I Was Made the Disciple of a Yandere Girl, But Chapter 21 Part2


Tired from crying, Ellie fell asleep in Arisa's arms.

I carried Ellie on my back, and brought her to an empty bedroom.

……She's light.

She probably hadn't been eating enough; she's as thin as skin and bones.

To that fact, a cold wind blew in my heart.

I transferred Ellie from my back to the bed we prepared for her.

"……But still,"

At that time, I don't know if Ellie was awake, but she absent-mindedly mumbled.

"My mother, my father, my little sister, and everyone else died……

Even if only I'm saved, it's too late……everything."

Saying just that, Ellie covered her head with the futon.

I stroked her animal ears that were slightly sticking out from the futon, and quietly left the bedroom.


In the living room, Arisa was waiting for me with black tea and cookies ready.

"Ed, how's Ellie?"

"……She's sleeping."

"……I see."

Arisa placed the cup in her hand on the table.

A *kachari* sound rang.

"Tell me everything Ed, about that girl."


I forcefully move Arisa, who's trying to get on pushy trying to get on my lap next to me.


In a bad mood, Arisa tapered her mouth.

For some reason, today's Arisa is considerably more a.s.sertive.

"……Arisa, were you lonely?"

"……I don't care."

Arisa was sullen, but I just smiled slightly at her cute face, and told Arisa what happened on the trip.

That I went to the village without telling Arisa.

What happened after someone had ma.s.sacred the villagers.

That Ellie was alive.

And, that I persuaded her and brought her here.

After hearing everything, Arisa 'Ha~' sighed.

"Ed, you're too nice of a person. Normally, people wouldn't lend a hand to troubling things like escaping slaves you know?

……Well, I'll forgive you this time though."

Saying that, Arisa *kusuri* laugh.

"Thanks Arisa. That's why I want you to keep Ellie here as long as she wants to stay.

Can you do it?"

"Yeah, of course. Rather, I won't let you throw her out after doing so much for her, Ed.

Well……I wonder if I should have Ellie be my a.s.sistant or something……"

Saying that, Arisa *poki* broke a cookie, and put it in her mouth.


She pushed the broken half of the cookie into my mouth, and I eat it.

While watching me, Arisa fidgeted, 'Th,This is good too……it's like I'm feeding an animal……!',

said that, and seemed happy.

"So Arisa, I somewhat understand from seeing Ellie's situation, but is the treatment of slaves in this world bad?"

"Well, their treatment changes greatly depending on their master, but a lot of times they're basically treated on the same level as livestock. Basically, they're the labor force. Besides those there are also battle slaves, s.e.x slaves, and pretty a type for everything else.

Naturally, the law prohibits treatment or actions that can lead to their deaths, but as long as you have a reason, even that's allowed."

"⸺In other words?"

"Yeah, their masters literally have control over their slaves' life or death."

⸺Ellie was like that too.

"But, Ellie is special."

"……What do you mean by, that."

Arisa sorrowfully casted her eyes down.

"Ellie is a beastman. On top of that, she's a rare Black Iron WolfDiwolf⸺probably, she was bought for a high price. Ordinary people wouldn't be able to afford such an expensive slave."

In other words, Ellie's former master was⸺upper cla.s.s.

"⸺A n.o.ble, huh?"

"Yeah. That'd be where Ellie was unlucky. Of course, there are some n.o.bles that are gentle, and let even their slaves live affluent lifestyles. However, from Ellie's appearance⸺"

"……It was someone considerably different?"

Ellie said.

That, it was already too late.

That, her parents and her little sister died.

⸺Probably, they were killed, is what I think.

And, she said this too.

That, she killed her companions.

⸺Did her previous master make her fight her companions?

As a pastime, with her few companions, forcefully,

In the end, she killed her companions as they begged for help⸺


As it were boiling, my head heated up.

An anger that I've never felt before now⸺it went around my entire body.


Arisa uneasily looked at me.

That expression of hers.

That kept me calm.


(Calm down……calm down.)

"Ed, are you okay?"

I nodded to Arisa, and somehow managed to suppress this hot rage.


"Don't worry about that girl, Ed. We'll protect her."

"……That's true."

Although I answered to Arisa like that, I couldn't help but feel a little anxious about the words Ellie said before she fell asleep.

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