using magic.

Among them is are the Black Iron Wolves who possess a high affinity with the wind attribute.

Ellie certainly mastered those characteristics.

"A genius……"

Her appearance was about the same as her age, yet that dexterity.

She thought……she was a genius.

The fact that she herself had a level of talent that surpa.s.sed genius⸺she left that aside for now.

"More than that……"

Arisa noticed.

Ellie's eyes.

They were eyes coagulated with dark despair and hatred.

⸺They were just like Arisa's eyes, when she despaired, before she met Edgar.

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